Lex Part One

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Two Beautiful baby girls. Their little faces were soft and squishy, they smelled like spring and baby powder. Yvonne recovered quicky, surprise surprise. It was just the six of us now. Del had kicked the nurses out once the babies were born and slammed to door in the guards face. I decided I would deal with his treatment of Alex later, for now I just wanted to be with my ever growing family. I now have a wife, a baby on the way, a son, a mother in-law and two adorable little sisters in-law. But of course I still had no idea how all this worked with wolves. My list of questions just keeps growing. Especially with Del expecting. We still hadn't discussed anything. I was totally in the dark. Plus what the fuck. I didn't know Del knew how to deliver babies! Was that what she meant by her mom wouldn't give birth until she got here. I thought she was just being an ass. There's that rabbit hole again. I wonder if theres a were wolf version of google.
Yvonne - "No Lex we use the same google, you just have to know what you're looking for."
Me - "Oh right, you can hear my thoughts. So could you maybe help me understand a few things?"
Yvonne - "I'll answer any questions you have. I told you from day one I'll do my best to help you with all of it. There's still so much we don't have answers to. But as for this particular subject I should be able to answer it all. Or Cordelia can."
Me - "Ok so, how long is a wolf pregnant for?"
Yvonne - "Well we do not have a gestation period like the average human does. Ours is much shorter. Approximately between three to four months is a healthy pregancy for us. We also differ from humans in the fact that we cannot use sonogram machines to know the gender ahead of time. The fetus grows so quickly and the place ta a tad as a protective barrier so it just doesn't work for us. Not that we haven't tried."
Me - "So we don't have a lot of time prepare for Del, I mean Cordelias delivery. How often are there issues? Should She be on bed rest or something?"
Del snorted at me 'Thats not going to happen' her voice dripping with sarcasm as she invaded my mind. 'Stop that' I snapped back. This whole lack of privacy was getting old.
Yvonne - "No the majority of our women have very successful pregancies. Only on very rare occasion do we have the unfortunate experience of losing a mother, the baby or both. So don't worry about that. Cordelia has always been strong and healthy and I'm sure when it's her time to deliver that she will be perfectly fine. It's when you two have your first child together that things may be a bit different. Oh and you should have already known but Cordelia is actually one of our leading doctors, I'm suprised she hadn't shared this with you. She's our only obstetrician as a matter of fact. So we may need to bring in one from another pack."
Del - "Like hell I'm letting some stranger paw all over me. Lex will deliver this baby. I'm not having some jack ass stick their nose any where my crotch."
Good lord was she pissed. Went from sarcastic to attack mode in less than a second. So, that's a hot button issue. I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her. I could hear her thoughts and see the memories of the assults in her mind. I couldn't blame her for not wanting anyone new to touch her. Not after that. Yvonne didn't say a word, she just folded her hands in her lap and waited. On a small level I hoped that she could see the inner turmoil Del was battling but I also didn't want her to share that pain. I knew she had been hiding her thoughts from me. Stifling her memories and pain so that I wouldn't pick up on them but I figured she just needed time. One of the babies started to fuss and we turned our attention to them. Alex was standing between them one baby holding his finger while the other seemed uninterested. It was only when he tried to pull away that there was any fussing. He had the biggest grin on his face. I found myself hoping he would be this happy when the new baby comes as well. I just stood there watching him. I didn't want to call them baby A and Baby B, just seemed impersonal. "Have you picked out any names yet?", I asked. Yvonne sat up a little straighter. "Yes I've had a few in mind, I had to since I didn't know which I would be having. Previously I had thought Jonathan was a strong boy name and we only have one Jonathan in the pack. He's an elder now and no children of his own. But I was given twin girls. The sleeping little pup next to me will be Joanna Mae Vancik. I think its fitting. She strikes me as a more calm and collected spirit. Alex however is going to have his hands full with our other little pup." She paused and waited for him to look up at her, "Her name is Syble Diane and when it's time I expect you'll take good care of her." I was confused, Why would it be Alex's job to take care of Syble? He's just a little boy. How is he ever going to know what to do with a baby when he is just a baby. Del laughed and wrapped her arms around me, shaking her head. 'He's her mate' she linked back to me. Um no. I'm not ok with this. No. No. Oh come on! Seriously they can't be mate bonded at that little. What does it even mean at that age? "I have more questions.", I said raising my hand like I was in a classroom and didn't understand the assignment. 'Calm down it's not what you think. Until Syble is seventeen they will only recognize each other as mates. Nothing will happen.' Her words brought little comfort. What else is the universe going to throw at me this week?
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