Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 5 - New Life

The van along with several others pulled up to a big packhouse after being on the road for hours. We all hurried out of the vehicle to stretch our legs. The packhouse was probably three times as big as the White Oak’s, the land stretched for miles beyond what I could see driving in and it was well maintained. I was impressed by their attention to detail.

The Alpha of the Lunar eclipse pack greeted us, towering over us all. He was big and intimidating, even Micheal was on edge next to me. “Welcome to our pack. My name is Alpha Jason. The Lycan Academy is our pride and joy and I expect you all to treat it with respect. You will be assigned to one of six groups based on your particular skill sets and each group will have a trained Lycan leader. At the end of this training, I hope you all will be a qualified Lycan but the moment you fall below the curve is the moment you will go home.”

Another man just as intimidating as the Alpha stepped up and took over. “I’m Beta Jamal and I’ll assign you all to your groups for the foreseeable future... As the Alpha said we have six groups based on skill sets. Group one - Brute force and strength, Group two - Coercion and infiltration, Group three - Weapons, Group 4 - Rouges, Group 5 - Wolf forms, and Group 6 - Multiple talents.”

The Beta started naming off each new wolf and their assigned group. “... White Oak pack. Micheal Group one and Olivia group six.”

Everyone started moving towards the cabin with our number on it and I entered the last one with a 6 painted above the door. It was a classic summer camp style cabin with wooden bunk beds and I claimed the top bunk of the bed furthest away from the bathroom and shower. It was coed, which didn’t bother me any except for the few men who were blatantly checking the women out while they changed.

The woman that claimed the bed under mine smiled at me and introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Clara.”

“Olivia.” I offered her my outstretched hand and she shook it. “Where are you from, Clara?”

“Pine Valley pack, you?”

“White Oak pack, I came here with a friend of mine but he was assigned a different group.”

Clara started giggling. “Oh, you mean that cute guy you were talking to in group one?”

“Yeah, Micheal… But he’s not cute, just full of himself.” I joked.

“So… you two aren’t…” Clara had a hard time spitting out her words.

“Together? Goddess No. He’s a doofus if you’ve ever seen one.” I laughed. Micheal and I had been friends for a long time and outside the ring, he was quite funny but inside the ring, he was all business. “Anyways, I’m gonna go for a walk and check out the land after I change. Do you want to join me?

“Nah, I better stay and rest. Big day tomorrow.” Clara started unpacking her bag into her drawer in the dresser.

I was in the middle of changing my shirt when another large man walked in. He smirked at me but continued walking into the cabin. “I’m Leo, your group leader, and as such expect total compliance. Training starts at 6 am sharp out front, tardiness will be punished by doing laps around the packhouse.” He turned around 360 degrees and looked at each wolf in the cabin. When his eyes met mine, I quickly looked away before he got the wrong idea. I wasn’t looking for trouble and that man had trouble written all over him.

Leo started walking out but stopped and turned around right before he reached the door. “Oh, and no fraternizing. If you know what I mean.” He smirked again and raked his eyes over my body and landed on my lips. He licked his lips and then walked out the door.

I shook the uneasiness from my body and finished changing. “Are you sure you won’t join me?” I asked Clara who was already laying on her bed.

“Maybe another night. Have fun.” She rolled over and cuddled closer into her pillow.

I quickly discovered that this pack was bigger and richer than any other pack I knew. Each house was pristine with well-tended gardens. I passed an Olympic sized swimming pool, an obstacle course, and an arena that made me think of the movie Gladiator. Internally, I was rolling my eyes at the extravagance displayed but was secretly jealous.

I kept walking and finally reached the forest where I decided to let my wolf run free. I discarded my clothes on a low hanging limb and carefully played with my moon necklace resting between my breasts. I left it on and shifted to my wolf.

The full moon was still illuminating the sky, making it easy to see everything in my path without using my wolf sight. I ran up a small hill and perched myself on top of it on my hind legs. My wolf howled a long and sorrowful howl, one that held all my pain. Losing my mates and a pup all in one day was indescribable even if I didn’t know about the baby before.

