Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 22 - Luna

Luna? “I’m not your luna, Mary. I’m an Omega the same as you.”

“Sweetie, you were never just an Omega, and regardless, you’re a Lycan now and our Luna.” Mary wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Alpha Darren saunter in, grabbed an entire tray of bacon, and strode out like he hadn’t even been there. His strange behavior caused me to lose my thought so I sighed and kept quiet.

“It doesn’t matter if you have accepted your position or not, you are still this packs Luna and that’s that.” Mary declared and stormed off to bark at Greyson for not stirring the gravy good enough.

“Fine, fine. Why don’t you show me how to do it?” Greyson asked Mary as she took over and Greyson sat down beside me.

“I saw that?”

“What? I’m not trying to get out of work, what makes you think that?” He winked. “Anyway, she’s right. The pack sees you as the Luna and won’t accept anyone else. You are loved here and when you left the twins weren’t the only ones heartbroken.” The others in the kitchen nodded their head in agreement.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone.”

Katherine, the Gammas mate patted my hand. “That’s not what he meant. We don’t blame you for leaving, not after what those jerkwads of Alphas did to you.”

I snickered. “Don’t let them hear you say that.”

Katherine waved a spoon in the air. “What are they gonna do? Fire me? They can cook their own damn meals then.” She laughed.

“I know they probably told you but maybe hearing it from someone else would help. When the Alphas rejected you, which none of us knew about until recently, and you left they dove right into a deep depression. They stopped socializing, barked orders around, and stayed either locked up in the office with a bottle of whiskey or running around trying to find you.” Katherine shook her head.

Mary poured the gravy into some bowls and continued the story. “After a while, they started to change up the rules and jobs in the pack. They expanded our land and made a lot of money investing online. They buried themselves in work and none of us knew why they behaved like this.”

“Well, I did,” Greyson added and was rewarded with a smack in the head by both Mary and Katherine.

“Be quiet you dimwit.” Mary scowled. “Anyway, many female wolves tried to get their attention but none succeeded. They had completely shut down. That is until the day you stepped out of that black SUV and brought all their feelings back to them.”

Katherine sighed dreamily. “They are so in love with you but don’t know how to fix it all. If you don’t mind me asking, why don’t you just take them back?”

“It’s not that simple,” I admitted and started rubbing my hands in anxiety.

“But it could be, all you have to do is put the past behind you and accept your position as our, their Luna.” Katherine sounded irritated.

I looked at Greyson for some help but he was busy still rubbing his head from the spoon attack. “I can’t just forget it, it doesn’t work that way.” I stood up and tried to flee out the door.

“Why not?” Katherine continued to push.

“Because they didn’t just reject me, they rejected our pup.” I regretted saying it as soon as the words slipped past my lips but it was too late to take it back now. Hopefully, I hadn’t just caused the twins trouble.

Katherine and Mary both gasped and then their faces turned red in anger. “They did what?”

“They didn’t know, I didn’t even know.” My tears started to build in my eyes and I walked away before I made an even bigger fool out of myself.

I went to my room to rest and decided to take a bath while I waited for the twins to come back so we could talk. I fell asleep in the tub and was woke up by someone gently caressing my face.

I rubbed my eyes and found Liam sitting on the edge of the tub. He looked sad but all the anger was gone. “Can you ever forgive me?”

“It wasn’t your fault, rationally I know that. But my heart isn’t there yet.”

“I get it, and I’ll wait but for tonight will you stay with us?” When I hesitated, Liam quickly added. “We just need to feel you near, it gives us comfort. That’s all.”

“Ok, but…” If I was going to stay with them then I might as well get something out of it too since I wasn’t about to just snuggle with them. “I want something in return.”

“Anything.” His eyes gleamed in excitement. Jameson leaned on the door frame, watching us with his hands in his pockets.

I stood up and revealed my body to them, letting them get a good look since the last time it was dark. They hadn’t seen me with all the moonflowers across my back, arms, sides, and thighs. Each one representing a rogue I killed in the past few years. My body was more defined and toned, the body of a woman.

