The Accidental Wedding

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8


"Hey, What's up baby?" Imaad said as soon as I picked his call.

"Nothing," I replied as I channel surf on the television for something interesting to watch.

"Are you free for dinner tomorrow? It's been nearly a week since we met," Imaad asked me.

Boy, he was missing me, I felt really good. Imaad was what a fiance ought to be loving and caring just subtract his possessiveness.

" Yes, I think so I can spare some time for you," I said, teasing.

"It would be a great kindness, your Royal Highness," He replied with his tone full of sarcasm.

"I'm kind towards my loyal subjects," I replied laughing.

"I am just biding my time until you are mine, and then I will repay you for your kindness", His voice held a promise, I won't lie, I was a little excited by his threat.

" Imaad."


"I will call you tomorrow," I said as I disconnected the call.

I looked at the wall clock. It was 11 in the night, I thought about what Ali might be doing and decided to give him a call. He received my call after a few rings his voice sounded a little sleepy.

" Hey, Mia."

"Hey, love, where you sleeping?" I asked him embarrassed, I didn't mean to wake him up.

"No, just woke up. You tell me what's up?" He asked.

"Remember, that guy at the multiplex?" I wondered if I was making a mistake telling him about Waleed.

"Yeah, that asshole? Why is he bothering you again? If he is I will come and kick him in his balls" As expected Ali was mad.

"Ohh God, why do you have to be so hyper?" I said rolling my eyes.

"Actually Daniyal is doing a joint venture with his firm, and guess what he is the grandson of Kamal uncle," I told him.

" What the fuck Mia, you messed up with the wrong person this time. He is the Waleed Kamal?" Ali asked, cursing.

Yeah, I also knew that I had messed up with the wrong person. What if Kamal uncle ever found out about what happened between us? He was fond of me, and I was worried he won't like me much after this.

"Do you think I don't know this," I asked annoyed.

" What are you gonna do now?" Ali asked me.

I really didn't know, how was I going to handle this. How could I work with him, when we had such terrible encounters in the past with each other.

"I don't know, tomorrow we have to go for sight study," This was what was bugging me, I really can't stand that guy for such a long time.

" What if you tell Daniyal or Kamal uncle about what you did to him? I am sure Daniyal will tell Aani and mom."

I had called him so that he might give me some moral support, instead, he was scaring me to shit. I can't afford my mom to know about that.

"Shut the fuck up, I didn't call you so you can only heighten my fear," I said annoyed and disconnected the call.

Well calling Ali turned out to be a mistake, I thought he might give me some good advice but that asshole had only added to my anxiety.

I turned off the television and went to bed, turning and tossing in bed thinking of a way to avoid going tomorrow to the site.But I couldn't think of anything good, I fell asleep dreading what was to come tomorrow.

I even had nightmares that night and in it, Waleed turned out to be a Vampire who was thirsty for my blood, blame it on the fantasy movies or novels I was fond of but I was sweating when I woke up from that nightmare.

It took almost an hour for me to fall asleep again and I was woken up by a shrieking sound.

I tried to figure out where the sound was coming from with a heavy head, first I thought it was Waleed in the form of a vampire shrieking with joy after he found me. I quickly sat up and looked around terrified but it was just my cell phone ringing. I cursed myself for keeping that horrific ringtone just to annoy Daniyal and my mum.

I reached out to the side table and picked my phone, it was Daniyal calling. What the hell did he want so early in the morning? It was just six in the morning.

" What the hell Daani, can't I even sleep peacefully?" I hissed.

Honestly, speaking I was not a morning person, and my head was pounding due to lack of sleep and stress.

"Mia, I told you I would pick you up at 7, I knew you will forget. That's why I called you, get ready I will be there in an hour," He said as he disconnected the call.

"Ohh no!!!!!!" I exclaimed in horror as I slammed my face into the pillow.

Daniyal hadn't left me any choice other than to oblige with what he ordered. I got up from bed, went along with my morning routine, took a shower, and got ready.

