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Falling in love is never easy, especially when it is with your mother’s sex god boyfriend. A knock rapped at my door, Heath’s voice sounding through it. “Alice, it’s time for dinner.” I could not do it, I could not sit there every night watching my mother trying her best to seduce Heath in front of me. As tears pricked at my eyes, I tried to keep my voice level. “I’m not hungry, I ate a late lunch. I’m just going to have an early night.” It was a lie, and he knew it. “Alice,” his voice almost broke as he hit the door with his fist using force.

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My stories that I am posting contain highly mature content. This can include descriptions and references to things such as highly explicit sexual content, violence and sexual violence. I recognize that some of my writing is likely to contain content which is considered by some to be triggering, however I feel that writing trigger warnings for each post will result in a large amount of spoilers for the rest of my readers, and I don’t want to decide myself which themes need a warning and which don’t.

Hey guys get excited for my new story which has just been launched a few weeks ago on Patreon. The first 2 chapters are available to read at https://www.patreon.com/tigerlillie60 with a 3rd coming tomorrow.

“Fuck Alice, take my big cock.” His voice set my core on fire as I tried to respond gagging on him. Trying to take him deeper, I pulled myself closer to him from my kneeling position on the floor. His hands fell to the back of my head as he groaned pushing me back. His cock sprung free of my mouth with a pop, as his hands reached down lifting me to my feet. Lips crashed into my own, I could feel his desperation as he sucked at my tongue pulling me tightly against his firm chest.

My towel dropped to the floor as Heath slid his hands against my ass before lifting me to his waist. I wove my legs around him as I reached between my legs pushing my panties to the side. His eyes lit like a fire as my back collided with a wall. Reaching down he firmly grasped his cock pressing it against my entrance. Back and forth he rocked on his heals as his head pushed in and out of my body constantly teasing me. I cried out as I sank my nails into his flexed biceps. “Heath”, I couldn’t help but whine out his name. A smile pulled at his lips as he continued to kiss at my neck biting down on my ear lobe.

Our phones both dinged at the same time. The doorbell camera indicating movement at the front door, mum was home. Both freezing for a second, a groan of annoyance and irritation left his lips. My heart rate increased, “put me down.” I hit his shoulders with flat palms. Heath reluctantly placed me on the floor. Bending down, he grabbed my towel. Wrapping me up firmly, he gave me a little shove towards my room.

I could hear him fastening his belt behind me as the front door handle started to rattle. A key was shoved into the lock, turning with a screech. Shutting my bedroom door, I held my back to it slowly sliding down to the floor with a sharp pain stabbing in my chest.

It was no more than five minutes before the arguing started. I could hear Heath getting increasingly agitated at my mother who was pestering him about not picking her up from work. Let’s be honest, that was the least of their worries, their first was me.

I loved my mother, I did. Heath and her had been dating for 2 years, but a few months ago she cheated on him. After that everything changed, he was upset and stressed every time mum was not home. I would spend as much time with him as possible to keep him distracted and happy. God my mother had seen some shocking men over the years, but Heath was amazing and if I could help them stay together, I was going to. If not for her sake, for mine. He always treated me well and with respect, unlike some of the others.

That was my first mistake, the more time I spent with him the more I liked him. An he was drop dead gorgeous, I don’t know why my mother would cheat on such a man. Before I could even stop myself, whenever mum was out, I would put on my tightest little pyjamas hoping he might notice me. An god did he notice! Before I knew it, we somehow had a relationship of our own. He had not slept with mum since and I knew it. He didn’t say, but she bitched about it to me constantly, only she thought it was because she cheated and he needed more time.

A knock rapped at my door, Heath’s voice sounding through it. “Alice, it’s time for dinner.”

I could not do it, I could not sit there every night watching my mother trying her best to seduce Heath in front of me. As tears pricked at my eyes, I tried to keep my voice level. “I’m not hungry, I ate a late lunch. I’m just going to have an early night.” It was a lie, and he knew it.

“Alice,” his voice almost broke as hit the door with his fist using some force. I heard my mother saying to leave me be, and that I probably wanted to give them some alone time. I pushed off the door walking to my bathroom. No matter what they did or didn’t do, I didn’t want to hear, I didn’t want to know.

