Talking to the Moon

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Chapter 8 - Dinner Plans

The next day I woke up and dashed out of the cabin for a run before anyone else was awake. The looks of their disheveled appearance and the fact that they were still wearing their clothes from last night told me that it would be a while before they woke up.

I ran down towards the forest and jogged on the same paths I had run down as a wolf on my first night. I needed to think about my choices so far and I wasn’t proud to admit that I had slept with what was essential my boss for the time being.

Leo determined my fate at the Academy and I couldn’t let myself mess it up by pursuing a relationship with him. It was just sex, one time and that’s it. I decided to tell him exactly that the next time I saw him. As long as he didn’t touch me then I should be able to keep my thoughts straight.

I finished my run just in time for training to start, today we were working on endurance which we all needed. Clara had better stamina than any of us and I was happy that she excelled especially since she didn’t the day before. Leo spent the day training with us and stayed close to me throughout. It was getting a little annoying and I wondered if it was because he was marking his territory like all male wolves do, especially Alphas.

It was late afternoon and we were all tired and some of the guys from the cabin were wrestling while the rest of us sat by and watched. They were immature and thought their display would impress some of the women. From the look of Clara and some others, it was working.

“Oh, don’t look now but the Alpha is coming this way.” Clara looked dreamily at him. “Isn’t he just so hot?” She started fanning herself as if she was really hot.

“What about Micheal?” I smirked. “I saw you last night, getting friendly.”

“Oh, he’s great and I think there might be something there but I can still look can’t I?” Clara giggled. “Fuck, he’s coming over here.”

“Clara, how’s training going?” Jason asked with a neutral face.

“Just fine Alpha Jason, thank you for asking,” Olivia said and bared her neck in respect. Jason nodded and she relaxed.

“And Olivia, how are you?” He looked at me and smiled.

“I’m ok, what about you Jason how are you?” Clara’s eyes got big as she heard me use his first name and not his title I also didn’t bare my neck since I had been permitted to use his name. That and I had never been one to be intimidated by Alphas.

“I’m doing just fine but I would be better if you joined me for dinner tonight,” Jason asked with a wink.

“ Sure, I’ll join you.” What is up with brothers and me? Do I have a giant stamp on my forehead that says ‘I like to fuck brothers, preferably at the same time?’

“Great, I’ll see you at 7 in my office. Have a great rest of your day ladies.” Jason walked back to the packhouse and left me wondering why he wanted me over for dinner.

Clara was a snickering mess next to me and had a hard time getting any words out in between grunts but somehow she managed. “Jason? You call him Jason? When did this happen and why is he asking you to dinner?”

“Who asked you to dinner?” Leo had snuck up on us and heard part of our conversation.

“Alpha Jason, I think he likes her.” Clara cooed. Leo scowled and looked at me, his eyes turning black with swirling gold flecks. His wolf was surfacing and he lightly growled before he turned around and stalked off. “What’s wrong with him?” Clara asked when he was far enough away so he couldn’t hear.

“Beat’s me.” I lied. I knew he didn’t like the idea of me alone with Jason but I highly doubted that Jason had any real interest in me anyway. He was probably just trying to get under Leo’s skin or at least I hoped so.

I showered and changed into a white summer dress, let my hair air-dry into my natural loose curls, and decided to forgo any makeup other than some mascara and lip balm. It was getting close to 7 so I headed over to the packhouse. It only took a few minutes before I was going through the front door and was greeted by emptiness.

Jason’s office was on the second floor so I headed towards the stair. As I took my first step I felt an arm around my waist and I was pulled back into an empty room. “Don’t go,” Leo whispered in my ear.

“Leo, I have to. I already said I would.” His embrace caused my core to tighten and I crossed my legs to try to lessen the desire. It didn’t work. I was acting like a dog in heat.

“Please.” He pleaded.

I sighed and relaxed in his arms. “It’s just a dinner, what’s the big deal?”

I felt his embrace holding me tighter and he leaned in to nuzzle my neck. “It’s not just dinner. He likes you and you’ll like him too, they always do. I can smell your desire.”

I turned around in his arms to face him and cupped his cheek with my hand. “Leo, I don’t know what you want from me but either way I’m not in a habit of screwing around.”

“I already told you, I plan on making you mine. Don’t go up there.” Leo pleaded again.

I unwrapped myself from his arms. “I’ll see you tomorrow at training.” I walked upstairs without looking back and knocked on Jason’s door.

After a few moments, he hollered at me to open the door and when I did it reveal his office with a small table and two chairs in the middle. He was standing next to it, pouring wine into two glass in slacks and a black button-up shirt. He was gorgeous, there was no denying it.

“Olivia, right on time.” He smiled at me with that panty-dropping smile.

“This all looks nice, you didn’t have to do all this.”

“I wanted to. Come.” He reached his hand out and I put mine in his. He led me to the table, pulled out my chair and I sat down. He was acting like a gentleman, a refreshing change from what I was used to.

“Thank you, Jason.”

He sat down across from me and motioned for me to start eating. The plate was full of Gnocchi and lemon garlic sauce that smelled delicious. My mouth was already watering and I hadn’t even taken a bit yet. I tried some and the flavor exploded in my mouth. “Wow, that’s really amazing. Who made this?”

“Thank you, I made it. Cooking is a hobby of mine.” Jason admitted with a smile.

“Tell me about your hobbies.”

The night went by fast and was full of food, drinks, and laughter. Jason was easy to talk to and not once did he make me uncomfortable. He was an amazing man and any woman would be lucky to be with him. Any woman that wasn’t me.

Dinner was over and I felt more than a little tipsy. “I think I need to head to bed,” I announced as I finished my last glass of wine.

“Already, you could always stay,” Jason asked while smiling. God, it was hard to say no to him but I needed to.

“I really need to go.”

Jason stood up and helped me up with his outstretched arm. He pulled a bit too much and I collided with his chest in a thud. “Sorry.” He smirked.

He leaned down for a kiss and his lips grazed mine when I suddenly pulled back. “I need to go.” I walked away from his warmth and beelined towards the door. “I had a great time, thank you.”

“Olivia, wait.” Jason pleaded and took a few large strides towards me. “I didn’t mean to run you off, I just really like you.”

“I... I like you too but I’m not ready for this.” I motioned between us. It was true, I wasn’t ready for a relationship, and with Leo, it was just about sex. At least that’s what I kept telling myself. Jason was looking for more than that.

Jason took that final step that brought his body against mine. This time he took a firm grip on my hips and leaned down to nuzzle my neck. I heard him inhale and then whisper. “I’ll wait for you.” He kissed me behind the ear and arousal shot straight to my core.

Jason chuckled. “I can smell your arousal, Olivia.”

I was mortified, I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t sleep with two brothers again, it seemed that I hadn’t learned my lesson. I pushed him away from me and ran out of his office, down the stair, out the door, and towards the training grounds.

I started pacing around the field and cursing myself for my actions. “Why do I do this to myself?” I looked at the moon but as always, no reply. “Am I destined to be alone?” Crickets. “Fuck me.”

“Gladly.” I whipped around to find Leo behind me. I really need to pay better attention to my surroundings.

“Leo?... You surprised me.”

“How did dinner go?” Leo looked gloom and his smile was gone.

I advanced towards him, grabbed him by the neck, and captured his lips with mine. “I don’t want to talk about it.” I pressed my body closer to him and felt his hard erection straining against his pants. “Take you’re clothes off and lay down.”

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