Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 2 - Honesty

A few days went by and the twins were busy with pack business and I was training with the warriors. Normally Omegas would be on kitchen duty or other menial but necessary tasks but since I had from a young age proven myself capable the former Alpha had taken me under his wing and trained me himself. Alpha Darren, the former Alpha, and the twins’ dad was still in charge of some pack business like the fighters and training so that the twins could focus on other things.

The twins would train with us most days and were the best fighters in the pack. I was faster and nimbler both in wolf form and as a human but they were stronger and fought with more brutality than most.

“Oliva, go left… Good. Now strike up… That’s it.” Alpha Darren instructed me as I took on Micheal, one of the best warriors in the pack after the twins. “Pin him down… Now, Olivia.” I followed his instructions and had Micheal pinned to the ground with his arm behind his back in no time. I let go of his arm, stood up, and started panting, trying to level my breathing and pulse out.

Alpha Darren drew me closer to him and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as he led me towards the packhouse and the showers. “Oliva, I want you to reconsider my offer to join the Lycan training. It would be good for you and the pack.”

The best warriors of any pack would go to the Lycan Academy. The training would last for two years and any wolf finishing the training would gain skills and a physique unmatched by regular wolves. It was gained through two years of hard work and magic and was the highest honor among wolves and their human counterpart.

“I know, Alpha Darren but I can’t leave.”

“What will you do when you or they find their mates? I know you love them but you can’t let them get in the way of your future.” Alpha Darren tried to reason with me.

“But I’m just an Omega, the Academy won’t accept me.”

Alpha Darren stopped and looked me in the eyes. “Now we both know that’s not true. You are so much more, that’s the only reason I have allowed my boys to pursue you… for now.”

I looked at him confused with knitted eyebrows. “For now?”

“Let’s be honest Olivia. You are a wonderful girl and have many talents but you won’t be the Luna of this pack… you are an Omega after all.” Alpha Darren explained.

I wasn’t shocked, my station in the pack had never been a secret and I knew my lot in life wasn’t by their side but it still hurt to hear someone who had been like a father to me for so long admit it.

“Now, will you at least think it over? The deadline is next week and I have to inform them of which pack members I’m sending.”

“Yes, Alpha Darren.” I kissed him on the cheek and headed inside the packhouse for some food and a shower.

While I was in the middle of my steaming hot shower, belting out some Fat Bottom Girls like there was no tomorrow, I felt two arms wrap around my waist.

“Don’t quit your day job, Little Omega.” Liam chuckled.

I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Wasn’t planning on it.”

“But I have to admit that seeing you sway your ass to the song was a turn on.” He pushed his erection into my stomach. His arms lowered and his hands landed on my ass. He squeezed and then smacked one ass cheek. “I was watching you train, you’re getting very good. Soon you might even be able to beat Jameson.”

“Oh, only Jameson and not you?” I laughed. He started kissing my jawline and worked his way down my neck, lingering over the mate mark spot. His elongated teeth grazed it, causing shivers to go down my body.

“I’m better than him, you can’t beat me.” He smirked. “Turn around.” I turned around and let him massage my breasts, paying extra attention to my nipples. “Bend over.” As soon as I bent over I felt his hardened erection at my entrance and then he thrust inside. His large, hard dick hit my sweet spot immediately and he stilled.

After a few moments, he started to thrust in and out, building both of our orgasms. I pressed my hands against the shower wall to steady myself and his arms wrapped around my waist, pressing his steel rod deeper in until I felt dizzy from the pressure.

“Liam, harder,” I demanded and Liam pounded into me faster and harder than before. “I’m close.” I moaned.

“Me too, where do you want it?”

“In me, deep in me.” Liam thrust a few more times and spilled his seed inside my convulsing vagina.

He pulled out and started washing my body, lingering on my folds, and causing him his cock to harden again. I smirked and stepped out of the shower, teasing him and his throbbing manhood.

“Get back here, Little Omega,” Liam demanded but I darted out of the bathroom and into my bedroom where Jameson was waiting on my bed, stark naked. I walked over to him and straddled him as Liam came running into the room.

“Too late brother, she’s mine now.” Jameson chuckled as he guided my wet entrance onto his waiting erection. I started riding him and at the same time holding eye contact with Liam who was stroking his dick, watching me fuck his twin.

Jameson slapped my ass cheek hard and the pleasure from the sting spread through my body. He nuzzled his head in my neck and licked my mate mark spot, it drove me wild and I started riding him harder. He slapped my ass cheek again and then gripped my ass hard, helping me raise off of him and then slam back down on his dick.

Liam was still stroking his large cock, never taking his eyes off my bouncing breasts as I rode his brother. “Come for me Liam, I want to see you cum.”

Jameson’s moaning increased and his breathing was labored. I could hear their heartbeats as it increased with my own and before long all three of us reached our high. We collapsed on the bed and the twins embraced me, holding me tight until we fell asleep.

I woke up with arms tangling around me, I reached for my phone and checked the time. 2.34 am, great. Since I was unable to fall back to sleep I decided to untangle myself from the twins and ungracefully crawl out of bed. A few minutes later I was standing by the bed, out of breath, and butt naked.

“Well, that took more effort than it should have.” I huffed into the silent room. The moon was shining through the curtains of the balcony and I walked towards it.

I stepped out on the balcony and sat down on a lounge chair. Werewolves were naturally calmed by the moon and would seek it out whenever something troubled us but I took it a step further, I would talk to the moon. I never expected to get an answer back but it usually made me feel better.

I started this after I lost my father as a pup and didn’t have any other family. I had never met my mother and they didn’t have any other children. My parents weren’t mates and apparently, she met her mate when she was in her third trimester with me. Her mate didn’t want anything to do with me, so she left hours after giving birth to me.

I laid back in the chair and stared at the moon, it was waxing gibbous so the moon would be full tomorrow night on my birthday. A full moon affects supernatural creatures more than humans and even more so werewolves. Unusual behaviors and heightened emotions were common on a full moon and you never really knew how one would react.

“I don’t know what to do. The twins… I love them but I’m scared. Scared that they will do the same thing mom did to dad. It would kill me. Maybe I should do what Alpha Darren has asked of me and join the Lycan Academy. I need some guidance. ” I ran my hand over my face and sighed. “You got nothing? As always…fine, maybe tomorrow will clear something up for me.”

“What are you doing?” I whipped my head around to find Liam leaning on the doorframe. “Talking to the moon again?” He smirked.

“Maybe.” I stood up and leaned on the railing. Liam took three steps towards me and rested his arms on my hips.

“You are a strange one, Little Omega. Cute but strange.” He kissed me on the tip of my nose and then leaned down to nuzzle his head in my neck. He mumbled something in my neck too low for me to make it out.


He pulled back and looked at me. “I… love you.” He repeated with a sad look on his face.

I reached over and cupped his face with my hand. “What’s wrong? Why do you say it like that?” Before Liam had time to answer I saw Jameson walking out on the balcony.

“Because you turn 20 tomorrow and you will find your mate… this will be over.” Jameson’s voice boomed behind Liam. Liam stepped to the side to let Jameson get closer to me and they both embraced me like it was the last time we would feel our naked skin against each other.

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