The Accidental Wedding

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Chapter 6


We came out of the restaurant laughing, Rania and Sheema were crying with laughter.

"Ohhh my God Mia, you blew his date", Rania said trying to control her laughter.

"No one messes with me," I said with a proud wink.

The expression on Waleed's face was priceless when I left from there. And his date looked furious as if smoke was coming out of her body.

Well, any girl would react in the same way if some random girl comes and tells her date how she missed their night together.

Poor Waleed, I felt a little guilty for what I did to him, but I couldn't help he had ruined one of my favorite dresses and novels.

It was the least I could do to gain some satisfaction, I hope we never meet in the future God knows what he will do to me.

Sheema and Raina were still laughing as we entered the parking lot and got into Rania's car.

Rania was the only one who could drive from the three of us. Sheema never learned and I have vehophobia( driving phobia).

My dad and uncle had tried many times to make me overcome my fear, but the moment I turned the key in the ignition I would freak out and start panicking.

I had also tried hard to learn driving but it was no use, I was never able to overcome my fear.

At least everyone had given up on me and mostly our driver would drop me or I would use a cab.

Our firm had a pick and drop service for all female employees so conveyance was not a problem for me to go to work.

"I can't wait to tell Asjad what happened today, he will die of laughter," Rania said driving.

I was sitting on the passenger seat while Sheema was lying on the back seat, still laughing.

"Mia, I think you should give the guy a break", Sheema said, lifting her head a little to look at me.

" Don't worry sweetie, I got my revenge. I don't think I want to see him ever again", I said smiling.

It felt nice like a heavyweight was lifted from my heart. Nothing is sweeter than revenge.

Now I can die in peace, that guy had given me a hard time.

We dropped off Sheema first and then Rania dropped me, she told me she lived just two lanes from my place.

I was glad it was a convenient distance, I could just walk to her place if I wanted to visit.

As I entered the living room, I was shocked to see Ali sitting along with everyone.

"Ohhh my God Lee!!!!!!", I cried in disbelief.

Ali nearly ran to me and gave me a bear hug, at that moment I realized how much I missed him.

" I missed you so much lee", I said as a tear rolled down from my eye.

"I missed you too Mia, and guess what I am here for two weeks, and we can hang out together", He said, messing up my hair.

In other circumstances, I would have retaliated, but now when he was back nearly after a year I just wanted to enjoy every minute of his company.

Ali was two years younger than me, and we were inseparable from the day Ali had started walking. He was my partner in crime, our mothers would just go crazy trying to control our mischiefs.

" I thought you were coming for my wedding", I said as I remembered suddenly.

"Sorry Mia I don't think I can make up for the wedding, my sem is scheduled on those dates", He said as he led me to the couch he was sitting on. " That's not fair Lee, I won't get married if you don't show up", I said disheartened.

I couldn't imagine going through such an important event in my life without my bestie.

"Mia please, I am already sulking over missing your wedding, don't make it hard for me", Ali said in grief.

" Yes Ali, you can at least try", My aunt said to Ali.

Ali just looked at her in disbelief, it was his semester exam he was talking about, and my aunt was telling him to miss it.

I was upset that Ali would not be able to attend my wedding, still, I would never tell him to miss his semesters.

The thing with the ladies of our house was, they were still stuck in the 20th century, where all these rituals, traditions, and customs were important.

"Don't worry Mia, I will send you a nice present", Ali tried to cheer me up.

Everyone started talking again about Ali's studies then the discussion shifted to my wedding and finally it came back to how pathetic I was in the kitchen.

" Mia doesn't need to learn cooking, her in-laws have a wonderful cook", Ali said trying to take my side when both our Mom's tried to get on my nerves.

"Having a cook doesn't mean the lady of the house should not know cooking, how will she impress her in-laws and husband if she doesn't know how to cook", My mom said in a heated voice.

" Oh, come on mama, I am a good architect. I am good at my job and that's important. I don't need to be master of all" I said to my mother, Ali's support had given me the strength to stand up to the torture I was been put through in the last few months.

" Yeah you will feed blueprints and elevation designed to your family when they are hungry", My mom retorted.

"Aany, please, this is the 21st century, not 15th. Why don't you ladies let Mia enjoy this time before her wedding", Ali said?