After laying down and letting myself fall into a pit of despair for what seemed liked hours, I finally got back up with a newfound determination to not let what happened to break me. I would let it be a learning experience and just maybe I would come out better off on the other side of the tunnel.

My wolf ran up and down every path found and only veered off when something stirred in the distance. I wasn’t alone out here.

I ran in circles and then hid behind a bush, waiting for my intruder to show themselves. I waited for a few minutes and started to grow impatient. I could smell it and it smelled like a wolf, a male wolf.

A larger than average grey wolf appeared before me. His features were obviously Lycan with his enhanced ears, snout, hind legs, and fur thickness. All his senses were heightened beyond that of a regular wolf. He sniffed the air, it looked right at my hiding spot. I hadn’t done enough to trick it and had revealed my hiding spot too easily.

The wolf leaped towards me and tackled me down with such eagerness that at first, I was more surprised than anything. We tumbled in the grass and he landed on top. I growled but it didn’t deter him, instead, he lightly bit my neck. Hard enough to hurt but not to leave a mark.

I growled again, this time louder, and snapped my teeth at him. I could have sworn that I saw him smirk, which is ridiculous because wolfs can’t smirk. Pushing him off me, I bounced to the side before he got back on his legs.

Now it was his turn to growl as he got up and started circling me. “Shift.” He mind linked me. I refused and he shifted. The grey wolf turned into the large man barking at us in the cabin. The large, fire red-haired, blue-eyed man without an ounce of fat on his body. His body was riddled with moonflowers stretching from his back, over his shoulders, down his arms, and wrapping around his chest, abdomen, and thighs. His muscles were more defined than even the twins and my gaze couldn’t help but to travel to his manhood. His very large and thick manhood, standing erect.

Leo chuckled and I realized that I was staring. “Shift,” He demanded again and this time I complied. Once the transformation was complete he took a step closer to me and reached out but I took a step back. He took another step and I yet again took another one back.

He growled but in human form this time, it was much less intimidating than before. “Why are you running away?”

“I’m not, I’m still standing right here but don’t touch me.” I spat. He affected my body more than I was willing to admit but I wasn’t ready for this, for him. I may never be ready for another relationship again.

“I have to touch you to get what I want.” He exclaimed while taking yet another step towards me. I raised my hands halfway up to push him off me once he got too close but he stopped. He leaned his head to the side and studied me. “Was that your howl I heard earlier?”

Of course, there was a possibility that someone would have heard me but at the time I hadn’t been too worried about that. All I wanted to do was ease the pain and it seemed like a good outlet. I slowly nodded and he took a step back. “Why?... I mean, why are you so sad?”

My heart skipped a beat and not the good kind either. I didn’t want anyone to know, it would only hurt more when they pity me. “Nothing, just missing home I guess.” I lied.

“You’re lying, you’re good but I can still tell,” Leo claimed. He started rubbing the back of his neck and looked at me with a crooked smile. His boyish charm showed through and I had to admit that he was gorgeous. Any other day I would have jumped his bones without hesitation.

“I can’t talk about it, it’s… I just can’t talk about it.” I stubbornly said.


I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. “Yet?”

“You can’t talk about it yet but I will get you talking eventually.” He took three quick steps forwards and embraced me in his big strong arms so fast that I didn’t even have time to protest. “There’s just something about you Olivia, and I’m going to figure it out.”

For a moment, a millisecond, I allowed myself to enjoy his embrace but then came to my sense. “How do you know my name?”

Leo chuckled and winked at me. He let go of me, turned around, and shifted back into his large grey wolf. He started running off and when I called out his name he glanced over his shoulder and that smirk was back on his lips.

I headed back to the cabin and quietly snook into my bed after washing off. I laid in bed all night, tossing and turning. Agonizing over my loss but also mulling over what to do now. Being a Lycan would be my only goal and I would do anything I could to achieve it. I would work hard, focus on my training, and hone my skills beyond perfection.

Maybe then I would be good enough.

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