Through The Eyes of A Stranger

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Tessnadra Alderman wakes up on Earth in a crashed pod with no idea where she is or who she is When a tribe of people who knew her parents take her in will she be able to remember who she is while on the path to discover who she needs to be? Can she save the lives of thousands that will need her? "I can never repay you enough for what you have done for Tessa. She's my whole world and it's been the hardest time of my life without her. But I need you to know that I'm willing to fight for her for as long as it takes for her to truly forgive me and get her love back." Julian said looking straight into Emmits Eyes. " I can respect that. Tess is not the woman you give up on. But are you thinking of her needs or yourself? Learning of your guys past I know there is a bunch of history I will never even want to change and feelings that will always linger. However she grew to love you, you were chosen for her. She chose me all on her own. She is not the same woman your people groomed her to be she is not who she was. With me she is learning who she wants to become. After all you have put her through do you honestly believe you're the right man for her? I will fight for her all of her for her choices, her freedom and her heart. Can you do that?" Emmitt answered back. "May the best man get her." Julian said. "May the best man deserve her." Emmitt answered back shaking his hand in respect.

Romance / Fantasy
Marie Sanchez
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Chapter 1

Tess slept for what felt twenty minutes. It’s been almost a year and what a long exhausting year it’s been. Emmitt shook her awake. “Come on, let’s go.” He said kneeling her down beside her. “Where are you going?” “Well the since circle accepted your plan to make peace with other tribes. The other tribes are not too thrilled with to be taking combat skill lessons from a sleep walker, who their concerned will turn into one of them. However they too see no other choice. Things may change completely around here should you decide to leave us.” “You mean when I’m asked to leave the village right?” She asked, he could hear the sadness in her voice. “You need to get ready. We’re meeting up with the others to set traps along the borders were going to get us a shadow and see if we can undo whatever has been done.”

“Sounds like good times await.” She responded lacing up her last boot. “I’ll be outside.” She started pulling her hair back into a high ponytail. “You know you will be asked to leave the village. You will be told the way back to your people. It is the way our treaty works. However many choose another path. This place…” Emmitt said his waving around his home. “Is not in the village boundary per se and I will not ask you to leave. You may stay here until you’re ready for whatever it is you wish to do next . There’s no rush.” Emmitt told her full of emotion and calm. Tessa was starring Emmitt straight in the in shock looking for any sign of lies regret for his offer but she did not find anything but truth making her heart swell the people in this village has been too good to her she thought. ”Just think about it, it’s just an idea to ease some of the stress on your shoulders. It’s better to think with a clear head.” “Thank you.” She said still in shock and amazed.

“You would disobey an order, even though you’re a second in command all for a Skylander who could be a bad person once awoken?” She asked voice sounded more breaking than she wanted. “As a future leader it is my duty to obey orders we both know this and lead the people by doing the right thing. You staying here breaks no treaty and it’s the right thing not to throw a friend out in the cold with wild animals, hell even wild people. I believe down to my soul you’re a good person I’ve had about a year to see it with my own eyes. Trust me your more like your mother than you realize. Emmitt said with a chuckle.

“We’re friends?? Tessa asked with a teasing smug smile. “I’m assuming we are. Have I mislead myself?” “No sir. It actually feels a million times great just to be called a friend out loud by someone. Let’s go with so much fun ahead of us.” They made their way to the entrance of the home He held it open for her before she walked through it she turned to Emmitt. “You should take care of your offer to me Emmitt with such kindness as yours it’s almost tempting to never leave.” They smiled and left. They spent the earlier part of the day setting traps with others from both villages some from the tribes of the circle and the other tribes. It was almost midday. Emmitt looked at Tessa “come we gotta ride for Abriel’s you’re to train remember?” She was already tired and sore from the waking up process the day before.

“Oh yeah forgot about that. Cato were heading off. “Be careful now, eyes opened remember over half all territories and borders are walking mine fields now.” “We’re warned. She replied back in a playful low tone and a silly smile. Tess walked off to go for her jacket and other things. Emmitt was watching her from the corner of his eye as she saddled her horse and readied herself. “She is so much like her mother, yet so entirely different.” Lalo said putting his hand up on Emmitt’s shoulder starring at Tess with him neither man’s eyes leaving her. “I agree, even when they feel trapped their will is wild and stubborn and free mainly stubborn.” “It’s true kinda like a horse even with beauty and grace. It’s a shame though knowing any minute she could wake up and be back in the same upside-down spiral she’s in already. She must really worry about her past to be sent here the way she was. Odd isn’t it I think whoever sent her did it quickly I also think they did it because they cared for her.” Emmitt slowly looked at Lalo.

“It’s a good theory for her to hold onto. She is still angry for being tossed away.” Emmitt replied sadly. “You know she may have someone coming for her, whether for good or bad reasons. She’s been destined as a savior. It is a huge burden to carry alone.” “That is why we should give her all the support, compassion, and our strength don’t you think my friend?” Emmitt asked Lalo curiously wondering where exactly this conversation was going. ”Absolutely, I am just making sure you are aware of the situation Emmitt we are going to war with a powerful enemy, her people will come I’ve watched you watch her over these months sometimes things we love are not always good for us.” “You think I love her?” Emmitt asked surprised by the words that just came out of Lalo’s mouth. “You misunderstand I need you to remind Tess of those words. Look at her Emmitt she is not just a Skylander, she is one of us. Her people started the enemy that doesn’t make them honorable. We see what they do, and we’ve seen who she is. Law is different for her here. Wouldn’t you accept her as a second in command even just for Malik or Luca she would do the job well under your rule when you take place for Tahlia.” Lalo begged out with hopeful eyes.

Emmitt didn’t even think about asking her to be a successor he looked behind Lalo and looked around at all the people who listening intently in their conversation. “You are not the only one who wants this ae you?” Emmitt looked at all in the eye knowing the answer when every single one broke eye contact to confirm that thought Emmitt smirked. “We will see what fate will have.” Emmitt placed is hand on Lalo’s shoulders and mounted his horse. “Ready?” Tessa asked fixing her mess of a hair back into a high pony tail. “Ya.” “Lead the way onward. My friend.” Tess said with a wink Emmitt rolled his eyes. “You’re not going to make me regret using that word are you?” He laughed. “Just lead the way.” She teased.

It was incredible how at home she felt, how natural it was being around the villagers all the tribe members. She really thought her parents were smart enough to make a home here. They put so much faith in the man ahead of her, she was so grateful it was not misplaced. Tess would be lost without him she thought. Knowing much of her earlier years was definitely speeding up the process of her memory. Tess was getting more and more flashes of her life, fearing she would be awake soon. With a heavy heart she did not want to leave, she started to feel sad. Even her parents stayed right on the lines of the village boundaries so they could say they did not break a treaty. “You should be warned some of the things you will see here are not pleasant for the eyes or mind. After all they are a cannibal tribe. Their section handles punishments. They don’t always eat on people they eat any and everything. Only ones they’ve ever eaten are those sentenced to death or to lose a limbs for crimes against others.” Emmitt tried to explain. She looked up and saw the gates with skulls on it through spears. Stopping her horse. “The great Tessandra is not scared of wood and bones is she?” Emmitt asked curiously. “I had a dream about this place. This is wrong. We should leave. Tessa whispered to Emmitt. “We need to train here there are some great warriors and people in there who need to be guided properly to win this battle. Hey.” Emmitt whispered grabbing her attention back “What was in your dream?” He asked curiously to wonder what it was that could her back. “A snake.” Tessa hissed out.

“An evil twisting snake. He changed colors his heart, his chest was blue just as his eyes but the eyes were so familiar I’ve seen them when they weren’t shining that evil glow.” “We are in the woods there is probably a snake in there somewhere I’m not gonna lie.” “No, there is a nest of snakes in there just like Jedikai.” Tessa snapped back in another whisper. Emmitt understood her now. “Look, we have to do this. Sometimes the best thing to do is to draw they prey out and play dead before you he hunter pounce. So you go in there like the great hunter you are and draw that prey out and I’ll be right next to you the whole time.” She looked at him and nodded. “Funny that sounds so familiar Déjà vu feeling I guess I’ve done this before. Calling out the enemy without actually calling out the enemy.”

They rode on through the gate. Eyes were on them most were even friendly; some were looking at her like they couldn’t wait to sink their teeth in her. Welcome to our humble neck of the woods.” Zayn shouted out happily arms spread wide open for her to embrace all that that was around her. “Very homey and humble indeed.” She smiled widely as she dismounted her horse Emmitt following suit behind her. Taking Zayn’s hands still held out for her welcoming her properly. “Thank you for the invitation.” She said still smiling. “Emmitt, I assume we won’t take too much of your time today, we all still have so much to do.” Abriel said walking up behind Zayn.

“Let’s hope not. Are your men ready?” “Of course, my lady we are always ready.” Those words felt more like a threat than they probably should. “This way” They made their way through to the training area and ring through the village. Into the huge area where numerous people, all men she noticed, were waiting . “Welcome to the training area.” Jedikai said as he greeted them. Tess and Emmitt nodded. “Good afternoon I’m Tessa or Tess and today you will be learning how to take down a shadow or Tentoria and still be alive to tell the tale. So let’s begin.” They trained hard quick and fast as much as they could. It was obvious more training will be needed but they got the important things down to keep practicing while she’s away. “You have obtained a lot of information remember it and keep practicing until I return for more lessons. We will be back another day hopefully not too far from now. Thank you all for your hard work and attention. Our battle is far from over, rest now you’re going to need it.” Emmitt walked to Jedikai.

“It’s late we will not extend your generous hospitality, were gonna head off before darkness settles.” “Safe trip my friend.” Emmitt walked to Tessa who stood next to the horses a young boy brought her just seconds before. Emmitt quickly got on. Tessa was locked in a starring match with Jedikai it was strange so invasive, like a threat or warning. “Tess, we need to go.” Mounting her horse they left. “Do you know another way home?” Tessa asked quietly “I know many.” “Choose one my friend, the woods have many eyes and weapons tonight and I fear they will soon be upon us. “So you feel something wrong my dear?” He asked sweetly reminded her of Luca, but she liked it better coming from Emmitt. “What gave it away sugar?” Tess teased back. They shared a smile with each other still riding on. They rode fast and hard over half way to there destination, and it was dark. They were both tired and ready for rest.

“We need to stop at the river horses need a drink not to proud to say I need one myself.” Emmitt told her. Tessa nudged her horse to the right. They came upon the stream but she didn’t dismount with Emmitt who was upon the stream letting both horses drink. Filling his canteen in a different part of the stream. “I don’t think we should be here we should go.” Tess said looking around them. Her stomach was turning in knots, her hair rising on her neck tingles of unease flowing up and down her spine. A sickening sensation going all the wat through her. “We’ll be quick you need to drink to We must take care of ourselves.” He said splashing water on his face tossing his canteen to her for her to drink. “A few minutes will make no significant difference besides the entire world on outside is set up. Go on drink, rest, breath a moment and we’ll be on our way.’ Emmitt replied, “Don’t mock my instincts they’ve not been wrong yet.” Her heart skipped a beat and felt like it fell in her stomach. She grew suddenly nervous. “I would never dream of mocking your anything,…” She cut Emmitt off.

“Did we have this conversation before? No! it wasn’t with you. The important guy I took the dive for before I came here I said the same thing to him. I got hurt and ended up somewhere new.” Just as she said her last word a heavy object was thrown hard at her knocking her form the high horse. Emmitt grabbed his sword and went to pick her up from the water by than arrows were flying by them randomly. Tessa stood trying to see beyond the darkness of the trees. There was just too much going on around her. Men. Men were charging them. “Shadows?” Emmitt yelled “AN arrow went through her right side. Pain hit her it won’t do much damage that close to her edge of the waist still under the ribs. Her head was bleeding form the blow hat took her over. A shadow came upon her, she grew angry and charged out of the water. They exchanged blows.

Tessa dodged his knife, caught his arm and snapped it all the way back and grabbed the knife she shoved the weapon in his eye through his head and began twisting it deeper and deeper, using his body as a shield for the wave of arrows. She looked at Emmitt who managed to cut off hi opponents head, he grabbed his bow and let the arrows fly back. A loud scream and thump whoever it was the archer was no shadow or heartless or rather maybe just not activated however he was dead now. The bow he was using was designed to take five shots at once. “Look, there’s only a few of them.’ She told Emmitt three other men charge two attacked Tessa and they were o strong they were exchanging hit after she managed to get one in the neck with her dagger, and got a hit in the head again she lost consciousness and fell.

The shadow who was huge caught her and carried her away and just ran quickly like she weighed nothing. Emmitt managed to get a few feet away when his attacker through a dagger at Emmitt one hit his arm and another through the horses legs the poor beast fell hard. Emmitt flown hard off the horse and into a tree. The horse fell into one of the traps as the horse touched the net it was shocked and electrocuted, unfortunately the shock was so powerful and it stopped the hoses heart beat and caught the body on fire. Emmitt looked up the other shadow quickly was making his way towards him, he yanked the knife out and threw it towards the tree and another net fell on the shadow and shocked him unconscious as he hung there from the tree. Emmitt took his horse and made way to get Tessa back.

Tessa was coming to, both hands were tighten by a rope over her head her legs were bound together. She was stretched out, pain rushed through her. Yup, she thought to herself, I ignored my instincts for a guy and I get stabbed and shot yet again woke up trapped somewhere new. I don’t know seems about right. She thought trying not to laugh at her own self-mockery. ”So the great Alderman awakes? An unfamiliar voice asks her. Tessa stared blankly at the man in front of her was a tall man a little lighter skinned than Emmitt yet still a golden brown color as I tanned by the sun with a chiseled chin and dark hair. “We’ve been looking for you. You’re a hard woman to get ahold of.” He smirked his voice was odd and instantly chilling.

“Well if you knew me as well as you think you so it should have been easier. Maybe you’re not as smart as you think you are?” She replied sarcastically. “Maybe you should watch that tongue my dear. Maybe your traitor. How would your people feel about you training those savages to take down their very own project and people?” teased. “I dare say they might even watch you hang down here.” “those blue-eyed demons are not our people . Their corrupted and used as puppets by your master I’m assuming since he sent down his bitch to retrieve me.” He back handed her across the face on her last comment. “What did you call me?” He roared angerly. “Well f it whines like a bitch, and hits like a bitch odds are you’re a bitch.” She spat out to him. He back handed her again, than taking part of the arrow that was still in her side and twisting it. Tessa twinged. “Where is the box Tessandra?” “Probably the last place you put it genius.” “Don’t play with me chief where is it?” He smacked her again.” When I get out of here and believe you me it will be soon. I’m killing you first bitch.” She spat on him again. “Call me Dimitri, and well see about that won’t we .”

“Tell me where the box is.” “Go to hell.” “Sir.” Another man entered.” Word from Atheo, Lalani has reported back she has reason to believe that Tessa is under amnesia.” “What is the reason?” He snapped . “Couple of them actually sir, for starters when she landed she landed in the wrong spot. Let’s not forget she’s the chief she would never abandoned her people this long she’s far too proud. Lastly why else would the savages keep her this long it’s been almost a year she’s been missing, and they would not break their treaty with Atheo. Plus an insider from one of the villages has confirmed that she does not know anything she’s still waking up as they call it.”

“Fine, maybe a little more time with me and I can spark a memory.” “No, we need to know what she knows and only way to do that is keep her blood clean, and her alive.” “Just because you’ve always disgusted her Dimitri, is no reason to tare her apart. Let the past go.” Fine she will remain in here captive and untouched.” Dimitri walked back in. “Seems the odds are in your favor my love. Seems you’re not completely in there. Pity really I was rather enjoying our little time together. However, it is not worth the fun if you were can not remember who I am.” She looked at him as she wished he would combust into flames. “Alas you still look at me the same. We knew each other as kids your cousin Eric is my best friend we fought all the time.”

“You were promised to another. When we were teens, I came to ask you to be mine and you said and I quote ‘ not if the ship was filled with piss and I had the last escape pod’ I’d rather die first. That was your exact response. You ripped y heart out, soon I’ll be able to reciprocate the feeling.” He came walking around her smelling her hair and walking back in front of her. “Seems I’m still a good judge of character. Traitor to your own people. You are clean no chips, no serums. You choose to do this to your own kind how could you do this to people?” “It’s called survival my love. The winning team. The war is coming and all opposed will be enslaved or put to death. I will be living life under new management. Compared to the new leader trust me I’m a saint.” Dimitri teased. “What if your wrong? What if you fall in battle? You my dear,” she spat out “are doing a dangerous thing underestimating me.”

“Well you were always the one to gamble against the house . I’m afraid this time you will go down.” “I doubt that. Do you think I don’t know that there is only this tent and four of you. You are far from help, and you are in enemy territory. You are with only one blue eyed monster who will not protect you. “Protect me from what.” “Them.” She whispered. That’s when they heard the scream and came running in the tent with arrows through his stomach that had him lit on fire and throughout the rest of his body screaming lighting the rest of the tent and everything he touch on fire as well. Still screaming. Another scream was heard outside the the shadow fell lifelessly inside the tent. “Huh, I was wrong there was only three of you.” She said amused. Dimitri quickly unhooked her chains leaving her still bound by feet but now mobile hands still bound together she hit him with the metal cuff, trying to strangle him with her rope as his bent over, he flipped her and drug her out of the way before part of the tent collapsed.

A knife ripped straight down the tent and Emmitt came in swinging on Dimitri. Luca and Tuca pulled Tess out of the burning tent breaking her wrists and ankles free. Emmitt dragging a very unwilling guest with him out of the tent whose flame has been put out by the other warriors by now. Tuca was quick to bound the man who kidnapped their Tessa pulled out the dagger and charged for Dimitri. Emmitt stood in front of her catching her. “No.” Malik said flatly. “Stand down.” “You don’t know who he really is, what he’s done.” “We need him. He needs to go back and tell the others; we’ve got too much riding on this Tess.” Emmitt said and she looked up at him defeated because she was. She knew he was right. “Ok.” Tessa said trying not to cry. “Go, you sniveling coward tell your master how you failed. I’ll be waiting.” Emmitt told Dimitri with so much force it even made Malik a little nervous with his sword to Dimitri’s neck nicking as he got up to run. “Let’s go.” Malik called out to all the other warriors who came to help. They walked back into the woods Emmitt holding onto Tessa who was having trouble moving around with the arrow still in her side. “I’ll examine you at home, if you’re ok with that? I can also take you to Chloe’s.”

“I trust you will do the fine job at home. I fear it may be difficult job for Chloe.” “You mean a lot of crying?” Tuca chimed in and teased. “Enough the horses are ahead.” “Emmitt Tess will rise with you, Chloe your with me.” Malik shouted. No one protested. They all got upon their horses before they rode out. “Wait!” Tessa called out to everyone who stopped and stared and her. “You came to collect me and you didn’t have to. Thank you for risking all you did just for me I don’t even know how to thank you.” “You are the key to the victory of this war. It’s a bad play to just give it away to the enemy. “Lalo answered back with a smile. “You maybe a person who fell from that ship” Malik said pointing up. “But you are a part of the Declan circle warriors as well. You are our people. You are more than a key or war strategy. Malik added on starring her down to make sure she understood what his words meant.

“Thank you.” “You will be debriefed by Tahlia soon and the rest of the Circle. Hopefully you’ll be standing well.” Luca spoke out. “I’ll be there with bells on. You’re amazing Chloe.” Tessa yelled as they all made their separate ways to end this night. “It may be a drafty night, maybe you would need a nice Tuca blanket to keep you warm?” Tuca asked in a teasing voice and a seductive wink. “Oh, what a generous offer , but I’m afraid I won’t be able to give such a blanket it’s proper justice this evening.” She replied sweetly showing her still bleeding side. “Step off it Tuca and go get some rest.” Emmitt laughed as kicked his horse to separate ways with Tuca to go home. Lalo reached over to smacked Tuca in the back of his head. “We’re trying to get her to stay . You’re going to scare her off.”

Lalo added. Tuca rubbing his head as they rode off. Tess was slowly getting some strength back. They reached their destination and dismounted the horse and Emmitt slapped the horse in the butt to go off in the woods to his spot to rest. He took her arm and put it over him as he grabbed around her waist. “I think I can manage.” “Let me help you. Receiving help is not weakness.” She took a deep breath. “Ok.” Emmitt got Tess in and sat her down. Washing off her face he put a salve on her wound on her face where the rock had hit her knocking her off from the stream earlier. You will bruise but it’ll heal quick your just going to be sore. Now let’s get this out.” She nodded lifting up her shirt high enough to show under her ribs. “Stretch this way for me.” Emmitt said already trying to clean off the wound. She did as she was asked. Emmitt broke the rest of the arrow off on both sides and pulled it out. “Just seal it please.” Tessa stuttered. He nodded and went for the hotrod that was now ready.

“Bite this down. “ It was one of his clean shirt, she couldn’t help but noticed how great it smelled and bit down. Pain rushed through her as he pushed the rod in her wound on both sides of her. He put the salve on, thankful for her mother inventing it at the moment especially with the numbing solution. “Ok.” She said as she took a breath and started to relax and sat up. “You turn.” She went for her needle and prepared him for sutures. “Sit” she told Emmitt. Emmitt did as he was requested. “This looks horrible, you barely only packed it?” Tessa questioned him. “I did not have much time. ”Emmitt said softly. “So thank you for everything. Not just tonight but literally everything. I do appreciate all you have done. That man you set free tonight his name is Dimitri. Apparently we’ve been battling since we were little. I broke his heart I guess, or so he says, because he’s an ass and I didn’t want him even then. He did say I was a great leader before I even got here.”

Tessa told Emmitt while continuing her task sewing his wounds back. He listened carefully to every word while his body facing the other way away from her to give her better access. “SO from one leader to another thinking of the good of the tribes people. Why didn’t you just let them kill me?” Emmitt’s head snapped to look at her in the face like she’s lost her damned mind did he really just her those words leave her mouth? “What? How can you ask me that?” He asked a little nervously. “They want me. My brain is the key. I don’t have the memory they seek. Even if I did I would take it to my grave. My people are the reason yours is even in this mess of a war. I’m not your responsibility you do not owe me or my parents anything. It’s a logical move.”

Tess stated heart brokenly. “You have not been no more than twenty steps away from me since I have been here. I think we both know it’s safe to say I will harm no one here. I don’t want to be the future leaders burden.” Tessa finished her task; Emmitt caught her wrist starring at her growing angry not putting any pressure to hurt her wrist but not letting it go loosely either. “From one leader to another, there is no way in hell you would ever even consider doing that to someone. You are right you are not my responsibility; you are my friend whose getting back on her feet. I don’t owe you anything, really? The reason I am twenty steps away from Tessa is you’re one of the smartest people I have ever met. You are single handedly training all five tribes here not to mention dozens of other villages that are now at peace after years. You did that, and you alone. You have taught us so much in such a short time.

You are a great asset and valuable friend in our world. This is meant to be your home with us. I will never leave one your own behind, so don’t you ever ask me that again! YOU ARE OUR PEOPLE! Don’t ask me to be something I’m not you should know me better by now. Don’t you ever say I don’t owe your parents anything, I owe them EVERYTHING! Not because saved hundreds to thousands of lives of our people here. Not because of all the sweat, blood and tears they poured into all these villages. Not because of teaching us about the Tentoria and of those at Atheo. Not because they saved me and gave me a great and honorable place here, but because they gave me YOU!” Tessa got caught off guard starring at Emmitt intently. “You are smart, crazy, stubborn skilled, incredibly talented, amazingly beautiful and brave. You have a heart of gold, no doubt you gained from both your parents. I am a better man for knowing you, and just being around you, and if you can’t see all that than the only blind irresponsible person here is who doesn’t deserve you… is you.”

Emmitt finished his rant. Tess looked at him somehow not knowing when she stood up lost in awe. “Forgive me.” He said as he quickly turned around with one arm around her waist tenderly and one hand involved between her neck and jawline his lips pressed her sensually in passion so deep yet so careful. His taste was as sweet and soft. As surprised as she was she did not fight him but gave into just as soon as their lips met. Feeling as if he knees were going to buckle. Emmitt pulled back gently. “I had to do that, at least just once.” “Is that why you asked me to stay here with you.?” She asked him starring into his eyes. “No, I asked you to stay because I want you, this is where you belong Tess. Anything else that may come would just be a hopeful bonus.” He smirked. “Oh.” She said getting closer to him again.

“Maybe you should have started with bonus talk first.” Tessa wrapped her arms around Emmitt’s neck kissing him a little more aggressively this time. Emmitt was so strong, so gentle. Putting her hands to the hem of his shirt looking at him quietly asking for permission. He nodded to her as she pulled his shirt over his head. Taking in his body, his stomach like a wash board. His chest chiseled. All the years of training had done his body justice. She took in every wonderful inch of him as his beautiful brown skin glowed in the light of all the candles they normally had going. “You are not fully awake. I’ll accept no look of regret on you later. Are you sure about this?” Emmitt said into her ear as he nibbled on it looking back into her eyes to be sure this is the path she wanted to take.

“I’m a grown woman Emmitt. I make my own decisions and have no regrets.” She said with confidence she wasn’t even aware she had, as she took her shirt off and threw it across the room grabbing him back down to kiss him again. Tess was melting as his mouth and tongue invaded her. Just when she thinks her knees are about to give out on her he stretches his hands down her body to where her butt and thighs meet and lifts her up letting her legs wrap around his waist. Carrying her to their shared room like she weighed the same as air to the bed. One swift move of his hand and her bra was clear across the room. Emmitt laid her gently on the bed as he admired her body. Her flat waist with scars over her randomly all over her stomach and pelvic area even some underneath her breast. “Does it hurt?” He asked as wounded as they looked knowing how much she’s really been through.

“Not when you’re here.” She answered honestly. HE came on top of her meeting her lips again getting drunk off her kisses. Slowly becoming addicted to the taste as if she was slowly becoming his fix. Tess wasn’t sure when their pants have been taken off both their bodies but they were gone leaving her to feel every inch of his body his skin on hers. “Can I taste you?” All she could do was nod not knowing what that meant exactly she can’t remember ever doing anything like this with anyone or feeling the way he made her feel all throughout her body. Emmitt kissed her one last time, than his lips making his way down her neck licking , kissing and teasing all the way down to her breast where her took one in his mouth while his other hand kneading the other tenderly make her feel a pleasure she was unsure of.

Making his way down he belly with his tongue and kisses he came down to her woman hood. His eyes darkened as he used his hands to part her legs and bring his face to her center his tongue entered her core taking her to a whole new level of pleasure she was unaware even existed. His tongue going up and down her slit, to her clit and sucking and nibbling he core. Just when she think the feeling couldn’t get any better he brought his finger and was alternating his finger and tongue until she felt knots in her stomach unaware of what was happening. He knew she was close as she was beginning to tighten on to him ”Emmitt!” She cried out not knowing what was really happening to her. “It’s ok Tessa let go, give it to me baby I’m here to catch you.”

Tessa felt like she had exploded from the inside out crying out his name as she let herself go. Emmitt quick to lap up every single drop of her juices, wipes his mouth and makes his way up to her. “Are you sure about this Tessa? If you let this happens you will be mine there’s no going back.” Emmitt said starring her in the eyes so she could understand this wasn’t some onetime thing. “I think you were mine the moment I laid eyes on you. I want this, I want you.”

That was all that he needed to hear as he quickly slide straight into her entrance penetrating through her and her trembling body. Pain rushed through her as she cried out feeling as if she just broke in half, he was huge she was shocked at how he even got it all the way in. As he waited for her to give him the sign he needed to start moving slowly letting her adjust to him. Emmitt looked down the sight of him entering her in and out was making him harder than her already was until he noticed it. Blood. This did nothing for slowing him down to know he is the first person to ever have her made his heart sore. Tessa wrapped her legs around his waist and flipped them over so she could straddle him riding him on top. Grinding her body against him setting them both feelings of euphoria hitting so much deeper.

Emmitt sitting up him still inside of her he managed to get her to be turned around facing away from his body both on their knees as he works her body from behind feeling them melt together when he felt himself getting close he took his hand and reach around her to take his finger and rubbed it around and on and in her clit pushing them both over the edge at the same time coming together. Their bodies drenched in sweat, leaning his head resting behind hers. He laid he down and walked away from the room to where a basin and a jug of water he brought in back grabbing a clean rag he looked at Tessa who looked like she was glowing and content feeling exhausted.

