Lex Part One

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A familiar push in my mind halted my plans. It was Naomi and she was pushing frantically. I opened to the link and was flooded with excitement and anxiety. "The Queens in labor! Hurry the fuck up!", And then she cut off the link. Oh. Ok. "Yo, uh your mom's in labor.", I announced as I stood up waiting for emergency mode to kick in. Del just yawned and shrugged her shoulder's. "We got time. Trust me you don't want to be there for that, it's bloody and lots a screaming. But she won't give birth until I'm there any way. ", I couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth. "Get your ass up and let's go then. I need to be there for this. Your mom saved my life which gave me the ability to save your scrawny ass. She's been nothing but good to me since bringing me here. She's about to give birth to your little brother or sister, it's a big deal. Besides I need to know how this works for when it's your time!", I didn't mean to yell at her but my voice was considerably raised. That's when I heard the door bang against the wall. I ran over to see Alex bolting down the walk way in his little bare feet. I looked over my shoulder to Del who was getting up, just slow as fuck and with no signs of moving her ass any faster. My patience was thin, so I did the next logical thing. Walked over, wrapped my arm around her waist and laid her over my shoulder. She kicked and smacked but I barely noticed. I didn't even stop to shut the door. I set off down the walk following Alex's trail through the dewy grass. About half way to the main building Del stopped struggling, "How are you stronger than me?" She huffed out. But that was a good question. My guess it's the hybrid thing. My mind went to last night and my outbursts. I don't know my own strength yet, I could have hurt Del. Hurting Del or Alex is not an option. Starting my list of priorities 1. Combat training with the Captain. And that's when the kicking started again. Between each kick she yelled at me, "How could you choose to train with someone else. I'm your mate. I should be the one that-", I set her down abruptly. Cutting off her little rant. Grabbing her face I pulled her to me and kissed her. Hard. With as much passion as I could. Everything I had went into that kiss. When I pulled away we were both panting a little. I tucked some stray hairs behind her ear and gently pecked her lips in again. She took in a sharp breath in anticipation, only to be disappointed. "I love you and don't want to hurt you is why. You're pregnant and I would never forgive myself. Now stop being a pain in my ass and let's go make sure Yvonne is ok.", my tone was pleading. I keep forgetting I can't block Del from my thoughts. The mate bond gives her open access. I hadn't expected her to feel so pained and rejected by my choice of who to train with. But her feelings about the matter brought me to the conclusion that this was a big deal. A very big deal, atleast to her. Not sure how yet, but I'm sure we can find a way to compromise. Once we made it inside the building, I headed for that damned elevator and pushed the button for the hospital floor. What felt like an eternity later it dinged and let us escape. As we turned the corner a nurse spotted us and waved us over as she headed down the hall. We followed after her almost running to catch up. Alex was there arguing with the Captain of the Queens guard. He wanted in but the man wasn't allowing it. When he looked up to awknowledge us, his expression changed in an instant. He threw his hands up and stepped aside. Alex bolted in, straight to Yvonne. He grabbed a rag from a bowl of water, rang it out using it to wipe Yvonne's forehead. I stayed at the door staring down the guard. It wasn't until Del elbowed me and I heard her voice in my head telling me to knock it off before I realized I was growling at him. I whispered a pitiful 'sorry' before making my way into the room. Yvonne smiled. She was drenched in sweat. Her hair stuck to her all around her face. I walked around to the other side of the bed, making sure to give the nurses and Alex plenty of elbow room but still be close enough to show my support. Yvonne let out a high pitched scream. "Would someone please get their shit together and get ready to catch this baby!" , she yelled, angry and exhausted. Del grabbed the stool, and sat at the end of the bed. Pulled her hair into a knot and proceeded to check her mother. Taking over, "Alright, almost there. Deep breath in. 1. 2. 3. breathe out. 1. 2. 3. breathe in. 1. 2. 3. now push." Yvonne did exactly as she was told. Where the hell did this come from, I had so not been expecting this. Del continued to direct her mother. Keeping a rhythm of breathing and pushing. Yvonne had reached up and grabbed hold of my hand and that's when I decided I should have stayed home. She screamed, I screamed and then a small baby went to screaming. Del stood up and placed the small, sticky, screaming little person on her mother's chest. As gross as the scene before me was, I could see why so many people had claimed it was a beautiful and magical thing to bring life into this world. Just maybe not with me in the room. Yvonne was crying, and laughing and kissing this little pink pudge ball. The screaming had kinda stopped but there was definitely some vocal testing going on. I leaned in to see the baby better when Yvonne's face twisted up in pain as she turned to me, " Take the baby! ", I did as I was told. I snatched the baby up as quickly and gently as I could and held it to me. Yvonne was now gripping the bed rails and grunting out at Del. Del's eyes grew wide, " There's another one." She said with a huge smile on her face.
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