Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 26 - Decisions

“Little wolf!” I was nudged gently by someone as they called out for me. I was still tired and turned around to avoid them. “Little wolf, I brought breakfast.”

I smelt coffee and donuts and shot up quickly, almost knocking the tray over that Liam was holding. “Easy there, killer.” He laughed and handed me the tray with a wide grin.

Jameson sat on an armchair, sipping on his coffee while Liam sat down beside me on the couch. I took a big bite out of the donut and chewed. We sat silently for a while, enjoying the calm.

“So, let’s talk about yesterday and what you said.” Jameson blurted out into the quiet room.

Oh, oh. What did I say? Am I in trouble? “What about it?” I said confidently, trying to hide the fact that I had no clue what he was referring to.

“You claimed to be the Luna of this pack, does that mean that you’ve decided to stay?”

Fuck. I did say that, didn’t I? Honestly, I hadn’t made a decision yet and the words just came out of my mouth. The twins looked at me with so much hope and I didn’t think I could break their hearts and say no anymore.

“They have changed, they regret rejecting us.” Lumen chimed in.

“I know, but is it enough?” I asked her.

“It is if you love them like I love Honos and Ani.” Lumen promised me and then purred.

I smiled at the twins. “Meet me tonight at the docks around midnight.”

“Why?” They both said in unison.

“You’ll see.” I hurried out the door and into Jameson’s room to change. If I was going to do this then I would do this the right way. I wanted to show them that I am committed to them, that I forgive them and then I would let them mark me.

I checked in with Micheal and found that he was healing nicely. The nurse at the clinic turned out to be his mate and was very protective when I came to visit. I had to reassure her that I had absolutely no interest in her mate. I left the clinic with Micheal lovingly staring at his mate while she looked at me like she wanted to kill me. I laughed it off to being the mate bond making her act wonky and didn’t take it personally.

I spent the day preparing food, drinks, and setting up hanging lights much as they had done for my twentieth birthday party. I wanted to recreate some of their efforts and turn that bad memory into a good one.

I took a long bath, shaved, exfoliated, and even used a mud mask. The dress I picked out was white and made of lace, it was revealing but not to the point where my father would be ashamed of me and hugged my curves perfectly. I curled my long hair and pinned the sides up. I decided to go easy on the makeup and only add enough to make my eyes pop.

Although it was wintertime, I still prepared a picnic since the cold didn’t affect us much and our wolves actually loved the snow. I laid out a thick blanket on the end of the docks, poured cider and beer in some glasses, and arranged the finger food on a slab of wood used as a tray.

I sat down and looked at the still waters and the reflection of the full moon on the water’s surface illuminating the area.

I glanced up and I had a feeling this would be the last time for a while that I would do this, that I would talk to the moon. “Thank you for listening all these years, I think I’ll be ok after all.”

I heard quiet footsteps in the distance and smelt their scent. “Rosewood and vanilla, Hello Liam. And Green apple and lemon, Hi Jameson.”

I turned around and found them dressed in slacks and button-up shirts. Liam’s was marine blue while Jameson’s was coral colored. Their hair was effortless styled and they smiled, showing their panty-dropping smile with one dimple each like mirror images.

“Hi, Little Wolf.”

I giggled at their new nickname for me. “Just out of curiosity, what do I smell like?”

“You smell like fresh water and flowers.” Jameson chuckled and looked at his brother for help.

Liam smirked. “Like that small flower growing all over the pack land in the spring, the poisonous one, Lily of the Valley.”

“Do you like the smell?”

Jameson smirked and nudged his brother before saying: “We love it and I’m not ashamed to admit that we have often been caught in the middle of the flower fields smelling them when you were gone.”

“It made us feel like you were close.” Liam was embarrassed by their admission but it only made me love them so much more.

“I know I don’t say this enough but Damn, you are hot,” Liam exclaimed and motioned towards my body.

“Come, sit. I made you some food and brought beer.” I patted the spots beside me and they carefully sat down without disturbing the refreshments. I handed them their drinks and offered up some food.

I had made them ham, cheese, and garlic sliders with beer fondue dip in a bread bowl and chips. Their favorite food before I left and judging from their appetite, it still was.

It was so quiet that it was awkward and I tried to find something to talk about. I wasn’t ready to talk about us so instead, I decided to bring up old memories.

“Do you remember the time you let your ferret out in your dad’s office?” I reminisced about our mischief as pups.

They both laughed. “It took him days to figure out the smell and then to actually find it hiding in the bottom of his desk drawer.” Liam’s eyes teared up from laughter.

Jameson was laughing hysterically. “And when he finally found it, it crawled up his arm, into his shirt and bit him on the nipple.” He continued to laugh and then took a deep breath to calm down. “He was flailing his arms around like he was on fire and running around the packhouse. Everyone thought he had lost his mind.”

“What about when Olivia lured him into the pigpen and he fell flat on his ass and when he got back up the pigs trampled him.” Liam kept laughing.

I realized that Alpha Darren had endured years of pranks from three growing pups and admired his patience. We continued to tell stories, ate, and drank for hours until it was time to talk about my decision. I snuggled up to them, sandwiched between their bodies and listening to their heartbeat.

“Did you know that the light from the moon is just a reflection from the sun?” I blurted out because I was nervous.

Jameson chuckled and Liam said: “No, why?”

“So vampires make no sense. They burn up in the sun but technically the moonlight is sunlight yet they can be in it?”

“Olivia, you’re stalling.” Jameson cupped my cheek and kissed me gently on the lips. “Just be honest with us.”

I took a deep breath and released it with a loud sigh. “I forgive you and I want to... I want to be your luna.” I bit my lip and waited for their reaction.

“Oh, thank goddess!” Liam hollered and pumped his fist in the air. “I was really nervous for a moment there.” He kissed my neck and worked his way up to my mouth while fondling my breast over my dress.

“We promise to make you happy from now on, little wolf.” Jameson trailed his hand down my side and then up under my dress. He found my ass and squeezed hard, followed by a smack.

I felt Liam’s hard erection pushing into my ass while Jameson’s was against my mound. Their touch, kisses, and scent sent my pussy into hyperdrive and I swore an orgasm was already close.

They kept kneading and massaging my body, kissing my neck and lips until I felt my core tighten and release in an amazing orgasm.

“Damn, Olivia. I felt that one and I’m not even inside you yet.” Jameson pulled my dress off and caught my nipple between his lips. He sucked, nibbled, and twirled it, causing my core to build up another orgasm.

I paused their amazing work and laced my hands in their shirts, unbuttoning each button excruciatingly slowly, and then rubbed their erection over their pants. They let out a growl when I unbuckled their pants and reached in to grip their firm rods with my palms. My hands were almost too small to get a good grip around their wide girth but I worked with what I had. They moaned and started rocking their hips with my rhythm.

“Take everything off,” I demanded and took my bra and panties off with them. I looked at their naked forms and appreciated it all. Everything from their toes to the last hair sticking up on their head. Even their bouncing cocks, ready to please me.

They spoke together and said: “We love you, Olivia.”

“And I love you, I love you so much that I want you to give me a pup tonight while you mark me.”

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