Lex Part One

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Another growl dug its way out of my throat. My rational mind telling me to be calm, that there had to be a viable explanation. But this new animalistic part of me screamed of treachery, betrayal, and vengeance. This couldn't be my Del. It had only been a couple of days since I last saw her and this Del was ready to pop! Almost literally. And she smelled different, like rain on a hot day. Her eyes didn't have the same shade of gold either. Then it clicked, Del always said she was the spitting image of her mother.
Instinctively I bowed my head, shame rising up to my cheeks as they flushed the color of tomatoes. I hadn't realized just how much they looked alike, it was kinda freaky. Mrs. Vancik stood motionless as I went belly up like a carnival goldfish. Once I had composed myself she entered the room, never making a single sound except for the click as the latch hooked on the door knob then seating herself on a small chair I looked up at her, unsure what to do. This time I noticed her eyes red rimmed and puffy. A gloss to them as though she may burst into to tears at any moment. Last I checked this woman wanted my kidneys for dinner, but the expression she wore now hadn't the first hint of malice. Only sadness and heartache. She began to rub her very swollen belly, but never broke eye contact with me. I eased into a sitting position at the base of the hole, my legs hanging over the edge. The last time I felt this awkward was when I tried to tell my parents that I'm gay. I knew who she was. What she was. Her reputation. But the woman before me didn't look like the cold blooded killer that haunted my paranoid thoughts. She cleared her throat, "Alexis, I'm aware this is not an ideal situation. If I knew of another way I would have followed that path but I find myself at your mercy. I am not a woman accustomed to being weak or vulnerable. Previously I hadn't thought much of Cordelia's claims to your mate bond until finding you on the brink of death in your human form. A decision had to be made and as I'm aware it was without your consent. I'm hoping that with time you will understand my reasoning." She spoke as though this was some kind of business meeting. Cool and collected. Her voice steady, no hint of the clear pain stricken across her face. I was suddenly very aware of my naked body. Smeared in dirt. I drew my legs up and turned slightly as I tried to regain some shred of dignity. A small smile tugged at her lips as she sighed, her eyes surveying me. I wasn't sure what was more terrifying. The growls and threats I once heard through my phone's receiver or the quiet and gentle person seated before me. Mrs.Vancik stood and waddled over to a collection of bags by the door. Plucking a small duffle from the group she tossed it over at me. It was mine. My eyes lit up as I zipped it open to reveal my clothes and toiletries. Sweet!
She made her way back to the chair and eased herself down into it. I couldn't help but wonder why Del never told me her mother was pregnant. If this baby was healthy it would take the pressure off Del as the sole heir to her mother's throne. It would mean that she had a chance to have her freedom. This was good news right? But fact remained, Del never told me. Why though? If we were meant to be mates you'd think she would want to share this with me. I guess she would have some explaining to do.
"Where is Del? I mean Cordelia.", I tried to ask. My voice cracked, I wasn't used to this new sound. Wasn't sure if I liked it. Mrs Vancik shifted in the chair, adjusting her shirt. Crap! I'm still naked. I grabbed the bag and took off for the bathroom. I was really getting off to great start. I shoved my legs into some jeans, wiggled into a sports tank and then a t-shirt. Now I felt a little more like myself. Not a big fan of being exposed. I scurried back out with a pair of flip flops that had been stuffed into the end pocket. I planted myself in the same spot and waited. Mrs. Vancik looked me over and seemed to give me a slight nod. "That's why you're here. Cordelia never came home. After three days I took an escort to your apartment thinking she was just being stubborn, to bring her home. Instead we found you. The mate bond is more than just about sex. It's a connection of two souls. When something happens to one of you the other can feel it. You can track and sense each other in ways that no other can. The fact we only found you, on brink of death means something has happened. The only way I knew to save you, and save my daughter was to change you. But I tried to be as delicate with the process as possible. You were not bitten. I extracted my own venom, for lack of a better name, and had our doctor inject it into your body in hopes to make the transition easier for you. I've given you all the strength I can. Now I need your help to find my daughter. Your mate." Her words weren't more than a whisper. Tears were streaming down her cheeks faster than she could wipe them away.
I tried to sort all this in my head. Del was missing, and no one knew where. The fact she was missing is what almost killed me. Her mom, of all wolves, saved my life personally. Now she wants me to find Del. And admitted she's my mate.. Of course I'd do everything I could for Del. I nodded my head quickly to show I was keeping up with her. Unsure of what to say when her voice startled me, her lips hadn't moved but I could hear her clearly.
"This is a mind link that we now share as it's my secretions that turned you, all bloodlines carry a particular coding like dna, but also because we are family, you being the fated mate of my eldest child. This link will allow us to communicate as long as we are within five miles of each other but it takes practice to project your thoughts. I plan to teach you how so that it can aid you on your search.. I will admit this is new for our kind. There is no record of a fated mate ever being of the same sex and I did not believe Cordelia. Before I can begin your training I must present you to the pack. It's a formality, but as part of the royal family it's expected of you." I felt her withdraw from my mind and smile as I thought 'great no privacy even in my own head'. Yeah she heard it...
I licked my lips, my mouth now very dry. Trying to choose my words carefully, " I will do what ever you need me to if it brings Del home." I jumped to my feet and offered my hand as Mrs. Vancik struggled to rise from her chair. "First, you can start calling me Yvonne." She said, taking my hand and pulling me into a hug as she steadied herself, "I'm sorry I didn't believe sooner."
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