It was nearly 6:45 by the time I had dried my hair and dressed, so I left my room with my iPad and my backpack with all the essentials required for the site study.

My mom and aunt looked at me shocked when I went to the kitchen for breakfast. I never used to go down before 8 in the morning.

"I am going with Daani for a site study, it might get late by the time we return," I said ignoring their reactions.

I knew my mom would send me to hell if Daniyal accompanied me, I never understood the reason my mom trusted him more than me.

I was sipping my tea along with a toast when I heard Daniyal's car, I got frustrated by the small dining in our kitchen. Why does everyone around me have to be so punctual? It was a joke on me by my fate.

I said my goodbyes to Dada and mom who were sitting in the living room and went outside.

Daniyal was in the driving seat while Kabir was in the passenger seat, I slid into the backseat and slammed the door.

" Ouch," Kabir said.

"Someone is grumpy," He added.

"If you want to walk on your legs don't mess with me right now," Kabir chuckled while I saw Daniyal trying to suppress his laughter.

" Sorry Mia, I know you are not a morning person, but it is 2 hours drive from here plus the traffic. Give and take, it will take nearly three hours to reach our destination," Daniyal said, he was looking in a good mood today, otherwise, he would have scolded me.

The drive was fun, Kabir had put songs on full volume and was narrating his childhood escapades to us. Kabir was an architect working in our firm and we both bonded well with each other.

Daniyal was enjoying himself, shedding his boss's image and mingling with us like colleagues.

We took a few stops on the way, it was turning out to be a fun trip. Daniyal even sang for us at one point out of boredom of the long drive. He had an awful voice, Kabir and I barely controlled our laughter. Kabir even recorded it, without Daniyal knowing he sent me the audio clip on WhatsApp.

I forwarded it to Ali and Daniyal's wife Reema, I was sure Daniyal was gonna have a gala time when he went back home.

Finally, after two and a half hours, we reached our destination. The place was serene, the seawater extended beyond the horizon, the sound of the waves crashing on the beach, there were hills around the open ground where we had parked our car and they were planning to build a resort.

Whoever had chosen this spot had a great taste, I could notice Kabir had the same feelings as mine regarding the place.

"This place is heaven," I exclaimed as we got out of the car.

" Agreed," Kabir added.

"I am glad you both like the place, and I would be merrier if you both get your asses to work now," Daniyal said as he walked towards the group of people standing a little away from us.

" Hey, Daniyal," A man in his late fifties greeted as Daniyal approached the group.

I noticed most of the people we're Waleed's employees. I had met them at his office when I had accompanied Daniyal to the meeting and Waleed had introduced us to the people who were working on this project.

"Hello Mr.Shah," Daniyal greeted back as they did handshake.

" Let me introduce my team to you, this is Kabir and Mia. They both are architects in my firm, " Daniyal introduced us.

"Guys, this is Mr.Shah, our client, whose resort we are going to construct," Daniyal said with a formal smile.

We both greeted Shah and then he introduced us to his secretary and the two of his partners.

After the formal greetings with everyone, we started with our work, I noticed Waleed was silent today unlike in the last meeting with Daniyal and me. He had avoided looking at me as he had done in our previous meeting apart from the formal greetings.

When we had covered all the points required for the site study like the geography, topography, climate, site placement and the road facing side, etc.

We went to the cabin which looked like it was recently constructed. Waleed, Daniyal, and Shah were sitting in the cabin along with his partners.

They were discussing the requirements of the project, and Waleed's secretary was busy taking notes. There were a total of five employees from Waleed's firm. Two engineers and three architects.

They were all men and were good, except the senior engineer who was in his fifties and looked mean.

The four of them warmed to me and Kabir fast and we had fun exploring the place and conducting the study.

As we joined the meeting, the discussion shifted to the site study we all have our observations, and then Shah and his partners started discussing their demands and what they wanted in their resorts.

The meeting was going smoothly until my cell started shrieking again the horrible ringtone I had set.