“We did learn something tonight Tess you have bled. This means you have never been with another man. I am very thankful you gave me this incredible gift. It is comforting to know that the first time either of us has laid with another for the first time it was with each other.” Emmitt said as he cleaned her up with rag. Her heart felt so full so much happiness flowing threw her. “You have never been with anyone? How can that have you seen yourself?” She asked confused on how this was possible were the women in these villages crazy. “ I made myself a very busy man and your parents told me that if you wait for someone special than it’ll be an incredible experience and it’ll be all you need when you’re with the right person. I can proudly say they were right. Also no one has ever caught my attention that way. Not the way you have. In the last year we ’ve grown closer and I don’t want to stay away from you emotionally anymore Tess.” “Then don’t Emmitt.” She whispered as he kissed her. He crawled on the bed spooning her body holding her tightly her back to his chest. “That was amazing.” She whispered tiredly. “Not half as amazing as you.” He said kissing her neck. “So if I stay here even after being awoken, will there be more times like this? I’m not trying to sound clingy I’m just trying to weigh the pros and cons of the situation.” She laughed out. “Without risking sounding needy or like a regular man we can have as many times like this as you want my dear. I want you to be all mine in every way possible.” Emmitt growled playfully back. “Did that make the pro or con list?” He asked to her curiously. “Definitely a pro. Emmitt?”

He hummed back at her while kissing her shoulder. “Can we not tell anyone about this?” He froze at hearing those words he could swear his heart skipped a beat. “ I told you I will not accept any form of regret.” He started starring down at her. “No, no. I have no regret. Whoever planned and took me tonight has no idea how connected I really am here. They believe I will be tossed out straight on my ass the second I’m awake just like the others. I need them to believe that as well. We all worked so hard on this plan we have all trained so hard.” “You don’t want to show vulnerability. I get it I understand what you mean. Might be better for the people, not to know than.

Can I hope to come home to you in more than a friendly manner. Not just fooling around I mean I dare say I enjoy the closeness we’ve had and are currently having. I would be proud to be worthy enough to just have you to me even if it’s just us who’ll know. For now it will have to be enough for just us to know. What if you change your mind when your memory comes to? Would you want me than?” “My instincts tell me I’m going to want you until I stop breathing.” She answered honestly. They finally gave into exhaustion and gave into sleep tangled up in each other.

Tessa felt as I she were in a nightmare. So many flashes racing through her min. Feeling heartbroken, nervous, and confused all at once with each one. She saw a dark brown box, inside it were filled with so many different viles all of which were different. She watched as her parents sealed the boxes. Than her mother saw her in the corner. Her father turned to her with a smile. “Hey kiddo, what are you doing up? Let’s get you back to bed; huh?” “Daddy what is that?” Young Tessa asked point to the box. “That is the future. It will be our legacy. Hopefully with the right hands, hearts, and minds we will change the world.” She awoke in a panic and huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. “Hey you’re up.” Emmitt said happily. “Hey calm down, breath. What happened?” “Memories. Starting to wonder if I’ll ever them that don’t always leave me with more questions than answers.” She mocked herself. “Here drink this.” He laughed giving her the cup. “Get ready. We’ll grab some food and get to Circle.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead and waited by the door. “This is going to be a long day.”[i] She groaned, while getting ready avoiding fighting the urge not to leave and keep Emmitt in bed with her all day. Sharing her thought he gave her smile. “As great as that sounds, we still have much to do, come on lazy bones.” He said winking at her leaving her blushing.

Chapter 21

Tessa went to hep Chloe and her grandmother get somethings ready for when they would ride out. Emmitt and some of the others went to speak to his dad. “So you’re saying this is close to Amal’s location and this side over here is where the man hid the boxes?” Jared asked respectfully. “Yes this side would be closer to Amal’s heart location. It is not as many men around it but the more this way you would go the more dangerous it will be. They will hold you captive for awhile to see what use you can be for them. Otherwise they will skin you and feed you to the cannibals on the inside. Most of them are, most of them are not but they only reward them with human to eat if they are seen as useless, or enemies. Mostly cripples, or people who no longer held honor, people who were guilty on a trail standing in front of their superiors or Amal himself. You got to choose what you ate when you pledge you allegiance to the cause. The left half of the camp at dinner time would be eating on your flesh, the right side eat animals or even the nonmeat eaters. If you have to fake being one of them make sure you stay to the right side of camp.” Rylon said with a slight shake of his head.

“They trained for many different things, like we do here. They have their healers, tinkers, warriors, people who handle crops, plant, animals. They have technology like Atheo does so they have their scientist here running theories and whatever else their imaginations can twist up and create. Trust me when I tell you they have more than enough people to try them out on most are willing once they have been activated of course, than there are the fanatics that believe all on their own like your mother.” Rylon snorted. “Well sometimes all people have to do is see and they will believe.” Tuca said. “That’s true. If most people can see it or hear it for themselves it is seen and known as fact. The truly loyal warriors that is all they need is to see the facts, whether it is for good cause or bad cause is based on perspective of how it is shown and represented. For Ezmena it was shown as the only way to save us from whatever it is she thinks we need saving from. However the logical loyal warrior needs to understand the facts and what it means for all people as the bigger picture like us.” Luca said

“Well said. Now is there anything we need to know about the building while we are working on our plans of attacks?” Malik asked looking at Rylon. “There is much you need to know. Here I have drawn it up for you. I wrote the notes you’ll need, times of how long shifts last. Where the weak and strong points are everything you need is here I suggest you move quickly because that is the only speed they work at as well.” Rylon said. Everyone nodded and thanked him and made their way out of the tent. “Emmitt.” Rylon called out making him turn around and come to him looking confused. “It is customary for parents to give a gift to their kids when they found life partner. I made this for you both a while back. I want you both to wear it.” Rylon said as he pulled out two silver necklaces a wolf on the bottom of a crescent moon with blue gem on both they matched perfectly.

Emmitt smiled knowing how much Tessa would love this. “Thank you they look great, very detailed. She will love this thank you.” Emmitt said truly touched. “There’s more to those than meets the eye, it is a tracker you can find each other, Riley help with that. Also my little friend who helped keep an eye on you, can always find you he is connected to these as well. I just know what they can do, not how to do it. I am just the craftsman and Riley is the tech guy. Rylon said. “Make sure you give this to her.” Rylon said looking his son in the eye. “I promise. Thank you again.” Before Emmitt could walk out. “Your mother misses you dearly. She will say and do anything she can to get you to join her fight. She will use anything she can against you to lure you into it. Don’t be fooled by her words son. Even though she loves you more than anything in this world, once you refuse her on this matter she will fight you tooth and nail until she gets you to comply one way or the other. Promise you will do whatever you have to, to ensure that doesn’t happen even if it’s plunging a sword to her chest. No matter what happens just remember that woman is not your mother anymore, she gave up her heart to be another blind pawn in the war. Promise no matter what happens you will end this.” Rylon said with authority. “I promise I will end this.” Emmitt said as he walked out to find Tessa.

“So we are all set we actually have to travel parties leaving. You will come with me and you will go with Malik and Luca to retrieve the boxes and we are going halfway to the other set of the coordinates to lay some traps and some sets of eyes to keep view we will keep setting things like this up every week getting closer and closer until we are ready to attack them fully.” Abriel said looking at the group around him. “I don’t need many men I just need a handful. I am taking Gabe, Tessa, Kenzo, Lalo, and Jedikai as well as two people from Ira. We want to be small and go as unnoticed without attracting attention as possible.” Abriel said flatly. “I will be taking Emmitt, Jared, Tuca, and about ten of our warriors and about ten of Neildai’s he wants to make sure we get back safely. Also Piers will be coming with me while Luca, Julian, and Addie ready any medical attention we could need. Julian needs to get through with Atheo and let Riley know where we are on things as of now and get information from their end.” Malik said leaving no room for argument.

Emmitt got Tessa alone I don’t like you being away from me I have a bad feeling about this.” He said pulling her close to him his hands on her waist. “Everything will be fine I promise. This is the way it has to be just for a little bit but I promise everything will be over soon.” Tessa said wrapping her arms around his neck placing a sweet kiss on his lips. “How can you promise that?” He asked looking at her with a confused look. “Well nothing lasts forever my love, this will end just like all other things eventually end.” She said with a shrug looking in his eyes. “I have something for you. Apparently it is customary for parents here to present their children with a gift when they make a claim on a life partner I guess you could call it an engagement gift from your from.” Emmitt said with a chuckle showing her the necklace. “Rylon made these for us apparently they are special Riley did some high techy stuff to them.” Emmitt said as he gestured to put it on her.

“These are so beautiful I love it. When did we get engaged though I think I missed a step?” Tessa asked with a laugh. “Well you claimed me in front of the Circle pretty much means the same thing here. Anyone makes claim in front of Circle you pretty much set as life partners, mates whatever you want to call it point is at the end of the day everyone will soon know you’re only mine.” Emmitt said with as huge smile and pushed his lips against hers. “So only our little group knows now though?” Tessa asked curiously. “Yes, only those who were in the tent to hear you. Soon though everyone will know. For now we need to go I want you to hurry and be back here before dark. I mean it.” Emmitt said holding her chin up to look him in the eye to make sure she heard him. “I will do all I can to make sure everything goes to plan.” She said pecking his lips.

Before they rode off she brought her horse up to his and got close so only he could hear her. “Be safe. Did you know there is a loose opening right under our bed?” She asked him. “No I did not, I will fix though soon.” He promised. “It looks curious I wonder what we could find in there. Remember to remind ourselves to look.” She said smiling at him as she rode off. “She gets weirder everyday I swear it.” Jared said coming up to him, as they turned their horses the other way and took off to dig for the boxes.

“You know, I had doubts about you along the way this past year. Nothing against you personally. It’s just you meet a lot of people along the way here, and some of them are not who they say they are or are what they appear to be. It was nothing really nothing against you Tess, we just had a bit of a problem weeding out a few bad snakes on our part.” Abriel said to Tessa as they were finishing up. “I had my doubts about your weeds too. That’s what being a good leader is about. Remembering to always proceed with caution because there is so many people riding on your choices not to fail.” Tessa said with a chuckle, Abriel joined her. “Does our fearless future leader know you requested to come out and do this?” Abriel asked looking at the others doing their tasks.

Looking at him she looked back to the others. “No, he doesn’t know any of this. None of them do.” She said as she took a deep breath. “I know how much strength it took to come to me. I am glad we can put everything behind us. I have nothing but complete faith in you. You know believe it or not I became rather close with your dad. He even became my hunting buddy once every week we set a few hours aside to either hunt or fish, enjoying the company of each other telling stories. I had a son once long ago. A man coming from where Kaiel’s village he came looking for help said he escaped from their men. He had a fever, it turned out he was an experiment of sorts and his body did not respond well it made infectious and my son he was fifteen, he brought him in and caught the fever and passed on. Only the two were infected and we had burned them both. With your dad I was able to relive the times I had with him, as he did with tales of you.” Abriel said looking at Tessa with a sad smile.

“I see so much of both of them flowing through you, that when we get time like this it’s almost as if my friend is still here.” He said looking in her eyes sweetly. “I always thought people were the most interesting creatures. Only because I used to love reading. It was the story, I always loved a good story no matter what genre my parents read to me or what I read to myself it was the always the story that captured my attention. My parents said that was what life was about the journey the story we write or the one that is written for us, it’s what everything is all about everything happens for a reason because it’s apart of a bigger story. Millions of stories gather together to make a bigger one. Except I find our characters are never the same in the bigger one. For instance I am a hero to some, a side kick in others, a villain to most by now, an extra, a pawn, just a soldier, or a love interest, or nothing at all. It always amazed me how our character changes from person to person in their own stories. I believe we meet the people we do because they help us to be better a person, to making us the person we are meant to be in our story. That’s one of the only things I really remember learning from my parents that they agreed on.” She said laughing.

“Yes they did not agree on much when they made their studies. It was a beautiful theory though a great one to hold on to when the world seems like it is getting dark around us though.” Abriel smiled. “We are done.” Lalo said from across the way. As they were making their way back Lalo and Jedikai were at the rear, Abriel and Tessa at the front and Gabe and Enzo on each side of the ones from Ira village in a protective manner. Until men came out of every direction attacking them. Gabe and Enzo took two on at a time trying to protect the tow from Ira’s village. No shadow or heartless was seen jus about twenty men coming around to try to close in around them. One the woman named Keena took an arrow to the eye and the heart and fell down instantly no sound came from her. The man name Podi got stabbed in the chest and the throat. Enzo was going through man after man on his six man he got stabbed in the side and fell as he took his sword and put it through his manhood and pulled up making him collapse on the ground closing his eyes.

Gabe was on his fifth man when he got stabbed in the back and took his blade and slit the mans throat, another one came to the to him and stabbed him in the right side of the chest. Abriel and Tessa took out the rest of the men as Lalo came up to them looking at the Gabe and Enzo. “They live for now we must hurry.” Lalo said catching his breath standing over Enzo. “Where did they come from how do they know we were here? These are fighting men to big to be a hunting party, or scouts.” Abriel said looking over at them dead men. “Jedikai, he left when the men came. Where is he?” Tessa asked in anger only to see Lalo get stabbed through the heart from behind and Jedikai smiling like a creep as Lalo fell to the ground. “What the hell is wrong with you? How can you do this to your own people?” Abriel roared as he flung his knife straight in Jedikai’s right chest.

Looking down Jedikai closed his eyes took a deep breath and when he opened them again a pair of bright glowing blue eyes stared at them. “I knew it was you.” Tessa said growled lowly at him. “Yes, I know you did as well. Unfortunately for you, you were the only one who suspected me. Amusing really I am the only one in all of our village of hundreds and hundreds of people and you are the only one to see straight through me. I wish I had a prize to give you, but sadly there is no time for that I need you to come with me Tessa I have a lot of people waiting for you.” Jedikai said as he came at such a speed none of them saw coming. Taking Abriel hitting him twice in the head and than slamming it into a tree he feel unconscious on the ground. Tessa pushed down on her blue gem, taking out her sword she went blow by blow to Jedikai who was careful not to cut her face. He got the better of her when she slid from the ground and fell her head catching a rock on the side of her temple. She watched as Jedikai put this weapon away and reached down for her leaving her to fall darkness.

Emmitt and the others dug everywhere they could and the boxes where no where to be found. “Look at this.” Jared said as he noticed loose dirt. “Seems someone else has already been here. FUCK!” Malik roared. “Come on let’s head home and tell the others. I got something in the pit of my stomach we need to get home.” Emmitt said everyone else agreeing. Riding into the village as young boys took the horses. They noticed six people being carried in. Three had sheets covering their whole bodies and three were Abriel, Gabe, and Kenzo. Emmitt looked and saw Chloe in tears hurrying to make room. “What is going on?” Emmitt and the others rushed to Luca. They were ambushed by about twenty men. The two from Iras village are dead as well as Lalo. Gabe, and Enzo need to be sewn and sealed, Abriel will come to with a huge headache. Your fathers bird showed us everything it was like watching it as if we were there ourselves.” Luca said as everyone followed trying to help.

“Emmitt.” Julian called making him stop in his tracks. “It was Jedikai who betrayed us. He killed Lalo. HE took HER!” Julian growled looking him dead in the eye. Emmitt took a minute and turned to his fathers tent. “Did she come to you last night? I couldn’t wake up completely did she drug me and come to you?!” Emmitt asked angerly yelling at his dad. “Yes, she came to me. I have no idea if she drug you son, but she did come to me asking me questions. I answered her. I gave her warnings. You know how she is though once she sets her mind to something she gets it done.” Rylon said shaking his head. “What did she want? What did she ask you?” Emmitt asked grabbing his father by the collar of the shirt shaking him. “The same questions of the map you guys did this morning. She looked at the picture I had drawn and gave to you guys she wouldn’t take it said you would need it more than she did. She didn’t tell me anything else.” Rylon said looking his kid in the eye.

“They took her. They think they can take her from me.” Emmitt said to no one in particular. “You’ll get her back son. You did give her the necklace right?” Rylon asked curiously. Emmitt looked at him and walked out. “Jared use Meeko and tell Riley to track Tessa tell him she’s wearing her wolf. Than get everyone into circle tent in an hour.” Emmitt said getting on a horse and headed home. Walkign through the door he grabbed everything he thought he would need and put it on him. Before turning around he saw the bed looking down he could hear Tessa’s voice in her head and he saw it looking down at he little spot he heard he words. “Did you know there’s a loose opening under our bed?” He knelt down and opened it up removing some of the cloths in the way he stared for a moment eyes wide opened. He put everything back walked out of their home anger flowing through him. Riding as fast as he could he made his way into the Circle tent everyone looking at him, had stopped talking. “We know where she is. I know how we are going to get her back and finally end this.” Emmitt said looking around the room everyone sat down and they began.

Feeling the pain in her head she looked around to find herself in what looked like the medical unit in the ship. Slowly looking around she saw she was not connected to any of the machines, and that hers was the only bed in the room. It was not big but it was not small. Taking a deep breath she tried to slowly sit up. “Oh no, can’t have that right now love. You just lay on back and rest. Everything is ok. You are safe don’t worry the man who put you through this has already been dealt with.” The strange man infront of her said. He was physically Emmitts twin. They were both built like mountains and both dark skinned both with short hair, both incredibly handsome. Emmitt more so she thought in her head.

“Where am I. What happened?” She asked getting nervous or so she tried to seem. “Don’t worry. You are in a safe place this is a healing unit. A man took you and you, hurt you and now you are getting healed. You only got to stay in here a little while longer so we can rule out any injury like concussion.” He said in a sweet voice. Looking at her deeply. “Who are you? Are you a healer?” She asked. “Yes and No.” HE smiled. “You are so much more beautiful in person than I could have ever imagined.” He said his hand caressing her face smiling deeply like a man lost starring t something so beautiful he was afraid to blink and it would vanish. “After waiting for so long you are here. You are actually right here in front of even better than anything I ever hoped for.” He said taking his hand back as he noticed she was getting uncomfortable. “Don’t be scared my love. Calm down. I am here and I am going to make sure nothing happens to you. You can call me Amal.” HE said as Tessa looked straight him face not showing any emotion. Fuck she thought to herself no going back now.

Chapter 21

“I’m sorry but do I know you? I mean some of this stuff is so familiar but this place. Forgive me, but I uh I don’t have much memory I took a very hard hit when I crashed down here.” Tessa said as she shuffled her hair around. “Are you like my healer?” She asked looking at him confused making him smile lightly. “No, I’m not a healer. I am actually in charge of this place. I do know you though. I know almost everything about you. I know about your crash. You’ll soon learn to find there is very little that me or my people don’t know. I want to help you Tessandra. I want to tell you the truth about all of this, here this world around you. I have waited for so long to be able to be here with you, just. Please… will you let me help you?” Amal asked in a pleading voice, with eyes that showed nothing but honesty.

“I have been here for over a year. If you are here to help me, why did you wait so long to seek me out? I have been making great process on the treatment I have been given I think I need to stay on it. I have been told to stop mid way through could be very harmful especially with those who are unfamiliar with it. Are you familiar with it?” Tessa asked in a nervous tone. “We are aware of it and how it works, we are not on personal terms with it though no, but don’t worry some of the people I had watching over you have filled me in on your treatment and your healer. I know most of the process you have made and I am very proud of you it is known most people in your state do not get this far successfully. I have been looking everywhere for you. It wasn’t until a few moths ago when another pod crashed that I was able to find you. A man who obviously was not from here since he got stuck in the hunting grounds most of the other villages use. Only crazy man, or well trained man would go through there the way he did.” Amal laughed shaking his head.

“You know all about that though. Since you know him at one point you were going to share a life with the crazy man. I have heard lots of things about this man and you. Tell me Tessa will you tell me that story. We’ll make it like a game. You tell me a story and I’ll tell you one. Afterwards we can play twenty questions. Only rule is NO LYING. Lying will have… consequences.” He said in a tone that made her skin crawl. “Are you here to hurt me Amal?” Tessa asked looking him straight in the eye. “Never in a million years, would I ever hurt you Tess. I will never let anything or anyone hurt you. I understand you have trust issues, and for good reason. I understand you just met me but if you can believe anything believe that you mean a so much to me and I will kill anyone or anything that comes brings you harm.” Amal said in a low passionate growl.

“What story do you want to hear?” Tessa asked in a curious tone. “I have been able to see you daily for most of your life. Even if you could not see me. I do not tell you this to scare you but just so you can understand the situation better. I have however not been able to have any type of way to check on you for the last almost year except for little whispers that flow through the lands. I has been driving my heart on the very edge of insanity so to speak not being to know if you were ok, or even alive. If you were hurt, hungry, or cold. What those savage simple folk in those surrounding villages who are always at war with each other could be doing to you being in the middle of a battle you are to a part of in a land you don’t know. It made me crazy!” He said the last part a little louder while he bent the metal frame work of the chair he was holding and standing over. I want to hear the story of what happened to you this past year, from you. No lies. I will know if you are lying to me, don’t forget love I’ve watched you grow up.” He warned sitting in a chair in front of her.

“If I tell you this story what story will you tell me?” She asked looking down at her hands than back to him. “Mine.” HE said flatly. “How will I know if your lying?” She asked in a nervous tone. “I will never lie to you that is a promise. I know it doesn’t mean much right now since you don’t know me or who I am but I swear I will never lie to you. If you want information though love, you going to have to meet me half way. Give and take. Equal partners here, yeah?” He asked looking here dead in the eye to make sure he was serious. “Ok.” She took a deep breath, than looked back to him.

“I was the head chief of medical units and our warriors or soldiers, apparently as I’ve been told I do remember some of that. My job was to protect the man I was going to marry and loved the president. There was an attack on our ship up there. I think there was two that part I am not certain on I was not there personally in a conscious state to find out. He injected me in the neck with what I am not certain, he said he did it to save me, from those who wanted to harm me, or whoever it was that made the attack. I was stabbed for him after begging him not go through with an event that got attack but like always or from what little I remember he thought he knew best.” She scoffed shaking her head.

“After that I crashed on a pod on shore or bank line a young girl came and saved me from some creature, she helped me take a door out of my leg. I didn’t know we were in the middle of two battling tribes. That girl saved my life we ran through this forest and her enemy tribe had stuck a thick spear to the young girls sister. I had got up and took her down. I was trying to help her I got her to a river or some type of water source I wasn’t sure how or why but my body was acting in movements my brain knew what to do even though I didn’t I was just going through motions it was confusing. The young girl went for help. The others came back and of course they were suspicious of me apparently you get a lot of people who fall from the sky where they are not suppose to be landing. The enemy tribe came and fought us off, The girl I saved died before we even had time to raise a sword. After helping them they agreed to help me.” Tessa said looking down at her hands only to have Amal lift her chin back up to look him in the eye nodding her to go on.

“I was tested to see if I was some kind of person with blue eyes that has been going around hurting the other villages stealing their loved ones and family, turns out though I’m just someone who got tossed aside by a man who claims loved her with no memory. I was angry beyond all measure they knew some of my family I guess they said others would be looking for me, like they did them to take my parents hard work and turn it to something it was never meant to be. They told me about a process that would help get my memory back and they have been nothing but good to me ever since. I have had some issues with the treatments though don’t get me wrong.” She chuckled.

“When Julian, that’s his name the man who claims to love me, came down here almost a year later I should have been relieved to see him or happy. I remembered him a little more each day I am around him or do random things, but I wasn’t happy I was angry and hurt. I felt like I didn’t know this man in front of me because if I did or if he truly knew me he would not have thrown me down here, with no letter, picture, canteen of water and not even the realization of my own DAMN NAME!” She said getting worked up but calmed herself down quickly. Amal took his hand and was rubbing hers to bring her comfort. “Anyway when my friends found me they have clued me in some things that happen and I was able to go back to my people who live here. I have trained with many villages and worked hard to bring peace to them. I know if I want my people to be ok and be here for the purpose of whatever it was my parents and others were originally trying to achieve the new life every one was so desperate to start here than we needed to form peace with every one we can. All I want is peace and no more fighting. I was trained and raised my whole life, I think anyways, on fighting. It’s good to know how, but it’s not something you want to do with your whole life.” She said shaking her head at the shock of the honesty coming out of her that she’s never told anyone.

“I never admitted that I don’t think.” Looking at him he was in his own way comforting it was easy to forget the man in front of her is a mass murdering psycho twisted man making an army of people for his own purposes they are unaware or unsure of. He smiled at her. “Sometimes it’s easier to talk and confess things you would never think of yourself saying to someone you are unfamiliar with. They do not know you on a personal manner their judgment will not mean as much and their advice will matter a little more because they have the best view of the situation at hand the outsider’s view. From that view you can only see the problem as a whole and not be worried if the person who is on the listening end is partial to one side rather than the other. Please go on.” Amal said smiling lost in her words. For years he waited to talk to her, hear her voice share things with her. He was so caught up in the moment as it was finally happening his heart had never felt as full and fluttering as it did now.

“Anyway that’s pretty much it. I crashed down on a world I do not know I made some friends and discovered old ones. I got to be reunited with my people and have done my best to train them how to be able to defend themselves from the people who keep attacking them. I have fought them and it angers me to see them cross lands that are not theirs to steal people and rip them form their families I have seen it with my own eyes. It broke my heart to see so much unnecessary death. I may not remember my parents since they left me at such a young age but I know with everything in me that was not the world they were trying to create. Everyday I wake up and I have to battle with myself. It’s torturous in it’s own way if there is greater power I battle with the thought of him just being cruel with my life. My life that I remember was nothing but fighting. I fought to make myself smarter since I was pretty much orphaned and needed to make my place in my society if I wanted to have an enjoyable life, no matter how smart I was not FULLY happy. I fought to be to be a great warrior so I could defend those who couldn’t defend themselves because I thought it would help others. I had to fight to lock some innocents away. I fought to become top of my people so I could lead them to better life, my fellow leaders questioned me and choose selfish decisions every step along they way even when they were wrong. I fight with myself even now.” She said looking up at him.

“I fight myself because ethe more I remember who I was the more I realize I was not happy. I was just going through the motions of the life that was planned and picked out for me, I really do love my friends and Julian though I did, I do. I just I love the person I have become this past year. I finally feel like I am finding who I was meant to be and I don’t want to ever go back to the person I was forced to be. That is my story for the past year.” She said looking at him. Feeling a huge weight off her chest. She was nothing but honest minus details she felt was none of his business. “Thank you for your amazing story. It surely is an incredible one not many people have to go through. I think I will save my story for another time though it seems to have taking a lot from you at the moment I don’t want to over do it. I will however be open to twenty question game you ask a question than I will. You may start, if you are up to it.” Amal asked. A loud knock came to the door as it opened.

“Forgive me, now is a good time to try to eat meus Rex, & Regina.” The man in what looked to be a doctors coat. “I think that is a wise idea thank you doctor. DO you need to check her while you are here?” He asked looking at the man in front of him. The doctor looked shocked and scared Amal has never spoken to anyone so kindly before without something disturbing to come of it. “Only if the Regina has pain or any concerns or issues that either feel she needs seen? Mostly she just needs food, fluids, and rest.” He answered in his best professional tone. “I feel great thank you though the vital readings on the screen were taken a few minutes ago and all looks well. Thank you so much for the food, it was very kind and thoughtful to come this way.” She said with a deep beautiful smile that caused both men to smile with her. The doctor just nodded, placing two trays of soup, bread, and some fruit in front of them with both water and juice cups.

“Your staff is wonderful and welcoming you must feel proud.” She beamed at him, making him feel pride in his people and self. “I am. My people work hard, I have high expectations and make sure things are the way they need to be, otherwise I can not help them. Again with the give and take theory sometimes. Do you need help eating?” He asked her. “No, my hands are quiet capable thank you.” She chuckled at him. “Ok, so I guess my first question is where am I?” She asked dipping her bread in the meat vegetable soup in front of her. She was going to need all the strength she could get to get out of here. “You are in my village so to speak. It big and different than what you are used to, but you will be treated with every respect you are after all the world known savior.” He said with a smile. “I don’t feel like one. I think you and the rest of the world are putting hopes in me that are unreachable for me to achieve.” She laughed off. “I think you are the only one who can’t yet see it, but don’t worry I will show you, because you are. You are the savior.” Playing with grape he looked at her.

