The Accidental Wedding

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Chapters 3


I looked at him, he was staring at the novel lying in the spilled coffee then his eyes started running upwards through my body. As his stare traveled from my stiletto to my legs then upward to my skirt and my waist and my breast. I felt tingles erupting on my skin, no one had looked at me like this before.

His gaze held an intensity I never had noticed before in anyone else's eyes. He was wearing a white thin tee shirt and blue jeans. He had broad shoulders that tapered into a narrow waist, his biceps were bulging from his half sleeves demonstrating his strength, the 6 pack were visible through his thin t-shirt. And his long toned legs were on display in his skin fit jeans. What it will feel to be wrapped in those arms and legs? "Woah, Woah, Woah Get a grip Mia" I scolded myself.

His eyes stayed at my breast for a little longer than necessary then they traveled upward to my neck, chin, and lips. I saw him tracing his tongue on his upper lip as his eyes were focused on my lips ``Son of a bitch" I thought trying hard to keep myself calm.

When he had checked me out from toe to head, his eyes started traveling down again but this time my patience was up. I snapped my fingers in front of his eyes and hissed "Eyes up here buddy".

I leaned forward and picked up the book from the floor, it was soaked up in the coffee. I checked the autograph page, the ink had spread and now it just looked like some blue stains.

Fucker, he had ruined everything, I felt like crying. How the hell will I ever get a special edition signed by Subrato Roy ever again?

I looked at him bewildered, he was looking ashamed, then I heard him say" I am sorry".

Asshole what was he thinking, he can get away with a mere sorry?

I looked him in his grey-brown eyes and roared "You will be very sorry by the time I am done with you".

" Excuse Me", he looked stunned.

Guess he was not used to getting insulted by girls. He was handsome like those damn hot models in the fashion magazines. And I am sure he always cashed his looks with girls.

Not me you arrogant hunk, you can't get away with your looks every time.

" If you want I will pay for your coffee and the book", he said as he pulled out his wallet from his jeans pocket.

His words stung me like a poisonous snake. Bastard, that book was priceless for me. And no amount of money could repay the loss.

I snatched his wallet from his hand and threw it at his face with all the strength I could muster. It hit him right in the nose, I am sure he was stunned that's why he didn't dodge it.

I saw the expression of pain on his handsome face, which gave me a little satisfaction. Then I snarled "Take your money and shove it up your ass".

My words stung him and he forgot his aching nose. I sensed how furious he was right now, he never got his ass kicked by a girl before, I guessed. And that was about to change for the good.

" Miss I think you have some serious mental issues and you need therapy", I heard him say.

Therapy my foot, I thought bitterly and then I snapped at him "Listen, Mister, I stood five hours in a queue to get this book signed from my favorite author and now you have ruined it completely".

He was thinking I had issues just because my book was soaked in coffee. Idiot, it was not just another book but a special edition with the autograph of The Subarato Roy.

Sheema started to pull my arm in desperation to stop me from arguing further and said " Mia let's go, we are already late".

Hell, I didn't care if I had to stay here the whole night to teach this asshole a lesson to not mess with a girl again.

I glared at Sheema and then said: " Sheema wait, let me teach a lesson to this asshole first".

I pulled my arm from her grip and then glared at that asshole standing in front of me. He was looking at me furiously, I was sure he was pissed. We had a staring contest for some minutes then Sheema whispered in my ear.

"Mia if someone sees you here and informs aunty you will be grounded, and you realize that she won't allow you a bachelorette party".

Listening to her words, all my rage vanished. I was worried because this was a mall and it was the weekend, if anyone from my Mom's acquaintance saw me kicking a guy's ass I am sure they would report it back to my mom.

Suddenly, I felt a feeling of fear engulf me, what if someone saw me? Mom will never allow me to leave my house except for work till my wedding.

I won't have a bachelorette party, nor a bridal shower. Holy shit. I can't risk all this just because of this fucker.

I looked back at him, he was looking at my face with amusement, he had noticed the change of expression on my face. I wanted to punch him in his face. " Calm down Mia, you can do this". I tried to calm myself.

"Don't think this is over and I forgave you, it's just I have an urgent business to attend to", I said through clenched teeth and walked away with Sheema.

" Mia, do you have any idea how you behaved? Girls from respectable families don't act like that", Sheema said to me as we entered the elevator.

