The Accidental Wedding

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7


"Care to explain", Ali was looking at me with his brown eyes filled with fury, his lips were pressed tightly and a frown on his face.

I found out at that moment, I didn't like a pissed off Ali, yet I have to answer him.

That arrogant bastard had got me unaware this time and thank god Imaad was in the queue for popcorn and hadn't seen the drama that unfolded.

If he had witnessed the scene I was sure my wedding would have been called off at that very moment, I know how possessive he was of me.

" It's a long story Lee, I don't think you would like to hear", I answered him, swallowing the lump that had formed in my throat.

His brows furrowed as he leaned towards me and said " I have all the time in the world unless what that guy said was true".

"Hell no, you think I would be involved with that cocky bastard", I replied with a scowl.

I didn't expect this from Ali, at least I thought he was the one who understood me.

" Then what was that all about", He asked, clearly he still didn't believe what I was saying.

"Well that asshole and I have been in a feud lately, and he just got back to me", I said sighing.

I was very pissed, what if Imaad was with me instead of Ali? He might have killed me, just hearing I bumped into a hot guy he was so mad what would have happened if he saw a guy confessing he loved me.

I was sweating at that moment, I felt a knot in my stomach when the realization struck me that I had just escaped a disaster.

" You mean he was just fucking lying, why didn't you let me beat him then?" Ali asked as he looked more furious than before.

"Imaad is here with us, if we would have been alone then I would have kicked his ass myself", I snapped at him.

" Hey guys, what are you doing here? We looked for you everywhere", Imaad said as he approached Ali and me, we have been standing near the restrooms.

I have dragged Ali here so I could calm him down before he did anything stupid, I knew he had a volatile temper like me.

"Nothing, I saw a friend here and so I came here to talk to her", I replied to Imaad.

" Where is she then?" Imaad asked, looking around.


"She just left", I replied hoping he would believe my lie.

Imaad didn't ask any further questions, we just entered the hall and took our seats.

Ali was in an awful mood the whole time, he didn't speak much at the dinner, Umair and Imaad had noticed his silence.

He just excused himself that he was having a headache.

The other week of Ali's stay passed peacefully without any major incident.

I was very sad after he left, he was my bestie and I missed hanging out with him.

All was well in my life at home as well in my office, until Daniyal decided to do a joint venture with a consulting firm for a five-star resort.

It was a huge project and naturally, everyone was excited about working on it.

Daniyal had selected a team of three architects from our office, which he was leading himself.

Currently, our firm had a staff of 40 people and was growing with time as we got new projects.

Daniyal had said we would need to hire more employees for this particular project.

He had been having meetings with the CEO of this firm for quite some time now.

It was Thursday when he asked me to accompany him to one of these meetings, he trusted me with everything regarding business.

We were family and he knew no matter how difficult my attitude can be sometimes I was good at my job.

" Mia just stayed calm throughout the meeting, I don't want any fallout. We signed this deal last week and today he wants to introduce me to his staff" Daniyal said as we drove to the office of Kamal construction.

"Don't worry Daani, I got your back", I said smiling.

" That's what I am worried about, it takes only seconds for you to lose your temper", He said with a frown.

"Then why are you even taking me with you? You should have asked one of your well-behaved pups to come along", I replied annoyed.

" See, just a sentence and you lose it", Daniyal retorted.

I didn't reply, didn't want to have any argument with him.

Though he was my cousin he was very professional when it came to working. He had a no-nonsense attitude that was the reason he had gained such success at the start of his career.

I couldn't help but admire the office building of Kamaal Constructions, it was a 15 story building with a staff of hundreds.

They had a long list of projects under their belt, flyovers, highways, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, malls, residential and commercial complexes you name it and they had constructed it.

A man was waiting for us at the reception, he smiled as we approached him and said: " Good afternoon, Mr.Kamaal is waiting for you if you will please follow me".

He led us to the elevator and the top floor of the building. I couldn't help but admire the interior of the building.

I was sure Mr.Kamaal had very good taste, there was another receptionist on the top floor. She was hot as hell.

She smiled and led us to the office of the CEO, I was wondering how did Daniyal convince this man for a joint venture?

This firm was more than capable of doing this project all by themselves, and if they were allowing Daniyal to work with them there should have to be a good reason for it.

"Don't tell me you are sleeping with this guy, how on Earth did you convince him for a joint venture?" I whispered in Daniyal's ear.

Daniyal didn't reply to my obscene remark; he just gave me a sharp look, which was enough to shut me up from saying anything further.

"It's Mr. Daniyal, Sir", The receptionist said as we entered his office.

His office was marvelous, with wooden flooring and paneling. A mahogany desk was placed in front of a large glass window looking out the view of the whole city. Paintings and other artworks hung on the wall, there were two couches with a coffee table in the middle on the right side of the desk.

And when my eyes landed on the person sitting behind the mahogany desk, I was shocked beyond description.

His grey eyes were locked on me, he looked completely different from what he looked in our last meetings.

He was wearing a grey two-piece suit with a white and grey checkered tie on a white shirt, his eyes were cold and his face was completely blank without any expression.

The way he was looking at me, I truly felt intimidated. I swallowed a lump in my throat, today was turning out into one of the worst days of my life.

" Daniyal, you are late by 10 mins", He said, shifting his eyes to Daniyal.

"Waleed, you know how traffic is in our city", Daniyal said as he walked towards his desk.

They both shook hands and Waleed directed Daniyal towards the couches.

" Hey Mia, why are you still standing there", Daniyal called out to me.

I was still standing near the door, unsure of what to do next. To be honest, I was planning to flee his office never to return, but my boss was looking at me with a threat in his eyes.

