Lex Part One

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The drive back seemed to only take a matter of seconds. There were nurses and a stretcher waiting for us. I placed Del gently on it and let them rush her away for treatment. I tried to follow them but the pack doctor asked me for some elbow room. I paced up and down the hall waiting. My team seated not five feet away. All of them with their heads low, watching the floor like it was going to do tricks. The elevator dinged and another team rushed past me, through the doors to where Del and the Doctor were. Yvonne appeared at my side. Her expression stark. Her eyes wore a ring of purple like death warmed over. I could feel it. Something out of place. Adrenaline coursing through bodies and the sound of panicked thoughts flooded the air like a tsunami.
There were so many I couldn't focus on just one or fully pin point an individual. My head was beginning to spin. But I couldn't lose control now. I had to keep myself in check. I looked back into Yvonne's face, she gave a wry smile but the fact her mind was closed off to me only added to the looming cloud of dread hanging over me. The doors swung open as the doctor headed for us. His head bowed low as he neared our Queen. "I have good and bad news. Cordelia's injuries are mostly superficial, nothing that would leave any lasting marks, except for the emotional and psychological remains. We defused the bomb they put in her and she will recover just fine but she doesn't seem to know who she is.", He rushed through his information as if he would loose his courage should he pause for a breath. I'm sure the look on my face was enough to see I was in complete disbelief of everything he just said. Bomb? Amnesia? Do fucking what now!?!
I continued to listen absorbing what I could. The swell in her stomach was in fact a fetus as a result of a sexual assault. The bomb, how ever had been placed like a micro chip at the base of her neck, just under her skin. There were signs of healing from multiple broken bones. But the amnesia was something else to contend with. The skull of a wolf was thicker than that of the average human. The force it would take to cause enough trauma to the brain in order for amnesia to occur would be like getting hit by four trains going 500 mph at the same time. I couldn't listen any more. I pushed my way into the room where her body lay limp. Machines beeping and pumping around her. She looked so small, so fragile. I had to stop myself from scooping her up and running away to safety. This is the safest place for her. This is the only place that is equipped to help her. I have to learn to trust their ways and their knowledge. No matter how hard that may end up being. This is the only place that either of us can find any answers. So I fight my instinct to hide her away and refuse to let anyone near her, Del needs all the help that can be offered.
I place myself in the seat beside her bed. Watching the steady rise and fall of her chest. The sound of her heart beating steadily. The heat coming off her body appears to be normal. My curiosty though, got the better of me. I reach over and gently spread my hand over her lower abdomin. There I feel the faint little beat of a heart. The slight increase of heat. A tiny life now grows inside her and I find myself wondering if she will regain her memories in time to know what it is she wants in regaurds to this little one. This isnt my choice. Its Dels. And Im not sure how long a wolves pregnancy is, or if she will be healthy enough to even continue...
Ok, I have to stop! I can't let my mind go down any rabbit holes right now. I need to stay focused on what I do know. Del needs to recover, she needs love, support, understanding and patience. I can do that. I can be what ever she needs me to be, I'm not going any where and it's not like I don't have the time. But, of course my mind is my worst enemy and a thought pops into my head. What if she never remembers anything. What would that do to our mate bond, will it just fade? I don't even know how that works. I suppose a crash course in wolf 101 wouldn't be a bad idea atleast then I could have some sort of half ass knowledge of things. I reach out through mind link to my team and ask if they could help, that I don't want to leave Dels side but would like to learn more about my new life and what mate bonds really mean. As I broke off the link, the door behind me slowly creaked open. A tiny sniffle echoed in the room and I turned to see little Alex with tears slowly creeping down his cheeks. My heart broke, he probably didn't understand what was going on and that made two of us. I motioned for him come closer and thats when tiny arms flung themselves around me and rest of the small person landed in my lap. Instinctively I craddled him to me and just sat there, rocking a little as I watched over the top of his head to make sure any movement from Dels bed wouldn't go unnoticed. Time passed us by, Alex fell asleep with his head on my shoulder and Del stayed still as a board, her machines beeping in sync with each other. The breath I hadn't realized I was holding escaped my lungs. My team had brought me a laptop and some books a while ago and as much as I wanted to delve into them I couldn't bring myself to disturb the peace of the room. Relaxing into the chair I began counting the bricks in the wall across from us and before I knew it my eyes closed too.
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