Lex Part One

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I woke up to Alex jumping up to sit on our bed. The sun was bright and happy coming through the window. My first thought, "Fuck you sun.", No one should be this happy in the morning not even the sun. Couldn't it rain or be cloudy. Like for real. But I smiled at Alex and slowly tried to sit up. I wanted to try to avoid waking Del but was unsucessful. She blinked up at me and tried to pull me back down. Sighing she reached her hand into my shirt,"Want to fool around?" I cleared my throat,"Um no, we have company." She sat straight up. Her face turning tomato red, pure mortification writen on every inch. Now it was my turn to laugh. Her face was golden. I got hit with a pillow the she wiped her face with her hands. "Sorry about that kiddo.", you could hear the regret in her voice as she croaked the words out. She was still exhausted, as was I. We all slid off the bed and slowly headed down the hall to the stairs. I let Alex lead the way since he seemed to know where he was going and I hadn't really been paying enough attention to know where I was going. Sure enough he led me straight to the kitchen and began rummaging through the cabinets. I parked myself on one of the breakfast nook stools and let my head drop to the counter. It was nice and cool. I must be more tired than I had initially thought becuase my eyes hurt and were hard to keep open. Only reason I knew that is because a few minutes later Alex was tapping my elbow and holding up an empty coffee cup. I ruffled his hair and made my way over to the coffee maker. It was one of those that you put the small cups in and brew a single cup. Hey atleast it wouldn't take long. Just standing there waiting the minute it took for the cup to brew I almost fell asleep again. I may not make it through the day with out a serious nap. I made my way over to the fridge and searched for any liquid creamer. Four different kinds. Of freaking course. It's too early for this. I'm not going to let myself go there yet. Nope. Not gonna hate on the money. 'They're just trying to help. They're just trying to make sure we're comfortable' I mumbled. "What's that babe?", Del was standing by the coffee pot now, drinking my coffee. Evil woman. Stealing coffee should be an arrestable offense. I set the creamer down on the counter and went in search of another cup. She watched me over the rim of the mug as she continued to sip the coffee and make exaggerated sounds of enjoyment. Evil, evil woman. Alex was settled at the nook eating his cereal and I was now lost in my own kitchen, robbed of my coffee and ready to just curl up on the floor to go back to sleep. But no, I finally found a the mugs. I went back to the pot and with just as much exaggeration as Del had put into enjoying her stolen cup, I put into making the new cup. Making sure to drag the creamer and sugar closer so that I didn't have to leave the cup unattended. I don't know who she thinks she is stealing my damn coffee. How dare she. That's almost grounds for sleeping on the couch dammit. You just don't steal someone's coffee. Mornings suck so bad. Who ever came up with the idea that people should wake up in the early hours of the day should be dug up and smacked. No. Not really but still. mornings suck. Period. Now I have my cup of coffee. Safe from theives. And I'm ready for my cartoons. That's right I watch cartoons. Don't judge. If I'm going to be forced to be awake at awful hours I'm going to veg out on the couch and watch animated characters. I waited for Alex to finish his cereal. He was a pretty self sufficent kid. He put his bowl in the dish washer, that I didn't even know was there. Wiped down the counter where he had dropped a little milk while he was eating. Once he was done he turned to look at us, like ok old people what next? I nodded at him,"Let's find the tv. I need cartoons." He skipped off towards the door on the other side of the kitchen and I dragged along behind him. Before I left the kitchen though I had to turn and stick my tongue out at Del. Coffee theif didn't get this cup. Ha ha! She knows damn well I am not a morning person. I don't normally have to share very many mornings with people and in the past when she would stay over she would give me my space most mornings. Now there are those rare mornings where I barely slept that night, up before the sun even thinks about shinning and have started cleaning or some shit. Those mornings Del has threatened to tie me up and shove me in a closet. My therapist had warned me those are signs of a manic state and I should be mindful of them. Yesterday morning though I was able to put it good use. After all I was up, functional and ready to go when it was time to go get Del. Alex hooked us up with our toons and after I plopped down on the couch I started looking around the room and noticed how synthetic the room was. There wasn't anything natural or earthen unless you count the polished wood accents and the various plants. I hope Yvonne was serious about making what ever changes we wanted cause I had some ideas in mind. My evil inner monologue laughed. Which was cut short by the look on Del's face. She shook her head at me. Geez what a buzz kill.
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