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Through The Eyes of A Stranger

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Tessnadra Alderman wakes up on Earth in a crashed pod with no idea where she is or who she is When a tribe of people who knew her parents take her in will she be able to remember who she is while on the path to discover who she needs to be? Can she save the lives of thousands that will need her? "I can never repay you enough for what you have done for Tessa. She's my whole world and it's been the hardest time of my life without her. But I need you to know that I'm willing to fight for her for as long as it takes for her to truly forgive me and get her love back." Julian said looking straight into Emmits Eyes. " I can respect that. Tess is not the woman you give up on. But are you thinking of her needs or yourself? Learning of your guys past I know there is a bunch of history I will never even want to change and feelings that will always linger. However she grew to love you, you were chosen for her. She chose me all on her own. She is not the same woman your people groomed her to be she is not who she was. With me she is learning who she wants to become. After all you have put her through do you honestly believe you're the right man for her? I will fight for her all of her for her choices, her freedom and her heart. Can you do that?" Emmitt answered back. "May the best man get her." Julian said. "May the best man deserve her." Emmitt answered back shaking his hand in respect.

Romance / Fantasy
Marie Sanchez
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Her vision was blurry. The pain was rushing through her body, she was fading in and out of consciousness. All she knew was how fast everything around her was moving. Voices..? Yes voices there were others around her, they were pushing her, although she couldn’t move. The people around her were whispering but you could still hear the shakiness in their voices, the tremors in from their bodies. Why were they so frantic? Get it together she told herself. Pain...pain is coming quickly. Am I dying? Is… Is this how my story ends with no relation of what’s happening around me? Is this… As she keeps fading in and out of consciousness.

She still carries the voices that are alarmingly around her. “Sir, you shouldn’t be here you need the medic-unit.” “WHERE IS SHE?” He sounds so scared. “Where is she?” The voice was more angered this time. “Here! Julian she’s here.” “Addie is she…?” “Alive? Barely, we got her stable for now; but we need to send her now if she this is going to work.” He couldn’t stop looking at her tears filling his eyes as he looking at her lifelessly lying on the gurney. “Julian do you hear me? If you want us to have any hope that this will work you’ve got to push this issue now before we get hit again. This time neither of us will be able to protect you.” “I did this. This is my fault. I should be in her place… how could we let this happen?” He chokes out.

“Julian we were betrayed, we couldn’t see this coming. Sir, she saved your life; now put her in that pod and save hers.” “How do I do that?” Julian asks while tears rolling down his cheek faster than they are coming out. “How do I let her go without me? Or even you? We had plans, so many plans.” The room went silent as the emotional pain filled the room. “Do it inject her. Send her before we regroup. Contact Ben fill him in on what’s going on. This mission is to be kept quiet. Addie send her clean no chips, no monitors if she has any chance at all down there she needs to go in blind.”

“Yes sir.” He walked towards the bed. She looked up at him reaching out and touched his face. “ You’re alright” She stated happily. Julian smiled looking down cupping her hand that is cupping his cheek. “I’m alright.” “Let me up! There’s much to do I have to go find the box.” “No. No love you need to lay right here you’re hit.” “I’m fine.” She lied she was in pain but there was no time for that now. “No, you’re not; but you will be. I need you to know how sorry I am and how thankful I am to have the honor of having you in my life. No one could have asked for a better best friend.”

“Jules. What are you doing?” She asked with fearful knowing eyes. She was starting to fade darkness was starting to surround her. “Ouch!” She felt something sharp stab the back of her neck, it burned. He leaned down as the serum took its course her eyes closing. “ I love you. Please don’t forget me. I’ll see you soon.” He kissed her forehead; he go up and grew angry leaving the room. “ I’ll see you sooner than he will my friend.” Addie told her as she set up the escape pod coronates with the self-destructing timer.

“Jared let’s go code green is go.” “Copy that.” She heard back. “Jared…” “ I know Addie this didn’t happen ad Addie?” Jared asked. “Ya?” “I miss her already too.” Addie’s eyes teared up starting to finally let go as she headed back to her cabin and wait to be held captive. She was ready. She was waiting. “Somebody wanna tell me what the hell’s going on?” Julian roared as he entered the room of the council chambers. “ Were doing everything we can sir.” A random voice calls out to answer him back.

“Conner what was that?” “ It was a rebel attack sir. We have the man in custody. He’s twenty-seven-year-old Eric Alderman. He set the bomb, had the gun and the bomb blew twice the gun found only had one bullet which is odd for a guardsman no? Mr. Alderman occupation is guardsmen of pod transportation quadrant of the fourth level. He was caught minutes after the second explosion we believe he had help.” “Of course he had help his take down was too easy, he obviously wanted to be captured.” Julian said as he looked up at the video of the take down.

“Kylie what’s our numbers?” “Hundreds wounded, twelve fatalities. I’m sorry sir I could not save the senior Rodriguez.” Julian’s head snapped quickly around to Kylie. “Are you telling me Mrs. Parks my father is dead?” “Yes, sir. Tessa got you out of the way but your fathers injuries were to severe his heart gave out before any surgical tactics could have been performed.” “Can I see him?” “Sir I have to warn you the degrees of his burns maybe more than you need to handle at this point in time his left side of the face is severely damaged we need time to prepare.” Julian cut her off. “Kylie take me to my father!”

