Lex Part One

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Mrs. Vancik, I mean Yvonne, released me and started for the door. I shoved my feet into my flops and caught up to her. The door opened into a long hallway, stretching out in front of us and to the right. The walls elegant and modern, electric lights lined the ceiling, but the floor was still packed dirt. Yvonne turned and set off down the hall on our right. Following her foot steps I tried to memorize my surroundings in hopes that if I have to find my own way I wouldn't get lost. But there's just so much to take in. There were photos along the walls that alternated between human and wolf form. The little plaques under each frame seemed to be a sort of birth certificate, holding their names, birthdate, parents name, and some held their mates and children's names. It was a sight to behold, the hall appeared to go on forever. The occasional door breaking the pattern of pictures. Each having a number on them like you'd find in an apartment building or hotel. F313 or E572. I'd been so distracted I hadn't noticed when Yvonne stopped in front of an elevator until the ding as the doors opened brought me out of my thoughts. We stepped in and she pressed the button for the second floor. It jolted as we began to move in the tiny box. I could feel my arm pits start to sweat as my claustrophobia gripped at me. A hand on my back made me jump. Yvonne rubbed in a circular motion. I was surprised at how comforting it was and that she was even doing it. Yvonne sighed, "I heard that. I know that before I was harsh and even cruel in some of the things I said, the way I acted towards you. But I truly see things differently now and I hope there's still a chance for you to trust me. I have had to make many tough choices as the Alpha Queen, but I promise you I can be kind." She said. My heart sank a little, this woman, the one next to me didn't seem to be the same woman who swore to wear my guts as garters a few weeks back wanted a chance to repair the damage between us. Maybe I was judging her too harshly. I wanted a chance for us to be friendly, it would be nice for her not to hate me if Del and I were to be together.
The doors dinged again and she led me out into a huge room. It had chairs and couches huddled in little groups, various size tables with chairs, tv's set up with different news, sports, drama and cartoon channels as well as different gaming systems. There was a bar and the glorious smell of food wafting in the air as a group of kids ran by and went through a nearby door. It was amazing. Above the bar there was a wooden sign 'Equinox Bar and Grill', that's kinda cool I thought to myself.
I followed Yvonne around the bar to the kitchen. Five people filled the busy little area, arguing about a measurement. All of them stopped when they saw her standing there. She quickly ordered a to-go meal and handed it to me as she motioned for me to follow her back to the elevator. Where we went one more floor up and the elevator revealed yet another surprise. It was a giant auditorium. There were a few people on the stage setting up a table and another sweeping. But it looked like a 1940's Opera theater with grand pillars, crushed velvet drapes the color of red grapes. Stunning was easily a word that came to mind. We walked through a door beside the stage into what was an office. Yvonne sat down behind the desk and folded her hands. 'Have a seat, as I said earlier there are a few formalities and then we can get down to business. Sooner we get this done the sooner we can find 'Del', I've always hated that nickname.", That last part I think she meant more for herself than for me, if it hadn't been for my new canine-
Wait a damn minute. Canine. I'm a freaking Were-Wolf. No joke, I almost forgot all about that. But I nodded and took a seat. I was finally getting on this woman's good side and I didn't want her to think I was an idiot. "That's for you, kitchens always open. With as many mouths as we feed and the growing cubs, not to mention the calories you burn while you're shifted, we keep everything fully stocked. A lot of it we farm ourselves. Dig in while it's hot. Calliope can truly work wonders with pork." She'd already began shuffling through papers and wasn't looking at me now. I opened the container and it looked as good as it smelled. There was a pile of pulled pork with two slices of Texas style toast, baked beans, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes slathered in gravy and a little container of sauce that definitely smelled like bbq. I was in heaven. Each bite was like I was tasting everything for the first time. At some point while I was distracted, Yvonne had poured us both glasses of sweet tea from her mini fridge. I was shocked. It was just as good as the food. My dad would say you could taste the diabetes in it. Mom. Dad. I hadn't thought about them. My heart sank a little again. I was just starting to rebuild my relationship with them. This sucks. My fork struck the bottom of the empty container and with out warning I began to cry. What the hell was wrong with me! It's just an empty container. But my personal chastising only made me cry more. I tried to tell myself that it was just a side effect, that being taken away from my family and friends, being turned into a furry beast, that not knowing where Del was while I sat in front of her mom to handle 'formalities' had nothing to do with it. I wasn't stressed out. I wasn't about to blow my lid. There was no chance I was on the verge of a panic attack. Oh wait, yes I am.
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