Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 25 - Silver Wolf

The leader groaned and rested his head on the ground. “You’ve doomed us.”

“Like you planned to do to the White Oak pack?” I snarled.

“We deserve a home!”

“But not MY home!” I advanced towards him and got on my knees. “You should have chosen to come to us with peace in mind, not war.”

He laughed a menacing laugh. “You would have killed us on the spot, Lycans always do.”

“Not this Lycan.” I plunged the thin blade in his heart and watched the light in his eyes distinguish. “I will take care of those who need it,” I promised his lifeless body.

While I was busy with the leader, the rogues that attacked Micheal had gained an upper hand and slashed a deep gash in his belly. He was doubled over on the ground, mid-shift when I got to him. “Don’t shift, Micheal. Let your wolf heal you.”

I began chanting the same words Jason had done for me in the hospital to accelerate my healing and Micheal passed out from his injuries.

I mind linked the twins and Isabella and let them know about Michael’s injuries and the death of the leader. I needed help and sneaking out was no longer an option.

Several rogues approached with bared teeth and there was no way I would be able to protect us both. I was left almost defenseless and alone against the rogues.

Lumen yelled in my mind. “Shift back, let me handle it.”

“There’s been enough violence, we need to give them a chance.” I scolded her but she didn’t back off.

“Look, it’s over. We can stop fighting now.” I exclaimed to no avail. “Just shift and we can discuss what to do from here.”

They continued to advance towards me and I had no choice but to shift. My lycan traits arose and before long I stood in front of them with my silver fur.

The rogues stopped and stared. Some had their mouth hanging open and others looked at me with eyes as big as saucers. They had not expected to see a silver wolf.

I mind linked every wolf in the area, being able to mind link any wolf was a Lycan ability I hadn’t taken advantage of just yet. They wouldn’t be able to reply until they were part of my pack but could still hear me. “I am Luna of the White Oak Pack, and Lycan Olivia. You will have a place with us if you submit.”

Slowly, one by one the rogues bared their necks at me and then shifted back to human form. They whispered and murmured among themselves.

“The legend is true.”

“A silver wolf.”

“We’re saved.”

The twins came up behind me and looked at the rogues submitting to me. They were impressed and smiled in approval. They both rested a hand on my back, caressing my fur. Isabella kneeled by Michael and tended to his injuries while we studied the rogues.

Jameson stepped forward and used his Alpha voice to order the rogues around. “Swear loyalty to the White Oak Pack, it’s Alphas and it’s Luna and you will have a safe home with warmth, food, and family.”

The rogues bared their necks in submission again.

“Say it!” Liam spat by my side.

In unison, almost like it was rehearsed, they all swore loyalty like asked. One by one their pack bond snapped in place and their mind linked with the rest of us.

“Get dressed, pack what you can, and then head east. There will be pack warriors there to lead you home. You’ll stay in the packhouse until other arrangements have been made. Now hurry!” I motioned for them all to get going and most of them did.

A small male stood still. He was covered in bruises and looked to be no more than a teenager. “What’s your name? I inquired.

“Jo... John, Luna.” He bared his neck again.

“Why are you not packing, John?”

“I own nothing.” He replied ashamed.

“Not even clothes?” He shook his head in reply.

“Liam, did you bring clothes?”

Liam dug in his small bag and pulled out some shorts and a t-shirt. “Here. We’ll find you something else soon.”

“John, come with me.” I lead him to a tent and motioned for him to go inside and change. While he was busy I looked around for some clothes and found shoes and a hoodie. I reached inside the tent and felt John grab them out of my hand.

“John... what are the bruises from?” I asked but he didn’t answer. “It’s ok, John. You’re safe.”

“The Alpha would hit me when I did something wrong.” John’s voice trembled. “Does your Alphas do that too?”

“No, they don’t. They are good men and would never strike someone like that.” I promised him and he stuck his head out of the tent.

“Thank you, Luna.” He bared his neck again.

“John, you don’t have to submit unless given an order.”

John looked at me with big eyes. “It’s a sign of respect.”

“No, John. It’s a sign of oppression. Please don’t do it anymore.” I tried to convince him to which he nodded his head.

“I knew the silver wolf would save us one day.” He exclaimed and hugged me.

There is was again, the silver wolf. I knew it was rare to have this color even as a Lycan but it seemed to be rarer than I thought. “Tell me about this legend!”

“Well, it’s a bedtime story my gran use to tell me when I was a little pup. The story of the beautiful silver Lycan who had the strength and compassion to save those who need him... or her as it turned out.”

He looked excited to retell the story and started motioning with his arms as I lead him east towards the warriors. “The silver wolf is so rare that most have forgotten it even exists. Few can match its strength and cunning.” He laughed. “That’s you, Luna. The Silver Luna.”

“Alright, alright. Let’s not make a big deal out of this. You see that man over there.” I pointed at Greyson as we arrived where the warriors were waiting. “He’s a very good friend of mine and he’ll make sure you get home safe. Run along now.”

Micheal was carried on a stretcher by two warriors and looked to be in pain but the injury did not look life-threatening anymore. The advanced healing of a Lycan had its advantages.

I helped the rest of the survivors and found that the women and children that had survived the rouge leader’s brutal rein were severely injured. It would take years of emotional support for them to be able to live a normal life among us. It was hard not to cry but I kept strong and smiled at them instead.

It took hours but eventually, we had all the new additions to the pack settled in the packhouse. I gave up my own room after clearing out my personal belongings and deposited them in Jameson’s room since it was the closest to mine.

I got in the shower and warmed up under the comforting water. It was difficult to not think about the silver wolf legend and wondered why I hadn’t heard of it before.

The shower didn’t take long since many were waiting for some hot water so I hurried up and finished, got dressed in some pj's, and went to bed.

The twins would be a while since they were dealing with some paperwork for every new pack member to fill out, figuring out which jobs to assign them and they had to get the ball rolling on building new houses for them all. They may not be in bed all night.

I couldn’t sleep and was tossing and turning most of the night until I eventually gave up on sleeping altogether. I grabbed a pillow and then grabbed another one from Liam’s bed next door and then headed to the office.

The door was ajar and the twins were discussing in hushed voices. I paused in the doorway and watched them for a moment. They looked tired but not once did they indicate that they were ready to stop, they were determined to make room for every new wolf in the pack.

My heart swelled and I remember why I loved them so much. They were selfless to a fault and always helped others. They were strong, generous, and funny. They looked like gods and knew how to pleasure me completely. Even the bad parts were gone now, the parts that lead to my rejection.

“Olivia?” Liam snapped me out of my daydreaming. “Is everything alright?”

I smiled and sat down on the couch with my pillows. I yawned and laid down. “Yeah, I just couldn’t sleep.”

Jameson covered me with a blanket, kissed my forehead, and wished me goodnight while Liam did the same.

That night I slept better than I had in years, with nothing to weigh on my mind and nothing to keep me from rest.

I dreamt of a life with the twins, what I could have if I accept them, and how we could grow our bond together. I envisioned pups with dirty blonde hair and clear blue eyes running around and playing with the twins.

I was finally at peace.
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