Their eyes raked my curves, my round butt, firm breasts, and flat stomach. Their eyes turned black of lust and the corners of their mouth turned upwards. They knew exactly what I was asking for and were more than willing to give it to me.

Liam picked me up over his shoulder, passed Jameson who smacked my ass and threw me on the bed. They both stood by the bed and stared at me laying before them. Then they glanced at each other and smirked right before they rid themselves of their clothes in less than five seconds. I’m sure they set a record on that one.

I sat up on my knees and motioned for them to come closer. The bed dipped from their weight and their hands roamed my body. Jameson sucked on my neck while Liam nibbled on my breast. I could already feel my pussy dripping in wetness and throbbing from their touch.

“Goddess, I’ve missed this,” Jameson moaned and found his way to my wet folds. His fingers rubbing between them and flicking my clit.

Liam was kneading my ass cheek and captured my lips with his. His lips were soft and his touch rough, a perfect combination. “I didn’t think it was possible to want you any more than I already did.”

I let them pleasure me while my hands grabbed a hold of their hard dicks. My fingers rubbing their precum around their swollen head for lubrication and then pumping down with a firm grip. They both moaned so I kept stroking them until I was stopped by a guttural growl and Liam flipped me on my back.

“If you keep that up the fun will be over too soon.” He growled and rubbed his cock between my folds. His head rubbing my clit and increasing the pressure in my core. The muscles on his body melded perfectly with my own as he pressed himself against me. Jameson focused on my upper half and kissed my lips, jaws, and neck while massaging my breasts.

Liam entered my tight vagina, stopping every inch or so to let me adjust. Once he was all in and had paused for a moment, his hips started rocking back and forth. I spread my legs wider, giving him more access to go deeper and he hit my sweet spot.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head and I let out a loud moan. Jameson’s cock caressed my lips, asking for entrance. I licked his head and then opened it wide for him. I had forgotten what he tasted like, surprisingly a lot like his scent.

I was already on the brink of an orgasm and started humming from pleasure as my vaginal walls pulsated and sent me over the edge. Jameson hit the back of my throat and grunted before he pulled out, only leaving the tip in. I licked and sucked on his head which earned me increasing moaning from him.

Liam started shaking and pulled out completely. “Straddle Jameson.” He ordered and moved out from between my legs. I aligned Jameson’s cock with my entrance and plunged down with a gasp, this position let him reach every part of my pussy. He grabbed my hips, lifted me up, and then pushed me back down. He repeated this over and over, increasing his speed with every plunge.

It felt so good that my second orgasm was close but then he stopped moving and I felt Liam behind me. He rubbed his cock between my folds, lubricating himself, and then entered my pussy with Jameson.

This was the first time we tried double penetration and I instantly wondered why we hadn’t done it before. The pleasure from two full-grown men penetrating your vagina in tandem was out of this world. They worked together expertly, one plunging in while the other pulled out.

“Oh, My, Goddess!’ I rocked my hips with their rhythm and held on to Jameson for support. Liam held my hips and continued thrusting and my orgasm raked through my body. My entire body shook from pleasure and even Lumen jumped around in my head from excitement.

“Even Honos and Animos can feel it, all of us together.” She howled.

I was exhausted from the mind-blowing orgasm but since the twins hadn’t reached theirs yet, I decided to go for a third. I arched my back and wrapped my arms around Liam’s neck, it changed the angle of their penetration and allowing Jameson access to my breasts.

He sucked on my nipple while Liam reached to my front and rubbed my clit. I was so sensitive after two orgasms and their continuous onslaught made sure that my next one was right around the corner.

“I’m gonna cum, now.” Liam swelled and released his seed deep inside me with a few final pumps. Jameson followed behind him in just seconds and so did my third orgasm.

We collapsed on the bed, riding out the high with our limbs tangled together and listening to our breathing even out. It was perfect, being close to them again without having to dissect every detail of our past, without the guilt, blame, or anger.

I felt a glimmer of happiness and even some hope.

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