Lex Part One

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By late evening Rachel and Naomi appeared at the door to the hospital room. They said everything was moved and ready for us, they also took the liberty of pitching in to decorate Alex's room after discovering he likes ninja turtles. His smile lit up his face as it spread from ear to ear. Del quickly changed into her clothes that they brought and threw the exam gown in the laundry holder like it was trying to attack her. She'd been complaining most of the day about how exposed she felt, that she just wanted a pair of jeans. The rest of the time we talked with Alex about his schooling and interests. Once we got him going he didn't stop. Not even sure he breathed. It had only been a few hours but he shared every thought that came to mind. It was as if he'd stored them for two years waiting for his chance to share them. His dream was to grow up and be the Captain of the Queens security team. And I get the impression that's as important as you can get in their version of military. I'm still not sure what call all of 'that'. He had a pretty big dream. Del told him about all the hard work it would take and I swear to you that boys face lit up more and more she described the years of training and education it would require. He told us all about sneaking in to watch the teams train and would follow their work outs and routines so that he could be ready when he was old enough to apply. I couldn't believe how determined he was. Six years old with his mind set on battle and protection. He was truly an admirable little boy. I found myself excited to see what kind of man he would grow up to be while desprately wishing for him to stay a little boy forever. Dude, this whole mom thing has me up and down worse than my anxiety. Not sure I'm ever going to get used to this.
We grabbed up our things and we followed them out of the room. Naomi mind linked me saying that when they had gone to get Alex's belongings from the room he was staying in that all they found were clothes and a book about a bat named Stella, they felt he deserved more so that was why they had done everything they could to furnish his room with everything they thought a boy would enjoy and then added that the Queen had instructed them to set up my new banking information as well and the Captain would deliver what I needed when it was done. We all loaded into the elevator at the end of the hall. I was really getting tired of elevators. Del just turned to smile at me as she linked her hand in mine. Warmth flooded me. I felt calmer and more at ease. When the elevator dinged we got out on the ground floor. Alex held on to my other hand while he skipped along beside me. I tried to picture what the three of us must look like from someone elses point of view. Naomi turned around, now walking backwards and projected her thoughts to me, it was like watching a little movie. We look happy, like we fit together. Maybe it was just wishful thinking but Alex even looked a little like both of us... it was enough of a resemblance that I didn't think anyone would ever question he wasn't ours. But he is, either way. This is the first big event in my life that I had no anxiety or fear of. The more it sank in that it was real the more it felt like he had always been there. I was so lost in thought I hadn't watched where we were going and ran into Naomi when she stopped at the bottom step of a huge front porch. The steps and floor were all red brick. The rails and pillars a bright white. The front door was a dark wood with a large oval shaped glass pane and what looked like moon phases etched around it as some kind of boarder or trim. The door was a frigging work of art and made me question if I could be comfortable in a house this large if that much work went into the door. Imagine the work into the rest of the house. Ok no I don't want to do that. I won't let my mind throw me over board like a mutinous shipmate. I took a deep breath and squeezed Dels hand as she ascended the steps and pulled me with her, which pulled Alex along too. The door opened to reveal a large entry way with a table holding the biggest spider plant I had ever seen. It was enormous and very green. I looked up to find covered track lights that lit up the expanse of the ceiling and room. Above them was a sky light which is where the spider plant probably gets the sun it needs. On the other side of the room was a grand staircase. The banister or railing thing, what ever it's called, was wrought iron covered in sprawling wisteria, the purple blooms added a pop of color to the room. On either side of the staircase was a set of french doors that were opened to what appeared to be two living rooms. One more modest and formal with a dark purple, white and beige theme. The two small matching couches in a plaid print were placed facing each other with a dark wood coffee table between them. The center piece, two wolves standing next to each other bujt facing opposite directions, their heads turned up howling. It looked like it was made from solid crystal. The other living room had a large three sided sectional couch. The center held a double recliner with an armrest between them and cup holders. The fabric was a dark brown leather with throw pillows and afghans placed all over. On the floor was an area rug that matched the dark color of the couch and the biggest freaking bean bag ever! The wall the couch was facing had a tv that almost took up the whole wall. Speakers lined the ceiling and the wall to wall floor cabinets had every gaming console, some I didn't recognize. And this was just the first part of the house.
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