The Accidental Wedding

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"You drive me fucking crazy," he pulled her closed to him. "Waleed, what are you doing?" She struggled in his arms. "You are mine Mia, and so is your body," he sucked her neck and she moaned in delight. "Look at you, so damn responsive at my touch," he pinched her nipple from above the fabric of her dress and she shuddered in his arms. "Waleed, this is not correct," she tried to push him away. "I don't care about it, Mia, all I want is to devour this body," he left open mouth kissed on her jawline. "Waleed, please," she dug her nails in his shoulder. The heat from his naked torso that pressing into her body was making her flush. She wanted to stop him, but her traitorous body was betraying her. "You have no idea how fuckable you look right now," Waleed captured her lips.

Romance / Drama
Aliza Jabri
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Chapter 1


I looked into the mirror as my hands were skillfully folding my waist-long black hair into a bun. I finished it by inserting a few Bobby pins, as I applied the new nude lip color on my lips, and just at that moment, my cell phone started ringing.

God this must be Sheema, I thought bitterly. How I hated her for being such a freak, she was insanely punctual and disciplined in everything, and I on the opposite hand was as wild as anyone could be.

Yes, I am the most unorganized person in the world barring my job. Well, I didn't want my ass kicked by my boss for not doing my work properly and on time. Most of the time he would ignore my mistakes just because I was damn creative.

Well like most people know talent doesn't come without flaws, and though I was a very good architect, I was unorganized, undisciplined, rebellious, wild, and fierce. Not a single quality a sane mind would be proud of but I just loved myself.

Well back to my screeching cell phone and Sheema, as I received the call and said"For God's sake, Sheema! stop freaking me out, I am already uncertain whether my mom and aunt would let me put a foot outside the house today".

" Mia, why didn't you wake up early this one day, you know how many people are here in the queue. I have secured our places but I would need backup. Please come soon", Sheema said in a pleading tone. She very well knew how I hated someone bossing me around.

"Okk I am just leaving, don't worry I will be there in half an hour. Bye", I snapped in the cell phone then picked my bag and hurriedly made my way out of my room.

I prayed to Allah that my mom or my aunt didn't bump into me while I was sneaking out. The deal was since the day my wedding date was fixed with my childhood sweetheart, my mom and aunt had made my life a hell.

They wanted me to learn cooking, you heard it right, me freaking cooking. God who does that in this 21st Century. Not a working woman though, I would just hire a maid to help me with the household chores and a cook who would cook for my in-laws and my hubby. Why the hell was I working my ass off for?

So that I could live my life the way I wanted and spend my money on the things I desired. I didn't like cooking I will hire a fucking cook. I didn't like cleaning I will hire a fucking maid. What was so difficult for my mom to not understand such a simple thing?

But no, they had to make me do everything like I was some fucking 16th-century girl.Well sorry for all the foul language but we freaking live in the 21st Century.

So, I was telling about my mom and my aunt's insanities. Well, I think they are insane, cause I only get a day off from work in a week, and instead of letting me chill out with my friends they would force me into the kitchen and would make me cook all those terrible dishes. Well, they are not terrible if anyone else cooked them but when I use my skills on the recipe they always turned out terrible.

Still, the ladies of my house were not ready to give up on me. They had taken a holy vow to make me accomplish in everything I hated.

I made sure to make as little noise as possible, as I descended the stairs. When I landed on the last stair I heard my mom's furious voice" And where do you think you are going?"

Shit, shit, shit, I cussed. This was the thing I was scared about and it had to happen, my ill fate never ran out.

I turned and looked in the direction from where her voice was coming, Mom was standing in the corridor.

"Uhhhh, mom actually the thing is my favorite author is in town and he is signing off the special edition of his book. And I have to get one", I said dreading the dressing down I was to receive from my mom.

" By what time will you be back?" Mom asked.

I couldn't believe what just happened, my mom, I mean, my real mom was allowing me to go out on the weekend instead of locking me up in the kitchen?

"Mia I asked you something", mom didn't look delighted with my reaction to her question.

I was staring at her wide-eyed with my mouth open. I came back to my senses and replied " Couple hours".

" Alright fine, but you will cook dinner today", She said and turned towards the kitchen without even giving me another glance.

I was on cloud nine, mom had just allowed me to go out without even putting up a fight, maybe they were fed up with me, I giggled.

I hired a cab and arrived at the desired mall where the book shop was situated where my favorite author was coming for a promotion of his new book.

I was shocked to find the long queue of people present there. Like Geez, didn't they have anything else to do in life?

I found Sheema standing a few places before the queue ended. I hurried towards her, she was staring at me with a frown on her face.

"Hey baby, thanks so much for securing a place for me", I told her as I slid between Sheema and the girl standing in front of her.

"Excuse me, Miss, you just can't walk into the queue like that we have been standing here for an hour", The boy behind Sheema said to me.

I glared at him with a don't fuck with me look, and said "What will you do? I already did?" I dared him, the poor guy hadn't expected such a harsh reaction.

He just mumbled something in his mouth and backed off, good for him I thought. I would have loved to beat the shit out of him, don't think I am boasting or something. I am perfectly capable of defending myself, I have a black belt in karate. My uncle had made me learn karate so I could defend myself if any situation arises. But I loved to flaunt my karate skills now and then on some asshole who tries to fuck with me.

"Mia, could you at least behave for once?" Sheema said through gritted teeth.