“My turn. In your story you said some harsh words of Julian, are you still attached to him?” He asked looking at her intently. “I will always have love for Julian. I just don’t think I am in love with the man. It’s hard to say. Can you love someone completely after they have done what they have to me to you? A part of me thinks maybe I need to be on my own for awhile until I am complete anyways.” She said taking a drink. “So I am hearing a no?” He asked, as she just nodded in agreement making him smile even more this may easier than I thought, he thought to himself.

“What are you going to do with me?” She asked looking at him eating her grape. “I am going to help you. I will tell and show you everything and we will work this all out. Believe it or not Tessandra you are not the only one who is tired of fighting.” He said with a sigh. “After your time here, do you wish to stay here, when the fighting is done?” He was nervous of the answer he would receive. “I love the lands here and wish to stay, yes. How did you find me and do you know if my friends are ok?” She asked him starting to sound nervous. She was playing her role so well reeling him in. “That is two questions but I will allow it just once. You brought to us because you needed medical attention. I think it is rumored three of your party is dead and the others were also injured it seems you had a traitor among your traveling party. Don’t worry though we do have the man and he will be dealt with as you see fit when the time comes for now he is where he needs to be.” He said in a tone that left no room for arguing.

Tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. Amal was quick to take the trays aside and sit closer on the bed, his hands to her cheeks wiping them away. “It’s alright. Please don’t cry, it pains me to see you cry. It will be ok. I heard they were brought back to the homes and properly laid to rest.” He tried to assure her. “They were my friends. They were my people. I was supposed to protect hem, and I… I failed.” She said looking at him. “Thank you so much for everything you have done. The trouble you have gone through, but I would like to rest now alone and gather myself.” She said as another tear rolled down her cheek. “I understand, please try to eat.” HE suggested. “I don’t really think I can at the moment thank you though.” She said in a broken voice. “Just call if you need anything. Anything.” He said as he lifted her brokenhearted eyes to look him and simply nodded. As she heard the door shut behind him she curled into the bed and blanket and cried herself to sleep wishing Emmitt was there to ease her through the pain and heartbreak of failing. Hoping he could find it in his heart to forgive her.

Anger started to roll over his body. “Bring me Jedikai and all the rest who were responsible who came back alive after bringing her in.” Amal said emotionlessly to the guards waiting out side her door. “You two stay here and come to me if anything changes no one but doctors in or out. She needs rest.” Amal said flatly only to have the guards nod in understanding. He made his way back to his throne room. He was self made king after his father had fallen. If they added all the villages combined together who are standing against him including Atheo, he was still doubled in land size. His man power was continuing to grow. Sitting down on his specially made chair he world used to call a throne he had many weapons installed into it, he patiently waited for those he had called upon. There were and easy fifty men waiting in the room as well ten were counselors, ten were his personal scientist and engineers working in the side room next to them working out details about projects with those counselors, the rest were guards awaiting orders and protecting him. Amal needed no protecting he was the most skilled warrior on the land most knew this. As the doors opened. He saw the guards bring in only one man.

“Is this all of the people who I have requested.” HE asked the guards to be sure who simply nodded. “Jedikai are you the only remaining man who was apart of bring in Tessandra Alderman?” Amal asked looking at him questioningly. “Yes, meus Rex. The others have fallen to her and others swords there was a total of twenty men who were in the ambush twenty one if you include my self. They fought well, I was starting to wonder myself if I would be making it out alive, until she slipped on he ground and her head had hit a rock.” Jedikai answered honestly scared of what ay come to him after admitting that he was apart of her being injured. “So you fought her last the only two of you standing do the others now know you betrayed them?” Amal asked curiously. “Only two people saw me and both suffers from head injuries and one is here. I think for now they will believe that we are simple just taken.” He said confidently.

“I congratulate you on a job well done than. You have done your task of bringing your queen home where she belongs. Tell me during the time you were able to see her around your grounds what can you tell me about what you saw?” He asked digging for information. “I am not sure as to what your asking.” Jedikai asked confused. “Was she happy, was she well cared for to your knowledge? Did the people try to harm her in any way? How did the men react to her? How was she with Julian?” Amal asked him more specifically trying to go through detailed questions.

“She was very well taken care of. She was an honored guest and every need or want was met. No one except our scouts and one who kidnapped her when she first got here have caused her harm he had her in a tent with an arrow that was pierced into her side claimed to have known her since she was a kid. Emmitt made sure to send him back to Lalani telling him he failed. The people loved her. The men all adore her, they are respectful to her for what she has taught and done. Of course some of them have lustful looks from their point of view it wouldn’t be hard to see as why meus Rex. From the matters with Julian they fought a lot but tried to keep civil. They seem to be trying to find common ground to rule the people the way they think they deserve but it is a mess from the villages view. They all want her to stay. Her memory last I heard was at least thought to be over half way complete she is close to the ending process which is more dangerous for her state of mind, and physical body. It would be best to have Emmitt her main healer her to guide her through it. He is the only one who has been with her every step of the way I have seen him save her many times over. He knows how to handle these things.” Jedikai answered to the best of his knowledge.

“You are sure of this?” Amal asked sternly not one to play around with the welfare of his heart and soul. “I am you can ask among the people here who have also seen the affects of this process it is fact.” He answered again with confidence. “Very well I have already rounded up a search party with the perfect person leading them through it should be fast and quick, before those around him even know what is happening. I want everyone to know no harm is to come of the healer Emmitt until your Regina is out of the woods. After all he is to be the next leader over five tribes it may do us well to have him on our side. We must take every action to make him and your Regina see our reason. As safely as possible until other measures will be sought to see fit. I know how much she trust in that man. We need him for her.” Amal said looking at all fifty in the room and combined room who all but nods and voices heard in agreement.

“I do thank you for bring my woman to me Jedikai. I got to spend the afternoon with her. She is a remarkable woman who told me her story over the last year. I tell you never heard one like it before for a person a woman at that to have such courage, honesty, valor, honor to be so strong, the heartbreak oh her tale is one of true heart break. Imagine watching someone your whole life, having built a world your world your very existence around one person who consumes every part of you down to your very soul.” Amal said as he was slowly Making his way down the steps getting closer to Jedikai. “Than after all the time she comes to you. She finally is in your grasps. Only to find she is hurt bleeding form her beautiful head. Her body bruised battered and sore. That of course is easily forgiven knowing how well she is known to not go down without a fight. These are all things she can heal from superficial wounds are nothing to a real warrior it is fact.” Amal said holding his arms open for all men to agree with him.

“Now imagine with me, when you start grounds to gain trust and she asks a simple question and the answer you give as honest as it was crushes her very heart to the point tears fall from her eyes. Her amazingly heroic eyes. Imagine with me if you will as she falls apart in front of you deeming her self to be many things which she is not. Such as a failure to her people for not being able to save them. According to the shadow before Abriel sliced of his head it was your weapon that killed the third man no? One that is rumored to have not only saved Tessa from battles with our people who were ignorant of who she was but a person she called friend, yes?” Amal asked him walking around in circles a few feet away from Jedikai.

“Yes, meus Rex, I had to, to follow orders those men would ever let me just take her, they would have fought to the death for her and if I wanted to keep my allegiance to you unknown to them I did all that I had to do.” Jedikai said defending himself with truthful words. “Yes, I believe you did as well. No one here would blame you for that. Here’s the thing though Jedikai you are the one who broke her tonight. You brought tears and pain to your Regina. The bruises you placed upon her will fade but emotional wounds do not fully heal do they Jedikai?” Amal asked him with a little anger. “No, they do not.” He said sadly. “I am the one who told you to bring her to me without harming her did I not? Did I not send a group of men to distract the party you were in? Can you look me in the eye and tell there was no other way to have brought her here to me without killing the older man?” Amal asked as all fifty men were now in the room watching the scene unfold in front of them.

“It is hard to say. I am not sure as everything happens so fast I was not planning for her to get hurt in any way but I did know she would have put up a fight. The older man was in the way the whole time of the ambush. I am sorry for any hurt caused to our Regina and personally take blame.” Jedikai hoping his punishment will not be half as bad as he did succeed in bringing her here to him. “I know you will. I made promise to never let any harm come to my woman as she sat there in front of me, promised to finish those who cause her any harm. Than I had to tell her things that made rain come from her heart through her eyes. We all know how true I am to my word here are we not?” Amal asked every one knowing the truth of how honest he was to every word, and just how far he was willing to go for that woman.

“So you will fight me. If you can get me down or kill me no man here will stop you or bring you any harm. You will walk out of here a free man, if you succeed. That is a promise.” He said Amal was wearing only leather crossing X acrossed him, and Black pants with combat boots. He had small gloves that were cut so you can see his fingers and barely came up to his wrists. Jedikai looked shocked and just nodded. “You may have all the weapons on your person, you may take or borrow any from the guards or men around us. You will need it.” Amal said in a sinister tone. “Begin.” He said flatly as Jedikai came charging him with the machete coming out of no where to Amal’s chest but was twisted from his wrist and almost broken wrist as Amal slide under him and moved quickly on his arm, while kicking his leg out form under him breaking it on impact. Quickly taking a small dagger cutting both places behind his thighs to prevent him from being able to fully stand.

Jedikai took his throwing knifes and had managed to put two in each side of the outside part of Amals biceps it did not phase him in the slightest almost as if he couldn’t feel it. Amal came quickly as the daggers he used quickly in the sides of Jedikais lungs so his blood would fill in them. “You will feel how she felt. You crumbled her ability to breathe and broke her heart ripped it right out. You will feel the same.” Amal said as he sliced down on Jedikais left chest and ripped his heart squishing it in his hands as if it was nothing. Which is what he was now nothing but a corpse of a man who made his woman cry. Looking around the room. “Take his body and dispose of it, put his head on a pike outside the wall not so easily seen to her, so others may know what will happen should anyone else causes their Regina distress, pain, or harm. This is what will happen clean this mess up. Has anything changed with her?” He asked looking at his counselors. “No meus Rex she had finally cried her self to sleep the nurse has informed us as she went to check on her. She is finally resting no one will bother her until she wakes.” One said not making direct eye contact. “Good. What of Ezmena?” Amal asked his top warrior commander. “She and a handful of others have when Ms. Alderman arrived. It seems Jedikai was correct in his claims of others knowing how much we will need Emmitt.” The commander said back with confidence.

“Ezrah, we need to get Rylon back. He has much to atone for, I don’t need him getting out to the other tribes just yet. Hopefully he has not been captured yet or it will be this much harder to convert that healer. Tessa has spoken nothing about him. She knows nothing about where she is. So he has to still be out there. Make this one of the top priorities. I want him to die by hands. I don’t need him making things more difficult than is needed he is a traitor and will be dealt with keep him away from her when you find him.” Amal said to his commander Ezrah who only nodded back. “What should we do of the Julian issue? The Skylander people put their faith in him, the Regina still sees him as her job as well, how do we proceed.” Another asked. “Drekkon that is a fair question we will use him to get his people to agree to our ways. It shouldn’t be that hard especially if we can get the people in Atheo to override the systems, it’s the sky people themselves that need to be turned they have special weapons that could be potential threat to all of us here. Our Regina does not see him the way she once had. We will get her to see our truth and help us she will get him on our side if he tries to come here, and fails to see the right way. Than we’ll get him to agree by force. Same way others have converted over.” Amal said with his evil smile and the others nodded smiling with him.

“You all know what to do, what to check. Make sure to keep those two away from her while she rests. Anyone who disturbs her will die by my hands. I am going to my quarters leave me be unless something of urgences arises or any changes to her is made I want to be informed immediately when she awakens, as well as food brought to her. We know what she likes and what she can handle make it happen.” Amal said smiling to himself. HE has changed this week knowing he would have her with him. Everyone was more than thankful for it. It made him a little softer, yet more dangerous at the same time. He was less demanding, more caring of the people because he knew how kind hearted her heart truly was and wanted to make her happy. HE would not let her see his inner beast no matter what. He would never live with himself or be able to look himself in the eye should she ever find herself afraid of him. HE went to his bed and feel asleep happily. She was here. She was honest and opened with him. He knew she was, his destiny was finally happening. Everything was the way his father said it would be.

“OK we know where she is now we just need a the plan to come forward and all the men to go where they need to. DO you remember where it is?” Emmitt asked Malik who only nodded he was himself a mess. “According to our little friend Jedikai head is now on pike in the front of the gates. No one knows she has her memories back just about half. They are certain she needs to finish the process they will be hell bent on a healer so we need more warriors in your village Luca.” Kai said leaving no room for argument. “We will see to that.” Abriel growled out. “Very well. Make sure Emmitt, Luca, and Chloe are guarded more than anyone if there are any more spies they will know that is who she trust the most, and who they will most likely be willing to grab.” Ira pointed out. “Yes, Emmitt you will need to be staying in the village. That is final gather your things and return within an hour.” “Our little friend has also reported that they are looking for Rylon. They have no clue where he is and we need it to stay that way so we need to change his appearance before he comes fight with us marching up to his door.” Cato pointed out looking around the room.

“So everyone is aware what we do from here?” Tahlia asked. “Than it has begun.” Tahlia asked as everyone walked out with hawks flying every which way. “You are sure you know what you’re doing? You know what will happen.” Malik said grabbing Emmitts arm. Luca looking a little concerned as well. “ I know but he needs me to get to her. She needs me to survive him. This has to happen stick to the plan and make sure to check Julian. This will work. I will be back. This will end and for once we will finally know what true freedom and peace feels like all of us.” Emmitt said with a smirk. “You mean until Atheo and those other outsiders come storming or walls for their chief back.” Luca chuckled. “I have to get back Kenzo is going crazy about Chloe. While we got him all patched and healed up, we discovered Chloe is expected. It is hard to keep that man calm now while he knows he is going to battle.” Luca said with a chuckle.

“He can always stay here to defend the village. Give him peace of mind.” Emmitt said running his hand along his chin. “He won’t do it. He knows how safe she will be. HE knows how much we need him so does Chloe she refuses to be baby sat while her family needs help or at least that’s how she put it.” Malik said with a hard laugh. “Ride safe my boy. We’ll give them hell.” Malik said hugging him. “Now hurry up.” Luca added hugging him to. Emmitt rode fast and hard to his home no one knew where exactly it was they just knew of areas it could be he took the shortest way than halted as a person in a hooded cloak stood in front of him with the darkness surrounding them it was hard to make out the person or who they were, but f they were here like this they weren’t friendly and there was probably more. It didn’t take long for an object to hit him behind his head and fall of the horse. Blurry vision he wasn’t able to move they way he needed to. His hands were bounded and before his eyes closed the hooded stranger pulled down her hood looking at him with so much emotion flowing through the eyes. “Mama?” HE asked in a shocked voice before his world went black after getting hit in the head again.

Chapter 22

it to“Was wondering when you were going to stir around my young one. She said as Emmitt was coming to. Looking around slowly his hands were bound and he felt as though he was coming out of a haze. “Where am I? What have you done?” He asked looking at her emotionlessly. “Well after all these years that’s not exactly the warm welcomed I had hoped for or the first words I wish you would have pieced together but all is understandable in your point of view I suppose.” She said sadly. “We are were, we’re supposed to be. I know it’s been many years my boy, but we had to keep away from you to keep you safe until everything was set into place as it should be. We have been doing everything we can to get everything ready for everyone. It wasn’t that we didn’t want to go back, we just couldn’t when we had so much work to do.” She said trying to make him see her point.

“It would be nice if you would stop talking in riddles, and started to make sense. Who is this we you speak of?” He asked staring at her as he sat simply on the floor eyes not giving away ay emotion. “Well the people here, our King, and mainly your father and I?” She said simply. “So my father’s here to than?” Emmitt asked knowing damn well he was not. “He was until he went off some psychotic mental break and killed our king, making his son step up to take the charge earlier than we al expected. I have no idea where your father is it seems he has abandoned us both this time around. At first I thought he would have come seeking you, however our sources have reported to not seeing him anywhere it’s almost as if he just vanished into thin air.” She said sadly knowing deep down she was just mad, hurt, and was feeling betrayed by the man she was still in love with.

“What exactly have you been getting the world ready for?” Emmitt asked snapping her back to reality. “The future. Our friends the Alderman’s you loved so much, the thing they created when they came down here there is a more advance creation to help us give our societies a second chance and live peacefully together all the tribes, villages, even the sky people are in on this. We have their scientist our healers and botanists everyday making this work. If they criminals of the sky people can get a second chance and take their pain away why can’t all of us have that chance. Our King has done many wonderous things and helped thousands with this work and soon everyone will be apart of it. We are given the choice to finally have and make peace after all these years. The savior the Alderman’s daughter will lead us through the way.” Ezmena said proudly like her heart could just soar in excitement.

“You believe this truly is the right way for all of us when so many years we have fought to help awaken all the ones the sky people have lost along the way? That seems like a pretty big flaw they have yet to work out. The Alderman’s hated their creation why do you think they spent so many years trying to atone for it? If the creator is against their own creation how is to be thought of as a good thing? How could expect the younger Alderman to think of this as a good thing after knowing this?” Emmitt asked her looking at her like she is truly crazy.

“Well now let’s just call her by her name. We both know very well you are her main healer and have been so for a long time. You must know her better than anyone. Once we show you both all the work and what it is meant for and can do you both will also see the way. She needs you know son, so much. We have her here with us and she has confessed to having over half her memory back she is coming to the ending stages and we all know how dangerous it can be when she is still in the process. She has confided in our own healers here that she has some major episodes and we all knew before she arrived you were her healer. Now she really needs you, so do we, we need you both. You both are the top of your fields in your people we could all rule in peace you can still keep your future position and help each other even more in the future of course she will not only be your patient or friend but your Queen our Regina. I can’t wait until this is all over and you are leading the Declan and we have our new Regina in her rightful place showing us the way, the way she was always meant to be.” His mother said with a gleam in her eye.

“I am a logical man I just can’t take your word for it. You are right she is one of my best friends and I do worry about her welfare. When can I see her.” He said not showing any extra emotion to his mother. “Soon, she is still in the medical unit and is almost fully recovered from her little mishap with Jedikai, she needs just a little more rest.” She said simply. “Jedikai hurt her?” HE asked in a little angry tone. “So protect of her already I love it. Good for you son. Yes they fought and she slid and her head fell onto a rock, he also killed one of her older friends Lalo if I remembered him correctly broke her heart right in half. Rex Amal was so beside himself anyone dared to hurt his Regina even emotionally that he battled him, himself and killed him rather quicker than normal. Have no fear son she has gotten a bit of justice. She will come around until than you need to stay here until you are summoned you will be sought after with water and food, I must go now I have other things I must attend to. It is so good to see you again my baby.” She tried to lean down to kiss his head but he moved and rejected her touch. You may be still made and have twisted feelings for me or even crossed, but in time you will see the way and understand.” She said in a demanding tone and walked out of the room.

“Opening her eyes she saw a nurse putting down her food tray. Turning around to noticed Tessa’s eyes opened making her startle for a second with a chuckle after. “Oh my, I am sorry if I may have woken you or even startled you. Are you feeling well?” She asked coming around to look at her. “I am fine, please don’t fuss over me. I am well I swear it, a little sore nothing I can’t manage. Still feeling a little bit tired I have a feeling that is the concussion’s doing though I believe. Other than that I am perfectly well.” Tess said trying to ease the nerves of the young nurse I front of her. “You are not dizzy or nauseated? Difficulty seeing?” She questioned as she got her vitals signs all coming up normal. “No, my friend none of that I am perfectly fine all do to your care I am sure.” Tess said with a big smile in her kind voice making the young woman just a few years younger than her blush.

“Are you hungry?” She asked bringing the tray of fruit-tea and water closer to her. “I might be in a little while I am still adjusting to being awake. Thank you I appreciate this.” Tess said as she sat up a little while still leaning back. “I will just rest more. No need to waste any more of your precious time on me, when there are probably others who need your diligent care.” Tess smiled at her with a wink. “Yes mea Regina.” She said bowing her head a little and making her way out the door. “Tessa, you will call me Tess, Tessa nothing else.” Tess looking at her. “Yes Tess, I will be sure to do that from now on although Rex Amal may not be pleased with it.” She said lowly. “Well I think I should have a say in what I wish to be called. You will address me this way my beautiful friend.” Tessa said as the young nurse smiled and blushed and made her way out the door.

The doors opened and quickly came in a eager Amal looking around when his eyes landed on her he smiled widely. “Did you rest well? Are you in any pain? Dizzy, nauseated?” Amal was cut off by Tessa holding up her hand to stop him and his rushing words. “I am perfectly well. A little sore yes, A little tired as well but that is just the after effects of the concussion that young nurse who has been coming in and out of here is just wonderful. I love her, she is well educated on her work, and is just so pleasant to have around. I do believe I have made a beautiful new friend in that sweet young one.” Tessa said smiling a little. Amal loved seeing her smile, talking well of their people brought him pride. He was mentally making a note to reward the young nurse who brought the happiness of the love in front of him.

“I am glad to hear it. So I think another day here and you will be able to get up and move about. I am looking forward to showing you around and presenting our home, our work, and findings with you. I will be sure to take things slowly so everything has time to set in and be understood correctly. I think you will find everything very interesting. It is truly something to behold once you come around to it. Would you like some books to read? Maybe a pad and paper?” He asked looking around him. “No, no please do not trouble yourself I honestly just wished to sleep some more. IF it’s alright?” Tess asked in tired voice. “Of course I will check back in on you tonight.” Amal said smiling as he stood upmaking his way out the door taking one last look he saw her eyes close as she drifted back to sleep. HE could stay and watch her all day but she needed the rest he knew it and he had other business to attend to.

He was brought by guards still hands bounded, and placed in front of Amal. They stared each other down, Emmitt immediately hated him knowing exactly who he was. “Are you the main healer of Tessandra Alderman?” Amal asked him looking him up and down they looked like a mirror the way their bodies were built. “Depends on who is asking or looking for her. I know she has a lot of people hunting her down right now. If you mean to cause her harm in any way you may as well just kill me now, because I will have no part in it and will fight for her.” Emmitt said in a warning tone. Bringing a huge wide smile to Amal’s face.

“It does my heart good to hear this. I am very thankful and appreciative in your loyalty to her. No one in this whole side of villages or tribes will harm her or bring her harm. She is the highest guest of honor to ever bless us with her presence. I am King Amal. I am looking out for her. I know you are her main healer. There are things I wish to discuss with you. I want to first thank you for caring for her. You are very gifted as a healer or doctor whatever they call us here. I want to thank you for always defending her. It is my understanding that she even sees you as friends. Do you agree with this statement to be truth?” Amal asked in a curious tone.

“Yes, we are what she calls best friends. She needed one when she arrived and she has made plenty who have all grown to care for her. She has brought peace to thousands. She is known as the savior. She is so much more than that though she needs for people to remember she’s still human with emotions and other things. When too many people put you on a pedestal it gets to be too much mentally and gets her anxious as fear sets in to scared to make a mistake. She needs some type of normalcy around her. If you care about her well being than you need to know how anxious she can get in new places such as this.” Emmitt said in his most professional voice.

“I understand you make agreat point.” Amal said looking down real quick rubbing his hand down his jaw. He knew this and yet it still slipped his mind, making him feel like he is supposed to be the greatest partner for her how could he forget such little things that turn into huge things. “ I would like to talk to you about all the things she has experienced and the possible outcomes we may face as we go further down this road of your people’s treatment. There are much things I need to know to help her, should the time comes so I maybe be helpful to you both. There are also many things we will need to go over as we get passed this and come across them as we go I just want to be sure I am prepared to help her the best I can as well.” Amal said walking up to him.

“You will be treated as the same respect as me. Besides Tessa I think you maybe the second most important person here. You are the only one to help her, who understands her better than I do now. You will be as an honored guest, I hope I can trust in you not do anything to cross that trust?” Amal asked raising an eyebrow in a questionable warning to him. “I guess that would depends on what kind of rules you have that equal crossing.” Emmitt said emotionlessly back to him. “Simple you follow basic hospitality ways. Show respect to those around you especially me as I am the king here, and if I ever think you are about to harm Tessa in anyway shape or form I will gut you where you stand. I have been waiting a long time for her, and I will do any and everything to keep her safe, here, with me.” Amal said the last words very slowly trying to get his point across.

“Well if you know her so well what if when her memory returns she wants to go be safe, there, with her intended?” Emmitt asked back raising an eyebrow back at him. “She has made no trouble making it clear she is crossed with him and may never see herself returning to what they were before. I don’t think I need to worry.” Amal said laughing in confidence. “Yes, I’s easy to say things like that when she is still jaded by them, and not remembering what they had before. Everything can always come back to you like a slap in the face and than it all returns like muscle memory. One simple delegate touch could send her heart right back into those old feelings like before. Anything can happen once those memories unlock.” Emmitt told him trying to make sure he knew what to expect happy knowing her didn’t know the truth on how they already came back. Taking everything in him not take Amals dagger and slit his throat for kidnapping his woman.

“Trust me, once everything is out in the open she will see this is the only place that’s truly worthy of her. I am a patient man, with nothing but time.” He said back in a warning tone, as he cut off the bounds that held him together. “I need to see her.” Emmitt said rubbing his wrists as he slowly looked up Amal. “You will soon friend. First we will talk and you will explain how the process will effect her to me, and how to prepare me for the outcomes.” Amal said as he walked back and introduced Emmitt to the high counsel who were all eagerly happy to meet him. Looking around Emmitt was more thrown off than anything couldn’t help but wonder if this was all truly a trap.

It dawned on him during their meeting and the questions Amal was asking it wasn’t a trap. He was simply just a crazy man in love with a woman, who was trying to figure every way to save her should she need it. He was honestly trying to learn to care for her like he’d been her loving man all this time. The man in front of him really wasn’t keeping tabs on her or his spies because he truly had not one clue or worry about the truth of Emmitt’s closeness with Tessa and what they really were. They must have been a lot better than he thought for the spies not to be able to tell how much he loved her right in front of their face. Hopefully if he can keep that information to himself than they have a stronger chance of taking him by surprise. Wondering how to use this to the best of his advantage he suddenly thought of the best way.

“I have to tell you though, my friendship with her means a great deal to me. I have seen her go through many episodes and it is hard when to see and handle when it’s those in your close circle. However there was one episode that scared even me to my core I almost thought she was truly not going to make it or pull through. I am fearful should this happen it again her heart won restart so easily like it did.” Emmitt said looking around the men who looked scared for a moment. “What do you mean RESTART?!” Amal shouted getting worried and angry. “She got some news about a specific person and once she heard his name her mind and body just shut down. Apparently this person has put her through so much trauma in the past it is not ready to see or deal with them again. Her heart stopped it took us almost too long to get it working again. She barely made it out. If it was too happen again she may not even fight to pull through and give up.” Emmitt said with a sad shrug.

“Do you remember this person’s name or where to find them?” Drekkon asked angrily in hopes to find the person himself. Anything to do with his future queen made their king bearable and happy and made life easier she was the kindest soul his people were willing to do anything for her. Even when Kaiel was alive everything got better at the mention of the young woman his son was in love with. “Well Julian said his name was Eric and he was her cousin. Apparently he and his friends were not very kind with and to her some things are hard to get over while you remember them. Once your brain blocks out things it’s harmful and dangerous when they unlock you could put yourself in shock especially if your just not ready mentally, or emotionally. I never wanted to run my sword through another man until I saw what just his name and memory did to her. No one should ever shut down like that because of another person. Makes you wonder what the hell really happened to them when know one else was paying attention.” Emmitt said planting seeds of doubt in Amal, he knew very Eric would be here working for him. Might as well try to get a little justification for Tessa, and himself. He was honest he truly wanted and was going to kill Eric for everything he put her and him through when her heart stopped.

“He really is this much of a threat to her?” Drekkon asked. “Her well being yes. I seen it with my own eyes. I was the one with the my trainer before me who took care of the after math it was not an easy thing to do. He said sadly looking down. “We will handle this little problem I promise you.” Amal said in a dark voice looking down at his map of everything around them. “I want your promise to be there. It’s a fair trade all the information I have given you today.” Emmitt said. “Agreed I know what it is to seek justice for your people. You will be with me on this.” Amal said placing his hand on his shoulder. As much as Emmitt wanted to knock him back he needed him for this, that he was sure of what better vengeance than to give Eric the shock of his life. HE couldn’t help but wonder why Amal would let Eric be so close to him after watching all the horrible things Eric has done to her over the years. Something wasn’t adding up there.

