Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 3 - Birthday Bash

“Are you ready birthday girl?” Micheal asked as he winked and took his stance in the fighting ring.

I chuckled. “Are you?” Micheal advanced towards me and lunged forward. I sidestepped at the very last minute and he kept running past me a few steps.

“That was dirty,” Micheal exclaimed.

“No, that was smart. Let’s try again.” I smelt something wonderful, green apple and lemon. My mouth was watering but not for food, for touch. Then a second scent hit me, rosewood and vanilla. Micheal took my distraction as an opportunity and hit me in the jaw. I rubbed the spot and cursed myself for letting myself get distracted.

Micheal took his stance again and motioned for me to attack. I took a step to my left and then two to my right, throwing him off before I then veered left again and sideswiped him on the ribs. He let out a loud groan and quickly stepped behind him. Before he had time to come back from my punch I stepped on his leg under the back of his knee to gain his height and locked his head between my arms in a chokehold. I held it tight until he tapped my arm, signaling that he gave up. I let go and he fell forward on his knees and started coughing.

Alpha Darren and Greyson clapped their hands outside the ring and Alpha Darren’s laughter echoed in the clearing. “That’s my girl.”

“Alpha.” Micheal and I said in unison and bared our neck in respect. Alpha Darren nodded and we relaxed.

Greyson dismissed everyone from the training session and all the trainees hurried towards the showers but not before patting me on the shoulder, congratulating me on my victory.

“Olivia, have you made a decision yet? I’m sending Micheal but as you can see you would be a great addition.” Alpha Darren was getting impatient in waiting got my decision but I sensed that he didn’t just want me to be a better fighter but also wanted me to keep some distance from his sons. He knew better than to order them to stay away from me and figured a more delicate approach was smarter.

“I’ll let you know soon, Alpha Darren.”

“Alright, alright but don’t wait too long.” Alpha Darren demanded jokingly.

“I won’t, I promise. Have you seen the twins?”

Alpha Darren chuckled. “I have.”

“And?” I asked a little irritated that he didn’t elaborate.

“And, I won’t tell you anything other than this. The birthday girl is expected to appear as her most beautiful self on the docks at exactly 7 pm tonight.” He teased.

“I will, thank you.” I started to jog towards the showers when Alpha Darren called behind me.

“Oh and Olivia… Happy Birthday.”

When I arrived in my room in the packhouse I found a small rectangular box laying on my bed. I smiled, knowing that it was a birthday gift from the twins, and hurried over to open it. They didn’t bother wrapping it so all I had to do was open the lid. It was a necklace with a full moon charm and on the back, the words veni, vidi, and amavi were inscribed.

“We came, we saw, we loved,” I whispered as I ran my thumb over the inscription. My heart ached, knowing that this might be my last night with them. Finding my mate wouldn’t change how I felt about them, I would always love them but I would have to push that love far back into my heart.

I took a long shower and spent the rest of the day reading and getting ready for the night. I decided to wear white washed jeans with more holes than fabric, a black t-shirt I had stolen from the twins, and my black all-stars. I curled my long blond hair in huge curls and french braided one side of my head ending it in a ponytail. I added some light eye shadow, mascara, and lastly a matte, dark red lipstick. I completed the look with the necklace they gave me.

I glanced at my phone, 6.48 pm. It was time to head to the docks. I headed downstairs, out the door, and started walking down the path to the lake. The full moon was lighting my way down the path and Greyson and Emma joined me on the way. They both wished me a happy birthday, Greyson hugged me and Emma awkwardly waved. She still didn’t like me much.

“I heard they worked on this all day,” Emma said, jealousy evident in her voice.

“More like all month. I can’t count how many hours of planning I had to endure,” Greyson chimed in as he wrapped his arms over both of our shoulders. “Those boys sure know how to throw a party.”

A few minutes later we reach the lake. Loud music could be heard and lights were strung in the trees, leading us towards the party. I smelled the unmistakable smell of beer, tequila, rum, soda, grenadine, pineapple, and many more drink ingredients.

Yet again I smelt the scents that had distracted me earlier, green apple and lemon, rosewood, and vanilla. My nipples hardened and I could feel my pussy clench, the scents were delicious and turned me on.

