Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 7 - Intimacy

Clara had convinced me to go to the pool party after much begging and pleading. She also let me borrow a bikini from her since I didn’t think to bring one. It was a little smaller than I would normally pick but I didn’t have much of a choice. I covered myself up with a summer dress, let my hair down, and some light make-up. Just enough to make it look like I made an effort.

Clara on the other hand walked out in a skimpy bikini, braided hair, and smoky eyes with glossy lips. She was stunning and no doubt trying to gain the attention of a special someone.

“Is that all for Micheal?” I asked while viewing her ensemble.

“Yup.” She said by popping the p. “What do you think?”

“He won’t be able to take his eyes off you, that’s for sure.”

“That was my plan.” She giggled and applied some more lip gloss.

We started walking out of the cabin with some others in tow. “Just don’t get caught.” We both snickered and by the time we were done, we had reached the pool. Music was playing, drinks were flowing freely and even Alpha Jason was there having a good time with the rest of us but no Leo in sight.

Clara quickly found Micheal and took off towards him, leaving me alone by the pool water’s edge. I had a drink in my hand and decided to sit down and dip my feet in the water. Before long I felt a presence beside me and looked over to find Alpha Jason sit down and dip his own feet in the pool.

He didn’t speak at first, we both just enjoyed each others company and the calming effect of the water. “I heard that you took down my little brother today. Good work.” Alpha Jason chuckled.

“It was easy, he got too arrogant and started making simple mistakes. Serves the asshole right.”

“You certainly don’t mince words, do you Olivia,” Alpha Jason stated a little more serious this time. I realized my mistake, his presence had let me talk to freely and I forgot who I was speaking to.

“I am so sorry Alpha Jason, it won’t happen again,” I promised with a panicked look on my face.

Alpha Jason laughed a hearty laugh and then spoke. “It’s ok Olivia. You’re right, he did have it coming.” He reached over and placed his hand on my bare thigh. “You can call me Jason, I never cared for the formalities.”

I smiled at him. He was so different from the first day I had met him, not nearly as intimidating or angry looking. I was lost in thought when his voice drew me back. “What are you thinking about?” He was rubbing small circles on my leg and it felt nice but I knew I needed to stop him from going any further. I was just about to make an excuse to leave when I heard Leo behind us.

“Jason, you’re needed in the packhouse.” Leo interrupted.

Jason sighed, stood up, and then faced me. “Thank you for talking to me Olivia, I hope to get to know you more soon.” He walked off, leaving me somewhat alone with Leo.

“What were you doing with him?” Leo spat.

I rolled my eyes at him and internally scoffed. “Nothing, not that it’s any of your business.” I couldn’t believe that he dared to think that he had any right to questions me or my actions. I was nothing to him.

“Oh, but it is. Everything you do is my business.” Leo pulled me up so I was eye level with him and started pulling me away from the party towards the trees. “Go for a run with me.”

“Fine.” I undressed, leaving only the painful reminder hanging around my neck, and then shifted into my white wolf. I didn’t wait for Leo to shift but started running, I knew that Alphas enjoyed the hunt since I had done the same with the twins many times. The difference was that Leo was a Lycan and also much faster than the twins.

I ran as fast as I could, down under fallen trees, jumped over rocks, and even tried to lose him in a stream hoping it would mask my scent. I thought I had lost him when he all of a sudden pounced on my back and knocked me over.

We tumbled down a small hill and landed in a small body of water. Small enough to be a private fishing pond. I shifted and laid down on my back and watched the moon shining in the night. Leo followed suit and laid down beside me on his side, facing me.

He reached over and caressed the side of my body, paying special attention to my hips. His touch made my core tighten and I hoped he couldn’t smell my arousal. Then he started traveling up my stomach and landed on my necklace. He played with it between his fingers for a moment and silently read the inscription before he brought up the subject I didn’t want to talk about. “What’s so special about this necklace?”

“Nothing.” I lied, yet again.

“Someone who loves you gave it to you and you still wear it. Who was it?” He continued asking me.

“I don’t wa…” I was cut off by Leo.

“Want to talk about it. Yeah, I know but you have to.”

“Why? Why do I have to talk about it and why does it have to be with you?” I spat.

Leo rolled over me and placed his arms by my side. He was barely touching me and supported all his weight on his arms. “Because I’m planning on making you mine and I need to know everything about you.” He leaned forward and placed a small, light kiss on my collar bone.

