Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 6 - Training

The next day I woke up before the rest of my cabin, I guess they weren’t much of morning people. Neither was I but I was excited to start training. By the time I had showered and dressed, some others in the cabin started to stir. I nudged Clara awake and she started rubbing her eyes. “What time... is it?” she asked mid-yawn.

“Time to get your ass up or you’ll be late for the first day of training,” I informed her while tossing her a towel for the showers.

“Dang, thanks, girl. I probably would’ve slept all day if you hadn’t woken me up.” She got up and started scurrying to the joined showers.

“No problem, just hurry would you.”

We headed down to breakfast and found an empty table to sit at. I was chewing on some bacon when Micheal came in and plopped himself down beside me. “Hey Olivia, how was your night?”

“As could be expected I guess. Yours?”

“Didn’t sleep much, got to know a lot of new people though. My group is pretty cool. Did you meet anyone?” Micheal stole some of my food and I swatted his hand.

“Yeah, I did. This is Clara.” I pointed at Clara sitting beside me.

“Oh, you’re cute. Are you single?” Micheal beamed at her. Clara blushed and nodded. “Too bad we aren’t allowed to date while we’re here.”

“Since when has that stopped you? I have never heard a rule that you haven’t set out to break.” I deadpanned. “Did your group leader tell you that?”

Micheal chuckled. “Nah, I heard it from a guy from your cabin actually.” I was distracted by Leo and the Alpha walking in together. They were locked in a conversation that was increasingly making Leo mad. They broke it off with Leo storming out and the Alpha stomping his way to his seat.

“Who pissed in his cornflakes?” Micheal asked. I shrugged and continued eating, it wasn’t my business anyway.

“Leo?... That’s the Alpha's little brother. They fight all the time because Leo is reckless and the Alpha is anything but. Or at least that’s what I heard.” Clara offered up some interesting information. Leo was an Alpha but not the Alpha, no wonder he had such a strong and overpowering personality. I shook my head from my thoughts and got up to dump my tray and head to the training grounds.

“I’ll catch up with you later, Micheal. Good luck today.” I dragged a starstruck Clara along with me and headed out.

It was pretty warm outside so when I got to the field I took off my hoodie to reveal my sports bra underneath with my necklace tucked inside it. I had paired it with some short exercise shorts, and sneakers and had put my hair up in a ponytail, letting my long dirty blonde hair fall down my back.

The rest of my cabin soon joined us and then Leo emerged. He was still mad but he masked it pretty well. “I need to assess your current skill so I’m going to pair you off. We will start with same-sex partners and then move on to the opposite sex. Do what you normally do so I can find your strengths and weaknesses.” Leo ordered.

I was paired up with Clara much to my relief. I was confident as a fighter but the new environment had got the best of me. We were the seventh pair up for assessment. I took it easy on her at first, not wanting to embarrass her but it didn’t take me long to discover that I could’ve taken her out in just a few moves. I drew it out, almost like I was toying with her but that wasn’t my intention at all.

Realizing my mistake I swept her feet off the ground and pinned her down effortlessly. She tapped out and I let her go. She took the hand I offered her and pulled her back up. “We good?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure. Just a bruised ego but I’ll be alright.” Clara smiled at me and brushed her legs off.

“What the fuck was that?” Leo questioned us. He stared me right in the eye and I realized that the question wasn’t aimed at her, it was aimed at me.

“What do you mean?”

“You could’ve taken her out immediately yet you hesitated. Why?” Leo barked. Man, he could be a real ass when he was pissed off.

“I was testing the waters, learning my opponent’s habits.” I lied. It was becoming a habit of mine to lie and up until recently I never did that.

“That’s bullshit and you know it.”

“Fine, it’s bull shit but I didn’t want to embarrass her.” I scowled at him and he crossed his arms over his chest making the muscles flex.

“You are here to become a Lycan, not to make friends,” Leo exclaimed angrily.

“I’m here to be a better fighter, to hone my skills and serve my pack. Sometimes having a little bit of compassion and grace is better than being strong and ruthless.” I barked back at him.

Leo took a step towards me and I could hear Clara gasp. I stood my ground, stubborn as a mule, and Leo’s eyes shifted to black with gold flex swirling inside them. His wolf was in control now. “Get ready, you’re fighting me next.”

I took a stance in the ring and waited for Leo to advance. He didn’t, instead, he circled around me and studied me. I didn’t need to study him, I already knew that he liked to take advantage of his height and would pounce from above. I saw his left leg shift, getting ready to jump and I smirked.

He jumped and as he got closer, I kneeled and let him pass over me. I swiftly spun on my knee and faced him. He was on his stomach and was in the process of rolling over when I punched him in the ribs. He lost his breath and I knew I hurt him. I took a few steps back and let him compose himself before I attacked again. I had shown him what happens when he attacks, it was time to show him what happens when I do.

“Are you alright Leo?” I tried to distract him by taunting him. The asshole deserved it.

“I’m fine.” He spat. His dark eyes were still black as night from anger. Anger led to mistakes and that was his first one.

I straightened up and relaxed, watching his reactions. He let his guard down for a moment but it was back up before I could do anything about it. “I love those ripped arms of yours, and the moonflowers…” I licked my lips and looked him right in the eyes as I said it. I took a step forward, then another and another. Leo was too focused on my lips to realize that I was standing within reach of him. His eyes still black but swirled with golden lust, I had him under my spell.

He shook his head and tried to refocus but before he could I took the open window and lunged. I stepped on his bent knee, hiked up his torso, and wrapped my legs around his neck. I used my moment to swing my body and effectively swung him over so he landed flat on his back with my legs still wrapped around him. I squeezed for a moment until I felt his hand on my waist, tapping out.

I let go and stood up, offering my hand to him like I had Clara. The rest of the cabin stood to the side, openly snickering and laughing at Leo. A tiny female wolf had taken down the big bad Alpha Lycan. Leo grabbed my arm but instead of letting me pull him up, he pulled me down on the ground beside him and rolled on top of me.

“Smart, naughty but smart,” Leo stated as he pressed his very hard erection into my stomach. I gasped and looked at the others at the side but none of them showed any indication that they knew what Leo was doing. “Are you going to take care of the problem you created?” he thrust his hip into me even more.

“Not likely.” I felt the wetness between my legs and hoped that he couldn’t. I couldn’t let him know how he affected me, not ever.

“I can smell you, your need, your desire.” He whispered in my ear low enough that the rest of the group couldn’t hear him. I pushed him off me and walked over to the others.

“Next group, get ready.” Leo boomed and his voice echoed in the field. His eyes weren’t black anymore and he was smiling. He enjoyed my teasing, it was obvious that he liked the chase.

Several hours later and the training for the day was over. Leo announced that the pack was holding a welcome party down by the pool and encouraged everyone to join. “I hope you all show up,” He stated while looking me right in the eyes and licking his lips.

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