Talking to the Moon

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“Jason, I’m so happy to see you.” I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed.

“Oliva!... I can’t breathe.” Jason croaked. “You forget your own strength, woman.”

We both laughed, happy to see each other after months apart. Jason’s mate, Betty had given birth to a beautiful little girl and I could see how happy he was. His momentary lapse in sanity, when he was offering to chose me as his mate had quickly dissipated. Mostly, I had been an obsession and not true love, like the one he held for his mate.

“How’s Leo and Amelia?” I already knew the answer. Amelia would call her brother’s every week and update them on her life. They were doing good and Amelia had finally forgiven Leo for hurting her the way he did.

I had forgiven him a long time ago, after all, I knew how hard it was to deny the mate bond even if the bond had been broken. The pull is simple to great to deny and in the end, I decided not to.

“He’s great, they’re great. He wanted to come but wasn’t sure if you wanted to see him.” Jason admitted as he slung an arm around Betty. He kissed her cheek and gently nudged his daughter’s chin.

“Alpha Jason, great of you to come!” Jameson came up behind us and laced his arms around me. My swollen belly was on the verge to pop open and Jameson loved rubbing his hands all over it. His eyes would lite up when he felt a kick and we made a game out of guessing which baby kicked. Not surprisingly, all three of us always chose a different pup.

“I wanted to check in with you and see if you needed any help with the rouges you took in.” Jason offered.

“Jason, there are no rogues here. All the wolves around are pack members.” I gently scolded him, reminding him to watch his words. Some of the former rogues were still a little skittish from years of abuse and I worried that simple things like the wrong words would deter them from making progress.

“Of course, my bad,” Jason smirked and earned a slap on the shoulder from Betty.

“Liam is in the kitchen cooking dinner, so I picked up some frozen pizza just in case.” Jameson joked. “Come on, let’s check on the coming disaster.”

Liam had prepared pasta with alfredo sauce, trying to expand his culinary skills in preparation for the pups. Neither of the twins wanted to rely on the pack to raise their pups like their father had and were adamant about learning everything they needed to be good fathers.

Besides fighting and running a pack, they had learned how to cook basic child-friendly meals, nursery rhymes, games, activities, and even how to change diapers, which was a story for another time. I was proud of their effort and knew in my heart that my pups couldn’t wish for better dads.

“Alpha Jason, Luna Betty! Sit down and feast.” Liam gestured for us all to sit around the farmer’s table Jameson had made while I was at the Academy.

Liam served us the food and it looked and smelled amazing. I wasn’t sure if it was my hormones but I was literally salivating at the mouth. We all dug in, anticipating the flavor. One bite and... we all spat it out.

“Goddess, did you drop the entire salt shaker in there?” Jameson exclaimed and tried to wipe his tongue with a napkin. “Good thing I bought those pizzas.”

“Guys...” I tried to get their attention. I was feeling a shooting pain in my abdomen and I knew what that meant.

“I’m sorry, I guess I wasn’t watching what I was doing.” Liam dramatically motioned towards the food.

“Guys...” I raised my voice but they still didn’t pay attention to me. “Guys.”

They all stopped talking and looked at me. “It’s time.”

“Time? Pup time?” The twins wondered.

“Yes, pup time.”

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