I got lost in his touch and wondered if I could move on so quickly. I couldn’t, my heartache was too much. “You want to know everything about me, hu? Well, then know this, I’m just a pathetic Omega lucky enough to get accepted into the Lycan program. I have no business mingling with an Alpha.” I pushed him off me and started to walk away.

Leo caught up with me and grabbed my arm. He spun me around and caught my lips with his in a passionate, toe-curling kiss. His mouth explored mine and our tongues dances in our mouths. He tasted like beer and citrus and it was delicious. He broke the kiss and said, “I don’t give a shit.” He cupped my cheek and kissed me again.

His lips were soft and inviting but before I lost myself in his embrace again I pushed my hands against his chest. We broke the kiss and took a couple of deep breaths. I could feel his large erection poking against my mound and it twitched as I hugged him tighter.

“Leo... I can’t.” My eyes started to tear up but before he could see it I stepped out of his large arms, shifted back into my wolf, and ran back to the cabin. I heard him call after me but I didn’t turn around or stop, I couldn’t.

When I got to the cabin I passed a couple having sex against the cabin exterior wall and I could immediately tell it was Micheal. I couldn’t make out the woman but as soon as she opened her mouth to moan Micheal’s name I determined it was Clara. Not wanting to be a creep I hurried past them and into the cabin. I was alone in there except for one of the other males from my group laying passed out on his bed.

I tiptoed into the showers, trying not to wake him. The cold water cascading down my body brought me back to the event leading up to the Lycan Academy. I cried silently but was interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

I turned around on the ball of my feet and almost lost my balance when I saw Leo standing behind me. I hadn’t heard or smelt him come in.

“Leo! What are you doing here?”

He didn’t say anything but walked closer to me and reached past me. He turned the faucet and changed the water to warm and then pressed against me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips. His hands traveled down my sides and to my ass which he grabbed and lifted up, letting me wrap my legs around his waist.

I could feel his hardness and moaned as he poked it against my entrance. The warmth from his body and the softness from his lips brought comfort to my soul and his hard muscles and cock brought wetness to my core. I couldn’t deny him anymore, I had to have him inside me now.

Forgoing any foreplay I slowly lowered myself onto his shaft and he let out a moan. “Fuck, Olivia. Your pussy is so tight.” He thrust into me, burying himself all the way inside me.

I cried out in pain from his sheer size and he stilled. After a few seconds, the pain turned into pleasure and I started rocking my hips against him. The pleasure increased as my clit rubbed against his skin and his cock thrust in and out of me.

Leo slammed me against the wall and increased the speed of his thrust to the point where I thought I may cum already. “Leo, I’m already close.”

“Cum for me, baby. I want to see that pretty face when you come.” Leo exclaimed in between his teeth.

He thrust into me a few more times and hit my sweet spot. “Ah, ah. Leo!” I moaned out but the sound was garbled by the water flowing down our bodies.

Leo let me down and turned me around so I was facing the shower wall. He slapped my ass cheek and I felt my vagina clench. He thrust into me again, harder and faster than before.

“You feel amazing, baby.” His hand found my nipple and he rolled it between his fingers, causing my second orgasm to build. He kept tweaking it and adding pressure and it felt great.

“Cum with me,” Leo demanded as he pounded into me from behind relentlessly. Each pounding hit my sweet spot just right.

“Leo, harder.” He increased his thrusts and I felt my vaginal walls clench around his cock. He sent me into a mind-blowing orgasm and he followed with a loud moan.

When we came down from our high he was still deep inside me, embracing me and snuggling my neck. He trailed light kisses along it and up towards my jaw. His cum was seeping out of me every time he moved and the water was turning cold again.

“So much for no fraternizing.” I joked while leaning my head against his chest.

I felt his chest rumble as he chuckled. “I only said that so I could keep you all to myself, there isn’t an actual rule against it,” Leo admitted.

“Are you going to tell me why you were crying?” Leo looked at me so tenderly, as if he really cared for me.

“I lost a lot before I got here. It’s why I decided to come.” I couldn’t look him in the eyes so instead, I faced the wall. He gently cupped my cheek and turned my head towards him.

“You can tell me, I promise to try to help you the best I can.” Leo tried to convince me to open up but I was still a little unsure. I didn’t want to get close to him and then lose him just like I had lost the twins.

“Some other day,” I promised before I pushed him away, earning a scowl from him, and headed to bed. I passed the sleeping guy in his bed and laid down on my own. After a couple of minutes, Leo walked out passed my bed, and out the door.

I know I had hurt his feelings but I didn’t have it in me to console him right now, not when I was too inconsolable. I told myself that what happened between us was just sex and nothing else.

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