Lex Part One

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The rest of the house was just as magnificent and overwhelming. There was a full kitchen, all brick and stainless steel. It has twelve stove top burners and two ovens. Its own separate pizza oven. Like for serious I can make my own pizza that's freaking cool, I don't care who you are. Then there's the walk in fridge and walk in freezer. Fully stocked, as if I should have expected anything less. The dinning room had a grand table in it that could easily seat sixteen people, floor to ceiling windows that faced on to some kind of garden. I didn't pay much attention my head was starting to swim with all the details. We walked through the house for almost thirty minutes. There was a library, a study, a small indoor heated pool, plus two other private stair ways to the second floor. Pictures lined the walls, there was a play room for Alex, and when we went through the sliding glass doors to the patio there was an enormous playset there waiting for him. It had the whole kit and caboodle. Swings, three slides, a fort at the top, monkey bars, a sea saw, there was a sand pit set up with small tractors. There was even a small garage just on the other side of it with child size dirt bikes, four wheelers and training gear. Honestly, I was beginning to reconsider the whole growing up to be in the Queens guard. I don't like the idea of him using a compound bow or rifle. Before I could fully take stock of everything Rachel turned and led us back into the house. Up the stairs at the very end of the hall, which by the way was as long as the house itself with doors up and down it, they stopped at the last door on the left and Naomi smiled. "Go ahead little man, check it out.", She pointed at the door and tried to speak softly like she was trying to talk down someone off a ledge. Alex reached for the door handle but stopped. His little hand fell back to his side and he began crying. I couldn't help myself, I scooped him up and just held him. When I looked up to the other three women, they were just starring at me with shocked expressions. What? Like he's gonna bite me or something? Turn me into a were-wolf? Oops I forgot too late on that one. I rolled my eyes. "Alright I guess the last thing is the master bedroom?", I asked faking a yawn. I was really ready for Rachel and Naomi to excuse themselves. I could feel my aggravation rising which was unlike me. Im usually a more submissive and non-confrontational person. Yet another thing to add to my list.
"No actually we have one more thing before we 'excuse ourselves' for the rest of the night.", Rachel shot me a dirty look as she walked across to the other side of the hall, making her emphasis on my words that I had forgotten she could hear. Then in a blur, no idea what I was doing. I had her pinned against the wall with one hand, my fingers enlongating and wrapping themselves around her throat. Alex still on my other hip. His eyes were wide and I felt his sudden intake of air as he gasped. I released Rachel almost as quickly as I'd grabbed her. She fell to floor gasping for air. I stood over her, refusing to give up any ground to her as her face slowly returned to its more natural color. Del was trying to examin me as if I was the one who had just been attacked while Naomi stood just behind me at my shoulder and snickered a little. Thinking it was time someone had put Rachel in her place and how much of a snotty bitch she'd always been. When Rachel could stand again and Del was convinced Alex was unscathed as well, she turned on her heel between us and pointed down the hall. "Rachel, you're dismissed. I don't care where you go, but you are not welcome in our presence from this day forward.", Del practically spat each word out into the womans face. Rachel's expression morphed into one of horror. Del was firing her because of me. Because of my reaction to her attitude. I wanted to say it wasn't her fault. That it was me overreacting and not knowing how to control my emotions yet, but something about Rachel just rubbed me the wrong way. Though I'm not going to lie. My ego exploded as I watched her walk away. The thought 'yeah bitch, learn your place' came to mind and it felt good. For the first time in my life I felt like I could more than hold my own and whoop some ass. I won't apologize. Nope. This is mine now.
Del turned to Naomi and started apologizing for what just happened. But Naomi just kept on smiling like an idiot at a circus. After some failed attempts to control her face, she cleared her throat," It's fine. Rachel had it coming for awhile and to be honest. Which I hope I'm not over stepping here, but I think it was good that Lex displayed her dominance. You know as well as any of us that Rachel has been stirring up trouble for awhile and has also been resentful that you found a mate before she did even though she's eight years older than you. Her time is running out." She'd said everything so quickly she had to let out a puff of air at the end so her lungs could catch up. I turned to Del and nodded. But I couldn't bring myself to speak, I was still too angry. I gave Naomi a quick nod and patted her shoulder as I walked down the hall towards the last set of doors smack in the middle. Obviously this had to be the master bedroom. I waited for Del as she apolozed again to Naomi and gave her instructions to bring by any paperwork or what ever herself, but just her. Del wanted us to have a few days to settle in and get to know each other more as family before having to deal with anyone outside. Naomi said she'd she be back around lunch tomorrow, said good night to Alex and headed off down the hallway. Now it was just us and I could finally breathe again.
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