The docks came into view and it and the surrounding area was full of people. From the looks of it, every pack member over 16 and under 25 was here which still made it well over 100 wolves. I was greeted by most people that I passed and they wished me a happy birthday, some congratulated me on being old enough to find a mate and others were just happy to have a reason to drink.

I followed the intoxicating scents all the way to the end of the docks only to find Jameson and Liam standing there with their back towards me. Even from behind, they were gorgeous and the realization hit me as I sniffed the air, the scents came from them. The green apple and lemon scent belonged to Jameson and the rosewood and vanilla came from Liam.

‘Mates,’ echoed in the back of my mind and I knew that I had found him, or them. I was elated, my best friends from childhood and boyfriends of three years were my mates. I loved them already and knew it wouldn’t just be because of the mate bond. They were everything I had ever wanted or needed.

Their backs were still towards me as they were talking and watching the moon reflecting off the still lake water. They both sniffed the air and grinned. “Mate,” They both declared right before they turned around with the biggest smiles they could muster and locked eyes with me.

As soon as their eyes met mine the mate bond snapped in place and I was happier than I thought I had ever been, that was until I looked at their frowning faces. The smile dropped from my lips as I took in their uneasy appearance. “What’s wrong?”

“No,” quietly left Liam’s lips. Jameson was no longer looking at me and found the wood slats of the dock more interesting.

I knitted my eyebrows. “What do you mean, no?” Jameson stepped towards me, grabbed my arm, and started leading me off the dock. Liam trailed not far behind us. “Jameson, you’re scaring me.” The electric surge flowing though my body coming from my arm where Jameson was touching me added to my confusion.

“Let’s go up to the packhouse and talk Olivia,” Jameson demanded as he continued to drag me towards the path leading to the packhouse.

“Jameson, ease up,” Liam pleaded as he caught up with us with a somber look on his face. “She can walk on her own.” Jameson didn’t let go and the questioning looks from the party guests did nothing but add to my distress.

“What’s going on?” I begged for an answer but neither one of them gave it to me. We were on the path in the woods, far away from the party and ears listening in. I yanked my arm free from Jameson’s hold and wrapped my arms around myself. They both stopped and looked at me.

“Come on, let’s go inside,” Liam tried to coax me but I wasn’t so compliant, I wanted answers.

“Why are you acting like this? You’re both my mates, I love you. Don’t you love me?” I questioned with tears dangerously close to spilling. They didn’t answer, the only sound around us was the rustling of the wind in the grass and insects chirping. It dawned on me. “You’re rejecting me?”

“Olivia…” Jameson reached for me but I stepped out of his reach before he could. “We don’t have a choice.”

“We never wanted this,” Liam admitted while rubbing the back of his neck.

I started shaking and the tears were flowing freely down my face. I didn’t cry very often and this was probably the first time I had since my dad died. “Why?”

“You’re an Omega,” Jameson admitted while yet again not being able to look me in the eyes.

I knew that Alpha Darren wouldn’t want an omega as a Luna but I thought the twins didn’t care. I thought they loved me and saw the potential in me. I was a strong warrior, smart at tactics, good at arranging events, and knowledgeable in all sorts of topics. I had always been considered beautiful and smart, liked by most.

“Then why spend all these years with me if I wasn’t good enough?” Their downcast eyes gave me the answer I didn’t want to hear, I was just entertainment, a way to pass the time. “Go on then, do it.” I dared them.

They both let out a long sigh. “I Liam Alexander Murphy, Alpha of the White Oak pack reject you, Olivia Beth Wilson, as my Luna. Do you accept?”

“Yes.” I felt the mate bond snap as pain ripped through me and I fell to one knee while clutching my chest. My breathing was ragged but I carefully stood back up, awaiting the next hurdle.

“I Jameson Gabriel Murphy, Alpha of the White Oak pack reject you, Olivia Beth Wilson, as my Luna. Do you accept?”

“Yes.” The same pain coursed through my body and the last mate bond broke. This time I fell on all fours and started dry heaving. The twins rushed towards me, trying to aid me but I pushed them back, ignoring the electric surge going through my fingertips that connected with their skin. With much effort, I stood up, turned around, and ran off.

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