Lex Part One

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My face felt fuzzy like when your leg falls asleep. My lungs felt like they were stuck together. Yvonne jumped to her feet and rushed around the desk to me just before everything went blank. I woke up back in the room I was in before, a new scent added to Yvonne's, a stranger. Female. I wasn't sure I liked it honestly. I slowly opened my eyes, blinking to adjust. The stark vividness of the world still new to me. Boy was I making a great impression as a new wolf. Passing out from a panic attack only a few hours after waking up as a wolf for the first time. I felt a twinge of shame. Here I sat, now capable of so many things I hadn't yet had the chance to discover. Physical strength that some can only dream of but after that little episode I don't think mental and emotional strength were part of the deal. I crawled out of the hole to the love seat in the corner. It was plush and comfy, but somehow not as comfortable as the dirt hole... Yeah I said it. A dog wanting to dig and sleep in a hole. Both women sat silently at the little dinette table. I could feel their eyes on me. I laid my head back hoping one of them would speak first so I didn't have to the one to break the silence.
It felt like an eternity. I could feel each heart beat, counting them up to 597. Yet neither of them even moved. Opening my eyes and lifting my head with a sigh, I looked to Yvonne and whispered a small, 'sorry', I didn't know what else to say. I watched as her eyes searched me for something. What ever it was I highly doubt she would find it. But I was starting to think that maybe the concept of anxiety and panic attacks were foreign to her when I felt a small push in my my mind.
'I don't trust this woman, anything she asks, keep your answers vague', Yvonne's voice was soft but the emotion following them pleading and stubborn.
I turned to face this new female. Her skin a darker shade of mocha than my own, her hair jet black. Eyes a deep brown. Her features very sharp and angular, almost like a statue. But her scent was what really got to me. It was... Repulsive. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. My teeth clench and my nails dug into the seat. Something about it made me want to chase her down and eat her the way you see dogs chase cats up a tree. Light bulb! Feline!
That explained a few things. Telling myself it was mere animal instinct I tried to push down my gnawing urge to tackle her. I cleared my throat."So? What now?", I asked.
She shifted position in her chair, setting my teeth back on edge. I had to take a couple deep breaths to steady myself. If this was my reaction to a simple movement I'm not sure I want to know what would happen if I actually had the fits of rage I used to before I started going to therapy and taking meds. Joy. Another thing I hadn't thought about. Pack Psychologist. That just sounded like a far fetched idea. Fetched. Geez there were so many new jokes I could make about myself.
"I'm here because shortly after the Equinox Pack recovered you, our tribe was visited by a rogue wolf asking for assistance with making a trade. They said they had Cordelia Vancik, and they wanted you. We've tried for the last week or so to contact your Queen here but all attempts were shut down until now.", She said all matter of factly. Her eyes raking over Yvonne while her lip curled and nose scrunched as if she were disgusted. Without thinking I lept from the couch. My hands grabbing the woman by her throat and pinning her against the wall. A snarl emanated from me with a ferocity I didn't know I was capable of, before I realised what I was doing and dropped her.
Shock. Horror. Disbelief. I felt it all. I backed away, shaking my head. That wasn't me. I didn't just do that. I wasn't that kind of person. She clutched at her chest, gasping for air. Her dark eyes angry and accusing. Yvonne came to my side, stroking my head and telling me I was fine. I went to wipe my face on my arm when I realised I had scales beneath a thin layer of fur. My eyes snapped to Yvonne who continued to coo soft assurances that everything would be ok. Breaking away from her grasp I lept across the apartment to the bathroom. 'I warned you! I told you not to push your luck with her. Alexis hasn't had time to adjust!", Yvonne's voice echoing from behind me, the tone almost a screech. I flung the door open and came to an abrupt halt in front of the mirror above the sink. No fucking way. Nope. What the fuck is this shit!
My pupils were vertical slits, my skin was a light iridescent green-blue and I had scales with fine tufts of coffee colored fur blended in. My ears pointed and alert. My nose looked like the bad wizard from that kids series. My tongue jutted out revealing it to be long and forked. I opened my mouth to find four long fangs surrounded by razor sharp serrated teeth. I could only describe myself as some kind of snake/wolf. But that couldn't be right. Yvonne, Cordelia and the rest of the pack were all Were-Wolves, right? All the photos in the hall showed pictures of wolves. Down on all fours. Covered entirely in fur. Why did I have scales! Why was I just finding this out!
Pushing away from the sink I went back into the living area. Tears pouring from my eyes now. What had I become? I looked to Yvonne. Her expression grave and pained. The other woman had regained herself but watched me with apprehension. I sank to my knees and buried my face in my hands. "Yvonne, why am I a monster?", I bellowed out between sobs.
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