“Meus Rex.” A timid voice called out to him. “Yes.” He asked in the nicest voice he could Amal knew how much his sweet Tessa enjoyed the nurse in front of him. “It is about the Regina she is awake.” The young woman said not making eye contact with him. “Look a me.” He said in a tone that demanded respect. She snapped her head up quickly hands being held in front of her together in her lap. “What is your name?” He asked looking at her with a slight smile. “Tiena.” She responded softly. “Tiena. Well Tiena I don’t know what you did but you have left a hell of an impression on your Regina. She has told me she thinks of you as a first of hopefully many friends here. Keep up the great work and being yourself. If we can get her to see more of our great people this way I am sure it will be more than to want to stay.” He looked up and the guards and butler and maid ahead of him. “See to it anything Tiena wants or needs from here on is handled.” He said strictly to them as they all nodded.

“Thank you meus Rex.” She said in shock. “Has the Regina eaten?” He asked looking at her. “She is picking through her food it will take some time for the appetite to come back to her. Even though she should be eating more than she is, what she is eating is a good sign.” She said trying to explain. “This is true, goes along with the anxiety also of being in a strange place and after the ambush she had, losing a good friend of hers will do that. She is just adjusting and working through the stress of it all as long as she pushing through fluids this will be fine for now. Once she gets comfortable enough she will eat more.” Emmitt said letting him know this is fine. “Very well. Let’s get started on that by some friendly faces than. Emmitt follow me, let’s go see our savior.” Amal said as Emmitt started walking behind him. “He is our ticket through her I can tell. Ezrah said smiling to Drekkon and the others. “We need him to get through to his people and the queen. So everyone do what you can to make this happen.” Drekkon added as they all nodded and going on their own ways to start their tasks.

Walking in the door he looked at her smiling. “Oh hello.” She said with a small smile that could bring him to his knees. “Hey, how you feeling today.” He asked the sweetness and affection in his voice naturally flowing out. “Good lot better. I think I will sleep a little more soon and than be all ready to get up and move around tomorrow.” She said happily. “Better to play it safe. I look forward to showing you around tomorrow. I think you will be impressed by some of the things we have. I think I even have something that will impress you even more right now.” He said with a smirk. “Really you think so huh? You know I’ve been meaning to ask you what’s your place here in all this to be able to spend so much time hiding out here with me last few days. I don’t wan you getting in trouble.” She said looking at him sadly.

“Oh don’t you worry about me love. Everything will be as we want it. I am the king here. I run and control everything here. Now we are straying away from my surprise to you love.” He said as his finger rubbed under her chin quickly with a wink. The door opened to have Emmitt strutting in slowly looking at each other the smiles on their face slowly crept up brightly. He came to her and hugged her to him tightly while she was still on the bed sitting up to greet him happily. “Emmitt!!” She said happily. “Hey Tessa. I’ve been worried about you. Are you ok? HOW are you feeling?” He asked as he looked deep in her eyes. “Everything is fine I’ve just been tired from the concussion my new friends here have been more than kind to me treating me so well. How di you get here?” She asked looking at him hiding the worry.

“I got hit jumped by a bunch of people and hit in the head, woke up to my mom in front of me.” He said in a voice hiding the sadness. “Are you serious? You haven’ seen her in like decades. Are you ok with all that I know we both feel about our own parents. Are you ok?” Starting to show concern. “I mean a big part of me is like man that’s my mom in front of me, a bigger part is kind of just wishing she would just go away. You know I don’t care if I see her. I’d rather not. That’s not answering my questions now. You see Amal you have to watch she is so good at distracting you away from your own thoughts.” Emmitt said making both of them laugh. “I am fine and well you got attacked too. I can’t believe anyone would do this to us we haven’t crossed anyone. I wish I could get my hands on whoever was responsible for dragging me here this way. No offense to you Amal I appreciate your kindness form everyone here. It’s just it shouldn’t have been needed the way it was.” She said looking down.

“Don’t be sorry Tess I agree with you. I hurts me to see you in pain like this, soon though you will be up bright eyed bushy tailed and back out training young warriors and healing the little kids just like you always have right?” HE asked her with a smile. “It does do my heart good to see you.” She said looking up to Emmitt. “How is everyone from home?” She asked hopeful. “Everyone except those three are fine and healing well. Gabe and Kenzo is actual moving around well by now. Although Enzo is a bit over protective on Chloe right now seeing as she’s carrying his baby now. By a bit a mean like mountain ton. Emmitt said with a laugh sitting in the chair next to her side. Knowing full well Amal was not going to leave the place next to her side on the actual bed.

Tessa’s eyes beamed in happiness. “Oh my lord really? Look at that I’m going to be auntie, I call God mother can I do that if she’s not technically in front of me?” She asked looking at him clapping her hands happily to her chest. “That is going to be such a smart, gifted, beautiful baby.” Tess closed her eyes for a second in happiness and a deep smile. Both men falling even more in love with her just staring and smiling at her contagious of happiness. Amal looked down at her neck and than at Emmitts. “”You both having matching necklaces?” He asked in a curious way.

“Well when I first got here. He was always wearing it. That is actual my favorite animal of all time. I was always admiring it. So when depression hit me hard, and I was losing faith and wanted to give up on my self just to end it all. Emmitt came up with the same necklace he made himself. He said next time I am feeling down hold onto this and remember all my friends are for me and love me just the way I am, not for people think I’m some type of savior or the Chief or the healer/doctor but me just Tessa. So everytime I am lonely I hold it to me and remember all those who love me, and it makes the world ok even just for a minute. I guess you can say this saved me and I am forever thankful for it. Isn’t beautiful.” She asked happily at her wolf design.

“It really is amazingly detailed maybe Emmitt could make some for us. SO you can keep a piece of us with you as well. The wolf is also my favorite animal. It is a small world. “I could do that.” Emmitt said with a small smile Amal couldn’t tell it was fake but Tess sure could. “I will be up and moving around in the morning, so Amal said he was going to tour me around I’d love if you would be with us. One friendly face among so many that are not.” She said in a nervous tone Amal picked up quick on. “Of course he will love. He needs to know his way around here too. There will be much to go over in the next few days you two will be very close to my person for a few days. The people are very excited and anxious to meet you Tess. So you will be close to me the entire time. Just for my own peace of mind on your safety. We will leave you to rest for now please try to eat something. He saw three trays full of food and barely anything removed from them. “I will try. Thank you both for seeing me. I look forward to tomorrow.” She said with a smile and a wave. Now it begins she thought to herself. Smiling knowing everything was falling right into the place she needed.

Chapter 23

Early the next morning Tiena had brought Tessa some clothes and showed how to use their shower, after cleaning herself up and doing her morning routine she couldn’t help but feel nervous and excited. Hopefully all this goes according to theory of a plan and it ends soon she prayed silently to herself but they were never going to get anywhere if they don’t see the lay out of everything for themselves and find out what changes have been made since Rylon left. She knew if they were to be successful she had to get ALL her army in here, taking the fight to them a real fair fight which would mean shutting down the blue eyed demons access and making them fight as regular humans. After all these years her parents monster baby they created will finally be over.

Doors opening as she was walking back tying off the end of her French braid Tiena had started for her, now she was the only one in the room, beside her visitor. His heart felt like it stopped and restarted in his chest every time he looked at her. His mind was still reeling in the fact that she was really in front of him all these years and she’s here. This is what true happiness really is he thought to himself. “You look beautiful love. I hope I am not intruding I guess you can say I’m just anxious to show you off. Around I meant around. I know you must be aching to get out of this room for so many days being stuck in a bed, lost in thoughts.” He said trying his best not to scare her off.

“I think that sounds great. I’m actually really looking forward to it. When I first got to Emmitt’s village he and many others took me around different times and honestly it help spark some things in damaged brain here, hopefully it will happen again.” Tessa joked with him. “I hope the same, you never know what you’ll discover in the next few days but I hope it will be things that only bring you wonder and happiness. Are you eaten?” Amal asked looking around for a tray of food. “No, I’m not much of morning eater maybe some fruit or such and a drink, otherwise I feel a little sick.” She told him the truth, trying to be as much honest as she can without him catching on.

“I heard you almost finished your plate last night, it seems having a friendly face may have helped you feel more comfortable here to relaxed enough to eat at least. I’m hoping in time maybe I could have the same effect. Let’s get going shall we. We are spending the whole day showing you and Emmitt around a few of my counselors and I than I have a dinner planned that will be of just you and I, so we can finish our game of twenty questions I’m assuming after today and so on you’ll have many.” Amal winked to her making her smile. “You have no idea how true that is.” She smirked back.

“Good morning my friend, did you sleep well. I know how you are in new places especially one with such fancy equipment. You know your highness I never seen a village mix it’s way with those advances such as Atheo. Are you the only village or have more done things like this? I never thought to ask any other village I met.” Tessa asked being naturally curious or so Amal thought. “Not that I am aware of no I believe we are the only one and that is why our work is so important in what we are doing here. Most Villages or tribes are so set in their ways the whole if it aint broke don’t fix it theory. However our ancestors had all this access and at one point not to long ago this is what worked and it aided the entire world countries over world wide. We are trying to bring some of it back. It actually will help the earth in some ways, we just have to make sure we don’t bring the same destruction that it did before. Bringing back some old ways is just naturally the way of life, however we are trying to make it in our footsteps and not following down the same one that caused the end.” Amal said with enthusiasm for a second Tess and Emmitt wanted to believe him in theory it was a wonderful idea, in reality it would never work with him leading it.

“That is true many villages will reject to the advances you may try to push thanks to all the peaceful treaties Tessandra has made over her short time here though they would at least be willing to bend a little bit as they have but even they have limits I doubt they would be willing to go as far as some of the equipment and such as I saw coming in, and never go as fully invested such as Atheo. So I’m not sure just how far that dream of your is going to be able to spread peacefully over time maybe things can work themselves out. “ Emmitt said in a positive voice. “Well let’s hope so. It’s our mission to unite everyone. Everyone living together in peace and in a nearer better world through the vision we found. We can’t wait to share it, the lives that will be blessed with this technology and even saved by most. Whether it be better weapons for hunting, ways to store food better, and medicines to help prevent disease or other things form spreading your parents actually got the other tribes to be apart of that already so the last one at least wont be much to argument on.” Amal said in his sales men voice Tessa thought since Emmitt and Tessa were both leaders looking everything over and listening to him hearing him out she thought to herself and realized what was really happening.

He is trying to sell over everything they are doing her to the next leaders of many tribes. They were the most influential pair he had of thousands upon thousands of people. If he could get them to believe this idea his vision of the world was the only vision to follow for peace they have worked so hard in blood sweat and tears over this past year, he would have won. He would literally be king of everything the villages on this side of the world, Atheo, hell even the ship with Kylie everything would be locked into his command and no one would have even would even have to go to war or battle, they wouldn’t like and some may argue but wont get far. If Amal go this hands into them and Julian it would be over life would never be out of anyone’s free will again.

“That is one strong dream you have there. Well let’s see this vision you hold so strongly then your highness.” Tessa said in her most respectful voice. “Why do you call me that?” Amal asked confused staring at her holding out a hand in front of her to stop her from moving while stepping up to her too. Although Emmitt did not move he was ready to if he needed not being to far away himself. “I’m sorry you told me you were the king here. I was just trying to give you the respect you deserve in front of your people I wasn’t trying to be offensive I swear. Do you prefer meus Rex is that how you say it instead?” Tessa asked trying not to mess it up. This guys wants to control the world, why is so offended at the title of his name weird most egotistical men would only be called this type of thing she thought to her self.

“You are using the term correctly but the term coming from your lips makes my skin crawl in all honesty and I don’t like it. So love you will be the only one to call me by my given name of Amal, and nothing else. Understood.” Amal said in all honestly. It was true he wanted to rule everything about her, but not as a leader as Julian has so messed up in the past, yes it was clear even to Amal of Julian’s mistakes. Even though he wanted to dominate her in the best ways possible he wanted to do it with her being his equal. There was no other stronger match to be with him than her watching her all these years watching her a whole being not a doctor, chief, or superior just her and her soul and heart always shinning through from everything she did, it attracted him like a moth to a flame and he couldn’t see her as anything else as his equal.

“Are you sure? I don’t want your people thinking your giving an outsider special treatment or anything.” Tess mumbled out. “The whole mountain side and beyond know who you are and know how much more you are than just ‘some outsider’. Now this will be the only thing you will call me and those who don’t like can deal with it. Now right this way there are some people outside eager to meet you.” Amal smiled to both of them as a soldier guard opened the door.

There was a small group of men who smiled widely as she came walking up to them with two guards, Emmitt and their king in tow. “Meus Regina it is such an honor to meet you and be in your presence.” Ezrah said still just lost in the fact that she is finally in front of them. They all watched her grow up and know just how important it is for her to be with their king to keep him calm, and reasonable. Amal was such a strong, fierce, king he knew how to command and where but his emotion once in awhile could end up being so wasteful with killing people and taking lives out of anger.

“Tessandra Alderman this is my warrior commander of all the army soldiers warriors everything is Ezrah. This is my counsel commander make sure everyone is doing their jobs like doctors, scientist, everyone outside here Drek’kon. My lead guard commander like a chief of soldiers and making sure we have everything in supply and order here food and all other necessities is Hunter his mother was from here passed sadly giving birth to his brother, his father was from your people and is a blacksmith here, and helps builds weapons and just little things we use daily here. All these men are the best in their fields and should you ever need me and can’t get to me you come straight to these men here they will help you until I get back to you.” Amal said to both Emmitt and Tessandra as they both nodded Emmitt had already met them all and heard this but it was mainly just for Tessa.

“It is great to meet you.” She said smiling widely holding out her hand to shake. The men looked to Amal and once gave them the silent nod to touch her took her hand to shake back. Honor is ours to finally meus Regina here with us,, makes us truly blessed. Hunter said proudly smiling sincerely to her. “I’m sorry my name is Tessandra but please call me Tessa or Tess.” Tess said realizing she kept getting called Regina. “No, no sweet child, Regina is Queen we pick up on mostly Latin here and some other languages as they have been left behind unto us and you being the savior of us all, it only seemed fitting for you to be addressed as our Regina. Anything else to anyone here will just fill incorrect. You will hear this a lot today. It is completely up to you to change or address it as we go but I must warn you we have thousands here will be referring you as this term.” Drek’kon said in his best pleasing voice as a heads up to her.

“Great, well let’s just address it as a whole later but I can promise you all right now I am in no way shape or form fit to your Regina. Especially not right now. Wouldn’t that make your current Regina a little upset?” Tessa asked looking around. “There is no current Regina, Tess.” Ezrah said with a slight shrug. “Really?” “Well there is only one person fit for the part but that will be discussed later and I doubt she will truly mind.” Amal said with a smirk, that Emmitt wanted to knock off his face. “Alright then to each their own I guess.” She said staying close to Emmitt but not close enough to draw attention and Amal made it to where he was to close to comfort but no one said anything to draw attention to it.

Amal and the others showed them the little areas where and how they made and prepared and stored all their food. How and where they made weapons and what each one is designed for and what other purposes they have. How their clothes got made as well as furniture and other little things they needed. They saw the whole of the medical wing including where the medicines and other things were made as well as other serums they were making and what they were for and will do. That and the training area took the most time as they both tried to watch and memorize every little thing about the two main places and the secret door that Amal didn’t think they would catch that they avoided and stayed away from the entire time. Also along with the special door and area under the training area. For a few moments Tessandra almost thought she heard muffled screams coming form them. Emmitt shook his head nonchalantly as a warning to let it go for now.

People so excited and scared to approach them especially her knowing just what will happen should they offend either of them were pleasantly surprised and shocked by the sweetness that flowed through her as she asked questions and commented on their beautiful work, even if maybe someday they wouldn’t mind showing her how to learn certain techniques such as theirs. Amal scared most people as he couldn’t contain his wide smile the whole time going around his self built little kingdom his father had built and left for him as he turned it around and made it better. His people only know him to smile when he was to do something bad or kill, or torture, or go into war, or some diabolical plan. To see him smiling and showing a human side for one person and mean it, they were silently praying that this savior was to stay and really help them.

“This is all think we need to cover today as I do not want to overwhelm you so much on one day after such a recovery. Emmitt there are some things we have for you to visit after dinner and than you will be shown back to your quarters as to rest, Hunter will show you to the cafeteria as Tessa’s people call it or mess hall. Tessa I have made other arrangements to further our conversations over dinner and than I will show you to your new chambers as you are done with the medic unit. I do not want you to worry there is a special button linked to Emmits and I room should you need anything it will alarm us both. I made sure to make it to where your main healer who knows your medical history far better than anyone else here can reach you at any given notice.” Amal said making them both calm down a little.

“I appreciate that so much thank you Amal. I do not trust easy. I mean I do appreciate your medical staff on hand it’s just, I don’t know them and I get a little anxious still. I am more comfortable with my current doctor and friend. I’ll see you tomorrow than Emmitt have a goodnight.” Tessa said as she bowed her head a little. Making Emmitt do the same to mock as they both laughed. Emmitt hated her being a lone with him, and desperately wanted to hold her close to him, neither one of them getting the rest they really need without the other by their side they had to make do at least for another couple of days.

“Thank you for the assurance on my friends, and the tour. You did make some interesting points I would like to look into further in my visits tonight and hopefully next couple days maybe at the end of the week we may have further things to discuss. My circle of leaders may also be interested in some of these things as they are better for our people.” Emmitt said catching Amal off guard. “Really, you think your great leaders would want to be apart of this? Would they be willing to accept some changes such as these bow to a king while still being allowed to be leaders of your people under my law?” Amal said in a voice that wanted him to be aware of what it truly meant to accept this they way he wanted everyone to.

“As long as they do not receive the serum of the blue eyed demons who kidnapped their family and tribe member nor the heartless chip I think they are willing to adjust to the rest. After all I am the next to lead soon enough and everything we do has effects and I want nothing but the best for my people and their children. I want the peace we have made to stand with others after so many years of fighting and I think once circle gets on board with this the other villages leaders will too. After all it’s all in the treaty.” Emmitt shrugged a little. Amal just smiled deeper.

“You are truly a good smart man Emmitt always thinking of others first. This world needs more leaders like you. Strong enough to stand your ground, smart enough to know what your people needs. They are truly lucky to have you. We will be sure to answer and show you everything we can than when you are ready we will gather your leaders for the same demonstration, and see where we all stand from there. Enjoy your evening Emmitt. Tessa if your ready?” Amal said signaling a hand on the direction he needed her to go. Saying their goodbyes Amal couldn’t believe his luck things were going a little to easy and well. He was definitely on his guard but his gift was reading people and he knew Emmitt wasn’t lying. Maybe this will all work out with out the blood shredded battle he had ready for the moment, maybe plan B is working. He still needed Shadow. Shadow will keep his eyes and ears open to know the truth.

Amal showed her to a the special council balcony behind the throne room. He had dinner brought to them meat fruit and bread thanks to the special type of oven they had like in Atheo and the ship. He did his best to make it as much as he could of things she used to love trying to get her to be more comfortable and spark some type of memory. “Wow this is incredible you can see literally everything and more. I never really got to see an ocean before. This is amazing. Thank you for sharing this with me, also thank you for the privacy I don’t think I was ready to try to eat in a room with all eyes on me just yet, but I promise I will tomorrow.” She laughed out taking a hand and running it through her hair pushing it back in the process since she took the braid down to feel more normal and try her best to hide behind it if she needed it too.

“The pleasure is all mine believe me.” He gestured to the chair and helped her in it the way his father did a few times for his mother when he was younger since the Aldermen’s did every time. When they asked Tess’s father why he said it’s just what men did for their life partner it was what was the world a gentlemen thing or a real man thing he wasn’t sure but he made sure to always do this for his life mate. “Oh thank you very much.” She stopped for a moment starring at him with wide eyes. “My dad used to this for mother didn’t he? I think I remember being little he always put me and mama in a chair and help scoot it in.” Tessa said smiling at he fond memory she truly forgot.

“Yes he did something he taught my father and I and some other men here.” Amal said taking his seat with a small smile. “You knew my father?” Tessa asked in clear shock. “Of course your parents would venture off here every so often. They made contact with Julian’s father through us and their own devices back at the village Emmitt lives in now. We were actually close for awhile than well you know and again I am so sorry for the loss of your parents. I can never be able to know how it feels to lose your parents twice in one lifetime.” Amal said shaking his head pouring her some tea.

“What do you mean twice in a lifetime?” She asked placing the drink he gave her down. “Well if I was in your shoes where I grew up losing them, got stuck down here with no memory not knowing what would be awaiting when those memories returned I would think of my parents being there for me to return to. You like so many of us and others don’t get to have your parents waiting for your big return, and I am sorry for your loss. I actually lost my mother the same night your parents died she was with them. She came back to us in pieces left outside the wall. You never fully recover from the loss of your parents, it’s a little hole that never gets filled again it just gets replaced over tie with something stronger.” Amal said in a shrug as he scooped some food on his plate.

“What would that be?” Tessa asked curiosly. “Love, your life mate or husband in your peoples terms, even your own children. The family you make yourself that normally covers filling most the voided hole.” Amal said looking her in the eye. “That is true, since your parents will still be in the little people you create. I can see that point. I’m sorry for your mother. I never knew the story of what really happened with them. I know they went out on a some call or mission and never came back Emmitt was the closest person I know besides the leaders to know them, he found their body parts in pieces also. At least they were able to raise one good kid right?” Tessa asked tears trying not fall. “No Tessandra they were able to raise two. You are every bit of who they were and sometimes when your doing little things or talking it’s almost as if they are right here speaking through you.” Amal said smiling.

“Thank you for that. Did you know them well?” I did they would always bring me small gifts when they came. Your mother was close to mine, she would call me her favorite little prince. She was one of the few people I would let touch me in hugs and such she was such a wonderful lady. She spoke of you so much she missed you dearly it showed. It broke her to be so far from you. She would always hide the sadness she had watching the other kids play, the parents love on them if or when they got hurt. When they were proud of something they did running to show their parents. Her heart broke on everything they missed out on with you. She can never take or get that back, but they said the greatest thing they ever created was you.” Amal said missing her parents as well.

“You spoke of your mother but what about your father is he retired or something for you to be in his place with no Regina by your side? Well according to old history and all.” Well not yet, I have my Regina in mind she just has to accept the role and I am willing to wait as long as it takes for her to accept and adjust to such huge change it will be to not only her but to all those who love her and since she lives pretty far away at the moment hopefully it will all change soon in time. I am nothing but a patient man like your father said all good things come with time and hard work. Also my father was killed. Right there in the throne room, I got to see it as I was here. I couldn’t help him it was a challenge and if I would have stepped in than I would have severely punished. It is the way of all the village people you know this as well.” Tessa just nodded for she did know what it meant and all that could have happened to him had he tried to help him.

“I’m sorry no one should have to watch anything like that.” “It’s alright it’s forgiven. He was challenged he lost, and that’s that. I can never go after the man, and if I could I wouldn’t want to. I actually owe that man a great deal of gratitude. My father was a crazy psychotic man who had only envisioned a mindless brain washed army who he could manipulate and control. I have a different vision it has some of the same things only I won’t be pulling the strings and controlling my people they have the choice like your people do. It is their choice how they handle it. That is what your parents made this for a second chance to get life right, and it should belong to everybody. I’m hoping you will be able to help my make not only your parents wishes and dreams come true, but my own here, as selfish as that might sound.” Amal said taking a drink from his cup.

“You said some things to me before in our conversations while I was in the recover ward and it kind of keeps coming back to me and I don’t understand how you could possibly know some of those things not only because I can’t remember them, I wasn’t even here on this planet. We don’t exactly run in the same circles even if you were on a radio you wouldn’t have been able to be so specific so I have to ask. How did you know some of those things?” Tessa asked him looking him straight in his eye as he choked on his drink starring back at her. The room grew silent for a moment.

“I need you to know now I refuse to lie to you Tessandra. I won’t do it because I want us to be openly honest with each other about everything at all times no matter what. There are some things I need to confess to you over the period of time that you are here. Some good things, some bad things, some may even sound creepy but I swear to you it was all beyond my control for the most part. In a way you could kind of think of it as two kids who grew up to get the shit end of the stick some of this information you will find out may even break your heart, because I know when I found some it broke mine. I am not an easy man to break mind you. I just need you to know that I was responsible for none of the offense that have been made in my fathers rein.” Amal was starting to rush out.

“Hey, hey breath now. Take a breath and just start at the begging please.” Tessa said grabbing his hand on the table trying to get him to calm down she need information from him not have hyperventilate on the dinner table. Looking down at their hands his heart started beating rapidly for a whole new reason and he wished they were about to talk about literally anything else. He turned his hand over to hold hers and rub the back of her while he looked back up to her eyes took a deep breath it’s now or never might as well rip that bandage off.

“Your parents used a radio to connect your ship when you were a kid, but when they came here they used a monitor and it was huge in a special room here you don’t have access to yet. It was always on as we kept open communication and it was hidden on the ship so no one else knew so it wouldn’t out your parents who were being targeted by the real enemies on your ship. Julian’s father was the main contact who gave them instruction after he spoke and came to agreements with my father. They had the same diabolical plan to take your parents creation and make everyone a mindless servant. You see this serum they had can be activated by anyone in control panels you know so if the subject was refusing to do the labor task they had promised to do, or hurt someone they weren’t supposed let’s say than all they had to do was be turn on and activated and told the task and the person would do it not only happily but willingly.” Amal said taking another breath.

“Your parents were smart they found a way to hack into all the cameras and stuff they had upon your ship your Uncle made secret cameras he placed all over the ship. So they were able to hack into all of them. I was around when they get into the system when they came here and would watch you just going about your day just all normal. I couldn’t take my eyes off you I was fascinated by the young girl in front of. Then when our parents died my father kept everything running just so we could be aware of what was going on he still had people under his command upon your ship. I never stopped watching you Tessa. I felt like I had to see you. I was so impressed, and in awe at you. I watched you grow into this incredibly strong leader. Everyone came to, everyone trusted in. You were the smartest of your council and Julian and the others were more than idiotic to put most of your ideas and theories on the back burner considering you were right every damn time. No one that ship ever took your heart or wants under consideration. Especially your betrothed and it killed me to see you with him. To see you with a man who didn’t even understand who you really were. He didn’t know the real you. The you who wanted to live at least a little of your life for you and not because it was what you were told to, because it was what was planned for you. No one ever took you into consideration and it killed me to see you in so much pain for so long, because after spending my whole life watching you I feel in love with this amazing extraordinary woman sitting in front me right now.” Amal said as his eyes widened in shock at what he just confessed.

The table was silent. Just heavy breathing coming from both sides of the table her hand still in his no one moved. “I swear it’s not as creepy as it sounds.” He rushed out. “I never had anyone look me in the eye after knowing me for years almost my whole entire life and read straight through me the way you have besides Emmitt.” She said in a low whisper. “The reason Emmitt is my best friend is because he has helped me find my own way as a person and a leader. Not what I was told to be. He is the only one besides Julian who knows about my indifference with him. As my healer he had to always be around and most of the episodes I had was because of my interaction with Julian and everything that aspired between us in the past. Except for one episode that got the best of me that is a story for another time. I am shocked to hear about this. To find out my life was not really my own if you and so many others have been watching this whole time.” “No, not the whole time. I actually cut the communications two years ago when I figured that President Rodriguez was trying to get information to change allegiance with someone else and take all the information somewhere else where god knows who else would do with it what if they were just as twisted as my father or Rodriguez himself. So I cut off visual contact and there were still people who were loyal to my father who jumped ship and went missing to your people who came here and got straight back to work just here.” Amal said looking at her making sure she was understanding everything he was saying.