" It's the support of the men in this house which has rotten this girl to the core, not a single habit of her is good enough to get married", My mother said bitterly.

It was true, I was the only girl child in the family, hence my Dad who didn't have a daughter loved me, Uncle loved me cause he didn't have a sister and a daughter Ali and Umair loved me because I was like a sister they never had and Dad he just loved me cause he was my dad.

Though my mom and aunt were female, they were the only ones who made my life miserable.

But all the male members in my family had spoilt me beyond repair.

"Aany, Imaad loves her and that is what is important and I am sure he will take good care of her. Please don't worry about these useless things. I can assure you, no man in this century wants a miserable wife", Ali said enthusiastically.

" It's useless, talking sense into the men of this house", Mom said and walked out of the living room in protest.

I looked at Ali and gave him a wink, I was proud of him. He was the only one who stood up for me.

Dada, dad, and uncle had given up under the pressure from the ladies. I knew this freedom would only last till Ali was here, and that was enough for me. I just wanted to chill with my buddy.


I had to watch a movie with my date Hiba when I saw Mia standing near the entrance of the multiplex with a guy.

I figured out that guy must be her fiance, Saad had told me in our last meeting she was engaged and was going to get married in a couple of months. It happened that Rania and Sheema were along with her when she had come and ruined my date completely.

Rania had told Asjad about what had happened, and again Saad and Asjad were pulling my leg over that incident.

I was already furious because that bitch had blown my chances with Maram completely, whom I liked and had a feeling that she would have been a good life partner.

Maram was so mad at me that she didn't answer any of my calls and didn't reply to any of the text messages I sent her. She was justified in what she was doing and I had given up on her realizing she was not going to forgive me ever.

I had lashed out at Saad and Asjad and they both were very regretful regarding what happened between Maram and me.

And Saad had told me that she was engaged and if I was thinking about some revenge it could destroy her life if I did something wrong. Like I cared if her engagement broke or her wedding was called off. I wanted revenge and I was not going to be soothed until I got that.

Now as I saw her standing there with that guy, engaged in some kind of banter a wicked idea clicked in my mind.

I told Hiba to go and wait at our seats and I will get some popcorn for us. When I was sure Hiba was safely inside the hall I turned and walked towards them.

I went close to them and held her hands acting desperate.

"Mia, did you tell our parents about us? You promised you were going to talk to them", I said trying hard to control my laughter.

Mia was completely shocked at what I said to her. She was just looking at me stunned.

" Please Mia, I know you love me, and we can't live without each other. Only a couple of months are left for your wedding, please talk to them and tell them about me, about us", I said, trying to keep my act.

"Excuse me, do we know you", the guy standing with Mia asked.

" No you don't, but I know you and I request you to please help us. We love each other and her parents are making her marry someone else", I said looking at him.

He was a handsome guy with an athletic build and bright brown eyes and a boyishness in his personality.

"Are you out of your mind?" Mia said as she pulled her hands from me.

"Please Mia doesn't do this, don't marry him, Mia. I know you love me", I said pleading.

Mia was looking at me as if she would kill me right now with her bare hand, I was glad I had taken her unawares. The bitch deserves this after what she had done to me last time. " I think you should leave", the brown-eyed guy said to me as he pushed me backward.

"Hey bro, just chill it's not like I am stealing your girlfriend, she is in love with me", I said taking backward steps.

I didn't want to start a physical fight in a public place when the guy looked pissed at me.

" How dare you?" He was about to plunge at me when Mia grabbed his arm and started pulling him in the opposite direction.

"Ali not now, Imaad and Umair can get here at any moment", She was saying to him at the same time shooting daggers at me.

Hell yeah, I was enjoying her helplessness, you just can't mess with Waleed Kamal twice and getaway.

I looked around and many people had gathered to witness the scene unfolding, I gave her a smirk.

Now all the people around will think she was a bitch fooling two guys at the same time.

And maybe this Ali guy, if he was her fiance, will give her a tough time after what I had said to her.

I pointed a middle finger at her, smirked on my face as she had done at the restaurant, and turned and walked away to the entrance of the hall, where Hiba was waiting for me.

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