Lex Part One

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The captain lead us to the elevator. No one saying a word and the only thoughts I could hear coming from the woman who I now knew was named Naomi. She kept chastising herself for not controlling her thoughts and embarrassing herself. I pretended not to hear. I didn't want to make her feel any worse. The elevator opened to a parking garage. A big black truck was parked in front of us. They all piled in and waited. The only seat left being the front passenger. I climbed in and kept my head down. I wasn't sure how any of them felt about me, and I didn't want to step on any toes. Being an alpha was new to me. I didn't know what the rules were. The Captain turned in my direction. His voice deeper than his height would have led anyone to believe, "Alright, so I'm Captain Norman Ralls. These guys behind us are Jack Combs, Naomi Oakman and David Reife. We are your team from now on. If there's ever a security breach, information you need, a private job you want done. You come to us. We do it all. We follow your orders and only your orders unless it comes from the Queen. I have the location of where Cordelia is being held. Once we get there it's up to you to seek her out with the mate bond. No fancy hand signals or anything will be needed, just link us what your orders are." No sooner than he was done talking the truck was in gear and on its way. None of us saying a word as he drove up two levels and pressed a button on a remote opening the garage door. The drive passed like this. Utter silence. I watched out the window as the scenery changed from thick trees to open farms, and slowly into signs of the city. Almost two hours had passed before we were heading for an interstate on ramp. It was easily close to noon and my stomach began to protest that I hadn't ate anything. From the back seat, a hand tapped me on the shoulder, it was David, he had a protein bar and beef jerky in hand. I nodded gratefully and he tossed them towards the front seat. I was literally swallowing my last bite when the truck came to a halt. We were surrounded by cement blocks, broken boards and sheet metal. The alley full of trash and reeking of biological waste. Or rather, shit. It smelled like shit. The way my new team climbed out and checked their gear made me a bit nervous. I knew this wasn't a simple walk in and walk out situation but I was praying to any being that would listen that there's no actual gunfire. I could already feel my heart start to race.. My hair stood on end, I felt my scales emerge in a swift fluid motion from my face to my toes. My vision kicked into over drive. I could sense and smell even the smallest cricket in every direction. But most importantly I smelled Cordelia. I studied the building, and found her heat signature. I don't know how I know it's her, but it's her. I tapped the captain on the shoulder and pointed to the section of the building where only a wall ten feet in the air stood between us.
He linked me "following your lead". I took off twoards the door, what normally would have just been the door slamming open, was now a shatter as I didn't know the extent of my own strength. I ran to the first set of stairs I found and lunged upward, using both my arms and legs for momentum. I found the door I knew she was behind. My hand almost wrapped around the handle when the captain stopped me. He pointed up, above us hung a net. The heat from the electricity coarsing through it lighting it up like a Christmas tree. A hiss escaped my lips. I watched as he followed a string along the door way to a hole in the floor. It took only seconds for them to disable the trap. I smelled the door, just to be safe. Nothing strange. Together Combs and Reife kicked the door, one at the latch the other near the middle hinge. It crashed to the floor. Through the dust I could see her. My Del. Her body lay limp. Every inch of her covered in an array of dirt, grime, blood and bruises. Fresh superficial wounds on her legs and ass. Naomi tossed her shirt to me, I covered Del the best I could before scooping her up and turning on my heels. I had to get her as far away from here as I could. My anger was pushing me to a place I didn't know. I could feel the adrenaline with each pump of blood as it grew in intensity. My arms some how longer than before wraping around her as gunfire lit up the air just beyond the threshold. My eyes darted to the door then to a window. No second thoughts, I sent my shoulder through the glass and some freaking how landed on my feet with a slight jolt up my legs. My team right behind me. Naomi threw the back truck door open and shut it behind me, she joined the captain up front as Combs and Reife took point in the bed and returned gunfire. My fingers trailed over Del's face. My eyes welling with tears. Checking every inch I could without letting go of her. I clenched the hem of the shirt between my teeth and tossed my head so it would land else where.
My heart sank. The bruises on her chest were practically perfect hand prints and there was a new swell to her body that hadn't been there before. Oh my Del. What did they do to you. My teeth clenched so hard I felt my molars crack. I placed my hand over the new part of my mate. I didn't notice any signs of life so to speak but I wasnt sure what I was looking for either. I also hadn't considered that there may have been any sexual assault. There was so much to process but right now I just wanted her to safe.
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