"Mmh nothing Daani, I think I just don't feel very well" I mumbled in my mouth.

I was freaking out, like all people in this world, Daniyal had decided to do a joint venture with this asshole.

The way Daniyal was looking at me like he would strangulate me right at that moment left me with no choice but to walk towards the men who were seated on the couches opposite to each other.

"Waleed, this is Mia. She is the best architect in my firm" Daniyal introduced me to Waleed.

Not that we need any introduction, we knew each other well. Barring the fact that he was the fucking CEO of KCC.

"Hello", I greeted as I sat beside Daniyal.

Waleed just replied with a nod, 0he didn't even spare me a glance.

He was completely in his CEO form right now, and I was glad he pretended as if he didn't know me.

They started discussing the details regarding the project. Waleed's secretary had joined us at the meeting. She was busy taking notes while I was busy examining her.

She was breathtakingly beautiful, with her soft hazel eyes and golden brown layer cut hairs. She was wearing a pencil skirt and blouse, her hourglass-like figure quiet on display.

The glances she was giving Waleed now and then was enough for me to understand she was infatuated with him, while Waleed was behaving with her in a strictly professional way.

It was difficult to deduce if he had any feelings for her if there were any he was hiding it well.

After the formal discussion his secretary left us, another girl brought in refreshments and she was nearly as pretty as his secretary.

This guy liked to surround himself with pretty girls I thought amused.

There were sandwiches, lemon cake, cheesecake, puffs, and other mouth-watering items, still, I hardly felt like eating.

I just wanted to leave the place, it was difficult to imagine working on this project along with this cocky bastard.

I was just thinking of an excuse for how to tell Daniyal I didn't want to work on this project, but by the looks of Daniyal, he was very enthusiastic about this project.

And if he had brought me along with him on this project meant he wanted me by his side.

I was just sitting with a croissant on my plate and sipping coffee when Daniyal got a call and excused from there, he left the room and went outside talking on the call before I could react.

I was left with Waleed alone in his office, and Waleed who had ignored me all the time since I was here speaking only with Daniyal now was staring at me with a piercing gaze.

His eyes always made me uncomfortable, the intensity of those grey eyes with which he watched me felt like they were stripping me.

He didn't speak a word with his mouth but the things his gaze was making me feel were completely different from what I have felt my whole life.

I was just sitting there with my head bowed, trying to ignore his cold stare. I was getting mad at myself, I shouldn't be intimidated by him. I should retaliate, my mind was motivating me.

I took a deep breath and looked him in his eyes, fuck off, you asshole. You might be some CEO but I won't be ever intimidated by you.

I didn't know how long our staring contest lasted, but as Daniyal entered the room Waleed shifted his attention towards him.

I was sure Waleed would never mention our last encounters to Daniyal, cause his reputation was at stake more than mine.

"So what do you think?" Daniyal asked me as we drove back to our office.

"Are you sure it's a good idea to do a joint venture?" I asked him.

I was not sure how I was going to tell Daniyal I didn't want to work on this project. We couldn't stand each other for a few minutes and this project might take months to complete. I couldn't tell him directly that I didn't want to be a part of this project. Daniyal knew how career-oriented I was and I won't miss a chance to work on this prestigious project with an A-list firm in the country. And if I would straightaway say no he will get suspicious and if he found out what happened between me and Waleed I would be dead meat.

"Why are you being skeptical? I thought you would be overjoyed to work on such a big project and that too with such a good firm" Daniyal looked at me with suspicion.

Oh no, here we go again. Why does Daniyal have to know me so well?

"No, I mean I was just thinking why he is willing to work with us when his firm can probably do that project by themselves", I had to say something and this looked the best reason.

" The man who owns the land is my friend and the hotel chain group who are building the resort are Waleed's acquaintance. So I helped Waleed and his clients to convince my friend to sell the land in return for working on this project together", Daniyal explained.

"Ohh, I see", I replied.

Now I understood the reason why Waleed Kamaal had decided on a joint venture with a new firm like ours.

But my problem was still there, how was I going to convince Daniyal. Damn why it had to be Waleed with whom I collided that day outside the coffee shop.

I was getting mad at Imad again, I was in this mess because of his coffee. I knew Waleed hated me, and I don't think we can work together without ripping apart each other.

"We are doing the sight survey on Saturday, and I want you to come with me. Kabir will be with us and I think Waleed and a few employees from his firm", Daniyal informed.

Wtf, now was I going to spend hours with that man on the site? This was getting scarier than I had expected.

I need to think of something, should I just resign? Or should I just commit suicide? Which one was the better option?

"Mia don't worry, there are still two months for your wedding and you can take one month off for your wedding and if you want you can work from home. There won't be any pressure on you, but just think this project will be a start point of your career", Daniyal said looking at me.

Maybe he had read my expressions and was thinking I was worried because of my wedding.

Shit, Mia, you are an ass I cursed myself, I could have thought about my wedding as an excuse but now Daani had already cleared that point.

" Waleed is a great guy, I am really looking forward to working with him, and you can also learn a lot from him Mia", Daniyal added.

"Yeah he seemed okk, I think it's his grandfather's hard work. I know his grandfather is a good friend of Dada", I said to Daniyal, honestly saying I don't find anything remarkable in Waleed.

He had just taken over the farm from his grandfather, the firm was well established even before Waleed was born. That I had known from Dada, I had never met Waleed though his grandpa used to come to our house a lot.

Waleed was mostly out of the country for his education, but I had heard a lot about him from Dada. It was almost like Dada admired Waleed, yeah maybe he was nice, but my experience, with him, was awful.

He was an insensitive, arrogant asshole and I despised him.

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