Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 24 - Chaos

“No,” The twins’ voices boomed throughout the room. They both stepped towards me with determination and reached out to grab me but Greyson quickly stepped between us.

“It’s a good plan, a great one actually. It could work and has the least chance of casualties.” Greyson defended my plan but the twins were not convinced.

“We will go but you will stay here.” Liam pointed at me.

“The hell I am! This is my job, the reason I’m here. You won’t put me on the sidelines just because I’m an Omega! I’m a Lycan too and I’m sorry that you can’t see that.” I was furious at them, they still see me like the little Omega they rejected.

Jameson looked hurt by my words and looked at the floor. “That’s not it. We’re worried.”

“Worried?” I laughed.

“Yes, worried,” Liam admitted and poured himself a drink. He knocked it back and slammed the glass down. “We can’t lose you.”

“Lose me? You lost me years ago!”

Jameson motioned for everyone to leave and they did without hesitation, even Greyson. “You’re back, we got you back! Don’t leave us again.”

“Ok, I’m done playing these games. I knew fucking you were crossing the line, I knew better but I did it anyway.” I headed towards the door and they followed. I made it outside before Liam yelled.

“We love you, always have! Rejecting you was the dumbest thing we ever did and you’re talking to two Alphas who dared each other to streak in front of the werewolf council.” Liam ran his hands over his face and through his hair, pulling in frustration. “You were never just an Omega, never just a way to pass the time. You were and are everything.”

“Then why?” I promised myself that I was done crying over them but I broke that promise as soon as my next words came out. “What do you want from me?”

Jameson wrapped his arms around me and we sunk to the ground, Liam embraced me from behind as they said in unison: “We want you to be our Luna, our mate, and mother of our pups. We want you.”

“I know you don’t trust us, or have forgiven us but I hope that there is a small sliver of love for us left in your heart and that that is enough to take your place beside us, leading this pack.” Jameson pleaded and kissed my forehead.

Liam cleared his throat and sniffled quietly. “Let us love you, let us rebuild what we had, let us be here for you.”

Lumen jumped around in my mind from excitement. “Yes, Yes, Yes! Tell them Hell Yes!”

I ignored her and stifled my sob. “I need time, I’m going on this mission. Don’t try to stop me.”

“Then Take Clara with you at least.” They demanded.

“I can’t do that to Greyson, so no.”

“Fine, we’ll respect your wishes but we’re going with you.” They both crossed their arms over their chest, letting me know that it was non-negotiable.

The next day we got ready for the ambush. Since we would arrive as wolves we needed to pack a small bag each with some clothes and weapons that could be tied around our necks and wouldn’t get lost. I opted for a thin romper that took little space, a hair tie, and a few small blades. I planned on doing my fighting as a wolf but just like a condom; I would rather have one and not need it than need one and not have it.

It was getting time to head out since it would take us hours to travel there and needed to rest on the way. Liam, Jameson, and I stood at the forest’s edge waiting on Isabella and Micheal.

They approached from the training field and when is saw Micheal I ran towards him and hugged him tightly. “Micheal.” He swung me around in happiness. “I didn’t know you were back!”

“Got back this morning. Jason filled me in and thought you might need some help, babe.” Micheal replied which earned him a growl from the twins. “Alright, alright. I was just kidding.”

“Thank you, I’ll fill you out on the plan on the way.” We shifted and Micheal tied the bags around our necks and then shifted himself. He didn’t need anything since he was going to stay shifted throughout the ambush.

Jameson was staring at me and was brought out of his trance when Liam nudged his side. “You’re... Olivia, you’re...”

“A silver wolf. I know.” I mind linked back.

He got a goofy grin on his lips and said: “Gorgeous.”

After many hours of running, we arrived at the river where the entrance was underwater. We rested for a while and then moved on. We headed into the water and dove down to the mouth of the pass. Once we found it and climbed up, all we had to worry about was walking the narrow path and our wet fur freezing from the cold.

The twins and I had found the entrance to the pass when we were young pups running around the forest and exploring the mountain. It was by pure accident that we came across it and decided to see where it lead. We hadn’t told anyone but Greyson and hoped that few knew about it. If not, it would ruin our plan.

We finally arrived at the end of the pass and laid low to rest and study the rogue camp. It was around midnight and the camp was still other than the occasional rogue patrolling the camp border.

The plan was for Micheal and me to sneak into the leader’s tent while the others fanned out and created as many distractions as they could. The chaos would allow us to kill the leader and sneak away before anyone realized what happened.

I motioned for Micheal that I was ready to go and as we jumped down to the camp the twins mind linked me. “Be careful.” “Come back to us.”

“I will,” I promised and hoped that I could keep it.

Micheal snuck behind me, quietly and carefully. We dodged behind a tent when a rogue stumbled out drunk and then started peeing onto a tree. Micheal slowly crept up behind him and slashed his throat with his claws. The rough slumped to the ground quietly with the help of Micheal who caught him mid-air.

The rogue’s body was pulled into the bushes and then we continued our journey to the center of the camp where the rogue leader was.

We came across a couple of other rogues which we took care of in a similar fashion before we arrived at the leader tent. Micheal stayed outside to fight off any approaching rouges while I snuck inside.

The leader was laying on a cot, snoring, and mumbling in his sleep. I paused and listened to his heartbeat and could tell that he really was asleep.

I took one step at a time, pausing each time so he wouldn’t wake up. I was leaning over him and studied his scarred face for a moment before I extended my claws and prepared to strike.

Suddenly a boom was heard in the distance and the leader’s eyes snapped open. He was awake and took but a moment to react to the scene in front of him. He grabbed my throat and slung me to the ground.

I got back on my feet and growled. The leader started shifting so I lunged towards him while he was busy. My sharp teeth logged themselves into his shoulder and I started thrashing my head back and forth.

He shook his body and managed to shake me off. He was fully shifted now and his wolf was even larger than his human form. He was a Lycan, all the characteristics were there, staring me right in the face. Shit.

He snarled and circled me, forcing me to circle around in the tent to keep him from being behind me. His massive jaws snapped at me and I jumped back. The commotion outside intensified, indicating that it was closer. Voices were shouting, explosions went off and the heat from the fires permeated the air.

I needed to head out of the tent and allow some space between the leader and me. I backed out of the tent and bumped into Michael’s back. He was fighting off two small rouges and was winning. He was covered in blood but it wasn’t his and there were also several rogue's bodies laying on the ground.

The rogue leader leaped after me and landed a few feet in front of us. Micheal turned around and growled, he attacked the leader and managed to swipe at his side, causing blood to trickle down.

The leader swiped back and Micheal flew through the air and was hit by a tree trunk, a loud thud echoed in the small clearing. I took a fighting stance, bared my teeth, and lunged towards him.

I managed to land in his back and bit down on his neck while digging my claws into him. He thrashed and thrashed but my grip on him was strong. His blood trickled into my mouth and the metallic taste made me want to hurl but I held on.

He was getting tired from thrashing and I knew he would soon be spent but as a final effort he rolled around on his back. At the last second, I jumped off and landed on my feet.

I extended my claws and scratch deep scores into his hind legs, rendering it useless. The leader let out a loud howl of pain and slumped down in defeat.

Micheal was back up and advanced to us but was interrupted by a group of rogues out for blood. Most of the camp was on fire at this point and the rogue leader shifted back to human form.

He laid on the ground, bleeding and exhausted. He wasn’t much of a threat anymore so I shifted and allowed him to speak to me.

His piercing red eyes conveyed all the rage, hate, and fury he could muster. “What have you done?” He snarled.

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