“I couldn’t stop my feelings for you and it hurt me to know that those who you trusted the most had so held so much information away from you. I still have the contacts on the ship. Everything is fine all your friends are safe and sound and everything up there is running the same. Rest assured on that. I meant what I said though as awkward and uncomfortable as it may sound a stranger someone you don’t’ remember because you never met saying they love you whole body and soul. I understand how that might come off and feel. Tessa I never wanted to make you feel anything like that I swear almost everything I’ve don’t to this point is for us. Kind of just like you I never got a say in what I wanted. My father raised me to be a human killing machine to rule with the iron fist he clenched dearly. I’m a monster in more ways than one. I never wanted you to know that, but I don’t see how I can keep that from you either. My people and I are the ones that are considered the enemy. I am the ruler of your heartless, blue eyed demon army. I am the monster everyone hates and fears. That’s not even the worse part.” Amal said tears filling his eyes because he already opened the door to the truth there was no going back now. He needed to see this through if he wanted the life he saw for them. She needed the whole truth.

“What is worse than stealing people from their homes and killing them Amal?” Tessa asked in a calm voice while tears were silently falling off her face. “My father and Rodriguez were having an arguments frequently and he wanted to pull your parents out. It was believed your parents left you a box of special content and for some reason my father thought they had it with them here. With the things in that box he could do serious damage and control to any and everyone here it was just a small does of a small group but he had everything ready for it to be duplicated. They also had an antidote for everything in that box and the original serum to reverse everything they have done to that point. My mother no longer agreeing to what my crazy father was doing. It was not the world she wanted to leave behind for her son, and she wanted no longer to have a part in it. She put a distress call to your parents and together they were off gathering some of the herbs they would need to make the antidote. They gave it to my mother to have some of her loyal scientist and themselves start making the next time they got to our labs here. Wanting to be making it in secret and tricking my father into giving it to the soldiers who were already turned this was a safer way to turn people back to a normal human person and not some robot to be controlled by my father, or any other evil person trying to play god of the world.” Amal said in harsh tone.

“My father found out through Julian’s what was going on and had your parents and my mother and their small search party ambushed and butchered. My father killed our parents, and Julian’s dad sold them out to do it. The team who were still loyal to my father on the ship were the ones who blew the second bomb on your ship. The first bomb was placed there because Julian’s father wanted you out of the picture he was convinced that since he couldn’t find the box and he wasn’t sure he could buy you over that you would turn out like your parents and try to stop him he tried to kill you with the first bomb my sources had special little devices all over your ship that I could control at any point in time and once I found out what was going on it already happened Rodriguez knew my feelings for you my hopes of a future possibly with you here. He took great satisfaction of parading his son in front of me being with you over the years. It wasn’t me however he blew the second bomb that go you here. It was the people on the ship. The people he thought were loyal to him were not they were only loyal to my father and the cause here. It was his own bomb that killed him though according to the doctor who got back to me.” Amal said waiting and reading her reactions.

“So the Julian’s father basically killed himself trying to kill me because he was convinced I wouldn’t be on his side? You’re angry father killed our parents because he felt betrayed even though he betrayed my parents first by using their creation for something it was never intended for?” Tessa asked face still wet from everything she was hearing. “Let me show you something no one not even the council knows is here. I swear on my life I will never hurt Tessandra you have to believe me. I am laying the truth of your life no one else besides me knows or who can tell you. I’m going to be telling you a lot of things Tessa, but let me be able to show you.” She was hesitate on taking the hand in front of her. “My love I could have lied to you. I could have never said anything that you deserved to hear but you need to hear. You deserve the truth to your own life. Take my hand and I will show you everything I can to prove to you I’m telling you the truth. Tessa I will never harm you or allow anyone to bring harm to you again in any way shape or form, but what you will see will hurt you in ways nothing can ever heal and for that I am sorry. I will be here right by your side to support you, no matter how much you probably wish I wasn’t. I will be right here to protect and comfort you even though you probably will wish never to be touched by a monster like me.” Amal said with his heart breaking at his own words.

She took his hand as he took her into his room that had a secret passage through the area they were in. Walking into a hidden drawer that popped out he grabbed a small device that held right in his hand and it was a small tablet like on the ship. Only one way to get those. Taking a deep breath as he handed it to her as he entered some numbers and codes. “Watch this.” He said as he lifted her on his tall bed and walked himself back to his dresser and leaned on it watching her. She spent hours watching everything he said being placed in front of her eyes. Everything was true even his young body falling over his mother who’s body pieces were placed in front of the gate here. He stayed with them all night until he burned them the next day the hooded figure never showed their face it was the face of who killed her parents as well, his fathers command. She heard Rodriguez voice selling out her parents all lies of course in the begging and was trying to cover his tracks.

“I want to show you something. Something that belongs to you. I actually have a lot of things here in this very village that belong to you really. It was all made possible by your parents technology anyway. However I held these for you anyway.” The first thing he had was a bracelet of a wolf type thing with a mate howling at the moon. And a pretty band style. “This was the only thing in my mother’s hand it belonged to your father. I’ sure he would want it right here where it belongs he loved you so much. May I be so bold?” He asked taking it from her to try to help her put it on her wrist. She only nodded not sure what words to say. “This is also from your parents, no one can know you have this. It could destroy everything. We are not ready for this stage yet. I plan on using this once I get the villages on board. Once I got everyone to join on their own free will, I plan to give those that back.” He said with a pointed look. Handing her the paper.

“Is this really it?” Tessandra asked. “Yeah it’s the antidote I know you’ve probably pour and combed through your parents entire works since you have been with Emmitt, but what you both did not know was all the work they had hidden here. I’m the only one who had access to it and in a measure of good faith, I have left Emmitt alone in a sealed room, with a the same videos you have seen. He will know everything by the end of the night he’s actually has a special locked crate filled with your parents journals that only I had access to.” Amal said with a voice that was sad. “Why would you give him that access. Everything he is finding out right now could actually ruin any type of peace he would want his people to have with you. He’s going to be so hurt so mad, he may never agree to your vision now.” Tessa asked looking at him lost and confused this was not the way she expected things to be going right now she never saw any of this coming.

“Tess he is your main healer. This is a lot of information that can damage your mental psyche, and he needs to know everything if he is to treat you, if it should come to a point or episode. I need him to know everything if I expect any type of trust with that side of our world. Plus I promised I would never let anything happen to you that is with in my control. Your health like this is in my control to the best of my ability. Tessa I will do any and everything to show you I am nothing but on your side. I see you as nothing but my equal and I want you in this vision with me just not the same one that crazy man had. We need to be on the same page to move forward and to know how we can both start to really heal with all the truth out on the table. Finally get a little bit of closure.” Amal said grabbing her hands and holding them to his chest.

“I need some time alone to let everything sink in. Can you please take me to my room now?” She asked not pushing him away, feeling to defeated to do much of anything. “Of course love.” He said wiping her face and taking her hand to show her the room three doors down from his. This is your room we are the only people besides guards on this floor there will be two guards outside your door if you need anything. They are here to protect you. They will take you anywhere in the morning you may want to go as long as it’s within the mountain or village area. Stay within the boundary Tess there are scarier things out there than the monster you see before you.” Amal said sadly.

“You’re not a monster Amal. I think maybe we just had to make do with the roles forced upon us and the battle with those roles and the ones we built for ourselves. It’s like being made to feel like your two people, and either one you get to be it’s like were always going to be forever trapped a little bit. I don’t blame you at all for my past Amal. The future is yet to be seen, but it won’t be entirely up to you so maybe you should start taking some of that weigh toff your shoulder as well, no one can lift so much of the world unto themselves without collapsing. You’re not in this alone none of us are. We just got to help each other find a way out of the mess that has been left us. Thank you for everything tonight Amal. I know this isn’t what you had in mind this evening. You’re right though you didn’t have to tell me anything that you had and you didn’t have to show me but you did. I know that wasn’t easy and I can see the toll and how hard it was for you to tell me all this against probably your better judgement but thank you for telling me. Honesty is getting harder to come by people these days. I’m glad to know I have it within you.” She said kissing his cheek and closing the door behind her.

Amal was so shocked she accepted his apology, she accepted him and even felt bad for him for everything his people did wrong to her. She was truly a saint an old time angel hidden amongst a world of monsters and demons of humans. I could live a million lifetimes and never be able to deserve her. She kissed him also. This night was nothing that he had planned but since they were already down the rabbit hole he came clean about almost everything. When the guards came close to him they waited for their commands. “No one comes in or out of her room until tomorrow she has free ranged access to the places you already informed about, when she wakes up and is ready. Come to me if she needs anything.” He warned them both who just nodded. Going to his room and letting the day sink in wondering how tomorrow will work out now that everything was out in the open.

Sitting up in the weapons area needing time by himself after everything Amal had set him to see and hear. Emmitt sat there heart broken on the a tree trunk. He wanted nothing more than to fall apart and cry in the arms of the woman he loved but he couldn’t get past the guards to get to the level she was on. Unless she paged him to her room but than Amal would be alerted to. He found Eyio and left message and plan to Tessa awhile ago and she should be receiving it now. He couldn’t believe everything he found out tonight. Thinking of everything and everyone involved. Julian was going to be crushed. Tessa had to be heart broken. Hell he even felt bad for Amal a smidge. They are left to clean up their parents messes and man did they make a big one. The sad thing is he was the only one who had living parents and only one was trying to atone for everyone and everything.

“Well you certainly look like you’ve been through it there son.” Ezmena said sitting on a tree trunk close to him. What do you want.” He asked defeated not even trying to hide his disappointment in her. “I don’t expect you to be happy to see me although I would be lying if a small wasn’t hurt. I am your mother after all. I have done my best to protect you in the way I know is best. “That is really more based on perception don’t you think? I think actually being around me is what makes you a mother. I guess things are just different in that brain of your though right?” He scuffed.

“I understand why your mad and I know that I can never make it up to you everything form the past but son I can help you and your future you of all people know and realize how many people lives rest in your hands and you may think you know everything right now but I happen to know more things that the great King Amal and even your father didn’t know and if you want to succeed for you and your people you would be smart enough to listen to your dear old mama.” She said in warning tone. “What else evil could possibly be left to know after all I have seen tonight?” Emmitt shouted as he stood and started to walk away. “I know who killed the late Regina, Adam and Melana Alderman.” She said as he stopped in his tracks. “How do you know that exactly?” He snapped. “Because I was one of them.” Emmitt felt his whole world stopped this couldn’t be real hoping to wake up from this horrible nightmare. He sat back down feeling the weight of his body about to tumble out. They stared at each other in silence I guess this whole plan turned out to be so much bigger than they ever thought possible

Chapter 24

“What the hell did you just say?” Emmitt asked looking at her like she held two heads on her own body. “You heard me I was one of the ones who killed them.” Ezmena all but whispered to her boy. “How could you anything like that to them. They were basically my parents, everything they did for us what the hell is wrong with you?” He all but roared out starting to get people to look at him from a distance. “Now now son you don’t want to draw to much attention do you? Other wise how else will you get the answers you seek?” Ezmena said with a smirk. “What would that great king think when he finds out it was you who killed his mother?” Emmitt growled out with a smirk of his own.

“Well I imagine he won’t be too pleased however whatever form of action he wanted to take among me he couldn’t. Seeing how it was his own father who casted her aside as a traitor of the people and was the one who sent out the order.” She said as she finished her drink. “Why are you telling me all this now? What do you get out of it?” Emmitt asked wondering what possible end game could she have.

“I know Amal. I know how important you are to everything, and not just because of the love I hold for you as a mother but in the bigger end of the line picture. Amal needs to be the main king of all and he will need his Regina to do it all right along with him. He’s too smart, too strong son. He has beyond the numbers and even if he didn’t he is a literal one man army. NO ONE human, or heartless with the power of ten to twenty men could take him down alone. I’ve seen it time and time again with my own eyes. He seems to even take great pleasure in destroying and taking lives and watching the soul leave their body through their eyes. The only time our great king shows any sign that he is indeed still human is whenever Tessandra comes up. His whole world is fixated around her. Everything he is doing he is doing for them in the back of his mind. I know how important you are to her not just for her mental health but emotional too. I know you are her best friend. I know you are learning all the truth and I need you to know the rest that even the others don’t. This all must happen there is no other way.” Ezmena said in a desperate voice.

“It is no secret apparently that Tessa and I use each other in ways to help rule our own people better, seeing as we stretched out and finally brought peace. Then imagine our surprise once we accomplish that with hundreds of tribes over, here the enemy comes wanting a truce. From the people who defiled all of our common great friend for their own purposes how exactly do you want me to spin a positive pitch among that? To so many people you took from them to experiment on them. How exactly to I get to keep peace with that news?” Emmitt growled angerly at her.

“I know how it will look that is why you and Tessa must explain to those leaders first the importance of what were really doing here you have went around and seen it for your eyes, the power of what we are giving the world. Everyone will get a second chance some of us need so badly. IF we can get people to see with their own eyes than all for themselves then we can start moving forward as a one of people one whole unit. Life will forever be peaceful.” Ezmena was trying to stress out. Rylon was right the whole time she is truly lost to this cause with her full support to the wrong side. How was this woman ever once the woman he knew. How can this person be any kind of blood to him at all. He was disgusted with the person in front of him. Knowing she was trying in her own to save him and others but how could she stumble so far from normalcy.

“How could you do it they were your friends. Friends who helped you. Friends who protected you even raised your own kid. How could you betray them?” He asked in such a low voice. “THEY BETRAYED US!! They were going to ruin everything we all worked so hard for. They were the ones who turned on us first!” Ezmena snapped back. “DID THEY OR DO YOU JUST THEY DID? Honestly did you tell them to their face what you guys were up to from the begging with their own creation or did they find out and try to solve the mess you and these people were making, and that pist off Kaial?” Emmitt questioned her. Not being able to look her son in the eye at the little fact of truth he spoke out.

“Well be that as it may. It’s over and done. The savior will finish all of this. All of the mistakes of the past will be ashened and forgiven in the past.” “You mean once all the children of your monsters clean up your mess? Everything we have to deal with. EVERYTHING we must do now to save our people is because of the mess you so called parents made trying to play God. Pathetic really. Even as a grown adults who knew better you all acted as power hungry children playing with weapons without supervision. Now look at the carnage you have caused. Years and years of devastation, pointless deaths, merciless heartache that can never heal. You even sacrificed your own family along the way gave us up like livestock to slaughter and for what to come crawling back when it only serves you a purpose? What else do you have to offer for my services? Hmm you already lost and gave up a mate, and a son? I dare say you have nothing else of any value after that.” Emmitt said growling to her to get up to leave.

“I can see how you think that. I never gave you up though not willingly I have been protecting you and I do it now still. I have the name to the other person who killed the Alderman’s. I did kill the Melana.” She said in a sad voice. “The price I offer you is a name of grave importance to you and my Regina. It is crucial she doesn’t know though or it will cause lack of our cause going forward.” “Who was it? Who was everyone involved?” “We were sent out with a small party of ten and only two of us returned. The Regina, Melana, and Adam killed the rest. It was Ethan Alderman.” Ezmena said looking at him straight in the eye.

“So you’re telling me his best friend. His own brother slit his throat and hacked him to pieces?” Emmitt said heart broken by such betrayal from someone Adam loved and trusted with his life. “I do dare say son you idolize the Alderman’s a little too much. After becoming traitors to the cause what did they do to deserve such offense for them now. His mother bitterly snapped. “They came back for me. Every damn time they were there, they came back for me.” Emmitt growled out to her walking away hearing enough for one day his brain and heart could take no more he found his way back to his borrowed quarters and stayed there wishing and longing to hold on to Tessa. This was a nightmare coming here was by the hardest thing he felt either of them had to endure. How do I tell her about my psychotic mother he wondered that’s when he started to really get plans through his head. Eyio come to me my friend. He whispered to his necklace leaving his window cracked opened.

Early next morning she finally rolled from her bed not able to catch a slight wink of sleep but not being able to stay in bed any longer as the son was barely peeking up. Opening the doors the turning of the guards caught her off guard. “Oh my.” She giggled a little at the surprise of them forgetting them completely her hand to her chest as she giggled softly the guards smiled sweetly such a sweet woman they thought from meeting her yesterday. “Forgive me. Good morning. I find myself getting restless in there. You probably already know that than don’t you.” She said more of a statement than a question.

“It is understandable Regina after the night your mind must have had.” They slightly shorter one said in a sad yet firm voice. “I was hoping you would take me to the edge of the woods there on top and in front of the top of here that I saw yesterday I need some peace and time to myself.” “Of course Regina would you not eat something before you leave?” They other one asked looking at her a little worried. “I’m afraid I haven’t the stomach quite yet. However we can stop if you are hungry?” She inclined. “No Regina we are fine.” The shorter one said in an instant.

“If you are to stay by my side for some time you will refer to me as Tess, or Tessa do you understand? What are your names?” “Sebastian.” The taller one said. “Mateo.” The shorter one said both with a slight bow to the head. “OK see now we are all friends. Well let’s be off, I am craving for air like a drowning victim.” She said sorely as the men nodded with her understanding how broken she must feel everyone in the warrior status knows her situation and had watched her as well. They knew the best way of life was through her, and was willing to do anything to help her accomplish it.

One she got up there she was in the center of the woods in the opening just sitting on the tree trunk the guards a good distance from her to where they could hear her only if she yelled. Knowing she could handle herself and promising no to leave from their eye sight, they promised to be turned the other way the whole time. A bird came and landed right in her shoulder hiding in her hair only loud enough for her to hear. “Tell me what you know my friend?” She asked sweetly. As Eyio relayed Emmitt’s plan and encouraging words taking a deep breath she wished she could hug him tight. She longed to tell him it was ok but was it Was everything they found out really ok, it didn’t matter at this point anymore because at this time it had to be.

She could tell he was holding back in his message but she won’t push it would be a later problem as they had more then enough to handle now. From any one watching perspective it would just look like a sweet moment when a small bird is chirping into her ear as she sat there smiling enjoying it’s song. Not realizing until she looked up at the dark black wolf starring at her as if it were trying to bore into her soul. Making eye contact with the wolf she noticed he had naturally blue eyes he was beautiful. Shocking the wolf himself as she did not react in fear but in awe he took a chance and approached her as Eyio flew away.

“Well hello there friend. My you are so beautiful. I really hope your not here to eat me it’s already been a long night and morning I’m afraid I’ll taste a bit bitter to you at the moment.” She told the wolf sweetly in a softy sad voice not moving even an inch from her position, as not to agitate the animal in front of her after all she felt like a guest in his home somehow. The wolf whined a little at her words. Making her tilt her head a little.

“You understand me don’t you?” Tessa was looking at the wolf in a new light knowing full well he wasn’t one of their special friends. It may seem Amal’s people may have been experimenting with animals like they have but that was not for certain just theory. This wolfs eyes were naturally blue. He looked to be youngish also maybe they tested it out on his mother or father as they were testing on basically all kinds of pregnant things especially humans. She disgusted herself at the thought of some of the things she read and saw here. Pregnant woman getting dissected, also getting injected to see if it the effects of the treatment would sink into the fetus. She held her head in shame for a moment at her parents creation being used this way. Disgraceful, shameful, wrong.

Tessa was snapped back to reality when the wolf placed it’s head on her lap, making her smile. He was almost bigger than she was. She got up and sat on the grass letting the wolf rest in her lap. “You’re nothing but a sweet ol love bug aren’t you? A cuddle big ol teddy bear.” She whispered to him scratching behind his ears making him move his leg and wag his tail in happiness. “I guess that makes us friends then huh?” She asked him thinking if for any reason this was a trap better play her part well.

“Can I ask you something my beautiful new friend? Do you think time can really heal all wounds? I seem to find myself in a few dilemmas. The more truth I seem to be finding out the less I want to really my memories to come back. It makes me feel like a lone I guess you can say. It’s depressing really love.” She said rubbing his head as his eyes never left her but looking sad. “When my memory does come back I have no happy family waiting for me. No loving parents waiting to welcome me home. In fact I don’t really think I know where home is anymore. I have made so many new friends and I have my make shift family. However when they toss you out of the sky alone on your own with out even your name is it really from family love?” The wolf whined in a yawn.

“I know, I know they were trying to do a good thing. I just wish I would have a say in the choices in my own life. How would feel growing up not being able to be anything for yourself just what your told to be. Hell my husband was already picked out for me. I did love him at one point, but now I realize it wasn’t in the way I should have. It’s not fair to him. I will tell him soon. He will understand don’t worry we have already spoken of these things in Atheo. Tell me my beautiful friend what do I do now where do I go from here? How do I become who I need to be without going back to that girl I was?” She asked rubbing his belly as he began to let out happy growls that seem to catch the guards attention and Amals as he was coming up to check on her once he reached the guards they all heard the growling.

“Shadow.” Amal whispered as he grew nervous, he told Shadow to watch over for her. He never wanted him to get near her, he hated people and had a problem with biting and killing them. He never liked anyone other than Amal and he would keep distance from all children. Running to where they saw her and the big beasts bodies fearing the worse for a second. “Tessa!” “REGINA!” She heard at once from three voice laughing hardon her knees getting pushed to her butt by the loving playful wolf pouncing on her a little licking her cheek. “What is it what’s wrong?” She asked still trying to get the wolf to stop licking her laughing.

The sight of it set Amal’s heart soaring in his chest beating rapidly. His two favorite people in the whole world playing like life long friends. “Shadow down boy.” Amal said in happy voice. Shadow sat straight up smiling happily at the man. “Shadow?” Tessa questioned. “Yes, Shadow meet my personal close friend Tessandra. Tessa meet my best friend Shadow.” “Well the beautiful boy has a name. Suits him well. Why does Sebastian and Mateo look like they are looking Death himself in the face?” She asked Amal who started laughing at her words, if she only knew.

“You see my love, Shadow is how you say not people friendly in fact he harms most people who get near him or in his way. So in fact your choice of words is really hitting it on the nose there.” He said as he rubbed his friend head. “Shadow is the only one besides you I feel like I can bare my soul to and still be accepted for being myself. That is if you can forgive everything I have done. Everything done to us beyond our control. Tell me savior can you forgive my sins done unto you and finally save my soul?” He asked looking at her giving her one night to ponder it over may not have been enough. He could live a million life times and it may never be enough to atone for everything he and his family have costed her.

“I don’t blame you Amal. We are not responsible for the sins of others only the ones we commit to ourselves. They used to say the sins of the parents do not fall upon the offspring. Boy, if that was really true then why does it sure feel like it did, hard. The children are the ones who have to clean up everyones mess as adults from them doing what they think is right then their own children have to do the same thing it’s a never ending cycle. Now stay with me on this but what if we are ALL wrong everything we think and or believe is false, what if what we are doing is the opposite of what we should because if what are parents doings all the way up them have been what people believe is the right thing to do. I mean look at this mess were in your majesty but what if it was all wrong and we base it on people who call others a traitor when they themselves are traitors to their own people and their trusts?” Tessa asked accepting the hand he offered her to get off the ground.

“I understand what your saying perfectly, my angel. It’s nothing no one else has ever thought before. Only those who are true believers became that why because they once question everything about it. They will until they die most likely too, because there is always a chance we could be wrong and it stays that way our whole entire life because it will always be 50/50 shot. We just have to have faith and trust in those around us that every day we just try to be better than what or who we were yesterday. The only way to do that is together.” He said pushing a stray piece of hair behind her ear, still holding her hair. Amal was nothing like she thought coming in her. Either he was a great actor or he really wanted all this to work in his favor. Her to be with him, making her happy. Peace for all but you can never get full peace from a people by taking it from their free will.

“When did you find time to be so profound, in all your scheduled training?” She teased him. “Easy love it’s something one wonders from time to time to be able to keep moving forward. If you were trained like we were. Yes I say trained because god only knows how we weren’t raised the way we should have been and you know it.” He added looking her dead in the eye because no matter how she thought of it they were brought up the same to be human killing machines who could also be doctors their superiors wanted them to be able to give life just as well as they could take it in more ways than one.

“If others were trained the way the we were and when we finally got into a place of power were we could finally make the decisions you straight to put one question in mind is this the right thing to do. You can only get that by selflessly thinking how does this effect the people I am trying to protect. The people who trust in me. How does this help them in the end. You know what I mean I’ve seen you do more than enough times. When we watch others in power and watch others coming into power you learn a lot from them based on their character and who they are. I guess you can say I am still learning form you. You are by far the best teacher I have ever seen, or learned from even if you didn’t know it. With your permission I wish to keep learning from you still.” He said taking a step closer to her still holding both her hands in front of him.

Shadow came in between them growling at Amal to step away from Tessa who was trying to hide her discomfort from being so close to the evil man before her. “That’s new. You would trade me so quickly my dear friend” Amal said squatting down to love one the animal rubbing behind his ears. “Seems I am not the only taken with you savior. Making friends is not an issue with no matter where you go it seems. I have come because I know you did not eat it is well into midday I wish for you to humor me in eating at least a little bit. We have more things to show you and discuss. Emmitt will await us for dinner. I have been avoiding him most of the day as I fear what he might think or have to say to me at this point. I know how special he is to you, and I don’t want any risk of losing any chance of positive thinking of you towards me even though I do deserve most it.” He said looking down to his hands sadly.

“Emmitt is my best friend. His soul and mine think like one you know like you and this big love bug right here. Just someone who understands you that doesn’t mean we agree on everything. We do have our disagreements but one of the things we have in common is we do not condemn someones reaction from others actions that they themselves couldn’t control. You’ll see give Emmitt a chance he will always surprise you. I am sure you two will be just as close as he and I are. Great leaders need to be on the same page. Emmitt is not hard to make friends with it’s my betrothed who you will sometimes bump heads with repeatedly over ideas, theories and such I know better than anybody of that.” She said in a self mocking tone he did not like.

“Forgive me Tess but your betrothed just sounds like a stupid ass. I think it is time for him to come meet me face to face I need to tell you that I have sent out a search party for him. I am doing everything on our side of the fence to see he is unharmed on the retrieval I don’t want another person in recovery when I am trying to gain allegiance with them. Doesn’t really send the right kind of message does it?” Amal said in a chuckle. “When do you think he will get here?” “I sent it out about almost two full days ago. I expect him later this evening. You will of course be present when I meet him upon his arrival Emmitt as well, if he wishes to be I think it would be rather helpful to have you both with me to help explain things to him. That this is in no means an open act of war, but a learning lesson of what can be done to make us a better people.” Amal said as he took her arm wrapped it in his and started to help her into the lunch area.

Shock was the only thing the people in all the tables and mess hall around them were. Their savior, their Regina and Rex was sitting with them laughing talking to other people. A little girl fell trying to hold her plate and her water spilled completely all over Tessa’s face and clothes her father ran up to her trying to help her up in fear of what will happen the king was normally not a forgiving man. He found great pleasure in torturing people slowly even mentally. The poor fearful father was not expecting Tessa helping the girl up checking her over for scarps or any other injuries she may have acquired. “Are you sure you are alright. Can I help you with your shoe?” Tessa asked smiling sweetly to the girl who just nodded tears in her eyes from apologizing over and over.

“I’m so sorry Regina.” The man started to rush out. “Whoa there breath their dad she is ok I promise no harm done you can check her yourself she is fine.” Tessa trying to make sure he knew his child was well. “But you clothes.” He asked. “Oh this. Don’t worry it’ll dry. Accidents happen all the time. I myself am quite the klutz I fall a lot more than I care to admit.” She said smiling making Amal smile with her, normally he would be dragging the man out by his hair, but seeing her so calm made his heart calm as well even enjoying the moment. “I can vouch for that.” Emmitt said with his plate as he was taking a seat straight across from Amal who all but welcomed him at his table. Hoping everything would go smoothly he really needed this guy to be on his side.

“I hope you two enjoy your day. You sir have a beautiful little girl.” “Thank you meus Reg.” She cut him off. “Tessa is my name and I expect you to be using it I the future.” She said as he just nodded his head and took his daughter quickly away. The people still in awe at how civil and respectful she is to everyone around her. She corrects you without belittling you. She asks them for their advice their help she makes them feel as if they all equal to her, when in fact they knew better. Even if she wasn’t aware of it yet. Amal was proud at how the people respond to her and she to them even though he knew she would, it’s just who she is.

