Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 20 - Stuck

I found the camp where the rogues were seen last. Tents, chairs, clothes, and other essentials were left behind in a hurry, most of it broken. The embers of a campfire were still lit and created a big smoke cloud as I covered it in fresh snow that had fallen over the night.

The snow made it harder to track them since any physical signs like footprint and broken vegetation were covered up and the only scent left was lingering in the air. I cursed at my bad luck and sat down to think.

By the time the snow is melted all signs will be gone. The scent in the air had diffused to the point where it’s impossible to tell which direction they went. It’s cold and the vegetation is dead, most animals are in hibernation but they have to feed. They don’t work and don’t have any money so hunting is the only option left.

That leaves foxes, rabbits, and squirrels unless they want to go to the water which I doubt since it’s heavily populated by wolves. The only place around here with enough game to feed them all is in the south of the mountain. If I leave now, I have time to check it out before dark.

The snow behind me cracked and his scent reached my nose. Rosewood and vanilla, Liam. “I told you not to come.”

He was a few feet behind me now. “I know but I was worried.”

I scoffed. “That’s funny.”

“What is?”

“That all a sudden you care what happens to me.” I stood up and started walking south to the fox grounds. “Come on then but do what I say.”

We both shifted and made our way to the fox grounds. “Olivia, your wolf is silver. You’re the most beautiful wolf I’ve ever seen.” Liam mind linked in excitement. “I’ve never heard of a silver wolf.”

“Thank you.”

Lumen was busy talking to Liam’s wolf without his knowledge and would update me on their conversation as we headed out.

Liam’s wolf’s name was Honos and was just as upset about the rejection as Animo. Lumen thought he was a strong and protective wolf and was already smitten.

I needed to finish this job as soon as I could and move on before Lumen got too attached to them and I would break her heart when we left. The sooner, the better.

We arrived just outside the new rouge camp and I internally celebrated over my find. The camp was big and there must have been over a hundred rouges around. I didn’t see any children and very few women and I wondered if they were hiding or if they just didn’t have any.

I signaled for Liam to go left while I went right to gather more information. I slowly crept around the camp and hunkered down under a bush. After a couple of minutes a large man stepped out of a tent and barked orders around, he was the rogue leader.

It wasn’t just his large frame but the scars riddled across his torso and years of wear on his face that gave his status away. He was a mean-looking man and I knew better than to be caught alone with him.

I slowly backed up but stopped when the rouge leader started sniffing the air. He had picked up a scent but he wasn’t looking in my direction, he was looking towards Liam.

I wasn’t sure if we could still mind link and get a reply but since I was technically still part of the White Oak pack I hoped that I could. “Liam, the leader can smell you. I’m going to try to divert his attention but run!”

Liam didn’t answer and I feared that my message was lost in the void. I walked up against some bushes and made sure to brush against them, causing the rogue leader to shift his attention towards me.

He stalked forward and I crouched, getting ready to attack when suddenly a smaller rouge ran up to him in a panic. “Alpha, there’s a fight over the last fox caught.” The rogues ran towards the fight, giving me the opportunity to sneak away unnoticed.

I met up with Liam further from the camp. He was sitting on his hind legs and even as a wolf I could see his scowl.

“That was stupid.” He mind linked me. I guess he can reply to me after all.

I rolled my eyes. “I did what I had to.”

“You could have been caught.” Liam sneered.

“Better me than you.” I snapped back and Liam’s scowl turned into something else, confusion laced with concern. “I’m a Lycan, it’s my job to protect those who can’t.”

“Are you sure that’s it, or is it because you still care for me?” He smirked.

“Let’s head back. It’s getting dark and I don’t like the look of those cloud’s in the distance.” I avoided his question since I didn’t want to hurt him and hoped he would let it go.

It was getting darker and the closer we got to the pack land, the faster the wind picked up. The snow started falling and soon we couldn’t even see a foot in front of us.

“We need to find shelter. Olivia!”

I didn’t want to stop but it seemed I didn’t have much choice. I knew of a cave close by and led Liam to it. I had spent many nights here growing up when I wanted to be left alone and never showed it to the twins or Greyson. If we were lucky, some of my stashed things would still be there.

I led him deep in the cave to where I left my stash and once I shifted, found it still intact. My old backpack with a change of clothes, a blanket, pillow, a few expired granola bars and a fire starter. Liam was staring at my naked body but his eyes then landed between my breasts where the necklace he gave me rested. He didn’t say anything and turned around when he saw me staring back at him.

I put the pants and t-shirt on and handed the granola bars and hoodie to Liam while I headed back outside to find some wood, maybe I could find some that weren’t covered in snow or wet by the entrance. It was slim pickings but I managed to gather enough wood to at least warm us up some and then we would have to spend the night as wolves.

When I returned, Liam was trying to get his own pile of wood going and had managed to get some sparks. “I got some more wood for the fire,” I announced while putting it down beside him.

After a few minutes, the fire was lit and Liam sat down beside me on the blanket. I was still cold since there was a big entrance allowing the wind to enter but I hoped the small cave would heat up fast anyway.

“Are you cold?” Liam scooted closer to me, allowing me to feel the heat radiating off his body.

“Yes,” I replied and he gently graced my arm with his. I froze but then relaxed after he continued brushing up against me.

He wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up on his lap. He nuzzled his face in my neck and inhaled. “Is this ok?” He whispered in my ear and sat back with me leaning against his chest.

“Yes.” I snuggled closer and let his embrace keep me warm.

I fell asleep, listening to his heartbeat and when I woke up he was still holding me but the fire was dying down. It was still dark out and I could hear the wind roaring outside. I shivered and Liam got up to add wood to the fire.

“You want to know something?” Liam broke the silence as he stoked the fire.

“I guess.” He had captured my interest which wasn’t too hard to do since we were stuck in a small cave with nothing to do.

“I still love you.” He admitted and kept looking into the flames.

Liam stood up and sat back down next to me, holding my face in his hands and forcing me to look at him. “I’m not trying to pressure you. I’m not even asking anything from you but I want you to hear me out… I was an idiot, we both were. You were the only light in my life and I put it out because of my own screwed up views on wolf hierarchy. Views I no longer hold and realized that I never really did but my dad did.”

He rested his forehead on mine and closed his eyes with a deep breath. “You are the only one and you always will be." He kissed me and pulled me in his lap, letting me straddle him. His erection was pushing into my mound and I started grinding against it. My hand wrapped around his head and grabbed a hold of his hair, pulling his head back so I could look him in the eyes.

As expected, they were onyx black from lust but I had to make something clear. “Don’t read too much into this.”

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