Lex Part One

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The commotion of the doctors coming in to check on Del woke Alex up, so after several reasurances that we would be right back, and were only going to get us all something to eat so that we weren't in the way while the doctors did their jobs, Alex and I headed for the cafe. He had a bounce in his step as he took my hand and lead the way. Once we had placed our orders and everything was packaged up we headed back towards the hospital level. I knew I needed to talk to the little guy, see if he really wanted to live with us, be part of our family. But I wanted to talk to Del first, see what all she remembers and let her know that I had made this decision and hope that she could accept it. My inner monlogue interrupted me, "Pace yourself Lex, slow down before you end up tripping over your own thoughts." I had to keep my head on straight. If I let my thoughts take control I would probably end up scaring Del and now was not the time to be doing dumb shit like that.
When we entered the room Del was waiting to fill everyone in on the events of her kidnapping. Apparently she had regained her memory, thank god. The doctor explained that it may have just been a temporary thing, like what happens to some people when they're full of medications.. I pulled myself from my thoughts so that I could pay better attention to her. The only noise in the room was the sound of us putting the food down. We all stood silently, as Del cleared her throat, "Two weeks ago I got an email from an unknown person, the email address wouldn't let me reply. But it said that I needed to be more careful cause there are many out there that would love to get their hands on me. Which, I reported to my team to have it invesitgated. They were in the middle of their task when I got the call from my Mom's secretary saying that my team was trying to contact me while I was at Lex's apartment, I assumed it was about the email. So I let Lex know I was leaving.", this last part she looked right at me with an expression of "They don't need to know that part" which I'm sure was that they didn't need to know the intimate things from that morning before she kept going, "When I got down stairs my car wasn't anywhere to be found so I started to call the secretary back when I was struck from behind, before I had a chance to recover four males tackled me into a van. I was injected with something, what ever it was took hold of me too quickly to really even look at their faces. I've never had anything effect me so quickly or strongly. It wasn't like anything I had ever experienced, I was awake but I couldn't move or speak. Everything around me was distorted even the sounds of their voices were strange. When we got to the first warehouse they just tied me up inside a reinforced cage built to fit the walls and roof of the small block room, the bars were fucking rigged with electrical wires. It had to be sometime later that day that they started coming in. Groups of three or four. At first they just beat the hell out of me. Waiting long enough for me to heal between rounds. By day two was when the sexual assaults started. It stayed that way the whole time. Every time I passed out from dehydration they would inject me again and it would wake me back up. Im guessing they must have implanted the nu-chip during one of the times I passed out because I have no memory of it. The last injection was so strong I couldn't stop shaking, it was like I was freezing but on fire at the same time. That's when they moved me to the second warehouse. I could smell the musky wet scent of moring in the air so I figured it had to be pretty early but that was the only thought I was able to focus on. At the second warehouse they drug me from the van and took me up to that room. I laid there for awhile before I couldn't fight it anymore and ended up passing out again. I only some what remember waking up when Lex was lifting me up in her arms."
Del's words were so vacant and robotic as she recounted her experience. I would have expected more emotion behind her words but it was like she was reading from a prompter screen. As she finished her story I began to feel the pain, the fear, and the anger eminate from her and that's when I realized she was just putting on a brave face. The doctor continued to look her over, checking her reflexs and asking questions to test her memory. When he was done he excused himself, and the security teams followed in suit, leaving just the four us. I started handing out everyones food, getting tables and drinks set up. Alex dove into his food like a barbarian, it was amusing to see and I kinda found it endearing. Del wasn't shy with her plate either, which made me really happy. Just watching her eat was satisfying. Knowing she needed it and was strong enough to have an appetite. Yvonne on the other hand ate the way you'd expect a queen to. Slowly and delicately. It was a little annoying to be honest, by the time the three of us finished our food she was still on half a plate. I had nervous energy so I kept myself busy with cleaning up our stuff. It was something to do other than stand there feeling like an idiot because I didn't know what to say. I felt that stir in my mind again but this one was more familiar and welcomed, I didn't need to open up to it, my mind was already open of its own volition. "We're gonna talk, so relax." It was Del, her mind link stronger than any of the others I had experienced so far. And her words very comforting in my mind.

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