“How do you find your day so far?” Amal asked Emmitt trying to break the ice. “It’s going just not sure if I’m going along with it. It’s hard to be here at the moment. After finding everything out last. Even a little more than I think I was ready to.” Emmitt said eating a piece of fruit looking him in the eye. “What of you Tess, How are you be honest with me? I mean it like both emotionally and physically honest with me and chest pain, head aches, tingling in the arms or legs?” Emmitt asked making Amal eyes widen as he was trying to access to see if she was getting signs of any type of episode from digesting the information yesterday.

Feeling like an idiot he should have paced it all out. What if something happens to her, because of everything he told her at once. His heart racing a little at her reply. “Well honestly. I think I’m just heart broken. IT was a lot of information quickly in one sitting and I believe I went through the natural stages of the grief of it fairly well. I am still both angry and hurt at a lot of things and people, but in a way I am not surprised completely I mean you of all people know by now that finding out this type of information is no longer surprising at this point. Not much can take that cake anymore. Physically I am fine no red flags I will inform you right away if something should feel amiss. I swear it.” “You better. Timing is everything Tessa and you know it.” He warned pointing his finger at her to make sure she knew of the importance even though they were playing a deadly game with Amal her health was still very much still a risk.

“I am sorry for laying everything out like that I should have been smarter about it and spread it over time.” Amal started only to be cut off by her. “It’s quite alright. Time is not something I think we really have at the moment and honestly I would have not stopped until I got the whole story out anyway. I am a little stubborn I guess.” She shrugged. “Like your mother.” Both men said at the same time. All three looked at each other. “I guess you would know better than I.” She shrugged sadly. “You know it’s going to be hard to miss your parents when I swear I got both of them in front of me still.” Amal said making Emmitt nod his head. “That is true.” Emmitt added. “Well there is still much to see. I am taking you to the labs you didn’t get to see yesterday. “Amal said as Drekkon, Ezrah, Mateo, Sebastion, and their chief Hunter was at the tail of the three leaders coming into the lab.

After showing her some things and about thirty minutes into the research that had captivated her attention on how one serum was eating away at tumors, they all heard the door opened and a quick gaps. “As I live and breath.” She heard a man say the voice shot straight through her as it was one she would never forget. Turning to face him his name came out in a shocking whisper almost loud enough for those to hear. “Uncle Ethan.” Anger starting to grow within her. He deserted his family just like her parents had left her. Only he was in constant contact this whole time with his father Eric was right his father did make secret calls to him, because apparently his parents loved him more than hers loved her. She found that was one of the few things she agreed with them on.

“It is so good to see you again little bean.” He said taking her in genuinely happy to see her. “Don’t call me that.” She snapped quickly. “My God you look like exactly like both your parents at the same time it’s like I’m seeing them right here.” Ethan said smiling. Emmitt coming in between them pushing him back a little. “I am not going to harm my own niece.” Ethan growled at Emmitt. “That is yet to be known.” Emmitt growled back. “It’s alright Emmitt I am fine.” She touched his shoulder to calm him down. “Am I missing something?” Amal asked the three of them.

“Well with all due respect your kingly ship. This is the lovely uncle of Tessa. Adam’s brother and best friend. Also Eric’s father. Now tell me you cowardly piece of shit is your demon seed also here with you?” Emmitt growled getting ready to slash the man where he stood. How dare he come up to his brothers only child after hacking him up and leaving him for the animals. If only she knew the truth behind this mans evil which truly knows no bounds. Amal face widened at the realization of the situation for Tessa. The hurt that must be coming from her. After finding out that he abandoned her and his family to come work for his father like her parents who never came back. Except Ethan always was in contact so the truth of him never leaving Eric alone as her parents had her is hitting all kinds of nerves. “Maybe we should retire for the rest of the evening love. It ahs been already a wave of emotions since you have arrived.” Amal asked trying to politely take her away from the situation before it exploded.

“No, your highness I am quite content where I am at. Tell me how is it you are still working on my parents findings Ethan. It really amazes me how you have so much of their work, written instructions and yet you haven’t seem to get not one of them right. If I do remember correctly you never could though could you. I remember the time you playfully raced me in making a simple flu shot of their formulas in the chem lab and I finished twenty minutes before and only I got it right, I remember how the head farm member of council had the runs for weeks thanks to your. So please explain got me how the king got you into his services when you couldn’t even beat a doctor in training as a girl on a simple flu shot to tackling formulas to attack cancerous tumors?” Tessa teased him yet calling him out in anger.

“I know how angry you must be little bean but.” “DON”T CALL ME THAT! You disrespect me each time you do it and I will not be nice next time you do you insult me with that.” She spat out in him in anger no one until this point not even Emmitt have seen from her. Amal and Emmitt quickly looking to each other shrugging. “You heard your Regina.” Hunter said behind him in warning making hard eye contact. “I am not trying to offend you. I understand how you feel about seeing me right now. I hope that maybe in time it will get easier because despite what you think of me little one. We really need you here. I know you can do this. I know how smart you are even though I couldn’t be there to see you guys grow up in person didn’t mean I didn’t get to see it. I am so proud of you, and whether you like it or not I am so happy to see you here finally safe and sound the way you were always meant to be. Here to take your place and save everyone they way you were always destined to. I still love you Tess. You’re still like the daughter I never had.” Ethan said honestly from his heart.

“I AM THE DAUGHER NOBODY HAD! No one raised me. No one really even wanted me. Hell the only person to try was your wife. MY MOTHER”S SISTER! Who couldn’t even look at me because I looked to much like her. Who I had to piece together along with your crazy ass devil son because she couldn’t stop grieving over the fact she lost her husband and her sister and brother at the same damn time and now had to raise two kids on her own. NO ONE LOVED ME! No one did because if you or my parents loved me so much than why wasn’t enough to stay. You all want me to rule over and do all these things. When I am still just trying to figure simple things like why no one ever stays. Why am I never enough?” She asked voice cracking in front of Ethan standing nose to nose with him. “You and them left me on my own I can’t think of a single reason why I can’t do the same to you.” She barked at him.

Emmitt pulling her to him tightly. “You are not them. You are not who you were. Don’t start falling into the pit of their darkness, because it is far to easy to fall into revenge their way. You need to pull yourself back into the light and do this the right way. Tess you’ve come so far. Don’t lose it now. Not after fighting so hard to get to where we are.” Emmitt was whispering to her in a tight hug. Amal looking at him. He does know how to handle her well he’ll give him that. Coming up to them.

“Your friend is right my love.” Amal said placing a hand on her shoulder. Looking into Emmitts eyes he just swallowed and took a deep breath. “I know. Go. I’m always right here.” He whispered back knowing what she needs to do to keep up the appearance of why they are there. They needed more time. Tessa turned and threw herself on Amal in a hug that happily surprise him. “I think your both right I think I’ve had quite enough. I’m ready to leave here. I don’t want to see him the rest of the trip here though if that is alright. Nothing he can say will ever get my forgiveness.” She said flatly in truth. Amal looked at her falling apart on him tear filled eyes and he couldn’t wait to get Ethan alone to tare him apart for hurting his woman. Him and his son.

“Alright my angel let’s go. I’m right behind you two.” Amal said as he gave Tessa to Emmitt for a moment knowing she was in good hands for her emotional and mental well being. “You were aware of her being her yes?” Amal asked as his three guardsmen had already called for two others. “Yes meus Rex. I was. I was however not informed she would be in my work area.” “You know Ethan my father always praised you, but I have always known better Tessa was right it was never your work that made any difference it was your brothers and you have always been jealous of that fact. I never cared for you even as a boy Ethan. My father kept you around but he is no longer calling the shots is he Ethan? You put tears in your Regina’s eyes. You have caused her pain that even after all these years have and apparently never heal. There can only be one price to pay for that.” Amal said stepping even closer to Ethan who was now so scared he felt like he could actual wet himself if his own bladder wasn’t so scared.

“You however have not caused her pain alone though so do not fret as your son will be joining you in your punishments. I will be seeing you both later this evening where you will both stand on a private trail for your crimes against the crown. Take him and find his bastardous seed as well until I am able to deal with them.” Amal snapped to his men who took him as he began yelling all kinds of things he was ignoring making his way out taking a deep breath and walking out the lab smiling down to Tess bringing her chin up to look at him let’s get back to the throne room and have us a strong drink I think it is well needed?” “I prefer the tea like to keep my senses. Not sure how the body and treatment would respond to such toxin in the body.” Tessa added. “Tea it is then.” Amal said smiling to her still looking into her eyes.

“Meus Rex.” A warrior called nervously to his king who was lost in a moment with the savior his personal savior as well. “Yes?” He asked in a bored tone a little agitated his moment is cut short. “He is here. We have done what you have asked, He is here and he knows all that they do now. He awaits you in the throne room.” “Who waits?” Emmitt asked curiously, not to happy with another man being so close to his woman especially on who is so incredibly crazy. “President Julian Rodriguez. I believe it is time to meet your betrothed, love.” Amal said making Emmitt and Tessa a little queasy hoping Julian goes along with the plan well. Hoping he is taking the news better than they did. They were going to have to go through the emotions to make sure they all get out of this alive.

Chapter 25

Walking into the room Julian was standing there with an emotionless face until he saw Tessa and charged her with a hug dragging her tightly into his arms. “Are you ok? Are you hurt?” He asked quickly pulling her away to look her over. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I never knew what dad was really doing I swear I never knew until we got here. They showed me everything so many things. I am so sorry.” He was repeating to her holding her close rocking her a little with teary eyes making hers tear a little to. “President Rodriguez how nice it is you have joined us. Allow me to introduce myself I am King Amal. I welcome you to my home, I hope the way here wasn’t to hard on you.” Amal asked him trying to be nice, hating the fact that another’s hands was on his woman.

“You mean after I was shot with a dart unconscious and forced to watch a video of horrible past events on how my family screwed the love of my life’s family over it was like a dream vacation. Who needs an old fashioned log cabin when I have all this.” Julian popped off. “I will let that insult pass as I know how distress you must be it is no easy thing trying to digest everything you have learned I assure Emmitt and Tessandra are trying their best to deal with it also so you are not alone on this. I am of almost thirty years of age give or take few years and even I on some day still don’t handle any of this well. I will do everything I can to make sure you all are seen to properly and well. I swear to you nothing no harm shall fall upon you while you are here.” Amal said trying his best. Tessa pulled away from Julian making Amal smile deepen.

“Why would that be? Why go through all this trouble to get us all here?” Julian asked in playing confused and looking at Tessa weird as she pulled away. “The reason you are all here is to see a better way of life at your disposal and I do not want a war. I do believe that is what everyone is anticipating but if I can reach out and go through this at a diplomatic approach to show you my vision for a better world maybe than you will see and join me in uniting everyone under one huge people. Yes we can still live lives the way we have been just under all one law. Peace the way it should have always been. No more fighting one another. No more wasting life fighting each other, no more meaningless death. It’s no different than the work you have been doing upon your ship even Julian so you of all of those here would be more knowing about some of these treatments and techniques. I just ask you come and tour my village, and learn and see what we are doing than we can come to terms of peace treaties of our own. Emmitt and Tessa have seen these things and have agreed they are truly a tremendous thing to behold and be apart of. I just ask you come and go in peace and open mind.” Amal said.

“Will they too be able to come and go in peace with me even if we decide the way of life you show is may not be for us. If we vote in another way are truly and freely able to go in peace?” Julian asked him talking as the diplomat Amal knew he was raised to be, he was indeed playing his part well. “Of course, even if you do not agree or want it there is nothing stopping us from still signing a contract of peace and truce between the people.” Amal said smiling down knowing he didn’t mean it. He had spies every in the villages all he would need to do is have one of them do something to cross the line on the treaty for them to cause war and he would go through the village and end up claiming it for himself anyway he has done it so many times before. Unlike his father he gets the other villages both legally and by force.

“Tess do you really believe this is something worth looking into for the betterment of life for not only out people but the other villages we have already signed peace with?” Julian asked. “It was truly amazing to go through and see some of the works my parents have started and indeed I do think all people will benefit from most of it.” She said in all honesty that was true. “Emmitt, so you agree with those facts Tess has stated do you also believe this?” Julian asked curiously knowing she wasn’t lying. “I do there are some amazing things we can learn here. I have requested circle to come and look for themselves. They have agreed.” Emmitt said knowing that they are indeed coming but coming with the army to finally end this.

Knowing full well they will never win this war if they don’t bring it here to the center core and destroy it all from the inside out. Everything needed to be wiped clean Eyio had already taken pictures and had them saved to Riley and Ben data base to save the formulas and such to create everything they would need from here from here parents. Emmitt was able to get lot of time to look over all the journals left behind from the Aldermen’s work while they were here which trumps half of the ones they left in the little trailer hut back in the village. “Ok I will be more than happy to take your hospitability and hear you out. It takes a lot to get this ball of fire right here to open up and trust your word so I will too. I mean peace is the main goal we have be trying this hard far for anyway right? I think after our parents it something we need to do and to start to repenting in a way to settle all this horrible ugliness that has come among us and it needs to end.” Julian said looking at Amal who was nodding.

“I agree with you there. This should all come to an end.” Amal said nodding in agreement. “So may I ask you a question based on the material I’ve seen?” Julian asked. “You may ask anything I am willing to clear up anything I can.” Amal said with his arms held open in welcoming. “You have admitted to watching us on the ship. How were you able to keep getting contact once you stopped the footage? Who was really helping you on the ship?” Julian asked.

“Is this your Subtle way of way of trying to weed out those you believe to be rats? I will not answer this as part of protecting my people. It was my people who saved yours from your father need I remind you or maybe you should watch the videos again of your father trying to murder Tessa right in front of you. Who if I can recall people hearing both of you talk before and her begging you not to go through with your little event and you by passing her opinion as the past can only show us you do so well. You know if you really think about it you should be as much to blame as your father for what happened to her. If you had just put opinion and her fears which at the time was perfectly valid, then the bomb would never have went off because she would not have been there. That would also meant she would have spent this whole year with you instead of trying to gather who she is again. My people helped save many lives by redirection on that ship and deep down you know I’m right.” Amal answered back almost so coldly you could practically see the breath when you speak.

“I am not going to sit here and pass blame or out anyone over past events. We will speak of all this when we come down to the sit down and all of this to be spoken after you see what is still left to be seen. I promise you this.” Amal said as Julian was starting to shake a little in anger because he knew the little devil in front of him was right. “One way or another Amal I would have ended up here those who were working for his father would have saw to that one way or another and who is to say if I was to stay on that ship I wouldn’t have died by poison or some other form of betrayal. In the end I was always meant to come here and be here right now. What is meant to happen will happen fate will always find its way. Don’t feel bad about all this Julian we all were pawns in a game that was never in our control to begin with.” Tessa said holding his hand for a brief moment.

“I’ll never be able to show you in my lifetime just how sorry I am for everything that’s ever happened with us. All the wrongs I’ve done and done without realizing they were being done.” He said covering his hand over hers, making Amal want to rip his heart out of his chest. “You know I have to say after watching you guys for so long and everything I have heard. I’ve never seen a pair so close yet so far apart. Tell the truth here for me are you indifferent or are you still playing the love power couple?” Amal asked out of curiosity. “What difference would that make right now?” Julian asked.

“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea Mr. President I fully intend to be with that woman beside you. I don’t think you are the right man for her, and based on your entire history with you’ve proven that time and time again. I do have sources form within Atheo who are convinced things are not the way it should be in respect for the peace I need to be up front with all my intentions if in fact this is to work out. So Tessandra there it is cards on the table you have more options available to you should you wish to act on them. I just ask for honesty in return are you both still in fact truly intended?” Amal asked standing in front of them.

“No. we are not. I am still trying to get back in her good graces but our time together as her memory comes back more and more faster and yet slowly we’ve have been speaking and it’s been being made more and more clear the person she was is not the person she wants to be. That includes anything that mostly came along with it. We are still trying to find our way into a more of a friendly civil relationship but old habits die hard, especially when I still love her.” Julian said sadly.

“We were just trying to show face for the people so they would feel familiarity seeing us and trust on our decision trying to make peace with the other villages. Maybe it’s time to come out to them now that, that has been accomplished.” Julian said still holding her hand. “I think it would be a good idea. We did give it a good try though. I am so sorry.” She said with tears falling from her eye. “I’m sorry to for everything.” He said knowing in their hearts this was not part of their ploy but the truth of them finally saying goodbye to everything they were going to have. Everything they had built this was the end of them romantically and even though she was over this stag in her life. Both their hearts were aching to let go of all the years and dreams they had made together.

“I am sorry as well for prying I just wanted to face you man to man on this manner I have made my intentions to Tess clear by now, even with my confessions last night. I didn’t want anything in the dark that made to you thinking I am plotting against you in any sort of way which is why I finally was able to gather you here to get everything out in the open and settled I don’t want to keep falling in our parents mistakes.” Amal said with nothing but sincerity. “I appreciate that the up front honesty. I look forward to tomorrow when we can start on the long road of decades of recovery.” Julian said taking a step back from them both.

“Amal I appreciate the very forward honesty from you. I just don’t want to lead you on in any type of way. See I know you believe you think you love me, watching me all these years. The fact still is I don’t know you. Hell I don’t even fully know myself. It’s going to take a lot of time for me to get to the point of thinking of any one romantically. I am open to getting to know each other as possibly being friends you’ve been nothing but wonderful, kind, and honest with me. I just want to get everything settled with the peace of our people finally coming out of this dark era, than maybe open the possibilities to any thing else that comes along.” She said in a shy voice that she was playing so well. “I know that. It’s a good thing I’m a patient man because for you meus Regina I’ve nothing but time.” He whispered to her lowly.

“I think it’s a good time to show both our skylanders the mess hall. Emmitt I have something I would much appreciate your opinion on one true hunter to another.” Amal said looking at him with much more hidden meaning behind it. “I’d be happy to help. I’ll meet you soon Id much like to catch up with you.” Emmitt said looking at Julian who nodded and smiled as Sebastian and Ethan took them to the mess hall. “Come with me friend there is a matter that much needs my attention and a promise is a promise.” Amal said with a smirk.

Going into the library section of the mountain since no one ever ventured down to it both men were on their knees with sacks over their head. Walking in Emmitt felt a little lost looking at what seemed to be men on in front of them. “Ok let’s get on with it.” Amal said standing in front as he and Emmitt standing in a strong stance both holding their wrists. Hunter pulled the mask off both men who didn’t even blink an eye. “Are you aware of why you stand in front of bounded tonight?” Amal asked staring Ethan and Eric in the eye. “I’m sorry meus Rex I can’t say that I do.” Eric said looking at the king not blinking with a smirk in his eye.

“Always with the smart mouth Eric.” Amal said as the back of his hand quickly found the side of his face so fast hard and quick it broke part of it open. Leaving Eric shocked at what just happened. “Tell me if that mouth still feels smart boy?” Amal questioned with amusement in his voice. “For years I have watched you put your Regina through hell even when you were fully aware of her future place. Yet you still decided to drag her through hell for your own amusement. It was made it quite clear earlier that neither of you will ever be forgiven by the only one who holds your life in her very hands. You are to be punished by crimes against the crown.” Amal said in a low growl.

“Tell me meus Rex how can we commit any crimes against the crown if the one who feels so offended is not in fact crowned?” Eric asked in an amused tone. “It doesn’t really feel like an actual crime, to tease family so. Especially when said woman is not a real Regina.” Eric boldly added his father shaking his head in disappointment. Amal’s hand found his face again so quick and hard that even Emmitt almost didn’t catch it his right check looking like a whole was made in it as he spat out about three maybe even four back teeth and blood.

“ERIC!” They all heard the familiar voice ring our with the two guards and Julian looking shocked. “Tessandra what are you doing in here?” Amal asked shocked looking more at the guards. “I begged to see your library to show Julian the math of a formula relating to an old math problem that could help some of the others in the lab. What is happening?” She asked looking around knowing she had no real authority here. “Well my dear cousin I missed you so. Happy to see you still in one piece. Looking all grown up still. Have you missed me?” Eric smirked with his mouth all bloody. “With every bullet so far. What moronic thing have you done now to end up here this time?” “Well apparently I’m to pay for all the sins I have committed to you my sweet cousin.” Eric said with a smirk with a piece of his longish short hair falling into his face as he tossed it back moving his head around.

“Amal is this what is happening? Are you punishing them for what they have done to me?” Tess asked shocked. “Yes. It went on for far too long you let this piece of work go to far to many times. You were the chief Tess I don’t understand how you let someone this far beneath you get away with all the things he has done to you.” Amal defended himself. “It’s fine I’m over it really.” “Are you though?” Julian asked looking at her. “He is right in this Tess. Think about when I told you Eric crashed his pod here.” “I’m fine.” “Your heart stopped beating.” Emmitt reminded her. “It put us through hell Tess.” Julian said.

“You can’t tell me he doesn’t deserve what is long time coming to him. I can’t let anything happen to you.” Amal said with his voice with a small crack in his voice. “Nothing will I promise. Eric has broken some small or even medium size laws on the ship in the past, but nothing to get punished like this. It was his sorry ass friend who did most of it with his help of course. Neither of them deserve this just yet.” She growled at him. “That’s not completely true. This one I believe has everything including a death penalty coming to him.” Emmitt said standing in front of Ethan.

“Emmitt what are you saying?” Julian asked him in shock. “Amal I’ll make you a deal.” Emmitt said. “What sort of deal.” Amal asked intrigued. I’ll let you in on a special secret if you agree to pardon one person of my choosing.” “A special secret you say what would this special secret have to do with any of this?” “Oh trust me this one ahs been a long time coming and even I just recently came into it.” Emmitt said squaring up to Amal. “Deal.” “What is happening?” Tessa whispered to Julian who just shrugged.

“I’m so sorry to tell you like this my sweet friend.” Emmitt said with true guilt in his eyes. “I got to hear quite the story of how my adoptive parents you could say the Alderman’s death. I got to hear the story by someone who was actually there. I found out your mother was there Amal. As you know it was your father who ordered the death of all three. What you never knew was who was involved. There was a group sent of about twenty men and one woman. Your parents and your mother fought them all off until the last two. The one who slit both your mothers throat and left them for pieces was my mother Ezmena. Following her kings commands.” Amal and Tess looked shocked and hurt mouths held open in shock.

“Now don’t get to ahead of me the one who got ahold of dear ol daddy Adam was none other than his best friend, his own damn brother Ethan.” Everyone but Eric was shocked. “You knew that the whole time though didn’t you Eric?” Emmitt said. “I’m not the one trying to make a pardon deal by ratting out other people.” Eric said reminding Amal of what he was asking. “Are you seriously going to ask me to pardon your mother?” Amal growled at him. “No I’m not. Not for her. I want to ask it for my father the same one who took yours down. I want him released from your tribe and back home where he belonged.” Emmitt said looking him in the eye.

“How would you know if you haven’t seen him in years?” Amal questioned him as if he could read straight through him. “I haven’t but my dear old mom has told me enough to know she is beyond crazy and is the only reason he came at your father was because like even you said he had it coming. If I ever find him I want him pardoned since it was clearly a clean challenge and fair fight, before he left.” Emmitt said looking him straight tin the eyes. “I harbor no ill will to your father and I grant him full immunity let all those know.” Amal said looking Drek’kon who just nodded and left the room.

“I’m sorry Tessa I know they were following orders but I can’t let him go.” He said pointing to Ethan. “No we can’t.” She said looking at him walking straight up to Eric. “Did you really know this whole time? Did you always hate me this much?” Tessa asked him in a low voice. “I’ve never hated you dear cousin. Honestly I never did. I did know I could have told you at any given point but I felt I and the idiot parade did enough to you on the daily and that was one thing I didn’t want to put you through. I may have put you through hell because I guess I just got pleasure off it, but I never let anyone really come at you to my knowledge.” Eric said stretching his neck for a moment.

“I damaged those guys who tried to take your lets say virtue testicles to the point their bloodline ends with them. I broke the other ones hands who punched you. I am the only who gets to put you through hell. Oh I also was the one who killed your father Julian.” Eric said with a smile. “When you were interrogating me I thought you would have been coming to ask me about your father since I already knew Tessa was on a first class ticket away from your dads supporters and I knew you would send me down here to the people I was loyal to. You did everything I wanted you to do. I would blow that ship again to get her away from them people and away form you. You never deserved her and you know it.” Eric roared to Julian.

“I never knew you cared so deep. In the worse ways possible. I think you need mental help though.” Tessa said thinking back to everything. “The real reason I’m here is to challenge my dad.” Eric said looking Amal in the eye. “On what grounds.” Ethan roared to him. “You killed my uncle your actions of being apart of killing my aunt my mothers sister. You destroyed my mother from every possible way she was so crazy in love with you she couldn’t take it when you abandoned us, and then you killed her sister. You left her with two kids to raise. You were the one who turned Julian’s father against the Alderman’s in the first place. If it wasn’t for you messing up the formulas here, and sending the correct ones to the ship to Julian’s dads followers who are still there by the way. Opps did I let the traitor out of the bag. If you don’t believe me you should really check his logs in that lab. Tessa. I’m sorry for some of the things I’ve done to you. I’m really sorry for everything others have done to you. I know you know I would never let anything really happen to you. You can challenge me after if you don’t believe me it’s been long time coming you still beating my ass after all these years.” Eric said in a deep laugh making Tessa smile with him.

“I know it’s like a secret dark joke with us. You always getting in trouble and my last nerve and me there to bail you out. It was literally the perfect cover for you to get as far as you did. I …I forgive you Eric.” Looking at the men in front of her. “It wasn’t Eric himself that put my body in a shut down state. It was everything that came with him. His friends the things they tried. My aunt and her state the way she couldn’t look at me the feeling of depression my brain locked out the hurt and pain I felt of being alone the sweat and tears I forced myself through to get where I am. It was too much to handle the emotions. It was too heart breaking the first time that wave of emotion literally stopped my heart evidently.” Tessa said looking at Amal. “I have always taken responsibility for him. I am asking to do that now. I take responsibility for his crimes and am prepared to pay the price.” Tessa said looking Amal in the eye.

“You sure you are ready for that?” Amal asked with a smirk. “I am.” She said sadly. “Than it is judged by the crown that you fulfill your purpose as our savior and save us.” Amal said placing his hands on her biceps. “The only way you can do that is by our resources here. We all need you Tessa. I need you as well but again I am a patient man, however you will need to reside here permanently. You can venture and complete your agreement to the other villages but you will live here.” Amal said with authority. “I agree to your terms as long as we are trying to work through the peace treaty with each other. I will remain here serving in the labs. If the circle agrees with your vision than I will remain as you say. Is that suitable to the crown?” Tessa negotiated?” “Does that offer make you happy love?” Amal asked in a purr. “I think it is fair. We both get what we need form it. You need me in your labs. I need peace and to repent for my cousin. I believe it to be more then fair meus Rex.” She said in a soft voice he loved to hear as addicting as it was to listen to for him.

“Then it is settled. As for you I challenge you, and Ezmena. Orders or not I called you out when my father died to be pardoned as long as you came forward and if the person did not come forward than they were enemies to the crown. I will not budge on this.” He warned Tess. “I would never ask you to.” She smiled sweetly. “Than it is settled tomorrow you will both will answer to my challenge.” He growled putting fear into Ethan who was trying not to visibly shake. He knew the that an execution would have been far less painful. “Go and fetch Ezmena and take her down to the next cell to this traitor.” Amal growled to Ethan.

Walking up to Eric standing him up on his feet with one hand being incredibly strong and at that moment incredibly angry. “YOU knew this whole time your father was deceiving me and you wait until now to tell speak up, when your neck is on the line. Give me a reason why I should take your cousins deal and not challenge you myself in that area with them?” He roared to Eric. “I have done nothing but protect you REGINA upon that ship. Despite what you think of me or our original agreement which I have held up to. I wanted to get down here and wait until I was able to tell Tess to her face who the people was who set the bomb and who the people are receiving all the information dear ol’ papa has been receiving to stab you in the back. Think of it as a gift for being an ass my whole life, because i’m not changing that part of me.” Eric said looking at Tess and everyone else around him.

“Call it picking the right moment you think I would tell her the same day you revealed everything else I couldn’t let her heart stop twice now because of me now could I?” Eric said to Amal who place him down. “WHO WAS IT?!” Amal growled ready to kill any and every one who dared hurt his woman. “THE COUNCIL was the one who placed the first bomb to Tess, I rearranged it the morning before to be closer to your father. That’s why I was not at my post. I also set the second one because I knew they would send you here if your were hurt. The people receiving the information do not support Julian’s father, however they are not supporting you anymore either no one in that ship belongs to you I was the last one. Everyone else rally’s behind Ethan. The main people running the go between is Conner and Kylie I do believe they are even a power couple such as you two.” Eric said looking at Julian and Tessa. “Except I believe they BOTH are still in love with each other and trust me they deserve each other.” Eric said in a mocking laugh.

