Lex Part One

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The strange woman left after my outburst, leaving me alone with Yvonne. I had no clue what was happening to me. This only made things even more chaotic. I was beyond overwhelmed. Question after question popping into my mind. Yvonne tried but she wasn't able to console me. I just sat there. Hysterical wails echoing through the walls. It seemed like hours before I was able to find my self control again. Yvonne linked with me, "Feeling a little better?" No. No I'm not. I feel like a stranger in my own body. I've shifted twice today. Not even sure how many days it's been since I last saw Del. I can't keep my shit together long enough to sign my name how the hell am I supposed to train to find her. I have nothing familiar to me here. And my only ally is someone who swore to wrip me to shreds. My world is crumbling. But did I say any of this. Absolutely not. I wiped the snot dripping from my face and nodded my head. I have to find some inner strength. Have to find Del. Have to learn to accept myself for who I am now. Being a human lesbian was just the warm up for my life tests and now it was up to me to set an example, right. Fuck. Pinche Madre Santa Maria! "You're gonna be fine. I promise. It just means there's a little more to this than I thought when I first learned of you." , Yvonne whispered. My head snapped up. Oh... Right she can hear my thoughts.
"Why don't you get comfortable and I'll tell you everything we've been able to uncover in the past week since you first shifted while unconscious.", She whispered. I crawled my way over to the little couch and hugged a pillow to me as I waited. Yvonne grabbed some toilet paper and offered it me so I could clean my face, then went to the sink and wet a wash cloth before coming back. She wiped my face with the cloth. Being ever the gentle and caring motherly type I never thought possible. Maybe I had truly misjudged her. She settled herself next to me and sighed.
"So far we've been able to dig up a few things. Not sure how much you'll like hearing them or exactly how much fact there is to it but it's a start none the less. The snake shifters were believed to be the original Amazons. A darker version if you will of the all female power tribes, the ones with goddess like strength the humans tell stories about. It's said that the reason it was tribes or clans consisting only of women is because while shifted they possessed both sex organs, allowing them to impregnate themselves or other women. The male offspring were eaten, considered to be inferior. As the world grew and they were forced to adapt like all shifters, the ones who found themselves married to men refused to reproduce children, being then considered barren, their numbers inevitably dwindled. The last known snake shifters to be documented were the Viperials. A royal bloodline that was thought to be lost almost 200 years ago. We took samples of your blood and sent it off to be tested against the last confirmed Viperial and should get the results in another day or two. I can't even begin to explain the significance of your shifter abilities. There are records going back over thousands of years of shifters finding mates in humans, but never shifters of different species. Though it does make sense in a way, given that the snake shifters were all women for it to be possible that you are Cordelia's fated mate.", She paused, her eyes searching mine as I looked at her. She had to be joking right? So now not only was I a former lesbian human who had fought society to be accepted for what I was, but now I was some kind of viper-canine. A vinine. Possibly the first one in 200 years, possibly the last member of a royal bloodline. A being that could literally fuck itself and get pregnant? Ok where's Ashton Kutcher? This has got to be some kind of elaborate episode of Punk'd! That's a hell of a lot to put on someone. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. Any minute Spielberg is gonna yell *cut*. Yvonne swallowed, still watching me for a reaction as she continued. "I see now that you are more like us than I initially thought. And I was wrong to jump to the conclusion you were just some trivial human my daughter was infatuated with. I should have been more careful and investigated further before trying to just sweep you under the rug and I am truly sorry for it. I want to help you learn as much about your heritage as I can. We wolves are a dieing species, on the brink of extinction but your exsistance gives me hope that there are others out there like you. The gene dormant in their blood but with the proper training they could choose to help rebuild the shifter world as a whole. The Bear, Panther, Wolf, and even the Monitor clans can come together and help rebuild what's been lost. It isn't over for us yet. But first we need to get your mate back before something happens. I only know what our wolves go through when separated from a mate too long, I don't know what it'll mean for you." Her words echoed in my mind. Of course this would all fall on me. I mean doesn't so much already? I have to find Del. And I guess become some sort of hybrid ambassador for something I know almost nothing about. And then there's the other clans that I'm sure will have their expectations and questions that I won't be able to answer. Wait, did she say monitor clan? Like lizard people!?
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