Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 27 - Mate Marks

Their eyes turned onyx black and their grip on me got tighter. “Are you sure?” Liam panted and then continued kissing me.


“Then we will do our best,” Jameson promised and positioned himself between my legs. He kissed me on the lips and explored my mouth while rubbing his dick between my folds and then landing on my clit. He put pressure on my sensitive nub, just hard enough to make me wetter. He pulled back slightly and entered me in one hard thrust. His cock so hard, so big that my eyes rolled back in pleasure.

I cried out in pain but it soon turned into bliss and he started rocking his hips, thrusting in and out. “Goddess! Jameson!” I moaned and threw my head back. My legs were wrapped around his waist and I meet his thrusts, adding to the pleasure for both of us.

Liam sat beside us and had his hand wrapped around his cock, pumping it as he watched his brother fuck me. He had a genuine smile on his lips and his eyes raked over my body.

Jameson’s thrusts slowed and he grabbed my ass to lift me up. His pounding got deeper and harder, hitting my uterus and g spot. My vaginal walls started throbbing and my core tightened. “Little wolf, you feel too good. I won’t last in your tight pussy.”

He flipped me over on all fours and slammed into me again. His hand held onto my hips, keeping me in place while he pounded into me and the other hand slapped my clit with every pounding. I was close and felt him swell inside me right before he bit down on my neck, marking me. I was sent over the edge and twisted around to mark him.

I bit him and his blood trickled down his collarbone before I licked it to seal the wound. Our mate bond snapped back into place and his every touch sent an electrical current through me. We came together and he pumped into me a few more times, prolonging the blissful feeling.

I rolled over on my back and rode the feeling out for a moment whole rubbing my breasts and looking at Liam pleasuring himself. I bit my lip and then slowly crawled towards him. He was sitting on his knees and I straddled him, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“I will put a pup in you, I’ll try all night if I so have to.” Liam winked at me and aligned his cock with my opening. I slowly sunk down on him and felt his thick head enter me. I pulled up slightly, teasing him before I plunged down on him completely.

“Liam, I missed this,” I admitted while raising my hips and plunging back down. I repeated it over and over while Liam ran his hands along my ass, squeezing and slapping it. He aided my hips by lifting up and then pulling me down, letting him go deeper and harder.

“That’s it, Little wolf. Almost there!” He massaged my breast and flicked a nipple with the tip of his tongue. “You have the most perfect breasts.”

I was picked up and laid down on my back by Liam without letting himself slip out in the process. He thrust into me harder and captured my lips with his. I reached down and cupped his balls with my hand and massaged them gently. We were both close as I felt his balls tighten up along with my core. “Fuck.” He moaned, bit down on my neck, and marked me on the other side of my head.

I marked him right before he released his seed deep in me and my orgasm followed shortly after while he was still pumping into me, letting every last drop of his semen release into my vagina. The second mate bond snapped into place instantly and just like with Jameson small electrical surges entered me wherever Liam touched me.

I felt the presence of Honos and Animos in my mind as if they were right here with me. Their thoughts along with the twins were an open channel and nothing was hidden. In the background, the presence of the entire pack lulled in a low hum. I was their Luna and they were my pack, I was complete.

We laid down and caught our breath silently when suddenly Jameson screamed out. “What the fuck is that?”

“What?” Liam replied in a panic.

“There’s a voice in my head.” Jameson looked scared but his expression changed when I started laughing.

“Why are you lau… What the hell? I hear one too.” Liam started moving around and I laid a hand on his arm to settle him down.

“It’s your wolves. Animos and Honos. Jameson, Animos is your wolf and it means courage but Lumen calls him Ani. Liam, your wolf’s name is Honos and it means honor.” I was relieved to finally be able to tell them about their wolves and surprised that they could speak to them, I needed to ask Jason about it next time I spoke with him.

Liam looked at me excitedly. “We can speak to our wolves? I knew you could but I didn’t want to ask too many questions yet.”

“What does Lumen mean?” Jameson asked.

“The light.”

We mated all night out on the dock, sometimes they took turns, and other times they would tag team. Every time was just as amazing as the next and I never wanted the night to end. After a while, we let our wolves take over and they mated, leaving their mark just like we had done.

At the break of dawn, the twins started to stir. We dressed and then packed up the food, drinks, dinnerware, and blanket before we headed to the packhouse.

I was greeted by many along the way who all bared their necks in submission. They had all felt me becoming their Luna last night. They congratulated me and some hugged me. I was welcomed with smiles and waves which cause my heart to swell. They accepted me as their Luna, to rule beside their Alphas. They trusted me to do the job and to do it well.

Once inside the packhouse, I rushed upstairs and looked in the mirror. The mate mark had turned into the most beautiful tattoo displaying a silver wolf and three pups playing among the moonflowers while two identical black wolves watched over them with adoration.

Liam and Jameson stood behind me, watching as I marvel over the design, wondering if it showed the future. I studied it and when I decided that it held no hidden meaning other than how many pups we would have I grinned and looked at the twins' marks.

Jameson’s mark was of two wolves, one silver and the other black, sitting on their hind legs while the silver wolf leaned into the black wolf who snuggled her in closer.

Liam’s also had a silver and black wolf but the silver wolf laid on her belly while the black wolf stood over her protectively.

The twins and I showered together and continued to worship each other's bodies. You would think it would be weird for two brothers to share such an intimate moment but they worked so well together, never touching the other, never dismissing each other's needs.

After the shower, we got dressed and since I took longer, the twins went downstairs to cook breakfast. The rest of the pack had already had their breakfast which allowed for some privacy for us.

I threw on some jeans and an old t-shirt of theirs, taking a moment to smell their scent. Even after washing it, both their scent lingered. I would never get used to the effect it had on me and already felt wetness build-up in my folds.

Not wanting to spend any more time alone, I shook the thought out of my head and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

Liam and Jameson were cooking eggs, bacon, and biscuits which they managed to do without much fuss. They plated the food and slid one down to me where I was sitting at the breakfast bar.

My mouth watered and I dug in as soon as the plate came to a stop. The twins were not amazing chefs but for some reason, the food tasted amazing. Maybe they were getting better at it? Doubtful.

“You were hungry, weren’t you?” Jameson teased and dug into his own food.

“I’m a Lycan, we eat a lot.” I quipped back.

Liam kissed my temple and sat down beside me. “Little wolf, he’s only messing with you.”

I mumbled under my breath and then finished my breakfast before I started the day off. I needed to find clothes, hygiene products, towels, toys, you name it and I needed it for the new pack members. It would be a long day of running around to make them all feel as welcome as I possibly could.

Two weeks later and I had finally figured out the housing situation and everyone in the pack had a place to call home for now. Although most lived either in the packhouse or stayed with some families that took them in.

The twins were busy building new homes and all able pack members helped out. The former rogues found a place with the pack and proved to have valuable skills that could aid the pack.

Every night we went to bed exhausted but still found the energy to pleasure each other, never getting tired of the feeling. The feeling of home.

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