Tessa’s eyes began to water. Julian shocked. “SO the whole reason they were my friends is because they needed me to finish the work of my parents?” Tessa asked as her heart felt like it was bleeding. “No, no they do love you as their friend. They were always your friend but they were planning to convince you to bomb the enemy here as Amal and all the other tribes that weren’t apart of Atheo.” Eric shrugged. “They even had fake videos of these places betraying us killing off some of our missing people. Even though their not our people it was footage of tribes fighting each other in wars past. I believe they even have sage getting an arrow in the heart saved on their. Tess Kylie knew where you were this whole time she just didn’t have the video access to see you the past year that’s why Connor and Kylie sent you down here Julian they needed you to find her. Rylie doesn’t even respond to the ship anymore now that you’re here. He has had doubts this whole time.” Eric said simply.

“You’re not lying.” Amal said looking in his eyes. “I never lie. I never need to.” Eric responded. “Oh my God.” Tess said holding her hand to her lower chest middle of her stomach. “HOW could they do this to us? What have I ever done in the past life to deserve this.” She asked no one in particular. “You don’t deserve this. You just got dealt a crap hand in life. We all get tested in our lifetime, and if karma is a real thing than you will be coming back as a Saint and I will be a wonderous banana slug.” Eric said dragging his cousin into his arms. “He has been watching you this whole time I’ve been working for him. Just give him a chance Tess. You deserve someone who will put you first and will go to the ends of the Earth to keep you happy.” He whispered to her where no one could hear. Smiling to her shocked face as he pulled away.

“Ok so all is settled yes?” Amal asked looking at Emmitt. “Your father has full pardon.” Amal said looking him in the eye. “You will start your work tomorrow and Emmitt can attend with you.” He said looking at both Tessa and Emmitt who just both nodded. “You will tour the grounds and see what work we have been doing and why this is so important and then after dinner and the challenge we will discuss how to handle the traitors on the ship.” He said to Julian who nodded. “You will o back to your post and continue your job, as your cousin pays your debts.” He pointed to Eric with a wink no one noticed. “Yes meus Rex.” “You will die by my bare hands tomorrow. The way any betrayer should.” Amal whispered to Ethan.

“Be careful meus Rex you don’t want your reason for living, to see your true beastly colors so soon would you?” Ethan mocked him. “You killed her father. You controlled others she once called friends to conspire against her. Oh yes she will see my beast tomorrow so everyone will know. NO ONE FUCKS WITH MY REGINA!” Amal growled so only the guards and Ethan can hear him. “I think it’s best if we all call it a night if it suits you Your majesty. I would like to do a few routine small test just to make sure my patient is alright after all the excitement her mind ahs been through this evening. There is no way she will hold down food tonight best to let me assess her and let her rest.” Emmitt said to Amal.

“I agree with you. I still have some matters to attend to Hunter you will escort Ethan to where he belongs and make sure Ezmena finds her way there. Mateo please have a guard show President Rodriguez to his chambers as well as dinner is brought to him. Make sure two stay at his door in case he so needs anything he is after all a respectable guest. Sebastian you and Mateo take Tessa back to her quarters let no one but Emmitt in and than see to it that his guards do the same as well as President Rodriguez. I do humbly apologize for dragging your hearts emotions and brains through hell this whole time on your stay. It was not my intent.” He said walking up to Tessa. “I know you are weary and unsure of me but may I please hug you?” Amal asked about to let his beast out to play.

Tessa wrapped her arms around him best she could as he bent down to meet her size. He breathed her in to calm down his beast as she knew that’s what he was doing. Still this man scared her to her very core. “After everything tonight. Seeing how far you are willing to go for me and even just my comfort. Seeing an honest man trying to make right at all the cost I’ve seen. I would be willing to try to get to know you on a more than friendly level meus Rex. I just need time going slow with it all.” She whispered to him. Amal placed her down looking at her as if she were a unicorn he had found. “You’re serious?” He said being able to read her facial expressions if she were lying, or at least he thought.

She nodded with a smiled to him patting his chest. “I need to go get assessed I do feel tired and will see you at the challenge.” She said to him. As they left he longed to run after her and hold her tightly to him refusing to let her go even for a moment, but he had other matters to attend to. Walking back to the council room. “Is everything set in place for the leaders who are coming?” Amal asked looking around at everyone. “Yes they will take a tour with Emmitt and Tessa and than we will remind the Regina that she and Emmitt are needed in the labs. That’s when we will take the circle, and the Roshan leader into this room here in the medic unit and these darts will be set up to line up where they need to go to be injected into their neck, by the next morning they will agree to whatever deal you want to have.” Ezrah said with a smirk.

“It was ingenious really this plan we should have done it so much sooner.” Amal said. “Now, now meus Rex, all great things comes to those who wait. It’s such a shame for them though all these years fighting the tentoria and their blue eyed demons only to become them.” Eric said walking around the battle plan. “I just wish I had been lying about the ship.” Eric said sadly. “Did you set up what I told you to?” Amal asked. “Yup I did I was away form my post for so long that morning of the bombings no one was where they should have been all you have to do is push a special button and the whole ship will blow to pieces and every traitor on it.” Eric said happily. “What about the children?” Amal asked him. They sleep in special section now as to get them ready for adult hood earlier or some crap like that anyways the youngest one on that ship is actually eleven and they all sleep in a cadets wing of the ship which will depart once the bombs go off and send them safely to Atheo. They have no idea about what evils their parents have done. I made sure to see them safely here.” Eric stated as a fact.

“Good. My woman has enough heart break as to worry about the children on the ship. I will push the button once we have the circle members in our hands. If things for some reason don’t go our way than we go to plan B and go to war after the peace treaty they sign gets ‘violated’ and acts of war is upon us.” Amal stated. As hey agreed. “I don’t know what you said to her tonight but it worked. You have been proven most useful Eric. I can’t believe your father really didn’t think we didn’t know.” Amal started laughing. “Well as long as you kill him and be good to my cousin we are even. Seriously meus Rex. She needs someone to love her the way she needs to be. Eric said to him. “It’s nice to know someone on that ship besides Jared had her true welfare at heart even if she didn’t know it.” Amal said slapping him on the back I must retire men. I have big day tomorrow.” He said with that evil smile that made all of their skin crawl in fear.

“Ok let me look you over.” Emmitt said to her. “Oh you were serious?” Tess asked Emmitt who was smiling at her. “OF course my love you are not out of the woods yet you know this I need to make sure for my own sanity that you are well. “Alright.” She said as he checked her eyes her mentality check, and her reflexes listening to her pulse. I believe you are fine. You must eat tomorrow for I don’t’ think you can stomach it this evening. I know you can’t.” He stated knowing her too well. Eyio came in the room. Eyio can you please scan this room and see if there are any special devices or bugs in this room to hear and see what goes on?” Eyio looked around scanning the room. Room is clean it responded back. Flew out the window for a moment.

They looked at each other for a brief moment before clashing into each others arms lips smashing against each other hiding the moans that came from them so no one would hear. It’s killing me not to be with you. Not to be able to hold you at night. To have that crazy psycho touch me.” She said shaking her head in disgust. “Don’t worry my love it will be over soon. He will keep his distance with you as long s he believes you are trying the most you’ll have to endure is forehead kisses or cheeks and hugs worse case scenarios but if you make sure to show your discomfort he will back down he is a real man this way. Hell even I respect it. However I want to kill him everytime he touches what isn’t his to touch.” Emmitt growled smashing his lips to hers again. Holding her tightly to him.

“We need to stop too much time in here has been taken.” She said looking him in his eye. “I love you Emmitt. You and you alone. You are mine.” She said touching his face, taking him in. “I love you my Tessa, and mine alone.” He said resting his forehead to hers. Eyio making his way back in the room. “Tell me what you know my friend.” Emmitt slightly chuckled looking at the bird on Tessa’s shoulders. “We’re coming. Get it done. Tomorrow were coming. Nightfall.” Malik’s voice whispered to them. “We need to wipe their system with the virus tomorrow. Before the challenge, by the time it is over the whole labs will basically self destruct. Our people will be in the safe parts of the battle. No blue eyed monster or tentoria will be able to be activated. It will all be over.” Emmitt said his forehead still to hers. “Eyio record message to Malik.” Eyio stared at her waiting for her to speak. “This ends tomorrow. We’re ready.”

Chapter 26

It wasn’t even sunrise and Tessa was already in the labs and Emmitt was walking in the same time she was shocked at both of them arriving same time made them smile and laugh. “Apparently great minds think alike my great Chief.” He smirked making the guards chuckle as well. Emmitt stopped them at the door. “Your Regina as you call her get anxious with people watching over her shoulder so unless you know some things about computer science and or chemistry I suggest you stand guard right here. Once sun rises please send for a light breakfast something easy for the stomach as she is still on the mend.” Emmitt pointed to the men who nodded in agreement. “Should we gather one for you as well? Would it not ease her more to eat with her friend, and not have someone wait or watch her?” Mateo asked scratching the back of his neck.

“If you believe this to be so than do it.” Emmitt shrugged walking back in. “There is no one here. Let’s work fast.” She told him going through the computer data base as he started altering the formulas to reverse what they were trying to do. Emmitt being quite the artist could mimic anyone’s hand writing so he manipulated the journals and changed what the own scientist had done. It wasn’t until after noon that anyone made their own way into the lab. “We’re sorry meus Regina we wanted to give you some time to acquainted with everything here. However we do need to get to work as well and we were just so excited to get to work with you.” A man spoke up a little nervous with a small group of other men behind them and two women with drinks and plates of food.

“I’m sorry meus Regina but meus Rex is insistent about you both taking a break and a meal. You did miss breakfast.” The young girl stuttered out. “Well I believe you are right. My apologies to you all. Please get back to work, and thank you for the food. So thoughtful you are.” Tessa said as she smiled deeply to them. Emmitt thanking them with a smile too. Hidden in their own little corner. “Emmitt stop.” Tessa said. “What is it?” “Our plates look exactly the same why do they smell different you can barely smell it but there is a difference.” “There’s no way to tell which one is been tampered with and what it will do.” Emmitt said as his foot quietly dug a whole to toss half their plates in and cover it up.

“Emmitt wait.” She whispered rubbing her necklace calling Eyio. Her eyes pointing to a paper that was left out. “That’s the circle, that’s medic unit. That’s a trap.” He said looking it over without touching it. “My friend take picture and pass the message to keep our people out of the medic unit.” “We have everything to reverse it, surely it wouldn’t make a difference?” Emmitt questioned her. “What if they change it to something more permanent. We will never really know what will be in there best to avoid entirely since we don’t know what else little surprises may await there.” She added only for him to agree and nod.

“The food did not sit well with Regina she wishes to lay down until the challenge.” Emmitt said to the one of the young girls who were waiting for the food and was assessing Emmitt when her eyes widened. “Meus Regina is ill from the food. She ate only half?” She asked in concern making Tessa and Emmitt both alert by this. “Yes but don’t worry I drank the entire drink hopefully with a quick lay down I will be fine soon.” Tessa said holding her stomach faking sick. “Oh goodness of course I will go down to the medic unit and see if maybe we have something to soothe your stomach.” The other girl rushed out getting ready to leave the tent in a hurry.

“No, no need. It’s probably just something that didn’t sit well. Emmitt and these fine friends here can help me back to the room and if I am in need of any help Emmitt would be more qualified than anything to examine me. Thank you for the meal any ways.” Tessa said as she gestured to Sebastian and Mateo to head with her both blushing as she called them her friends. The two girls looked at each other and than ran off to try to explain their best to best to Amal what has happened.

“You two sit here while I examine Tessa real quick and make sure she is truly alright than you can have a man take me to Julian in his tour.” “We will see to it she has her privacy.” Mateo agreed turning to stand guard as Sebastian called for another one to grab someone who was free to escort Emmitt to where he needs to be. “Clearly they meant to poison you dear my love.” Tessa said wrapping her arms around his neck. “Clearly. Although based on their plans I think it was just meant to put me out for a night. They still need me. I was the only one not added to that plan we saw. I seriously doubt Amal will do any real harm to me that I can’t bounce back from. I think he fears what the loss will do for you and with me being the only one who knows how to treat you in the treatment until your memories come back I am assured I am safe. He will do nothing to cause you any type of pain.” Emmitt said full of confidence. Placing sweet kisses on her face and her neck.

“Yes my love I believe you are right twisted as he may be he is a determined one.” She said with a shiver. “Soon enough I will be able to fully examine you from head to toe.” He seductively growled into her ear nibbling on the lobe. “I need to pull away now, because if you keep this up I will not be able to stop myself from climbing you like a tree.” She purred back. “Yeah I am going to need a minute before going out those doors.” They both lightly chuckled. “You’re doing well. They won’t even notice anything wrong until after the challenge, by then it’s already to late. We have already wiped the evil creation from your parents it no longer exists and we broke and shut down the only thing that controls it from every where even those on the ship can’t recreate it or activate it.” Emmitt said reassuring her.

“Besides the actual battle coming we have done our part my father has set up the old ways in and we will have people storming this place from every angle after tonight everything will finally be over and his cruel rule will end. Even if he lives there is nothing he can do to recreate this army we have destroyed this morning. Everything will be ok.” He said holding her close again. “What about every one on the ship. How do we cut ties with them. They will be all alone up there. Amal was going to challenge Eric just for hurting my feelings what do you think he will do to an entire ship of people who not only did the same things but betrayed him in the process?” Tessa asked in a scared voice.

“I guess will have to talk to him about it. I can’t believe Eric this whole time he is such a great actor. Except I believe he really does care for you. You are more like siblings and he has proven that, but we can’t trust him Tessa. He has made his choice. I can’t save him from the judgement he would receive from circle and neither can you. No matter how hard we try to plead his case. It won’t be up to us.” Emmitt said sadly running the back of his hand to her cheek. “ I know I can’t protect him from anything after today not anywhere else but here anyway. That is assuming he lives he is a decent fighter but not a great one. Unless he has been secretly training this past year. Everyone we trained will be leaps and bounds ahead of him.” She replied sadly. “Whatever happens good, bad and everywhere in between. I can get through it all as long as I have you in the end of it.” Tessa said looking at him to make sure this is what he still wanted to.

“I’ll always be waiting for you at the end of it. From the begging and every where in between. Were it.” He said kissing her one last time touching his forehead to hers. “Go lay down and rest until the challenge. I have work to do.” He winked. Walking out the door shutting it behind him to find Amal rushing up to the door. “Is she alright they said she was ill?” Amal said in a worried rush tone running up to Emmitt who was barely just a little bigger than he was. “Who said she was ill?” Emmitt questioned lifting his brow only six people knew she was a little sick and four of them were right here.

“The kitchen maids. They said she was sick. Should I get a doctor?” Amal asked running his hands through his hair. “I AM HER HEALER!” Emmitt snapped. “Yes, yes sorry momentary lapse.” Amal said in all honesty. “She is fine she just ate something upon her plate that didn’t quite sit well. She didn’t finish the whole thing just some bites and she stopped I have her drinking plenty of fluids maybe it could also be her monthly cycle coming up soon. That will also mess with her stomach, back, and head making her tired all symptoms which she has and all could be from unfamiliar foods, or foods cooked with spices never had before that don’t sit well. I suggest a simple souple or plain chicken or poultry tonight even broth from soup and teas and lots of water she is tired at the moment I told her to rest with a nap until the challenge and she will be feeling brand new after. I swear it. You may see her, but be quick the faster she sleeps and recovers for a few hours the faster you will have brand new.” Emmitt smiled patting his bicep shoulder area.

Amal releasing a deep happy breath. “You are sure of this?” He asked relaxing. “I put my life on it. Once she wakes up she will be the same Tessa. This has happened before when she first came to the village it took awhile for her tummy to adjust to the foods here. It will happen from time to time rest and of course it being expelled from her body in any type of way mostly vomiting in her case. She will be fine nothing that won’t take time and some rest to bounce back from.” Emmitt shrugged off.

“Thank you so much Emmitt. I am truly lost without you. You are the only one to know her history and her in general. I can not lose her.” Amal said shaking his head slowly. “Well no one can she is the one to save us all, and she is truly a Saint.” Emmitt said plainly. “Oh damn her prophecy and fate. All that can be damned when it comes down to it. I Emmitt I CAN NOT LOSE her. I’m afraid I will lose any and every piece of humanity form my body and soul. I need her in was that are something fierce. It’s not the whole world needing her that matters it’s she is the whole world I am needing. You do any and everything you can for her. You have full access to everything in my resources.” Amal said with both hands on his shoulders making sure he understood him.” “I will always do what I can to protect her. She is important to me as well and not because of who she is supposed to be.” Emmitt said back to him.

“I know and appreciate that. What are you doing now?” He asked him as another guard came up and told him he was ready and they were waiting for him. “I am going to join Julian on his tour. I think if I am there with him a friendly face to help curve his decision about this place. Honestly it is growing on me and I am leaning to your vision your Rex. I think I maybe be able to help you with him on this. I do believe I have convinced Tessandra as well. As we have been speaking I think it may be in her best interest in opening her locked memories to stay here for a month or two seeing as parents worked so hard here. I think it may jog something there.” Emmitt said with a shrug. Amal smiling deeply never did he think the healer best friend would be his most useful weapon to get her to stay.

’I do think maybe if you spent some one on one time with her and tell her stories you may know of her or even her parents it will be better for her treatment. She has agreed to this it is all up to you your Rex. Remember to make your visit now brief.” Emmitt pointed to him in reminder. “I will thank you for everything Emmitt.” He said smiling as Emmitt turned smirking as he was falling right into his hands. “Are you alright love.” Amal asked shutting the door behind him softly and walked slowly yet quickly as not to scare her.

“Oh Amal. I was not expecting to see you so soon. What brings you here is everything ok?” She asked sitting straight up looking worried. “No it’s not ok. I heard you were sick from the food. I came quickly to check. Emmitt has assured me you will recover well and good as new after a nap. Are you ok? Do you have pain anywhere else?” He asked fishing for answers to see if she consumed to much of whatever it is they tried to slide to Emmitt. “I guarantee you I will try my best to make sure this doesn’t happen again tomorrow we will talk to the cooks about your diet and work something out.” Amal said understanding that the spiked food to make Emmitt weak and sleep through the night or three if he ate the whole thing like he should have so he could work the circle leaders over in his plan, without losing or interference from one of his greatest assets on the mountain.

“Ok if you think that is best I trust you. I hate to be another though to people.” She said sadly. “You are the most important person on this mountain there isn’t anything anyone here wouldn’t do for you. It is no bother everyone here diets have certain and special needs not just you dear one.” He said as he was sitting there holding her hand, rubbing the back of It feeling like he was on top of the world as he was sitting here alone touching her, taking care of her the way he always wanted.

“Emmitt told me some other things while updating me on your health.” He said with an ear to ear smile. “What would that be?” She asked curiously. “He informed me that he thinks it is in your best course of treatment to stay here for a few months spending some time with me to help your memory as I know much of your parents and watching you grew up maybe some of the stories I know could help you. It seems my creepy stalking may be the best thing for you. He said you have already agreed to this, is this true or is my heart just getting ahead of itself?” Amal asked looking at her. “Not only is this true but I look forward to it. It will be nice to share stories of the past. Hopefully I can get one good memory with it every time I remember one good thing I get three bad ones that go right along with it.” She rambled honestly to herself.

“Well I can definitely do that I do have stories you may not even remember even if you had your memory back.” He said with a chuckle making her laugh with him. “I know you’re a busy man. I know you have lots of things on your plate as well as I with training and the other villages but if it wouldn’t be too much of a burden for you I think we can both do this.” “You will never be a burden or a bother. I don’t care how busy I am Tessa I want you to always be able to come to me. To know that I will always make time for you. I meant it when I told you I feel for you long ago Tessandra and I will do anything you need to help you. Anything I have or can do you is yours anything in my power or means. You will have it one way or another.” He promised her as creepy and scary as it was it was also enduring. Had he not been such an evil sadist man, and she not been so in love, she may in another life fell for this man. His heart for her is in the right place. However him as a person in general must be stopped.

“Well thank you meus Rex that is indeed appreciated.” She said looking down. He took his finger to her chin to lift to look him in the eye. He was a scary man. “You will always look me in the eye when you speak to me. You will only address me as Amal or any other term of endearment you may find. You will never bow any part of you to me. It is I and everyone else who will kneel to you. Do you understand.” Amal asked the dark part a little more darkly than he meant to his beast was starting to show. His beast was determined to show even it’s allegiance to her. “Yes I understand. Thank you Amal.” His eyes snapped close enjoying the sound of his name rolling out of her mouth.

“You need rest my love. I look forward to seeing you later and fighting as your champion in the challenge against the traitors.” “If you are fighting traitors of the people are you not the peoples champion?” She asked in a curiously question a little lost in the thought process. “I will always be your champion first my love.” He said raising her hand to kiss the back and placing the back of her hand to his forehead in a bowing manner. Making her giggle for a moment making him smile brighter. “Well I think I feel better already thanks to your visit.” She teased making his heart sore. “Well you know what they say a kiss to make it better. I will see you soon.” Amal said with a wink and made his way out the door.

“NO ONE comes in this room until she is awake. Understood. When it is time for the challenge you may give her warning to get up and get ready otherwise you leave her to rest until she rises. Anyone beside myself or her healer comes by you do not grant access if they refuse you call for help and have someone bring them to me.” Amal warned the guards in a direct tone that scared even them. “Yes, meus Rex.” They both said in unison. Amal looked at the door for a moment and a smile stayed permanent on his face the rest of the day.

Stepping into the council room Ezrah and the rest of the men looking around the room in a worried manner. That smile normally only meant one thing. “Are you well meus Rex?” Ezrah asked in a pleasant yet concerned voice. “I have just come from a visit with the savior. I am happy to say she is well and if things keep progressing like this you will have your Regina sooner than I ever had planned.” He said not being able to contain or stop the smile upon his face. “So are where are we?” HE said trying to look serious but couldn’t stop smiling which caused him to keep busting in laughter making the other men in the room chuckle with him happy to see his side of him existed. Looking forward to seeing the great of many happy changes to their king.

“Well meus Rex. We wont’s have to worry about slipping anything else into Emmitt’s food for all intended purposes he is on board with your vision to spread to the other villages, he even put us in the Regina’s treatment plan. In addition to all of that he has convinced Julian to give us Atleo’s and the sky landers complete support. They will be apart of it as long as they can still work out the deal of peace treaty they already have in place.” “That is completely acceptable since we will be making deals with everyone they have agreements with. One way or another we will have the support of the entire people this side of the world.” Amal said again with a sinister smile.

“The circle leaders will be here in a day maybe a day in halves time. They will send their hawk when they are ready to the search party that is close by to them they will arrive without notice though however we are completely ready. The communication with them is radio silence as so the blue eyes don’t set them off before they get here. SO all of them are to remain deactivated until they returned.” “Good I don’t need anything to mess this up. Tessa depends and is attached to this people we really need to reel them in but in the end I do believe injected them in the medic unit will have to eventually happen.

“Agreed my liege this is most like must. However our Tessa will be alerted by them that this was their choice as a better way to understand the people in this situation and a way to prove their loyalty to the crown. Since she herself is received to the people here as the Queen already.” Drek’kon added. “She will be a great teacher the men look forward to the lessons with her.” Hunter added with a smile. “I don’t think there is a man besides myself who can actually beat this woman her mind works to quick.” Amal said laughing as the rest of the men agreed watching her this whole time they knew her moves for the most part, but she was always leaving them in surprise. Their sources have even showed them a couple of new moves. They were excited to learn more.

“We will need to keep an eye out for Jared and Addie she will need this two here leaving with us as well. They are important to the training program and Tessa. We need to gather them and making sure they are on our side one way or the other.” The men all nodded. “Alright is everything still good on our supplies no changes?” Amal asked looking around. “People have more than what we need, in weapons, materials, clothes, the children have left to go on their monthly survival training lessons. The people are still up stop date on their tasks. Communications have been made and all the work of Ethan has been terminated and destroyed. We have been making great progress in the labs Tessa has perfected the insulin and should be set for all types of the diabetes, and the hypoglycemics. She will check over the flus and the new cancer vaccine when she is well and able. I can’t believe one day and she is already changing our world. Years of research and she just kills it in like forty minutes. I wonder what other wonderous things we will learn for her.” Ezrah said smiling proudly to his king.

“She is incredible. I expect nothing less from her. Now that everything is all set it is time for me to send a message to our sky friends and while we do this I expect Ezmena and Ethan to prepare themselves. Someone inform your Queens guards to wake her and get her seen to before the challenge. No one is to tell her about the ship.” “Won’t she see it, meus Rex?” Hunter asked. “She will not see it for she will remain inside the mountain for the rest of the night. Even the challenge arena is inside. I will tell her. I will alone will tell her once everything is settled. She has no choice in this matter. They have consented to our vision and this is a matter of traitors to our people they must meet the laws and answer the consequences as everyone else must. What they did was an act of war and death is the only penalty I will give even this way is seen as merciful death compared to what I would have done to them. Out of respect to my Regina this is as lenient as I will go.” Amal said as he walked in and pulled the computer screen.

Using all of Ethan stuff to log in and get though to the ship he waited for them to answer. Once the screen changed to see a beautiful woman with raven black bouncy hair. “Ethan I’m so glad you called. Were having problems with the oh. Hello I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Kylie and you are?” She asked nicely only those to be trusted would have access to this type of call. “I know exactly who you are. You are the one who has betrayed my Tessandra trust.” He snapped to her. “You have Tessa is she ok? Is she hurt? What do you mean your Tessandra?” She asked quickly with Connor coming into the screen looking at the new man talking.

“Yes she is fine, so is your President Rodriguez. Apparently they are fine as long as they are far from your ship seeing as your people are trying to kill and use her.” He answered in a bored tone. “Who are you? Where’s Ethan?” A member of the council who wanted Tessa imprisoned since the bomb didn’t kill her. “I am King Amal, however you already know that we know you are traitors or you wouldn’t have those looks upon your faces.” He said with a slight grin.

“What do you want?” Kylie snapped in anger. “Well your precious mastermind Ethan is going into a challenge tonight which I can see would be quite unfortunate for you seeing as he will be too dead soon to help get your ship back online. I can only assume your having some let’s call difficulties with the people you injected right the blue eyes warriors or soldiers in your terms.” Amal smirked to her as she grew red in anger.

“I dare say you may even be finding some problems with the ship as of right now. IT would be hard to tell since right now would be the time your people go to bed is it not?” He asked with a grin. “What do you want?” The council member asked out in anger to him. “I want you to know that there will be no trail for you betrayal and your crimes against the crown. Julian, Tessandra and some others have already bowed their people to the me and the crown seeing as Tessandra will be my Queen. You have not only hurt and abused my queen emotionally and mentally you have betrayed the whole of your king that your ships leaders have already bowed to. There is only one punishment for cowardly and pathetic people like yours, and that is death.” Amal said flatly as gasps were filled through out the ships.

“How do you plan to do that. Are you going to come up and challenge everybody upon the ship. You can’t kill everyone with your bare hands.” Connor growled to him. “You are right about that. You see I give full pardon to everyone who is eighteen and under as they are not responsible for the choices of the others who have made the crimes you have committed which is why they will live. I have already killed you through the hands of someone else and honestly you are so out of time to do anything about it. It is quite laughable really I have all these fun buttons to play with that control different parts of the ship like this one.” He pushed down and the whole ship shook as a part of it departed. Yells were heard all the way around.

“Councilmen the children’s ward has departed from the ship it’s going to Atheo.” A crew man said looking upon their screen. “See that was fun and all those pardoned kids will come here for their second chance.” Amal said with his sinister smile. “Let’s try this button.” Amal said as his face on the screen appeared all over the ship so everyone could see his face. “Attention Skylanders from the grounds men below. I am King Amal. All of you are aware of this though as seen as your main councilmen tried to deceive me and even your chosen president. Your Chief Alderman will be taking her place besides me as your Queen soon enough your president has also agreed to bow to the crown even after learning of the ships people betrayal All children eighteen and under are pardoned and have been detached from your ship to come here to Atheo with the rest of your people to carry onward now and leave in true peace.” Amal said to reassure the parents as a sort of kindness and peace of mind their children will live on safely.

