Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 19 - Saying Goodbye and Hello

“Calm down, Leo.” Jason urged and stood up.

“One day and you’re already moving in on my woman?” Leo was furious and stalked towards his brother. “And to think, Betty, carrying your pup while you’re out chasing tail.” His words didn’t face Jason and I wondered if he even heard them.

They were close to shifting right here in the hospital room right before I spoke up. Both their attention shifted towards me. “Not that it’s any of your business but Jason was helping me, supporting me.”

“He’s always wanted you.” He turned to Jason again. “I bet you’re loving this.” They were back at it but I rested my hand on their arms.

“Jason, could you please give us the room?” I pleaded with the very mad Jason in front of me.

“Olivia, are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” I promised and turned to Leo. Jason walked out with a reassuring smile. Leo sat down in a chair and rested his face in his hands.

He emitted quiet sobs and I just stood there, studying him for a moment. “I screwed it all up...” He sniffled. “But I can fix it, please let me fix it.”

“And how would you do that? Do you have a time machine?” I spat sarcastically. Leo stared at me, apparently not finding me very funny.

“I’ll do anything, I’ll reject her. I love you.” Leo was on his knees, begging me to take him back.

“You know, it burnt. I felt like I was on fire and then my heart was stabbed. The pain was so excruciating that I threw up. I didn’t even do that when I had to go through the torture training at the Academy.”

“Please, I regret it. Please.” Leo continued to plead with me and was holding onto my legs, looking up at my face.

“But that wasn’t the worst of it... I was broken when we met and you knew I wasn’t ready but you kept pushing, kept creeping into my heart. You forced me to love again, to open my heart back up because you promised me. You promised I wouldn’t get hurt.” I was crying now and Leo’s eyes shone with regret when he looked at me.

“I wish I had never met you.” I pried myself from his arms and left the room in a hurry. As soon as I shut the door I ran into Amelia, standing outside my room and listening in.

She was crying and I knew she had heard Leo. I didn’t have it in me to even so much as offer her an apologetic glance. After all, it wasn’t her fault. She couldn’t control who her mate was or his actions.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I wish I hadn’t been so awful to you when you dated my brothers, maybe they wouldn’t have rejected you and you wouldn’t be in such pain.”

“Nothing you did affect their decision, it was all them.”

“They regret it you know. They have regretted it since the moment they said it and not a day goes by when they’re not in agony from being apart from you.” Amelia confessed and wiped her tears.

I sighed and decided to have some compassion. “Amelia, Leo will come around. Just give him some time. Go to his pack with him and make him forget all about me. You’ll be happy, you’ll see.”

“What about you?”

“It doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.” I limped off without a second glance. It appeared that Amelia had matured in the past few years and wasn’t that spoiled little bitch anymore.

I sat down on a bench outside the clinic and did what I always did when I needed to talk. I talked to the moon.

“What do I do now? Can I travel to the Lycan assignments and live my life on the road without a home, without a family?” Do I even have a family anymore?”

As usual, the moon didn’t answer but instead, Lumen did. “Go to your mates.”

“And who would that be. Last time I checked I was a little short in that department.”

“Liam and Jameson of course. They want you back, they need you.” Lumen urged impatiently.

“What if I’m not ready?”

“You will be in time, just start slow. Or just go to them for physical comfort for now.” Lumen hinted at sex and I had to admit, the idea was tempting but I couldn’t handle both of them and their sad faces right now. “What the hell, why not?”

An hour later, after changing my mind a hundred times over I knocked on his door and he flung it open while wearing just a towel. “Olivia?” Jameson asked with wide eyes.

“I don’t want to talk, I just need to be near you,” I confessed while raking his wet body with my eyes. Jameson opened the door wide and allowed me to enter.

He shut the door and rubbed his neck with his arm unconscious flexing both his arm and his washboard. “You are fitter, do you work out more?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, that’s my only outlet since I don’t have sex anymore.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because no woman measured up to you.”

I stalked over to him, hooked my finger in his towel, and pulled. The towel fell to the floor to reveal his manhood standing at attention. “No more talking.” I didn’t waste any time thinking it over just in case I would regret my next move.

His eyes were onyx black from lust as I wrapped my arms around his neck and captured his lips. He deepened the kiss and lifted me up by grabbing my ass, allowing me to wrap my legs around him.

My shirt was pulled off and fell to the floor, followed by my bra. I had miss feeling his skin against mine and reveled in the sensation. Jameson sat me down on the dresser, pulled on my pants, and managed to get them off after a couple of pulls.

His fingers found their way to my panties, feeling the wetness created from his touch. I arched my back from the pleasure and his mouth wrapped around my nipple.

My fingers laced in his thick hair, pushing him closer to me brought back memories that I thought were long gone. His smell, his soft touch, and even the stubble on his chin made me miss our time together.

My panties were moved to the side and he caressed my folds right before his finger entered me. I threw my head back. “Ah, Ah, Ah.” My moaning increased and he worked his finger expertly in response.

My orgasm was close but then suddenly his finger pulled out and I already missed them. Jameson ripped my panties off and rubbed the head of his cock between my folds. He entered me, just enough that his head was covered.

I forgot how thick he was and gasped as he pushed in more. He grabbed my ass and thrust all the way inside. He growled and started sliding in and out of me with ease. My orgasm built up again and I felt his breathing intensified.

Jameson kissed my neck and nibbled my mate mark spot. I twitched away from him slightly and he moved on from the spot by thrusting in me harder. Over the next few minutes, he kept thrusting until my vaginal walls pulsed and I felt his dick swelled inside me.

My name slipped from his lips and I came endlessly on him. He released himself deep in me with a growl and my pulsating pussy milked his cock for all its worth.

“You still wear the necklace.” He abruptly stated but I pretended to not hear him. His head rested on my chest as we both caught our breaths but instead of letting him hold me I gently pushed him away and hopped down from the dresser. I found my clothes and started dressing while Jameson stood behind me in shock.

“Stay.” He suggested and wrapped his arms around me. I pried his arms from me and continued to dress.

“I’m going to see if I can track the rogues tomorrow so I need some rest.” I limped out of his room and into my own, collapsing on the bed still dressed.

“Thank you.” Lumen whispered. I guess she wasn’t mad at them anymore.

I snickered out of confusion. “For what? Sex?”

“In a way. For letting me get close to his wolf. His name is Animo but I’m gonna call him Ani. He’s dreamy...”

“Well, I’m glad one of us is happy.” I really was happy for her but I also worried what would happen when I left and she would have to part with Ani.

“He has a lot of anger in him but is still very sweet.”

“Oh, why’s that? Jameson has never been an angry man.” I always thought a wolf's personality matched the human part.

“He didn’t want to reject us and he’s furious because he can’t talk to Jameson and tell him.” Lumen started pacing in my head, giving me a headache. “He told me something else to... Jameson is in pain, from missing us.”

I didn’t mean to sound cold when I said it but it came out that way anyway. “He brought that on himself.”

I wondered if Liam felt the same way. I wondered if they really did regret rejecting me and maybe we could repair our bond but then I thought of my baby and how it was their fault I lost it. Could I ever forgive them?

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