“Yes sir. Right this way.” They made their way down the corridor to the medic-unit. Viewing all the damages to the ship. Cries of the injured echoing through the ship, the ship. Only twelve dead. Kylies words keep repeating in his head looking at all the wounded faces as he passes by. A quick strange sense of pride feels him through that the people on the ship were strong enough to overcome such a hit. Such an impact of hate. The people. His people. It was at this moment he realized with his father dead he was alone now in his presidency. It was only a matter of time until the council comes looking for Tessa. His heart ached. Kylie opened the door and let him through first to follow him after Connor.

“You have ten minutes sir.” “I’ll see to the repairs sir.” Connor replied after. “I’ll leave you be. Julian.” She called softly before opening the door. “ I’m so sorry for our loss.” Julian gave a quick nod and she shut the door behind her. He honestly believed she was sorry and knew it was for more than just his father. Afterall she was just as close to Tessa as Addie. Walking up and looking down at his father. He began to cry a heart breaking silently cry flowing through him as if he were a young boy who got hurt waiting for him to get up and tell him it will be alright only this time his father wouldn’t be standing to clean him off.

It has only been two weeks since he has the new president of the ship, with his father and the new council to help him and this is what happens, he thought to himself. “How could this happen to you? How do I keep the peace now? I can’t lose you and Tessa in the same day.” He choked out. Looking over his father’s body to see a small object poking out of his inside pocket. It was the picture of him and Tessa looking happy both in their late teens only a few years back now. With a note with a date and time and location behind a map where Julian was giving his speech just hours before.

He was giving a speech to the ship to address the new laws for the council and school for the people. There was an x where Tessa was expected to be. Julian’s heart sunk even further like someone had ahold of it and was starting to squeeze. Tessa! They were after Tessa. They went after him to get to her. The door opens as Julian quickly put the objects inside his jacket pocket. “Mr. President we’re sorry for your loss but the people need you sir.” “First sir, we need to say after viewing the footage it seems that we have reason to believe that Tessa maybe involved with the attack on the ship. Sir, we need to find and examine her have you seen her?”

“No, not since she saved my life Derek. There is no way she would have done this. Any of this to all these people. Not to her people.” “The evidence may prove otherwise we’ve taken Adelyn Meyers into custody, but she couldn’t seem to find her either, after the explosion it seems that she has now just vanished off the ship sir. However we are still looking for her sir through the injured we want you to prepare yourself if she is not found dead she will be detained for trial.”

The ships alarms starting yelling around them going off as the ship shook quickly. They quickly went to look out the window only to see a sight that felt like it jerked his heart right out of his chest. Watching fifteen pods launch out of the prisoners ward. “What the hell just happened who set the sentencing now? Someone call Atheo and let them know we got a load coming.” Connor shouted out orders to everyone even on the radio. They entered the interrogation room where Adelyn was being held on conspiracy charges. “Derek leave me alone for a few minutes there are somethings I need to go over with her.”

“Yes, sir. The rest of the council will be waiting for you Julian we need to regroup quickly. I’m sorry Addie but it’s been officially decided we will be sending you to Atheo for your trail. You are not going in blind and you have a above eighty percent chance of coming back home once you have been cleared. You only have one officer going with you. Guess who was the first to volunteer?” Derek asked with a wink. “Jared? You can’t let him go he won’t be able to handle a trip to Earth and a trail.” Addie started to plea. “He’s going Addie I already cleared him hours ago. I’m sorry but we owe both you and him at least this much. This is the only thing I can do to help. I’m very sorry Addie I know I’ll see you soon.” Derek hugged her tight and started walking to the door.

“Sir be quick the council awaits you. I’ll stall for a while but don’t be too long.” The doors shut behind him and lock. “Look at this.” Julian pulled from his pocket hat he discovered from his father’s body. The look of horror plastered Addies face her eyes wide it was almost unbearable to look at her. “Your father knew this would happen?! He knew?! Tessa begged you not to give this damn speech she said she knew something bad was going to happen she even told you the rebels were not the enemy, and we just sent her down to the enemy. We even just sent her to the enemy along with the people she locked away!” Adelyn quietly screamed at Julian.

Julian had small tears clouding his eyes. “How could you launch her with the prisoners she’s the Chief of the security the General of our soldiers head boss of all police we have her on the ship. Addie what were you thinking?!” Julian scorned back. “We didn’t launch the prisoners! Someone knew we would send her down and launched a timer that would send them out. Using that as a distraction and God only knows who else could’ve snuck off the ship in with them to get down there. Every inmate was on her service. Thankfully Tessa was good hearted to them all, hopefully they will return that respect should they meet each other up before Atheo. Ben is waiting for them now he’s keeping all quiet for now.” Julian felt he was starting to suffocate in his chest.

“Julian… What if Tessa figured it all out? What if she’s the answer to this whole mess and what if just did everything people like your father wanted us to do? Maybe this was all a mistake? I’m going to Earth, and I’m getting my best friend.” Addie was always a loyal fearlessly brave woman even when they were all kids. Her and Tessa so much alike in that category that in heart they should have been twins. “You go get our girl and I’ll not be far behind you.” “We need you in the chamber sir.” Connor announced as he walked in the room and moved past him to hug Addie with a quick nod as a goodbye.

“Take care of Jared Addie should you fall you take his heart and whole world with you.” Connor said walking back out the door. “If Tessa remembers me tell her I stand by my promise.” Julian said as he walked out the door securely locking on its own behind him. Going through the chamber doors he began to grow angry. “Ok now that were all here, let’s begin, Mr. President do you know where Tessandra Alderman is?” One of the older councilmen asked. “No, the whereabouts of my fiancé are unknown but I do believe I know who caused the attack.” Julian answered through his gritted teeth.

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