Lex Part One

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"What?", I asked trying to feign innocence. Alex's scowl grew deeper. Crossing his arms in front of him he pouted, "Do I have to go to bed?" Well yeah kid, it's late. Kids need sleep to grow and be healthy right? Atleast that's what I had always heard from commercials and shit. Plus as much as I enjoyed having him around I really wanted to spend a little time alone with Del. We havent had a single moment alone together since she woke up. There's alot we haven't been able to say because someone has been with us. And I don't mean Alex specifically, just that it's been a long day. People exhaust me. I usually need a nap after being around people even for an hour because I end up feeling drained. Like they sucked to the life from me. Kinda like a used up tube of tooth paste. Most of my energy being wasted. "Yes you do. It's late and we all need some rest. But I'll make you a deal. We will leave yours and our door open that way all you have to do is yell and we will hear you and you'll hear us.", I said. Maybe I won't so bad at this mom stuff after all? I think that was a pretty good answer seeing as I was making it up as I went. His little shoulders relaxed and he hopped to his feet. Del was still wiping tears from her eyes and trying to catch her breath from her laughing fit. I swear If I didn't love this woman that would have felt like she was at me not at the situation, but Alex's reaction was pretty priceless. This poor kid. He really had no idea what he was getting himself into. I laughed a little to myself. I guess only time will tell if he made the right decision.
We swung his bedroom door open, gently, to reveal the most kick ass kids room I had ever seen. I don't know how they did it but in the few short hours they had available this room had been turned into the utlimate room. It had one of those fort bunk beds. You know the kind where the top is the bed and a fort. It had a ladder and a slide, the frame even looked like sewar pipes. Underneath was a tiny ball pit. Yeah you heard me, a ball pit. The base board of the bottom bunk was almost a foot taller than me. Alex would have no problem swinging from the rope into the ball pit. On the furthest side of the room was a rock wall. There was a whole rack of nunchacks, bo staffs. saitachis and katanas. Along with a decent sized tv mounted on the wall and a desk that matched the bunk bed. The part I thought was the coolest was they had painted the room to look like the ninja turtle sewar. There was a small ladder in the corner by the rock wall that led to what looked like a drain cap. He ran over and climbed up it. Turned out the cap was a painted door. He pushed it open and popped his head through. "Wow! There's nothing but legos up here. the whole room is legos!", he yelled down to us. His excitement was contagious. Del and I both set off to explore the room and all its little hidden things. After a few minutes though I reminded them we should all get to bed. Of course this was met with protest. I was sarting to notice a pattern here. But we got Alex changed into his pj's and settled in for the night. When we flicked off the light we found that the room and been accented in glow in the dark paint and it definitly brought the room alive. I was kinda jealous, his room was awesome. I was glad though, keeping the expense out of my thoughts, that he was excited about his new room too. After we said good night and cracked the door I linked my hand in Del's and headed for our room, again leaving the door cracked like I said I would. I plopped down on the bed pulling her with me. She landed half on top of me but I didn't mind I was just happy to have her close. And finally alone. All I wanted to do was just lay there and hold her. It felt like I hadn't held her in years. I know the events of the last two weeks would be enough to make even the average so called normal person to crack. But Del had always been strong in the time I've known her. And I would say her enhanced healing is most certainly the reason she's up walking around. The reason she wasn't still hooked up to machines and all that other crap was because she was a were wolf. So I guess this isn't all bad. Being a shifter has it's upsides, even if I don't know what they all are yet. My muscles are sore. My brain is over worked and exhausted. I know Del is up and active but she has to be tired too. No way she couldn't use some quality sleep. Talking could wait until tomorrow when we've had time to adjust to our new home. Time to get comfortable with each other. Hopefully the next few days would be fairly event free. Naomi had already been instructed to be the only one to come to the house and I doubted that after Rachel's dismissal I would have to see her face again, not any time soon any ways.
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