My Best Friend’s Brother

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T E M P T A T I O N | S E R I E S B O O K | T H R E E Logan Zander. The younger brother of my best friend, Ellie. Totally off limits. Hotter than fire. Disinterested in me. Until that one night... Now I can't get him out of my mind.

Romance / Drama
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I met Ellie working at a little cafe near me, and we instantly hit it off. She was into the same stuff I was, and boom, we were inseparable, despite her being five years older than me. Some people are ageless, and Ellie was like that at twenty three.

She didn’t like my boyfriend, Carlisle, but not many people did. He was an arrogant asshole, but God, he was gorgeous.

He just knew it.

One day, we were hanging out at Ellie’s house, watching Netflix and painting our nails, usual shit you do when you’re bored. I was moaning about not being married to Noah Centineo, and she was agreeing with me.

Maybe we were a little too vocal, because a thud on the bedroom wall made me jump.

“Shut the fuck up! Some of us are trying to sleep!” A voice yelled, and Ellie narrowed her eyes, glaring at the wall.

“No! You keep me up all night with your skanky ass girls, so I won’t be quiet!”

I knew Ellie had a younger brother, but I hadn’t met him. I’d seen photos of him, but not once had I seen him in reality.

So when I heard heavy footsteps making their way to Ellie’s room, I sat up nervously. The door boomed open, hitting the side of the television as Logan Zander filled the doorway.

He was twenty, but I didn’t give a damn.

Black tousled hair, bare chested, and grey eyes that scorched the room as they searched for Ellie. He seemed to hesitate, his gaze halting on me before he sneered at Ellie.

“I said, shut the fuck up. Some of us have work.”

Ellie jutted her chin up, her eyes flashing.

“And I said, no. Fuck you.”

His eyes glittered dangerously, and I found myself talking.

“Sorry. It’s fine, we’ll keep it down.”

He doesn’t even look at me as he glares at his sister, lifting his perfectly shaped eyebrows.

“You could learn a thing or two from your mate.”

He then slams the door, and it’s like the whole house trembles.

“He’s such a dick!” Ellie exclaimed, and I remember just sitting there, twisting my eternity ring around my finger.

A dick, he may be, but fuck me, he was beautiful.

I didn’t see much of him over the next year, as I was working at the local supermarket whenever I wasn’t at college, and this meant my nights out and free time was few and far between.

But when I did see him, he had the ability to make my heart slam in my chest, and my core ache with desire. I couldn’t explain it—he was angry as fuck, and an absolute dick to almost everyone, but he never said a word to me.

Even when I heard him fucking his girlfriend, it didn’t put me off.

I was jealous, because it wasn’t me.

Ellie watched me carefully, telling me repeatedly that no, her brother wasn’t a nice guy, and urgh, would he just fuck off already and move out.

I hoped he didn’t.

Ellie wasn’t worried about me, because I was with Carlisle. Like Logan, he was older than me, and we’d been together for years. Five, to be exact.

Yes, we met in school.

I was into older guys, older friends. I got on with older adults better than most people my age, because most of them were cunts.

Which didn’t explain why Logan Zander had the effect on me that he did. For a start, he was skinnier than Carlisle. Whereas Carlisle packed muscle and perfectly gelled hair, Logan had the dark haired, cigarette smoking party boy look down to a T.

Even I didn’t understand it.

Until he noticed me.

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