Lex Part One

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Yvonne set her plate aside and beckoned Alex over to her. The little boy did as he was told but stayed just out of her reach. His little chin held high and shoulders squared. He looked like a little statue. Lex thought back to her earlier conversation with Yvonne. Almost two years of avoiding contact with anyone. They he'd acted towards her, she never would have known. She could see him sneaking glances over at her, almost as if to make sure she was still there and hadn't left him. Another internal struggle began within Lex. Her need to protect and what she felt was hers was becoming a frequent flyer in her mind. But she knew Yvonne had no intentions of hurting the boy he was just defying the loss of his parents. But it still brought out instincts in Lex that she never could have imagined. She continued to watch him as stood quietly waiting for his next instructions. He looked so brave. It would have made anyone proud.
Yvonne leaned in towards him a little and folded her hand together in front of her. Keeping eye contact with the boy, and only him. "Alex, do you like working for me?", She asked. His little shoulders tensed and concern washed over his features. "Y-yes ma'am! I really do! Am I in trouble?" He stuttered out.
Her eyes softened around the corners alittle, her age showing just the tiniest bit. "No sweet boy, you're not in trouble. But I may have a new position for you in the pack. Do you want to know what it is?", Her question brought more tension to him, and this time he didn't hide his glance over at me, as a tear escaped down his cheek. Without bothering to disguise his little display of emotion he squared his shoulders back and righted himself before answering. "I am ready for any task my Queen needs of me.", His answer broke my heart. His mind was swarming of with thoughts of being sent away, to a new pack. Making promises to be a good boy, and listen better. Not to fight being with families he hated because they weren't his family. Of being sent away from me. His thoughts became even more erratic. How he finally found someone he felt he could rely on, he could trust. The mama he'd been waiting for.
Tears stung my eyes. I could feel his pain as if it were my own. The ache for someone to love him. To never leave him. To keep him safe and always be there. To be proud of him. All he wanted was his Mama back. I started to step towards him but stopped myself. I wasn't sure where Yvonne was taking this line of questioning but I had a good feeling she wasn't going to send him away. She gave him a second to compose himself, before she went on. "Would you like for Cordelia and Alexis to adopt you, to become part of our family?", Her words caught in her throat a little. Her own emotions trying to break through. Alex looked over to Del for a long moment as if studying her, he wasn't sure yet about Del but he didn't think he had any reason to distrust or fear her if she was my mate. Then his whole body turned, lunging the two foot gap between us and flinging his arms around me. His arms wrapped so tight it was as if he would mold himself to me and become a part of me. He already was. I can't explain it, but this boy was my own. I didn't birth him, I wasn't there for any of his first accomplishments but I'd be sure to be there for all the rest. Through his sobs he looked over his shoulder to Yvonne and pleaded, "Please?" I pried his arms from around me and lifted him up into my arms so I could hug him as closely as possible. My own tears pouring out. I touched my forehead to his, reaching out through mind link. He let down his little wall. All I could manage to say to him was, "My boy." But I believe in those two simple words he understood everything I was trying to say but couldn't find words for. Del and Yvonne came over and joined our hug fest. Both women crying. When Del placed her hand on his back and began rubbing little circles Alex tensed for a moment but allowed her to continue.
Yvonne broke free of our huddle first. Straightening her shirt over her belly. "I've already taken the liberty of having Naomi and Rachel from Del's team begin moving all of your things to the brick two story next to mine, I know it's modest but it's a start. You can always plan to build your own or make additions to it." Yvonne's words were matter-of-fact and had that mom tone that meant not to argue or protest. Del's mouth was hanging open. "Mother, that house is not modest. It's huge. There's only three.. well four of us. What are we supposed to do with eight bedrooms?", She asked. Her tone a bit sarcastic. Yvonne's eyes narrowed. I was pretty sure what she meant for us to use such a large home for. I took a step back as I couldn't hide my giggle. Alex looked up at me confused which only made me laugh louder. Del shot me a shut-up look, which is where I lost my control. My laughter echoing through room and out into the hall. Three nurses appeared at the door almost instantly, unsure of what was going on. Yvonne turned on her heal. Grabbed her laptop case and cloud printed tumbler of sweet tea. She kissed Alex's head and then headed for the door. Stopping just at the threshold she turned. Staring straight into Del's face as if to challenge her to argue. But a smile crept to the corner of her mouth.
"Daughter," she said deliberately emphasizing the word, "I expect you to build a home and fill it with a family full of love and dreams. I expect you to be happy. And I hope that over time we can rebuild our relationship." With that she turned and left. Del's mouth was hanging open again. I could hear her thoughts. She couldn't believe it. In that moment she realized that her mother truly had accepted her. Accepted me. Was showing love and support of her being with a woman and building a family.

*Auther note*
I won't lie, this chapter or 'part' had me crying the entire time I was writing it.
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