Lex Part One

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The expression on my face must have said it all. Yvonne erupted into laughter. The skin around her eyes crinkling and a few years escaped. Genuine humor. I giggled a bit myself. Lizard people were supposed to be a myth. But so was everything else. As her laughter ebbed, Yvonne rubbed her belly. Little jabs could be seen as the child inside her pushed against her. It looked painful honestly but she just rubbed them. A look of contentment on her face for only a moment before she straightened her back and cleared her throat. "Lex I know this is alot and we will get this figured out for you but first things firs, I need ypu to train. But I don't mean for combat. You need to know the basics of your awakened abilities so that you can find Cordelia." I put my serious face on and listened as she talked me through breathing techniques, mind linking, mate bonds, scent tracking, and sound focus. We sat there for hours. We had food brought to my room, Along with the paperwotk I hadn't been able to fill out earlier due to my panic attack. We practiced ways to avoid sensory overload and possibilities of using my attacks to my advantage as they could be linked to my snakier side, I made that word up I think. Oh well. We didn't stop until Yvonne was certain I could perform each ability at the drop of a dime. Randomly calling out something to perform, even multiple somethings. I repeated each one so much that I could switch between them with out thinking. For the first time I truly felt like I may actually be good at something. I'd never really had any talents as a human, but maybe if I didn't over think it being a hybrid was something I could own the hell out of. Yvonne bid me good night somewhere around two am. I was exhausted from all the practice but I was afraid if I went to sleep I'd forget it all and have to start over tomorrow. I decided to explore my apartment. The closet was furnished with a range of clothes in my size. Everything from skimpy lace lingerie, to sweats, jeans, to leather fighting gear and formal wear. They hadn't held back, at all. None of this was my usual thrift store or Walmart style. I was comfortable in affordable. How was I supposed to wear this stuff? Finding tags that said 'dry clean only' and thinking about how if I were sweat from nerves it'd be ruined. Hard pass.
Sweats. I'll stick with what's safe. I grabbed out some of the softer looking ones and headed for the bathroom. I hadn't noticed before but the tub was surrounded by soaps, oils, salts, and candles. The shower stall had an array of shampoos, conditioners, and scrubbies. The closet had some of the softest towels I'd ever felt and every brand imaginable of deodorant, toothpaste, mouth wash, hair spray and gels, make up to last a life time, and just as many brushes, Combs and hair bands.
Now I couldn't decide if I wanted to braid my hair, shower or just wallow in the towels. The bathroom and kitchen area were the only places with tile and I was pleasently surprised to find that they were freaking heated. They had seriously put some effort into this little place. I only hoped that I wouldn't let them down. That I wouldn't let Del down. That'd I'd be able to find her and bring her home. I set my clothes on the back of the toilet and headed for the shower. The excitement leaving me as I thought of her. Not knowing where she was, what was happening to her. My emotions took over me again.

I let out the last of what I had, leaning against the wall riding out the rollercoaster until the water ran cold. Reluctantly I shut the water off and got out. Pouting. I took my time brushing my hair and teeth. Drying off and pouring myself into my clothes. My mind and body ached for her. I missed her smell, her smile, her voice, her hair tickling my face, her warmth, just... her. I stared at myself in the mirror. Parts of me I still recognized, other peices not so much. Looking past the red puffiness obvious from the many break downs I'd had today. There was a darker or more deviant hint in the way my iris's focused and refocused as I thought of how to get Del back. The things I might be faced with. Yvonne said I would have an escort of her most elite fighters but not to underestimate my own instincts as we yet know what I am capable of. She only knew how to guide my wolf, my snake would take some trial and error to hone. With a sigh I raked my hand through my hair, destroying the prefect part I'd brushed down the middle as I went back into the living area. Now I had a simpler dilemma. The hole or the bed? I snatched the pillows up and tossed them into the hole, then dragged the blankets over with me. I dropped down and arranged everything so that it was almost like a little nest. My nest. Yvonne had touched on the fact that wolves usually felt more at ease surrounded by more natural settings. Wild wolves living in deeply dug burrows or caves. Not to mention what I knew of snakes, a fair amount of them were ground dwellers. Made sense why it was more comfortable to me now. Sleeping in a dirt hole would have freaked me the hell out as a human. The confines and fear of being buried alive. You wouldn't get me within ten feet. But now I was fluffing my pillows and wishing it was deeper. I don't even remember falling asleep. Just closing my eyes and telling myself to count sheep. Not even sure I made it to the first sheep.

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