"My foot, that fucker ruined my book", I stomped my feet on the floor of the elevator imagining it was he who I had kicked.

" Thank God, Imaad didn't come looking for us. What would he have thought about you", Sheema said.

"It's because of him, if he would not have asked me to grab a coffee for him my book would have been safe with me and I would not have met that asshole", I hissed.

" He was hot though and quite handsome. And he even checked you out before you started spitting venom on him", Sheema said teasing.

"I don't care if he was hotter than Brad Pitt, he will always be an asshole to me",

I was very mad right now, I knew that guy was very hot. In other circumstances, I would have drooled over him but now I was pissed at him.

I was sure if we ever met again I might kill him. How dare he accuse me of having mental issues?

We exited the elevator and entered the parking lot. Imaad had parked his car near the exit gate. We hurried towards him as I slid into the passenger seat I heard him say " Hey, you forgot my coffee".

"If you ever again mention coffee in front of me I will kill you", I lashed out at him.

" What's the matter with you?"

Then he looked at Sheema in the rearview mirror who was sitting in the back seat and asked "What's the matter with her?"

"Actually, Imaad her book fell into the coffee which had spilled on the floor after she collided with that hot guy", Sheema blurted out.

" Which hot guy?" Imaad had only heard this part of the sentence.

I glared at him, he didn't care that my book was ruined. All he cared about was I collided with a hot guy?

"That guy in the mall, he collided with Mia as we left the coffee shop", Sheema said looking tense.

" Do you know him? Where did you meet before?" Imaad asked me coldly.

"Shut the fuck up, you don't even care that my book was ruined which I got signed after standing 5 hours in a queue. All you care about is I collided with a guy", I hissed.

Imaad looked ashamed, I knew how possessive he was about me. But still, he should have consoled me for the loss, instead, he started inquiring about that hot guy whose ass I had kicked.

I didn't care how handsome or hot he was, or how fabulous his body was. I was mad at that jerk (but still you wanted his arms and legs wrapped around you). My conscience showed me the mirror.

" But that was before I found out how arrogant he was" I argued.

"So if he was not arrogant you will allow him to do things to you?"

Conscience is a bitch, I thought bitterly.

It was just a thought. I didn't mean it. I was engaged and can't even think of cheating on Imaad.

"Sorry Mia, I was just a little jealous to hear you bumped into a hot guy" Imaad's voice brought me back from my thoughts.

"I am done with your jealousy and possessiveness", I snapped.

" Sorry baby, you know how much I love you and I get furious even if I hear a guy's name from your mouth", He said.

"I know, but you should trust me. I will never do anything that will hurt you. You know how much I care about you" I said trying to console him.

"That's why I stay worried Mia, you just care about me. You never say that you love me", He replied.

" We have been through this Imaad", I said uneasily.

I didn't want to have this conversation in front of Sheema. It was not my fault that I didn't love him in the way he loved me.

Imaad just looked at me with resentment and started driving. His lips were pressed in anger and his vein was thumping against his forehead, a sign that he was furious.

I couldn't help it, I was just incapable of love, I don't believe love exists. It's just infatuation, we are attracted to someone and we like them and care about them. And we are in such a hurry to give a name to our feelings that we give a tag of love to them.

I liked Imaad. He was a nice guy, and I cared about him. But I don't think I love him, because I don't know what love is. Yes, I am attracted to him, but it's not in some spiritual kind of way. I know I want him but I can't term these feelings as love.

We have a good understanding, we like each other and maybe he even loves me. I was happy and content that I was marrying him because I know he will make me happy and vice versa and I think that is enough.

But Imaad I don't understand why he was hell-bent on making me confess that I loved him, because I do not. Isn't it enough for him that I liked him and that I was looking forward to marrying and settling down with him?

Imaad didn't say anything further, he just kept mum the whole way till he dropped Sheema at her home and then me at my house.

Hell, I didn't want to talk to him either, I was pissed first at that hot jerk for ruining my book and then at Imaad for discussing our personals in front of Sheema. Though she was my best friend I didn't like the idea of discussing our relationship issues in front of her.

He didn't even say goodbye and raced away from the gate. "As I care", I thought angrily.

There was a different scene inside my house, mom and aunt were furious that I was back after seven hours when I had told them it would just take a couple of hours. I didn't pay any attention to what they were saying and just stormed towards my room in anger. This was one of the worst days of my life.

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