When this started it was just a physical attraction, it was fun, a release. A way to get back at my mother for what she did to him, but now I was hurting. Sitting on the floor in the bathroom I buried my head between my knees trying my best not to think about Heath.

“mmm”, I moaned out as a pain shot through my back and neck. Opening my eyes, I realized I was in Heath’s arms as he carried me from the floor of the bathroom to my bed. I tried to stretch out on the bed as the pains made their way through my body from being on the cold hard floor for so long.

“God damn it Alice, have you been there since she got home. You have not even dressed yet, you’re going to catch a cold.” His voice was rough like he was scolding a child, yet laced with concern.

Every time he spoke to me like this, I thought he was going to say the words I feared the most. That we were over, we were a mistake, but he never did. “Where’s mum?”

“She snuck out a few minutes ago.” When he used to give me such answers he would cringe or look in pain, now he seemed indifferent. Walking to my cupboard he grabbed me out a set of pyjamas. Walking back over he gently pulled me out of my towel leaving me in only a pair of wet panties. I watched him as he hesitated shaking out the top letting his gaze rake across my bare body before pulling it over my head. Shaking out my shorts he was kneeling down next to the bed to help me put them on, when I put up a hand to stop him.

“I need to get a new pair of undies, these ones are ruined.” Pushing against the bed with my hands, I tried to stand only to be hovered over and pushed back into the bed. A hand found its way to my waist before tracing down my body to rub against my wet panties. Heath came closer still so his warm breath fanned my neck. He always made my mind go blank. Every time I wanted to end this to save myself the pain, I faltered succumbing to him.

Using his fingers my panties were swiftly pulled to the side as two fingers delved deep inside my core, which unconsciously clenched on him. “You’re right Alice, they are ruined, just like you’re going to be.” My breath caught in my throat as I slid my arms tightly around his neck. Removing my hands he lay me flat on the bed as he continued pumping his fingers. His second hand moved to my clit pinching at it firmly. Moaning out a low chuckle left his chest, “you like that don’t you Alice.” Before I could manage a response, he took my nipple in his mouth swirling his tongue around it roughly. My body resigned in frustration, my core clenching down hard on his fingers as I teetered on the edge of exploding.

“Wait.” My voice shook, I didn’t think I could do this anymore. Right now he was here with me and I felt amazing, but mum would come back. What if they started sleeping together again? what if he kissed her? What if they did both tonight? My heart raced thinking of the possibilities. This was going to hurt me more than the brief moment of happiness it would bring, where I felt secure and loved in his arms.

Sensing my hesitation and sudden lack of enjoyment, “I think you need more Alice, more than I am giving you.” I don’t know when, but at some point he must have pulled down his sweats. They were pulled down just to his thighs with his underwear, just low enough so his cock was freed. My eyes widened. I swear every time I saw it, it got bigger.

“No Heath, stop”, my words came out in a whisper. Either he ignored me, or didn’t hear as he gripped my legs pulling me to the edge of the bed. Not bothering to remove my panties he hooked a finger underneath pulling them to the side. Just like earlier, I saw his hand grab his cock to place at my entrance. This time he didn’t tease, didn’t wait. He penetrated me deeply groaning out loudly as he threw his head back in ecstasy.

I wanted to say no, but my body said yes. It craved his touch, took and savoured every little bit of attention he had to give. “Ahhh”, my hips continued to tremble under his hold as he thrusted into my heated pussy over and over giving me no chance to respond. Sweat dripped down his face as his eyes watched me intently. One hand drifted to my clit rubbing agonising circles pushing me closer to the edge. I had to get a grip, I couldn’t do this anymore. I needed to stop this, it had already gone too far. The only one who was going to get hurt was me.

Raising my hand to his chest, I pushed him firmly as I yelled, “I SAID STOP!”

Pain and panic flooded his eyes as he took a rapid step back with his arms outreached towards me. With a soft voice, “Alice.. please, it’s okay.”

But it wasn’t okay, I was in love with my mother’s boyfriend.

Hey guys get excited for my new story which has just been launched a few weeks ago on Patreon. The first 2 chapters are available to read at https://www.patreon.com/tigerlillie60 with a 3rd coming tomorrow

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