The Accidental Wedding

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I had come to the mall to buy some accessories for my cell phone. After buying and billing the required items I left the Apple Store and started towards the coffee shop.

I was in a little hurry cause I had planned to meet my friends in half an hour at the boxing club. Yeah, boxing was my favorite sport. It was a good way to take the steam out whenever I was pissed, and it happened often. Sometimes it would be some business client who would become a pain in the ass or some employee of my firm who I don't understand why never got the way I worked and always messed up things.

Geez, was it so difficult to understand my way of working, I was a workaholic. And I had a particular way of working which to my annoyance very few people understood. I had taken over the firm two years ago after my grandfather had retired and went to live in our native village where most of my relatives were settled.

My grandmother had died when my father was just a boy, Dada(grandfather in Urdu) had raised him all by himself. My Dada must be madly in love with Dadi( Grandmother) for he never married after her death.

When I was 14 years old my parents died in a car accident. They had gone out shopping and I was at home with data.

If not for Dada, I would never have got over the grief of the untimely demise of my parents. But Dada always kept me in check, he became my parents and my best friend. We both had developed a very special relationship with each other.

He sent me for my Graduation to the US. I had done my MBA at the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), Philadelphia, PA. It was one of the best business schools in the US. And Dada was the proudest grandpa on my Convocation Day.

I could feel his joy when I presented him with my degree. He had come to the US especially for my convocation and was ecstatic when all my teachers were congratulating him for my success and were praising him for raising me into such a good human.

I am a workaholic alright, I am even a control freak I admit, but I always respect my elders and have never behaved with them in any improper way.

It's not that I was a dull person, Oh no I use to chill in the company of my friends. When it comes to working I am highly professional and organized. I can't tolerate indiscipline.

So back to my coffee, I hurried towards the coffee shop to grab a cup of coffee but I bumped into a girl just outside the coffee shop. She lost her balance due to the collision and the cup of coffee in her hand had fallen on the ground, the cap opened and there was a pool of coffee on the floor now. She somehow steadied herself, but in the way, the book she was holding, in the other hand, fell into the coffee pool, "Fuck, Bad timing" I thought.

My gaze traveled from the book to her stiletto which now had coffee spilled over them. Then to her toned and shapely long legs in the cream stocking which was now stained with coffee. Her pencil skirt started just above her knees and then I looked upward to the curve of her hips and then to her slim waist and then her bosom, she had a fabulous body.

Unwilling, I made my eyes travel above her bosom to her long and slender neck then to her chin and those lips, God she had those sensual full lips then her Greek nose and all the way to her amber eyes which were filled with rage.

Then I focused on her complete face, her hair was black I couldn't guess the length because they were tied in a bun. Unknowingly my gaze started sliding down her body again when she snapped her fingers in front of my eyes and said " Eyes up here buddy".

I am sure I blushed and then I saw her bending down and picking up the book from the coffee pool. I checked her out again, she had a great ass, " Woah get a grip Waleed" I scolded myself.

The girl then looked at the book horrified which was almost soaked in coffee then she glared at me. I felt a little guilty for ruining her book and thought of apologizing.

"I am sorry," I said sincerely.

She looked in my eyes for a few minutes, and hissed "You will be very sorry when I am done with you".

"Excuse me,"

"If you want I will pay for your coffee and the book", I said as I withdrew my wallet from my jeans pocket.

She snatched the wallet from my hand and threw it on my face which directly hit my nose, I was blinded by the sudden pain in my nose and as I was rubbing my nose trying to understand what happened she thundered "Take your money and shove it up your ass".

I looked at her in disbelief forgetting about my hurting nose, I was astonished at her words. Never had any girl insulted me in such a way, they always used to drool over me.

But this vicious vixen was insulting me in broad daylight in a crowded public place. People had started gathering around us, and were staring with amusement in their eyes.

" Miss I think you have some mental issues and need therapy" I just couldn't stand silent and let her insult me.

I decided to pay back, my words acted like fuel in the already burning fire and the flames erupted.

"Listen Mr, I had stood five hours in a queue to get this book signed by my favorite author, and now you have ruined it completely", She snapped.

Then I noticed her friend standing beside her looking at her with desperation. She was holding her hand and pulling her away from me.

" Mia let's go, we are already late", The other girl said.

So this chick was named Mia, though she was hot as hell, right now she looked like a witch to me.

"Sheema wait, let me teach a lesson to this asshole first", She turned her head to look at her friend and said. Then she pulled her hand away from her friend's grip.

I was furious after hearing the word asshole she used for me. I looked at her enraged and damn she was looking right back at me fearless.

We had this stare down for a few minutes when I saw her friend whisper something in her ear. I saw the change of expressions on Mia's face from fury to worry and then I guess it was fear.

" Don't think this is over and I forgave you, it's just I have an urgent business to look after", she said through clenched teeth and walked away from me with her friend.

I looked around at the people who had gathered to enjoy the scene taking place between us and roared "Don't you have any work to do".

