Lex Part One

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Del was right though we were running out of time and I still hadn't stepped foot in the nursery. I'm not entirely sure why but I have this sick feeling when I get near the door. That not the baby, but the reason the baby is coming into our lives makes me feel like there's a storm cloud just waiting to drench us at the start of monsoon season. I support Del's decision. I know I'll have love for this new part of our family but the more I think about it the more I feel like there's peices missing to this puzzle. Like all we have are the outside edges and no center. Maybe it's just me but it feels like something bad is coming I just have no way to know how, who or why. The name issue is settled though, and the fact she didn't already know my idea means she has been trying to respect what privacy I can get. I know I have a hard time not feeling what she's feeling or hearing her thoughts when we're in close proximity so I guess I should cut her some slack. But at the moment I just want to stand here with my face buried in the crook of her neck and the smell of her surrounding me. Gently rocking side to side and commiting the moment to memory. This is how I want my forever. We all know though that forever is a really long time and none of us is gauranteed tomorrow. Something can always happen. Even more truth is that if it can happen, it usually does. I pulled away and grabbed Del's hand. Locking my fingers with hers and leading her towards the back patio. On my way through the house I turned on the stereo. Brown eyed girl filled the house through hidden speakers. Once I could feel the cool breeze in the night air I spun her towards me. Gently of course. We were never the slow dance type, but right now it was near the top of things I wanted to do. We swayed back and forth slowly. Our arms wrapped around each other and heads tucked down on each others shoulders. I was calm. I was content. I didn't even bother to open my eyes when I heard Alex walk up to the window to snap a few pictures of us as we turned in a circle. It was our own little universe. My idea of heaven. All good things must come to and end right? Because it would be insane to think we could get one night of peace or actually get to enjoy the moment. It would be inconceivable. Eye roll. Naomi was reaching out through the mind link. Her words were a jumbled mess, all I could understand were breach, hospital room 106 and hurry up. It's always something. We broke away from our little dream and headed back through the house get our shoes. Alex right there every step of the way. The walk to the main building seemed entirely too short. More time would have been nice. We caught the elevator to the hospital floor. Found room 106.
I was not expecting to walk into the room and find my mother sitting on a bed blood all over but not a scratch to be seen. My breath caught in my throat. The monster of my nightmares just sat there staring back at me. My childhood choking me like bile caused by acid relux on a humid day. I turned on my heels and walked out. Del just stood there, I think she was in shock but I couldn't be sure. Maybe someone was calling after me but the voice was distorted and I really didn't give two shits at the moment. I had to leave. I had to get away from that grotesque excuse of a woman. There's cruelty and evil, and then there's my mother.
I found myself back at the house with a half empty bottle of tequila. Not the foggiest idea of how long I'd been sitting there. If I was the one who had been drinking or even how long I'd been there. Sitting on the couch in the livingroom. But I do know the chances I had done something bad were very high. I wiped the sleep from my eyes and peeled myself from the cushions. I took the stairs two at a time and practically fell down the upstairs hallway. I ended up crawling a bit as the room started to spin, so yes I was the one drinking. Great Del is gonna kick my ass. I managed to find my door handle and pushed the door open. After an embarrassing struggle to make it to the bathroom I was able to get my drunk ass into the shower. The water was very sobering. It should be since it was colder than our freezer. I was now wide awake and completely sober. Only problem is I can't remember why I was drinking and it was driving me nuts. Felt like something I should know but just couldn't put my finger on it. I quickly dressed and headed back down stairs to the kitchen for a soda to find six empty bottles on the counter. Oh I double fucked up. This must have been pretty bad but what the hell was I trying to drink away? After the kitchen was clean I went back up stairs to find Alex but he wasn't in his room. Back down stairs I couldn't find either Del or Alex in the library, the study, the game room or out on the patio. I mind linked Del and that was a bad idea. She was pissed at me, and I was getting the silent treatment as far as she was concerned. So I tried reaching out to Alex, " Moms really mad at you. On our way home."
Oh fuck. I ran to the livingroom and tried to clean up. She was already pissed and I had already drank myself into a black out what ever it is I did I don't need to add more fuel to the fire. That's when the door flew open and feet pounded their way towards my direction. Del's face was red, her eyes almost looked like they were on fire. "I'm pissed off you fucking moron because you just left us standing there. Not a word out of you. I sat there for six hours and dealt with the situation. You didn't even stop to ask why!"
Six hours? Ask why about what? That's when my answer appeared behind behind Del, standing next to my son was my mother.
She let out a nervous breath, but stood very still as she spoke. "I know we should have talked about this sooner but I had hopes you would take after your father and not myself. I have the answers you need about our lineage."

*Look for the next book in the the LINEAGE series; Recoil.
I hope you enjoyed book one as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Sincerely, the Author.*
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