"Sheema, I don't understand why the hell you have to be such a good girl all the time. Don't you get tired and bored of it?" I snapped at Sheema.

She looked at me with resentment, she knew I was the complete opposite of her. People who knew us always wondered how we were best friends in the first place. We didn't have a single habit that was common in us. She was a girl next door kind of person and me, well, I was just me.

"I don't understand how Imaad tolerates you?" Sheema asked annoyed.

"Because if he doesn't, I will beat the shit out of him too", I said shrugging my shoulders.

Imaad was my fiance, yeah he was the only boy, mad enough to fall in love with someone like me. I knew I was pretty and kinda hot also, and the opposite sex was attracted to me. But once they got to know me they would just back off. Which sane mind would want a wife or a girlfriend who would keep kicking their ass?

Still, Imaad fell in love with me, his parents were our family friends and we knew each other since childhood. I did have a crush on him though, he was hot and handsome, foreign qualified, and from a well off family. But it was just a crush and nothing more.

Imaad had proposed to me a year ago and I was taken by surprise, well it rarely happens that your crush proposes to you out of the blue. I said yes, and he was overjoyed. He then told me that he was in love with me since we were kids, and I just couldn't believe how anyone could fall in love with a girl like me.

Imaad confessed it was my quality of not giving him any attention like the other girls that attracted him towards me. Well, I didn't think before that a guy could get attracted to a girl, who didn't give a damn about him. It just happened in movies or love stories but this had happened to me.

Our families were overjoyed when we told them we wanted to get married. We got engaged in a grand ceremony, with all the A-listers of the town attending our engagement.

Damn, he was looking so hot in that black "Pathani Suit"(a traditional dress for men in southeast Asia). I wanted to eat him up, sorry I should have kept that thought to myself.

So, where was I? Yeah, we got engaged and now our parents had fixed our wedding date three months from now. Both our families were busy with the preparation for our wedding.

The ladies were buying all those weird clothes which I hated, the lehengas, the gharara, salwar kameez (traditional ladies clothes from southeast Asia) and I don't know what other shiny glittery clothes. Why was it necessary to make the bride look like a clown?

I hated those traditional clothes, my favorites were joggers and loose big t-shirts or hoodies, which I used to wear every time at home. I liked dressing up but not in that shiny glittery stuff that my mom and aunt called clothes.

Right now I was wearing a peach blouse and a cream-colored knee-length skirt and cream-colored stockings paired with peach stilettos. I knew my outfit complimented my figure by the stares I was getting from the men around.

I ignored those stares and started chatting with Sheema. She was telling me about her fiance, they had got engaged only a month ago. It was arranged by their parents, and Sheema was so insanely happy about it. I never understood how people could get into an arranged marriage?

These days at least the couple would meet and talk after the engagement but a few decades before most of them would meet on their wedding night. And how the hell can you fuck someone in your first meeting? This was the question that had always nagged my mind, but I didn't find the courage to ask this to my parents.

Yeah, you guessed alright, it was an arranged marriage for my parents and they had met each other on the wedding day. Mom had once told me they didn't even have a telephonic conversation before marriage. And I wondered how did they get away with it right on the wedding night(blush) cause I was born exactly nine months after their wedding.

Back to Sheema and her fiance, what's the guy's name? Yeah, I remember Saad. So Saad was throwing a birthday party for Sheema which was after two weeks and Sheema was insisting me to attend the party. It's not like I didn't want to, it's just that I was not sure my mom would let me. She was on a shopping spree and making me accomplish a spree these days. But maybe I could ask dad to convince her.

We stood in the queue for nearly 4 hrs before we got the chance to enter the bookstore and make our way to the dais where the author Subrato Roy was seated. We had bought our copy of the special edition and approached Roy.

He smiled at us and asked our names and then signed off on the first page of the novel. I wanted to ask him some questions regarding his novel but a staff member of the bookstore requested us to move ahead because there was still a very long queue.

We came out of the store nearly exhausted and with sore feet. Wearing stilettos was a bad idea, but who would have thought it might take so long, I had thought a couple of hours must be more than enough.

" Mia I think I will faint, let's grab something to eat", Sheema said, holding her head with her hands.

I quickly supported her with my arm and we walked to a nearby fast food joint. We ordered a burger with cola each and sat on a corner seat. The joint was crowded because of the weekend.

We looked at the burger greedily, the burgers from this joint were just yumm. A moan escaped from my mouth as I took a bite, the juices of the patty and the melted cheese oooh.

I loved this burger, I looked at Sheema and her expressions were the same as mine as she bit into her burger. Then we both looked at each other and laughed.

We had just finished the burger when I got a call from Imaad, I had asked him to pick us from the mall. Imaad told me he was in the parking lot and asked me to bring a cup of coffee for him.

We walked out of the joint and got into a coffee shop. I ordered Imaad's cappuccino with double cream and waited while the girl started working on it. While she was making the coffee, I pulled out the novel from my handbag and skimmed through the pages.

After a few minutes, the girl handed me the coffee. We walked towards the exit of the coffee shop and just as I set foot outside the coffee shop I collided with something.

Whoever it was who collided with me was in a hurry that he couldn't see my 5'8" self.

I watched in horror as the coffee cup slipped from my hand and landed on the floor, to top it up the novel which was in my other hand fell into the pool of coffee on the floor.

I stood frozen on the spot with my eyes petrified, after a few seconds, I glared at the person who collided with me. He was dead meat, I was not going to leave him.

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