The crowd started dispersing, that bitch had humiliated me in front of the whole damn town and I was very pissed.

I gave up the idea of coffee and pulled out my cell from my pocket and dialed Asjad. He received the call after a few minutes " Hey buddy, where are you? I just reached the club".

I heard Asjad's cheerful voice, I felt like killing him.``I will be there in 10 minutes, meet me in the ring".

I reached the club rashly driving my SUV. I changed into my boxing gear and went to the ring where Asjad was already waiting for me.

I didn't give him any time to think and punched him in his face.

Asjad yelled in pain "Man you looked pissed, what happened?"

Asjad might have sensed my rage by my facial expressions. He was my childhood friend and knew me very well.

I didn't reply and kept punching him. He was blocking my punches. After some time when I had calmed down a bit, Asjad grinned and said to me "It's a girl you are pissed at, aren't you?"

I looked at him startled, how the hell did he know I was pissed because of a girl?

"Come on Wal, spit it out", He said annoyed.

I told him what happened back at the mall, and that asshole burst out laughing.

" You got your ass kicked by a girl, Oh my God, I can't believe it. The Waleed Kamaal got his ass kicked by a girl", Asjad was laughing hysterically holding his stomach.

I was mad at the way he was laughing, "What the fuck is so funny about that?" I said as I punched him in his face and got an "Ouch" as a reply.

"You are pissed," He said laughing.

As I was about to punch him again someone grabbed my arm from behind, I looked at the intruder. It was Saad, he was looking at both of us in confusion.

"What's the matter, guys?" Saad asked, surprised.

"Wal, got his ass kicked by a girl," Asjad said pausing from his hysterics and then they both burst into laughter again.

I was now getting irritated by their laughter, I punched them both on their faces, and they raised their hands in surrender.

"Sorry, But it's so unusual cause most of the time it's you who kick other people's ass", Saad said and then he started laughing again.

" Fuck you", I cursed them and turned to leave.

"Ok, sorry we won't laugh again, just tell us, was she hot?" Saad teased.

I was reminded of Mia's hot body by Saad's words. She was damn hot but her mouth was too vicious.

"I don't give a damn if that bitch was hotter than Angeline Jolie", I hissed.

" Oooh, at least it was a hot chick who kicked your ass. That's some consolation for you", Asjad said grinning.

I punched him again and this time he cried out "Damn Wal, find yourself a punching bag".

" Why would I need a punching bag when I have you", I retorted.

"Okk guys stop it, I have something to tell you", Saad said.

We both looked at him at the same moment. Saad looked at us and then said raising his hands `` It's not what you are thinking, Sheema's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and I am throwing a party for her. And I want your help to find a suitable gift for her'.

"Dude we are not your girlfriends, we can't help you in this matter. Go get help from a girl", I said dryly.

" Maybe I should ask help from that hot chick", Saad said, teasing.

I ignored him and walked out of the ring to the locker room, there I took a long shower till my senses were calmed.

When I came out of the shower the two assholes were sitting on the bench in the locker room waiting for me. They both had already taken a shower.

Asjad and Saad have been my classmates since kindergarten. They both belonged to well off respectable families though they were not super-rich like me, we were still best friends. They both were like my family after Dada.

And I know no matter how much we joke and tease each other we will not think twice to sacrifice our life for one another.

Saad had got engaged last month to a girl of his parent's choice, and they had instantly bonded, Saad was already in love with his fiance and I was happy for him.

I was not able to attend their engagement, an urgent business had come up and I had to leave town. Saad was mad at me for nearly a month and had pardoned me after many requests from Asjad and Dada.

Asjad was in a relationship with a girl but their families were against their marriage. I had met the girl many times and she was very sweet and pretty, like girls ought to be, not like that vicious bitch I had met today.

I cursed myself for remembering her again, but I was helpless. I couldn't forget the humiliation and insult I had to face at her hands. I hope I get to pay back to her some time in life.

I agree I had ruined her book and I was sorry for that, I had even apologized to her but the way she behaved with me cannot be justified. She was extremely insolent, arrogant, and crazy. Yeah, she was one crazy bitch to have acted in such a way.

I felt my blood boiling again, the more I wanted to forget the incident of today the more I was thinking about her.

"You okay buddy?" Saad asked, looking at me.

"Yeah I am fine, was just thinking about that girl. She was literally crazy to act like that", I said rubbing my wet hairs with the towel.

" Do you have her name or address so we can figure out a way to pay her back?" Asjad asked.

"Her friend called her Mia", I replied.

Saad shot a look at me and suddenly turned his gaze to Asjad as if he was trying to avoid eye contact with me and started looking at his cell phone. I was a little surprised at his reaction when he heard the name of the girl but I ignored it.

" Boys I am starving, let's grab something to eat", Saad said, suddenly rising from the bench in the locker room.

"Yeah, I am starving too, come let's go have some Chinese," I said looking at Saad carefully, he was acting a little weird.

I didn't understand the reason for his weird behavior until the night of his fiance's birthday.

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