The Accidental Wedding

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4


"Happy Birthday love," I said as I hugged Sheema.

"Thanks, Darling, I am so glad you came. I hope your mom didn't mind you coming here", Sheema teased as she accepted the bouquet and gift from me.

Saad was standing beside her, I gave him a broad grin and shook his hand.

" So what's up lover boy?" I teased him.

He smiled and rolled his eyes at me, then he replied laughing " Nothing my love".

" You don't get to hit on my friend", Sheema said, trying to look annoyed.

"I can't resist, she is too hot", He teased Sheema and earned a punch in his arm.

" So where is your fiance?" Saad asked me.

"I don't know, haven't spoken to him in two weeks", I replied rolling my eyes.

We haven't spoken since that incident in the mall took place. He was mad at me and I was in no mood to reconcile, myself, let him rot in hell who cares.

" Hey baby" At that very instant someone slid his arm across my waist and whispered in my ear.

I didn't need to look at his face to know who it was, I had recognized him by his voice. I turned my head away from him, to show my annoyance.

"Mia, I am sorry. Will you please forgive me", He said as he turned my face towards him placing his finger below my chin.

Damn how can I stay mad at someone so hot, and who was hell-bent on trying to gain my forgiveness.

" I don't want to talk to you, I am still mad", I acted mad, well who doesn't like a little attention from your fiance.

"Baby I am sorry", He said caressing the back of my palm.

I couldn't keep up the act anymore, so I just smiled.

" All well between you too", Saad asked, looking at us with amusement.

"Yeah" we both replied in unison.

" Come then join us on the dance floor", Saad said as he held Sheema's hand into his and led her to the dance floor.

Saad had organized the party at the roof of one of the best hotels in the town. The arrangement and decorations were top notch.

I noticed he had invited many people, but their parents were missing. Guess it was just for the young generation.

The music was loud and many couples were enjoying their time in each other's arms. Imaad smiled at me as he led me to the dance floor.

We started moving with the rhythm of the music, Imaad held me at an appropriate distance. He knew I never liked someone getting into my space.

I was enjoying my time dancing, Sheema and Saad were dancing near us. Sheema was looking overjoyed, Saad was handling her like she was some fragile item and would break with excess force.

I smiled at them, maybe arrange marriage was not a bad thing after all. Looking at them I was sure they couldn't have found anyone better.

"Penny for your thought", Imaad asked me.

" I was just thinking how wonderful Saad and Sheema look together", I said, keeping my voice loud enough so he could hear it above the music.

Imaad just nodded at me in agreement and we continued dancing.

After a while, I felt tingles erupting on my body as if someone was staring at me with an intensifying gaze.

I scanned the people around me but I didn't find anyone looking at me, maybe my imagination was playing tricks on my mind.

I started feeling thirsty after nearly half an hour and excused myself from Imaad.

Imaad's cell phone started buzzing as we left the dance floor and headed to the sitting area. He spoke on the call for a few minutes.

Imaad told me he would have to leave because of some emergency, I looked at him with a scowl on my face.

He laughed and apologized that he will take me out for lunch the next day. I was not happy about him leaving so early.

We had met after two weeks and didn't even spend an hour together.

He consoled me saying he won't have left if it was not urgent. I just shrugged my shoulders at him, I didn't want him to leave.

"Sorry baby, see you tomorrow at lunch. I will pick you from your office", He said as he hurried to the exit.

I looked at him till he was out of my sight and then turned and headed towards the bar.

I asked for a pina colada and sat on the chair near the counter. The guy gave me my drink and as I was sipping it a couple slid into the chairs beside me.

" Hi, I am Raina", the girl introduced herself.

"Mia", I smiled and replied.

The guy with Rania checked me out from top to bottom after hearing my name, then he looked in the direction of Saad.

I saw Saad give him a nod, and that was enough to make me suspicious. What the hell was going on?

" Excuse me," I said to the guy with Raina.

"Yes?" He replied trying to look indifferent.

"I just noticed you and Saad passing glances at each other", I said trying to control my rising temper.

" Saad is my childhood friend", He replied.

"And why were you checking me out" I snarled, realizing he was fooling me around.

"You were checking her out" Raina exclaimed.

Payback time dude, you don't get to mess with me. I grinned at him.

"No babe, why would I do that", he replied, shooting daggers in my direction.

Rania just stomped her feet and left from there. He followed her immediately but not without giving me a death glare.

I chuckled in my heart, satisfactorily, and started sipping my drink.

After some time Saad came towards me taking long strides and said: " Mia, what was that?"

"What? " I asked pretending as if I didn't understand.

"Why did you do that to Asjad?" He asked through clenched teeth.

He was looking furious, pays him well for plotting against my back whatever it was, with his friend.

"Mia you need to apologize to him and Rania," Saad said.

I couldn't believe what I just heard, was he out of his mind. Me, Rameen Shahab will apologize to his pathetic friend?

"Are you out of your mind?" I roared.

"Mia because of your stunt Rania is very upset. They have been in a relationship for three years now", Saad's tone was softer this time.

" He should have thought that before he checked me out in front of his girlfriend, and you both exchanged glances with each other and you nodded at him. Tell me what's going on here?" I stopped beating around the bush and confronted him directly.

"It's not what you are thinking", Saad said looking tense.

" Then tell me exactly what was that about?" I insisted.

"Mia please don't ruin this party, please for Sheema", Saad requested.

But I was not in a mood to entertain anyone. I crossed my arms on my chest and shook my head in disagreement.

"Damn Mia, what kind of friend are you? Saad said annoyed.

" A good one, but I want to know what is going on between you and your friend?" I answered.

I was not giving in to the emotional blackmail, Sheema was my best friend but I wanted to find out what exactly was going on.

