Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 23 - A Volunteer

I woke up to an empty bed and cold sheets. They gave me what I asked for and then left once they got what they wanted. I should be happy that they listened, for once. But a part of me had hoped that they would have stayed until morning.

I needed to solve the rouge issue and get out of here before I grew too attached, I already have to deal with Lumen being heartbroken when we leave.

I got dressed and headed out for breakfast. This time I found the twins working the kitchen under Mary’s close supervision. They were both disasters in the kitchen and made more messes than actual food but they tried their hardest.

Pancakes were on the menu and instead of nice round, fluffy delicious, and golden flapjacks, the serving trays were covered in odd-shaped, somewhat raw, pale dough disks. Liam had batter in his hair and Jameson was covered in flour and eggs.

Mary was sitting in the corner with Clara, laughing her ass off and filming them. “I am sending this to everyone, even August over in the Still Lake Pack.”

“Don’t you dare,” Jameson barked.

“Too late.” Mary continued to laugh and almost fell off her stool. “AH! Luna, here to rescue these hopeless men, are you?”

“Nah, I think I’ll just watch.” I sat down on a stool beside them. “And it’s Olivia.” Clara nudged me with her elbow and raised an eyebrow, I shook my head and refocused on the comical scene displayed in the kitchen.

“Luna? I like hearing that name. It suits you. Don’t you think?” Liam winked.

“Liam?” I smelt something burning behind Liam. “Do you smell something?”

“Shit!” Liam tried to salvage his burnt frisbee of a pancake but ended up throwing it in the trash with many other failed attempts.

I picked at the edges of a pancake and ate the acceptable parts. “Have your warriors returned from the rogue camp yet?”

Liam and Jameson looked at each other before Jameson answered. “They arrived this morning, we will have a meeting in the office after breakfast.”

“Alright, I’ll be there.” I went out to the dining room and helped serve the pups that couldn’t serve themselves. Ever since I had got back to the pack, the pups had corralled around me but when they found out that I was supposed to be the twins’ mate and their Luna their attention to me had only increased.

It was no secret that the pack was unhappy with the twins and them rejecting me and even the pups shared that sentiment.

A little pup named Christopher pulled on my pant leg, trying to get my attention. “Luna?”

“Please call me Olivia.” I urged, not wanting the pack to get used to me.

“Lun… Olivia.” Christopher motioned for me to come closer so he could whisper in my ear. “Are you really the Alphas’ mate?”

“Chris, it’s complicated.”

“Why? Either you are or you aren’t.” He proclaimed with confidence. “Mom says that you are but the Alphas hurt you.” This must be Katherine’s pup and her bluntness had rubbed off on him.


“You must be special if the moon goddess gave you to them, they are usually in ‘a mood’ like my mom calls it.” Christ continued.

“I guess they are a handful, maybe I can change that.”

Christopher smiled at me and gave me a hug before running off to join his friends for breakfast. I seemed to be getting deeper and deeper in this Luna role that I hadn’t even considered accepting yet.

On one hand, being the Luna of a pack this size would allow me to do a lot of good not just for the pack but also for werewolves all over. My role as a Lycan could reach so many more wolfs as a Luna.

On the other hand, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to forgive the twins or regain the love I use to hold for them.

But there were still so many unanswered questions. Could I live a life where I didn’t love my mates? Do they even want to mate me and make me their Luna? Can I leave all of this behind and break Lumen in the process?

I guess I wouldn’t know until I have defeated the rouge leader and finally have to make the choice. Stay or go?

I walked into the twins’ office without knocking and found them, Greyson, and the warriors discussing their assignment. They all offered me a quick glance and then continued while I sat down beside Greyson. The twins scowled but didn’t say anything.

Alicia, the head warrior debriefed us on their findings. “The rogue leader is big and old, about Alpha Darren’s age. We saw very few women and children but there were at least 150 rogue fighters. Most of them didn’t look well trained and some are even malnourished. The winter season is hitting them hard and they may be fewer in the spring.”

“Which is why they will attack sooner rather than later.” I chimed in.

Alica scowled. “Maybe, but regardless, they won’t be much of a threat to us. If they attack we won’t lose much.”

“An animal backed into a corner always poses a threat and any loss is too much to lose,” I argued but Alicia shook her head in disagreement.

“We might lose some defenseless Omegas but any trained wolf can take them out.” Alicia spat.

I couldn’t believe that she was ok with the loss of a wolf just because she considered them beneath her. Anger began to rise inside me and Lumen was growling from the anger. I started to speak but right when I opened my mouth, the twins spoke for me.

“Alicia!’ Liam slammed his hand on the desk.

Jameson interrupted his brother. “We will not lose any wolf and if we do you can kiss your position in this pack goodbye.”

“Get your sorry ass to the training field and debrief the rest. We will come up with a plan and let you know what we want to do. Leave.” Liam ordered Alica.

Alica scoffed and stomped out like a pup who didn’t get its way. Greyson let out a whistle in surprise. “Jeez, she’s a little high strung.”

“If that’s what you want to call it.” I joked, earning a scoff from the twins. I arched an eyebrow and waited for an explanation.

“She doesn’t like the changes we have made and doesn’t hide her reluctance to follow orders. To be honest, regardless of how she performs during the rogue attack she will be replaced afterward.” Jameson admitted and then leaned over the map on the desk for a closer look.

“We can’t accept her defiance anymore. Now, the camp is right here.” Liam pointed out the site we found south of the mountain on the map. “They have the mountain to the north and a river to the west. That leaves the east side for an attack.”

I shook my head. “They’ll expect that which is why I think we should go from the south of the camp. We’ll go around them and then surprise them.”

“That’s quite a journey, the warriors will be tired.” Liam objected and creased his eyebrows while studying the map.

“We can’t leave the pack defenseless and that plan would take all the warrior wolves. What if… Never mind.” Greyson was pacing the floor, thinking of a plan.

“On the west, from the river, that’s best. Half the warriors lay in wait on the east while the other half approach from the south and west.” Jameson suggested but then shook his head. “No, forget I said anything.”

The three men started arguing about the right tactics and I blocked them out to study the map some more. “You know how to solve this.” Lumen insisted.

“I know but they won’t like it.” I Internally replied. There was a narrow pass going from the west side of the mountain all the way to the camp in the south. Trouble was, the entrance was underwater in the river and there was only room for four or five wolves to pass through.

“It’s the only way and you know it.” Lumen scolded me for hesitating.

I mumbled under my breath knowing full well that she heard me. I was going to volunteer for the mission being the only Lycan left since Leo was sent home and Jason went with him. Amelia left with them and I couldn’t say I was sorry to see them leave other than maybe Jason.

The three men were still arguing and paying little attention to me or the others in the room when I spoke up. “The river pass, I’ll take the river pass.”

They stopped arguing and all three of them slowly looked at me. “What?”

“I and four of your best warriors will take the river pass and surprise attack them in the night. I’ll take out the leader while the rest create chaos by burning what they can and taking out rogues in their sleep. We will slip away under cover of the chaos and darkness.” The men started protesting but I held my hand up so signal that I wasn’t finished. “It will work, I just need some volunteers.”

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