I hated when all the eyes landed on me, shit I was screwed. Daniyal was going to kill me. I had completely forgotten to turn my phone silent before the meeting.

I looked at Daniyal but my gaze shifted to Waleed who was sitting beside him, he was looking at me the same as in my nightmare last night and I began to panic that anytime now he would flash his fangs before he pounced on me and drank my blood.

" Mia, you can go out and take the call," Daniyal said through clenched teeth. I could see how pissed off he was.

I nearly ran out of the cabin and checked the caller. It was Imaad, shit I had told him I would have dinner with him and it was almost 4 in the evening now. And by the looks of the men inside it didn't look like they would leave anytime soon.

"Hi," I said as I picked the call.

" Hey, I just called to tell you I will pick you at 7," Imaad said as he heard my voice.

I was a little distressed, I was sure there was no way we could get back to the city by 7. I will have to hold off the dinner for tomorrow night.

"Immi I don't think I can dine with you today, I am still at the site and it will take nearly three hours for the drive back. And still, the meeting is going on," I knew he would be really mad.

" What the hell Mia, you told me last night you will have dinner with me," From the tone of his voice he looked mad.

Fuck, I was having the worst day, my boss was mad at me for the disruption caused by my ringtone in the meeting and Waleed was ready to drink my blood any moment and to top it all now my fiance was mad at me.

"I will give you a call after the meeting Immi, take care. I will see you tomorrow," I disconnected the call and entered the cabin not forgetting to put my phone on silent.

After a discussion for one more hour, Shah and his partners left. I sneaked out of the cabin with Ben, an architect from Waleed's firm. We had planned we would go to the beach to enjoy a little in the seawater.

The beach was deserted unlike the beaches in our city, the water was crystal clear and we could hear the sound of the waves, the surrounding hills were green and the sun was nearly setting.

Ben and I walked into the water till the water reached just above our ankles, I had folded my jeans to avoid them getting wet.

Ben was charming and sweet. He and I were of the same batch though we belonged to different architecture schools, he had been working for KKC for over a year now.

He teased me regarding my ringtone and how he loved it and I proved a savior from that boring discussion.

I told him about the look Waleed gave me with the reference of the vampire. Ben roared with laughter and agreed on how similar Waleed was to a vampire they both feasted on the blood of the humans around them. At least I was convinced I was not the only one that hated Waleed, some people shared my dislikes in this world. Ben reminded me of Ali, he had the same carefree attitude as Ali and I was sure we were going to bond well together, as we worked on this project.


We were having a discussion with Shah and his partners after our team gave their observations regarding the case study, I was glad, the way the discussion was going it felt like this was going to be an interesting project and lucrative too for my firm.

All of a sudden I heard a horrible shrieking sound, all the people in the room were startled by the sound. And when I looked at the source of the sound it was coming from the cell phone of none other than Mia.

I felt like killing that girl and drinking her blood, she was a pain in the ass. I wondered how Daniyal tolerated her.

" Mia you can go out and take the call," Daniyal said through clenched teeth from beside me, he looked pissed.

My mood was destroyed, I couldn't concentrate on the discussion anymore. I was thinking about Mia, I don't think I have enough patience to tolerate her for the time we work together.

I needed to talk to Daniyal, I had to tell him to pull her out of this project. If she keeps acting in such an irresponsible way it's not going to be good for the image of my firm.

The discussion finished after an hour and Shah along with his partners bid adieu. I and Daniyal started discussing how the meeting went and planning for the upcoming procedures.

I saw Mia sneak out from the cabin with Ben, I was curious to know what she was up to this time. I dismissed my staff and Kabir, who had accompanied Daniyal, went out along with them.

"Daniyal, do you think Mia is good enough to work on this project? I mean I don't think she is mature and responsible for this job. Don't take me in any other way but the way she behaved today is not good for the image of our firms," I said to Daniyal as soon as we were alone in the cabin.