"Mia, please don't spoil the party for us," Saad pleaded.

His pleas softened my heart, and I was about to give in when I heard him behind me.

"Saad if you have wild cats on your guest list, you can only expect the party to be ruined"

I turned towards the person who had just called me Wild Cat, I was fuming in anger. Saad had an expression of desperation on his face.

And when I saw the face of the man, I lost my temper. He was the same hot jerk from the mall.


As I reached the roof of the hotel I was greeted by the sound of loud music.

I had arrived late at the party because of an urgent meeting.

I hurried inside, most of the guests had arrived and were having a good time.

I looked around in search of Asjad and Saad but I couldn't find any of them.

Then I saw them both on the dance floor, dancing merrily with their partners, as I watched closely I noticed the girl dancing with Saad looked somewhat familiar as if I had met her before.

I had never met Saad's fiance before but how come she looked familiar, I tried recalling but failed.

Then my gaze shifted to the couple dancing close to Saad and her fiance, the girl in the white gown was exquisite.

Her back was to me, her waist-length black straight hairs were set loose on her back. And they were bouncing with her every move.

Her fishtail white gown was like a second skin on her body, enhancing her curves.

 The man dancing with her was looking at her with lust-filled eyes, and so were the other men around them.

I felt envious of the man dancing with her, lucky son of a bitch, the girl had the sexiest back and ass I had ever seen.

The man circled her in his arms, while she was giggling at something, and at that moment I saw her face.

I felt like lightning struck me, she was the hot bitch from the coffee shop.

"What the fuck" slipped from my mouth.

"Why are you cursing dude?" I heard Asjad from beside me.

I looked at him in surprise I hadn't noticed him leaving the dance floor and coming towards me.

"Was I so busy gawking that bitch?" I wondered.

Asjad was looking at me suspiciously.

"That chick from the coffee shop", I said to him pointing towards the dance floor.

" Where?" Asjad looked in the direction I pointed and asked.

I looked there, but she was nowhere on the dance floor.

I looked at Asjad and he looked at me like I was mentally unstable.

"Dude you are thinking too much about her, and now you are hallucinating" Asjad teased.

"She was right there in a white sleeveless fishtail gown" I emphasized white fishtail gown.

"Woah, Woah, since when are you looking at ladies clothes so keenly?" He asked.

I glared at him in anger, but he was right. I have never noticed such small details about any other girl in my life.

Why was I looking at her in such a way? Was she getting on my nerves?

I didn't reply to Asjad and just stormed out of there in anger, which was directed at myself.

I went and sat at a corner seat near the bar. Alcohol was not permissible in my religion so only non-alcoholic drinks were being served.

I asked for a Mojito and started checking emails on my cell.

After a few minutes, I saw Mia walking towards the bar. She was alone this time, the guy who was dancing with her was nowhere to be found.

I wanted to approach her to even the score, but she looked so forlorn and lonely that I restrained myself from going to her.

She ordered a drink and was sipping it when Asjad and Raina slid on the chairs beside her.

I watched the encounter between them with amusement. She was a ticking bomb ready to explode at any moment.

I was glad Asjad had a taste of her medicine, now he will know what I have been through.

Then I saw Saad approaching her, he had asked her to apologize to Asjad and Raina but she stood her ground. I realized she was stubborn as a pig.

I couldn't resist anymore, so I rose from my seat and walked towards them.

"Mia please don't spoil the party for us" Asjad was pleading with her.

"Saad if you have Wild Cat on your guest list, you can only expect the party to be ruined", I blurted out.

I noticed her body getting tensed at my words, she slowly turned around towards me.

A hint of recognition flashed in her Amber eyes as they met my grey orbs.

Third Person POV

They both were looking at each other with rage-filled eyes.

Waleed noticed how her Amber eyes were burning with rage.

" Wal now is not a good time", Saad pleaded to Waleed in desperation.

Waleed glared at Saad in fury and that proved to be his biggest mistake.

Taking advantage of his diverted attention Mia took her drink from the counter and threw it on Waleed. His tux was soaked with the pina colada within seconds.

She looked at him with triumph in her Amber eyes. Waleed didn't even flinch; he was just looking at her coldly.

And before Mia could realize he picked a drink from the passing waiter and threw it on her face.

Every moment on the rooftop came to a standstill, there was complete pin drop silence. Even the music had halted.

Mia was taken by surprise, her eyes started burning, the drink squirted from her face to her dress and started soaking in it.

It was a raspberry cocktail, dark in color, her white gown was completely ruined from the drink.

Mia threw herself at Waleed, she wanted to kill him but was stopped by Rania and Sheema who had come to their side nearly running.

Mia started struggling to get out of their grip, Sheema and Raina were barely able to hold her.

Saad was holding Waleed's arm making sure he didn't do anything stupid.

Mia and Waleed were looking at each other with a death glare.

Raina and Sheema led her to the bathroom holding her firmly in their grip, making sure she did slide from their arms. And as soon as they entered the restroom Sheema lashed out.

"What the fuck was that Mia? Do you have any idea what scene you have created?"

Mia stomped her feet on the floor in fury. And then she glared at Sheema as if wanted to kill her with her bare hands.

"If you would have not restrained me, I would have kicked his ass" She hissed.

"Shut up, just shut the fuck up", Sheema swore.

Mia looked at her in shock, Sheema never used to swore no matter what the circumstances.

She looked ashamed, "Had she crossed the line?"

"I am going home", Mia said, taking a deep breath.

She had seen her reflection in the mirror, her hairs were all messy and sticky due to the drink. Her beautiful white gown had stained from her neck to the abdomen by the drink.

She was a complete mess, what will she say to her family, why had she returned from the party in such condition?

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