Lex Part One

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I woke up just before sunrise. My apartment pitch black. I stretched out across my pile of pillows and blankets. Aside from my dreams of Del, that might have been the best sleep I've ever had. Laying there, willing myself back to sleep I tried to ignore my full bladder but it just wasn't happening. I got up and relieved myself then made my way over to the coffee pot. Staring it down as it began to percolate. The heat from the burner under the pot started to change colors and I went into a half panic. I flicked the light on and it looked fine, but when I flicked it back off I could see the different colors from the burner again. Ok... So I could see heat in the dark? Not sure if that's a snake or a wolf thing... I know dogs are supposed to have excellent night vision... I'll have to ask Yvonne about it later. I passed the next four hours practicing all the things I'd been taught. My fears of forgetting what to do fading. It was as if I'd been doing them my whole life. It was truly a confidence boost. There was a knock on my door. I dashed over and flung the door open. A small boy stood before me. His eyes darting up and down and his hands wringing the hem of his shirt. He was obviously nervous. But he tried to smile. It was a little wrenching, he had no reason to worry about me. But of course he didn't know that. I smiled and bent down to his level.
"Good morning little guy", I said, trying to sound as unthreatening as possible. I could see his shoulders relax and the smell of fear start to disappear from the air.
"The Queen requests you miss.", He said, a little hint of optimism in his voice. I turned around and motioned for him to follow me as I went for my shoes. He trailed in behind me, looking around. His nose scrunching a little. I guess not finding what ever it is he was hoping for. "Hey, so, what ya looking for little dude?", I asked, watching him jump at the sound of my voice made me feel a little guilty for startling him. His hands went back to the hem of his shirt as he looked down at his shoes. "Nothing Miss."
My eye brow shot up and I tried reaching out to him, testing if I could mind link with him. To my surprise I could. His mind held images of snakes and different ways I might look while shifted. It made me giggle. He had a great imagination. I looked more like a super hero in his thoughts. Not the weird creature I'd seen staring back at me in the mirror. "Well, I promise you that when I shift it's not as cool as what you were thinking.", I smiled at him. I'd been able to see that he was worried about upsetting me or getting in trouble for being nosey. But a child's curiosity was the least of my worries. Once my shoes were tied I held out my hand to him, "ok, you lead the way."
He took my hand, beaming from ear to ear that he hadn't gotten in trouble and bounced towards the door. He lead me down the same hall, to the elevator. We got in and he pushed the button for the fourth floor. He turned his face up to me, "I'm Alex and I'm six!", He cheered. Clearly more comfortable with me now.
"That's cool, my name is Alex too. But I like to be called Lex.", I said, giggling at the new expression of awe on his face. The elevator dinged as the doors opened, Alex grabbed my hand again and practically dragged me down the hall to a wooden door. He knocked twice and then ran off, disappearing around a corner.
The door opened, an enormous man with a menacing gaze stood before me. He stepped to the side and motioned for me to enter. There was a long table, people sat on either side, hushed tones filling the room as all eyes turned on me. Yvonne was seated at the head of the table near the opposite wall, I guess to keep the room in full view. Her face wore an expression of exhaustion and anger. She cleared her throat, and the room fell silent instantly. "Lex, it's time to get to work. This is your team and they will assist you in your search. I got a call this morning that Cordelia is being moved. This is our chance." I watched as she had nodded towards the heavily armed group in the corner of the room and they all nodded in acknowledgment. I cleared the space between myself and the group, they looked like some sort of special ops team. Three men geared from head to toe in tactical weapons and gadgets and a woman in what looked like a track suit. She smiled at me. Her thoughts projecting to me. A sympathy for being separated from my mate, anger that the men were coming with, as if she hadn't been enough for the job, curiosity as to what my being a hybrid meant for the future of the pack. I linked back "Your guess is as good as mine." She jumped, startled, her face turning red. The three men chuckled, their thoughts swarming with mockery and amusement. They'd guessed my being a hybrid would make me an alpha, giving me abilities slightly superior to theirs, and made a bet to see how long it would take before Naomi would embarrass herself. I rolled my eyes. Men got on my nerves. Their constant need to be superior to women in any way possible just grated on me like sand paper.
Yvonne stood from her chair, "I expect all of you to respect that Lex is your alpha. Captain, you're in charge, but you follow her lead. It's her instincts and abilities you'll be relying on today.", Her tone was fierce and definitive. The smallest of the three men nodded. And headed for the door. The others in tow. Before I crossed the threshold, I felt Yvonne's link "Bring our girl home."
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