"Yes, I know she can be a pain in the ass sometimes, but trust me she is very talented and she is one of the best. I am sure if she keeps up the hard work she will be one of the best architects in the country," Daniyal replied.

I was a little surprised by his revelation, I never thought someone like Mia who was so reckless, can be good at their job. I knew Daniyal was intelligent and hard-working and he had done well in the few years since he established his firm. And if he was saying she was good at her job meant she must have something.

" If you say so, but how do you tolerate her, I mean if I would have been in your place I would have fired her," I said with amusement.

I didn't want Daniyal to think I had some personal agenda against her, I couldn't tell him about our feud, it will only damage my reputation.

"She is family, and no matter how much you despise them and they embarrass you, you just can't abandon them," He replied smiling.

" Ohh, sorry man. I didn't know she was your sister," I apologized.

"She is my cousin, our parents are close and I feel she is a sibling I never had," Daniyal said as he rose from the couch.

" It's getting late, I don't think my wife would like if I stay here for a little while more," He said, picking his stuff.

"Ohh, yes. I don't think there is any need to delay our departure, " I collected my stuff and we exited the cabin locking it behind us.

" The labor camp will be set up near the closest village and we can start working on the plan from Monday, " I said as we walked towards the car. I put my stuff in the trunk and then noticed I had forgotten my cell in the cabin.

I asked Daniyal to wait till I got back my cell phone, as I went inside the cabin retrieved my cell, and walked out. I heard someone shouting.

I turned around and looked, it was Mia she was running towards me. Her face was turned backward and Ben was running behind her. Mia was holding a cell in her hand and was laughing.

I don't know what happened but I didn't move from the spot I was standing. Ben probably saw me because he was looking in front and Mia was looking at him. He called Mia to the lookout but it was late.

She stumbled into me and was about to fall on the ground on her back. My arms shot up and I held her waist, I was pulled towards the ground with her but I managed to balance on time.

She was leaning in my arms holding my shoulders while one of my arms was around her waist holding her tightly and the other had moved up and was holding her neck from behind.

I breathed in her scent, it was so damn good and intoxicating, I found she smelled better than when she met me in that restaurant and pulled that stunt.

Her amber eyes were locked with mine, there was disbelief in them like she didn't expect me to have caught her before she fell on the ground.

She was so close to me her face inches apart from me, my eyes slid down to her lips. They were so luscious and full, I wanted to dip my head and taste her. I was sure she would slap me if I acted on my wishes.

I felt her breath hitch and realized it was not just me who was affected by our proximity. She bit her upper lip and traced her tongue on it, I was glad to find that she was nervous from being close to me.

Her sass and fire had vanished and she looked anxious as she saw me staring at her with an unknown hunger building inside me.

She was looking in my eyes, waiting, anticipating. She was so damn close to me that I noticed the green-colored streaks around her iris for the first time. Her eyes were beautiful, everything about her was beautiful.

Her hands traveled from my shoulders to my neck and I waited for her to pull me towards her.

"Hey, Mia you okay?" Ben asked as he approached us.

Never had I hated anyone so much like I hated Ben at this moment, I wanted to see what she would have done next if Ben had not interrupted us. I pulled her up till she was standing on her feet, then I loosened my grip on her waist, I ran down my other hand on her back and then pulled away.

I saw her blushing as she pulled her arms from around my neck and turned towards Ben to avoid looking at me. I knew she was affected as I was, she looked embarrassed.

" I am fine Ben, I think Daani is waiting for me, thanks for walking with me on the beach. Here is your cell, " she said to Ben handing him his cell phone as she tried to compose herself.

"Thanks, " She turned and said to me, I looked at her. She was still breathing fast and her cheeks were still tainted red, she left before I could reply.

Damn, this girl was driving me crazy, I didn't like the way I was affected by her, and the way I felt when she was in my arms.

" She is so hot, " I heard Ben mutter under his breath, but I heard it.

"She is engaged, and she is Daniyal's cousin. Better not mess around with him, " I said to Ben, but I felt I reminded it to myself more than him.

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