“The offense of such traitors as the rest of you betraying the crown you have sworn to and even the president and chief you have voted and worshipped to is death. There is no way out of this. Inside your ship are several bombs that will completely destroy your ship to ash not even pieces will float through space for all of time as a reminder to all of what happens when you betray the crown here.” Amal said as screams and panic flooded the ship. Everyone running to the escape pod and trying to launch off only to have the doors shut. The power going off and emergency lights coming the humming of the engine had stopped still.

The image of him still on the screen still there even in the escape pods. “You honestly didn’t think I would make it so easy as to leave you access to your escape pods did you?” He asked with a sick chuckle. As the doors lock and sealed them in there. “Please we will do anything just please let them go. We will do anything.” Other council members were pleading as they were seeing death knocking on their door. “Now what good do you think your pleading and promises will honestly do? How do you expect me to trust you? You are liars, you already betrayed our trust once what on Earth mind the pun would make you think I would be stupid enough to do that again?” Amal asked them like they were the dumbest things in the galaxy.

“Tessa would never approve of this and you know it.” Connor shouted. “She will hate you for this she will harbor resentment towards you for the rest of her life, and you know it. You worship the ground she walks on can you live with her blaming you of thousands of deaths of the same people she had sworn to protect?” Derek asked there was a moment of silence as Amal tilted his head to them in thought and smiled. “Would it be the same guilt you feel right now? Lying to her this whole time? Trying to kill her. Tell me Kylie growing up and hiding your jealousy from her all these years how happy were when you found she was no longer part of your plan and you got to kill her off? You may love that boy your with now but you wanted Julian for the longest time because you wanted the power. That is after all how you rose so quick to power as Ethan has even had a turn on you is not?” Amal asked smiling to her Conner looking at her with his heart breaking. “Tessa may have had the looks and the brains, and hell even the heart but you a damned and stupid fool if you think she will ever willing give it up to a monster and devil like you. You will be like your father you will end up killing the only thing you ever loved and it will be no bodies fault but your own! SHE WILL NEVER LOVE YOU! NO ONE CAN EVER LOVE A DEMON OF DEATH LIKE YOU!! She was roaring to the screen.

“She already has.” Amal said with a smirk with looks of shock on their faces, as he cut the screen. Everyone around them running around trying to think of what to do to get out. When the ship move so quick like a giant sling shot had flung them through space. What is going on? Looking out the window. “Council man we have been launched to another section of the Earth.” A crew man said looking down at the geography. “So she can’t see us blow up.” Connor said with a tear rolling down his face. “I’m sorry.” He said closing his eyes as the tear fell. Explosions all at once in each section of the ship indeed blown even the pieces of it to ash before Connors tear hit the floor board of the ship.

“Atheo will be made aware of the ship in about two days that is how long it will take for the pod to land safely outside their doors, and the children to wake up from the two day sleep they have been given.” Eric assured Amal who nodded. “Let’s go I will see my Regina before I step in the arena.” Amal said as everyone made room for him to go through. Looking around the room and he screen before walking away.

Chapter 27

Emmitt and Julian were shown to their seats which were about three chairs stretched further out than the two throne chairs but still right under them at the same time close enough to sit near the King and Queens seats they were assuming. Tessa was being shown to her chair when she saw her two men sitting there looking up to smile at her. “You look well sweetheart.” Julian said hugging her happy to see she is well. “I feel well thank you. Emmitt are you sure you want to be here seeing this?” Tessandra asked him not knowing how he would really feel seeing his mother dying in front of his eyes. “I will be fine Tess. Trust me on this. She has so much worse things than this coming to her. I don’t know who that stranger is in that arena but that is not my mother for what I know that evil bitch slit our real mothers throat.” Emmitt spat out.

“Well said.” Amal said coming out of no where standing behind her shocking everyone. Everyone quickly bowed to him, Tessa did out of respect and just caught up in the moment with everyone else. “Lifting her chin up as well as the rest of her. “Did we not just talk about his my angel?” Amal glared at her in playful warning. “I’m sorry got caught up in the moment with everyone else. It was just a form of respect.” She argued as he stared at her. “I’m sorry. I’ll work on it.” She promised leaving him to smile. “You must leave Emmitt alone love he is fine. He is a man of honor he knows and understand what is to be done with real traitorous murders.” He nodded proudly in respect to Emmitt who did the same back. “You and your parents deserve this justice as well as my mother.” Amal said taking his hand to rub the back of it on her cheek.

The crowd around them shocked lost in awe as they never seen any type of human empathy emotion to anyone. The care he was showing was never come off him even as a boy. Bless the woman in front of them they all silently to themselves. “You are right. Well good luck to you in their it’s not quite a fair fight though don’t you think two against one.” She questioned him in a statement at the same time. “Trust love they are going to need a lot more than them two to get through to me. Have no fear.” He said with a wink. Leaning up to his cheek and placing a quick kiss to it playing her part well. “For luck anyway.” She said to him with a slight playful shrug. Making him beam in happiness looking down at her with a small playful nod. “Take her to her chair as he quickly made his way away from the small group of people still looking at her in shock.

As she went to go sit next to her boys the guard gently took her arm and guided her away form them placing her in front of the Queens chair. “I think you took me to the wrong spot there friend.” She told Hunter. “No meus Regina this is the only seat you are permitted to have as you are the only who is fitted for it as order of meus Rex.” Hunter said with authority and yet still respectful at the same time. “If that is your kings wishes than I will oblige them. I don’t want to get you in any trouble. You will stay close though right?” She asked in fake concern that she played well. “I will be right here.” He smiled to her. She just nodded and turned down to the middle where Amal was grabbing every ones attention.

“My people we have guest that honor us here tonight who have agreed to join us and spread our way of life to their own people and bring peace among us all finally uniting us as a whole instead of this never ending meaningless war. Our fight is almost over after decades we are all almost free the way it should have always been.” Amal roared to the audience who were hollering in praise. “My people we have much to my joyous about however we cannot do so just yet. We have much to be thankful about, but justice is still yet to be had. We have traitors to you and the crown itself. The only form of punishment to be dealt out is a personal challenge to both of the betrayers. A fight to the death. Should either of the treacherous rats be the last one still standing they are free to leave but they may never be welcomed back into these walls by royal decree. No one shall bring them harm unless they should try to come back on our land, or our allies land as well any harboring of them shall be justification of termination of peace and an act of war.” He said clearly looking at the three honored guest to make sure the rules were simple as the just slightly nodded.

“Are you two rats aware of the rules. Should you beat me and the other one the winner gets their freedom.” Amal teased. “Yes meus Rex.” They said in unison Ethan gulping. Eric smiling beyond happy to see his father finally get what he always had coming to him. “Ezrah on your command.” Amal shouted. “Ezmena, Ethan you may use any weapon available to you or on your person. You may use any weapon on any other person. It is full range. Do you understand the rules?” “Yes.” They again said in unison. “Began.” Ezrah shouted. Amal walking slowly to them taking off his middle shield armor around his waist along the way. Leaving him in the Criss cross leather shaped X type of shirt. Getting closer to both who were now starting to charge him together like any smart opponent would do he takes off his shoulder protection ducking and sliding to the right to dodge both of their sword attempts. Turning quickly to dodge the other back lash of Ezmena’s sword. They were both coming strong swinging their swords and daggers. Amal managed to bend their wrist quickly taking the weapon and flinging clear across the arena. Ethan getting to his feet quickly he managed to get a few good jabs in hand to hand combat.

Ethan was holding his own taking the blows a lot harder than he was giving them. Until Amal hit him so hard he dropped him to his knees. Tired of dealing with the man in front of him he quickly came up behind and snapped his neck quickly breaking faster than it took to blink. Emmitt, Julian and Tessa sitting up straighter in their chairs almost in shock as fast as he moved the only other people who moved that fast was the blue eyed demons and there was no way possible that could be. Amal was looking up to Tessandra looking her in the eyes with a slight smirk. His beast was finally starting to show and he needed to make sure he wasn’t losing her out of fear just yet. Looking straight into his eyes Tessa sent him a small smile and nod.

Smiling to himself he had her approval he moved quickly out of the way for Ezmena to land her and her sword straight through Ethan’s body cutting him clear in half. “You will feel what my two mother’s have felt. You slit their throats and tore them to pieces. You slaughtered your friend, your queen. You will pay.” Amal told her. “I was doing as meus Rex commanded. I was following the orders of the crown. I took care of the traitors to the crown.” She argued back pointing her sword to him. “You failed to come forward when I offered the deal to the people to come forward. You knew the price.” He argued pointing his finger back at her.

“Did my son tell you the story of how it happened too while he was selling out his own mother. It was me meus Rex who got him to agree to be apart of all this. It was I who helped in getting your prized possession here after all this time. I was the one who helped Jedikai kill Lalo to get her here in the first place I’ve been nothing but loyal since I came when you was a boy I have done my duty and I have done it with pride. If this is what I get for it I would still do it all over again for you meus Rex, and meus Regina, because this is the world I believe in, the world I wish to leave behind for my son.” Ezmena said as he started to attack Amal. She was something fierce to behold as she fought him it was almost as watching a graceful dance until Amal finally got ahold of her arm.

It took one good tug from the mountain built man of Amal to have it completely ripped off her body. Her screams echoed loudly into every ones core. Trying to raise her sword with her other arm she quickly swung her leg making contact with Amals face however he caught the other leg before it touched the ground. With another swift tug on the leg opposite of the missing arm he ripped it also from her body. Falling down to the other good leg. He came quickly grabbing the other arm yanking it from her body. As her screams kept going louder he grabbed her last leg yanking it also from her body. She was now lying limbless on the ground. He looked her still in the eyes.

“You’re head will still see things minutes after being detached from your body. So I will take your head just so you can see me rip your heart straight from your chest I need you to know how it feels.” Amal said tilting his head to her in amusement. Her eyes grew wide. He quickly took her own sword and cut off her head and placed it next to him so she could see as he took his bare head and shoved it through her chest yanking her heart out quickly crushing it in his hands and shoving it in her own my mouth as he dropped her head back on the floor. Emmitt staring down at the sight of his mother’s body in pieces. He thought he would be offended. Anger, guilty maybe even staring down at the scene in front of him he felt nothing. Not one thing he wasn’t numb he just held no empathy for either of the people scattered in pieces down there he felt nothing.

Amal left quickly and washed himself as he made his way past the cheering crowd. He did not want to get near his beloved angel all bloody. He met the three of them plus his council in the throne room. “Congratulations are in order.” Emmitt said holding out his hand Amal took it with a smile. “Thank you friend. You may address me the same way.” Amal granted Emmitt who just nodded. “You fought well. Apparently we are not the only ones who should be training but also be trained ourselves.” Julian teased shaking his hand as well. Making Amal smile wider. “Thank you. I would gladly offer to train at your convenience.” Taking his hand back as the other council man praised him as well as he came up to Tessa.

“What of you my great Chief. Do you have any best wishes of me, or do you hesitate with fear as the true best of a man before you?” Amal asked sadly looking down at her still nervous of her reaction. “I think you fought smart, and brave. The way you move was almost even like watching a graceful dance in a way. You did what was needed of you and it was the law. We have all been there time and time again. I am not scared of you Amal especially when you are just doing your job.” She responded to him proudly holding her hand out also. He took it and dragged her to him in a hug. “Oh you are a hugger.” She said in surprise as he spun her around in a quick circle in happiness and a loud chuckle. Than putting her down quickly looking her over.

“It is true than you feel well right. Just as he said good as new?” “Yup all better. Rest will always be a main factor in medicine.” She held open her hands in surrender. Emmitt is she truly well?” He asked not taking his eyes off her? “Yes friend just as promised.” Emmitt said in a more of a curious tone looking at Julian real quick who was also wondering where this was going. “I will never with hold information from you Tessandra.” Amal said looking down to her. “Emmitt stay close.” Amal said again not looking away form her eyes. Making her nerves start up.

“I am aware of this since I got here.” She said squinting her eyes to him lightly. “I did something that may cause you and even Julian some distress. I could not come to you with this decision because like you said it is our law. Your people on the ship pledged loyalty to us long ago. They are also traitors to the crown I cannot challenge thousands of people I can not even reach from here.” Amal said looking away real quick taking a breath and looking into her eyes.

“I have had the ship up there rigged to do many things the first thing was to detached the children’s ward and bring it down to Atheo safely.” Amal said letting Tessa and Julian breath a little better not liking where this was going. “The next thing I did was make contact with them about their crimes against us. They admitted to them fully. Kylie was even proud of herself she wanted you dead Tessa she wanted to claim Julian for herself and get your place she’s always been jealous of you. She even got her position because she laid with your uncle Ethan. She and the council members planned your entire demise. They admitted to everything in Ethans journals. They were going to take all the work we have done here. Travel across the world and start over making everyone a controllable army they had power over. They were going to activate everyone her with a special virus and command all the tentoria you call them to implode and the blue eyed demons also your terms to wage war on everyone even themselves. Ethan’s journals said they wanted us to all kill ourselves basically and start fresh on another part of the world. Some where near the old African region.” Amal said as Drek’kon handed her his journal to show her the truth.

Grabbing her hand to her mouth she couldn’t believe it. “They admitted to all of it. Since we have no treaty with you yet in stone we had to make a move against them. They needed to pay for their betrayal to not only us but to all of the people they were about to infect so we agreed the only thing to do was the death penalty. We had bombs set all over the ship and in places that when activated would blow up so bad everything would just be ash if one was to push the button. I cut off all power to the escape pods, I used the last bit of their power to push them through to the area of the world they were going to go and I pushed the button. I pushed just before I walked into that arena and ended the last two traitors left of the crown.” Amal said looking down at her as tears filled her eyes and her hand barely left her mouth.

“So they’re all dead! Everyone we ever knew or grew up with who is not at Atheo is Dead?” Julian yelled out in a choking voice to Amal. Hunter about to go drop him to his knees until Amal raised his hand. “He has every right to talk to me this way. They both do they need to go through these emotions of grief.” Amal warned to everyone around them. Tessa starring at him tears falling don her face. “They are not all dead. The children for birth to eighteen will be at Atleo’s gates in two days tomorrow morning you may send word to them in the mountain and let them know to prepare for their arrival. Tessa I did what I had to no matter how much you hate me now for it. It is the law and must have been carried out. Tessa they left you and your family here even Julian and everyone in Atheo all your new friends they left everyone here including you to die. They wanted us to slaughter each other like livestock Tessandra we couldn’t let them do it. I couldn’t let that happen to our people. I couldn’t let that happen to you.” He said reaching out touching her cheek.

“It’s not like we had a lot of choices here my love. It’s not like they would willing come down here and receive their punishment from all the tribes they were willing to sacrifice. All the children here the elderly think of everyone who can’t defend themselves, they wouldn’t have stood a chance. We did not sink to that level we save their offspring even when we would have never been given that option. I mean honestly Tessandra what would have had me do? How would you feel if the enemy came barging through the walls falling on top of us all around trying to take us on where we felt the safest piling on us fighting us waging war here on our land?” Amal asked her as she looked him deeply in the eye blinking. “MEUS REX! MESU REX!” A warrior came rushing in tripping and almost falling on his way in. “WHAT?!” “Warriors, thousands of warriors have infiltrated in the mountain all over the place even out side in the work areas. They are fighting we are being slowly out numbered meus Rex.” “Well I guess we are about to find out what happens when the enemy comes knocking at the door Amal.” Tessa said looking at Amal and the rest of his men.

Chapter 28

“Take your Regina to her room and get about twenty men to stay outside her door. You two get down with us to the weapons and help us hold down this enemy brave enough to come through my doors.” Amal roared as everyone started moving. “NO!” Tessa yelled back to him. “We don’t have time love to argue you need to get hidden. What do you think it is this unknown army will be looking for? Hmm. Do you think they are looking just for the devices and serums we have or do you think they will be hunting down the one who can create and knows it?” Amal asked her looking into her eyes.

“Memory being present or not one day they will come to you and you will be the only one to save us from this in the end every village knows this. Friend or foe is aware of you Tessa I can’t let anything happen to you. I CANT LET ANYONE TAKE YOU FROM ME! You just got here.” Amal’s voice was starting to crack. “Just please listen to me this one time.” He added after he shook his head and kept looking at her. “I think maybe it is you who forgets who I am, because I will never sit on the sidelines as my people go into battle especially people who looked to me for training. I don’t ever sit on the sidelines and I won’t do it now. IF you ever had any respect for me you wouldn’t be asking me to do such a cowardly thing now. Maybe you and Julian are more alike then I thought in the trust in me department.” She accused him making his eyes widen in shock.

“Fine!” He grinded his teeth. “YOU STAY NEXT TO ME THE WHOLE TIME!” He warned knowing that the other warriors were to be activated this shouldn’t take too long. Besides she could hold her own well and between him and Emmitt she would be safe enough he thought to himself. “Let’s go.” Ezrah said as they were all strapping swords to themselves and daggers. The others were going for the guns and other devices that were all powered by the same things that controlled the serum in their warriors. “Meus Rex there is a problem with the guns and other weapons they are not working.” A warrior came and showed them.

“Meus Rex the other warriors we have no access to them. They are not being able to be activated.” Another scientist came rushing in. “The system. The system ahs been wiped clean it’s almost as if it never existed!” He said running his hands up his cheeks to his hair. “Someone has done this. We have a mole!” Hunter said looking to his King. “The enemy’s men came rushing through the walls, the gates, but first meus Rex they came up the old tunnels.” “RYLON!!!” Amal growled. “Rylon did this to us.” He roared as threw the guns no longer working. “How would he have been able to get in here and wipe the entire system that was working just this morning?” THE scientist asked him knowing it would have been impossible.

“Where’s Emmitt?” Amal asked as Tessa, Julian, and Emmitt were missing. “Emmitt fought for a pardon his father. He left to tour around with Julian as Tessa fell ill. He had complete access in the lab the whole morning no one else besides Tessa was in there and she couldn’t have had time to do that while she had made the other vaccinations everyone was watching her, but no one was watching Emmitt and Julian.” Amal roared. “I guess we know where Rylon coward off to.” Drek’kon said grabbing a sword. They all walked out into outside of the mountain it was already too late they knew it was already over ran by the enemy they were informed they had all the people in rooms as war hostages. Outside was the only place they haven’t taken over.

Amal was beyond angry watching his warriors fight as well as they could however they have been trained more than he thought they had been. Looking ahead of him he stood still facing shaking red in anger as all of the circle standing in front of him daring him to come further. Emmitt standing proud and angry back. “We have your people more than surrounded Amal. We have more in numbers than you stand with yours. Surrender here and now and all this can end. You have already lost your mindless army. This doesn’t need to continue. This will end one way or another. Let it end now with no more lives wasted in bad blood.” Tahlia said.

“You send a traitor here under false pretenses of peace. You come through my home threatening me. You destroy our gift to the world and think I will bow easily to you. Your people are pathetic cowards who sneak in the dead of night like the little RATS THAT YOU ARE! You think you are brave enough to try me?” Amal yelled back at them. Looking among them he couldn’t find Tess. He could only hope she was some where safe. Surely the people would not bring her harm thinking she is one of them he was thinking to himself.

“I bow to no one.” Amal said. “Charge!” Hunter yelled to the rest of their men as both sides ran to each other clashing in men being hacked down. Emmitt looking around and ran off to the labs. Amal following him slaughtering anyone daring to get in his path. “What are you doing in here?” Emmitt asked looking at Tessa who was holding a huge sludge hammer. “Emmitt!” Tessa’s eyes widened in warning as he quickly moved from Amals sword that would have split him in half. “GET AWAY FROM HER! Tessandra come here he is not what you think he betrayed the crown. It was Emmitt and his father who let them in. It was him who destroyed and wiped everything from the system. He ruined everything he lied to us to you.” Amal growled to him.

“I did what I had to, to protect thousands upon thousands from a psycho man like you who would make people give up their own free will, to bow down to him to become a mindless zombie warrior anytime upon his command. You would turn this second chance at life for people to turn them into murders by your orders from a far. This is wrong Amal and you know it WHY ELSE WOULD HER PARENTS AND YOUR OWN MOTHER GIVEUP THEIR LIVES TO END IT?!” Emmitt asked him like it was the most simplest thing to understand.

“They lost their lives because of your crazy mother following the orders of a mad king. My father may have been taking the wrong ways but it was on going on the right path. This was the only way to maintain peace. You of all people have seen what people do to each other when we cannot agree to follow one leadership. They have turned so quickly to run to the next person they think will hold power except none of those fools know how to lead. They don’t have the stomach to do what it takes to demand order as I can. I was born and made to do this. You and no one else will stand in the way of what fate has made to be.” Amal said as he was clashing his sword to Emmitts.

“That load of crap is your opinion.” Emmitt said swinging back and ramming his head to Amals. “Tessa get back.” Emmitt hollered. “You stay away from her.” Amal yelled. “She is not yours to protect you daft idiot.” Emmitt yelled to him. “She is. Everything about her is mine. You will not get your hooks into her you pathetic coward. “That’s where you wrong. I’ve already had more than my hooks in her, because she is mine. She has been mine since she’s been landed here. I will never let a monster like you ever get near her again as I stand and breath.” Emmitt yelled back to him punching him straight in the face so hard Amal’s lip split open.

Amal turned looking at her standing still. “I have had my memories returned to me before I came here. I have the boxes in a safe place where no one not even you will get them. No one will ever be able to use any one against their will ever again, because.” Tessa gulped hard. “Because I wiped the system. I made the virus that went through every thing and everyone. It cleared everything in them not even the Tentoria’s chip can ever be activated. I was the one who cut the access to the ship Amal I destroyed everything it was me. I am the savior and I did my destiny it was to destroy this evil. I can never be apart of something that ruins people like this from the inside out to help them lose who they are as a person I have lived that way for a whole year and it was forced upon me no one should have to go through this.” Tessa yelled at him in tears as she took the sludge hammer and slammed it into every computer and monitor that was in there slamming and breaking the all the work in viles and other things the scientist were creating in there.

“Stop her!” “The Regina is the traitor!” “GET HER!” Some of the warriors yelled. As Amal heard them running to her he turned and started to hack his men to pieces as Emmitt and Tessa fought them off as well. As all the three of them were left breathing hard. “Meus Rex! They have taken the mountain there is no one left.” The man said with a dagger in his stomach and three arrows in his chest as he fell from the door to the lab to the ground. Amal looked to Tessa and Emmitt. “I don’t need the mountain. I just need you. There is a way out of here that not even Rylon knows about we could be out of here in minutes and start over somewhere safe.” Amal said holding her arm.

Emmitt came up punching him in the face. As they both continued to beat the hell out of each other they ended up rolling out of the lab and into the open area of the outside where everyone was gathered around watching them in shock no one ever lasted this long against the king and lived. “I will never give her up to a monster as you. She doesn’t want you.” Emmitt yelled slamming his head back to Amals as they were wrapped up in each other. Amal slammed his fist over and over into Emmitts face. “You think you are man enough to try to keep her from me? You are weak.” Amal said as he picked him and threw him across the dirt.

Getting up and charging back to him the second he landed he halted as someone ran and got in his way. Tessa stood in front of Amal with a sword. “I will not have Emmitt fight my battles for me I stand behind no one. Amal I don’t want you. I can’t. Not after all you have done to so many. SO many unforgivable sins to thousands of these people’s families people I have sworn on my life to protect and care for under my command and sword. I love Emmitt and that is where my future will be where ever he goes I will follow. These people all of these people need to be in place that is not ruled by fear. Fear does not give you loyalty it gives people ideas to try to reach out to others for another way as so many people have betrayed you have done. I challenge you Amal. You have already lost so much, this needs to end.” Tessa said starring him in the eyes.

“I will never accept a challenge from you.” Amal said walking straight up to her sword as it pushed into his chest a little to mush as they stood on the edge of the cliff part. “You might as well pierce that sword straight through me my love because I will never bring you harm.” He said to her his hand touching her cheek making her flinch. “There can never be peace while he lives, he will never stop.” Julian yelled to Tessa. “HE is right you know I will never stop. I was made to rule this part of the world and I will never stop getting you to love me because we were always meant to do this together.” He said as he stomped closer to her. Both pausing as the ground made noises and broke underneath them.

“TESSANDRA!!!” Was heard everywhere as Amal, Tessandra and the whole edge of the cliff disappeared. Amal managed to grab onto a few tree roots as it cut into his hands like rope burn holding onto Tessa’s arm both of them slamming repeatedly into the mountain as rocks and other things kept falling hard onto them slamming them into the side of the mountain edge. “Are you alright?” Amal cried out to her as he struggled to keep hold of both her and the roots as they kept getting slammed by the random mudslide of the mountain crumbling down to them. The grunts of both of them were loud enough for the rest of everyone to hear.

“Tess hang on were going to get you out.” Malik yelled as Jared and Emmitt were trying to assess every way they could get to her but with the edge completely gone they couldn’t get a clear shot. “THERE!” Emmitt said point at a cave like part not thinking twice before grabbing onto another set of roots and swinging himself into the cave. Amal watching him. “Amal.” He looked down at his whole world starring him in the eyes. “It’s ok. I forgive you for everything. It’s not our fault the people we trusted as kids raised us to be like this. It’s not our fault for what we had to do to survive. I forgive you.” She choked out. “Let go.” She added.

“What?!” He looked at her like she was mad. “This won’t hold for long. Amal let me go. It’s ok.” Tessa said smiling at him. “You know already I won’t do that. There is no world for me Tessa without you in it. You were the only good thing I had in my life besides our mothers, and Shadow. Without I have nothing. This world needs you in it. I need you in it.” He choked back to her with small tears filling his eyes. “I love you Tess.” Amal said softly as he pushed off the wall quickly flinging them passed the cave where he threw her at Emmitt knocking him back with her in his arms holding on to her as they both flew back into the cave. The Roots snapping off completely as Amal slammed down with huge rocks falling on him crushing him on a huge rock on the ocean side. Nothing but blood to be seen around him. Emmitt taking the rope of a make shift harness like she made when she got sage down form the tree.

Jared using a special mechanical crank to reel the two safely back in before the mountain crumbled any more. Everyone was able to get out safely for the most part anyway. Looking around in an area where many people were getting medical attention Tessa was being guided by Emmitt to the medic unit to hold something to keep pressure on her injured part of her head. “Your arm needs stitches.” Tessa said looking at him. “Here your mothers salve is flawless.” He said looking down to her. “Déjà vu?” Emmitt teased. “Are you ok love?” Emmitt asked. “He gave his life for me Emmitt. Monster or not, he was not completely selfish.” Tessa shrugged.

“He knew Tessa. He knew how much we needed you. He knew he would never stop the beast within him and he couldn’t burden you with it. He wasn’t going to make you suffer anymore by his hand or anyone else’s from under his rule.” Emmitt told her holding her cheek in his hand. “You saved us all. Just like we knew you would.” Emmitt said holding his forehead to hers. “You jumped for me.” She said slightly rubbing her forehead to his. “I will always jump for you.” He told her sweetly. “YOU will give me a heart attack one day child. I swear I could strangle you where you stand the stunts you have pulled!” Malik roared rushing over to her shoving Emmitt clear across the way. Squeezing her to him tightly.

“I Swear I would have brought you back to life just to kill you myself pulling off such stunts on your own.” He said still squeezing her tightly. “Let the child breath.” Zayne said as she went through the whole circle hugging them. Jared and Addie tears wiped from their eyes. Rubbing Chloe’s little belly as Enzo stayed close as a protective caveman would. Gabe kissing her cheek thanking her for everything they have done and the opportunity to be apart of it. Julian hugging her close kissing both her cheeks and her fore head both nodding to each other. “I wish I would have jumped for you a little more when I had the chance. He really was made for you Tessa I get it now. I will always hold you close to my heart though.” Julian told her sweetly. “Same here Jules. Always.” Walking away form him coming up to Tahlia who was over looking the ocean.

“Never did I think I would be able to see this side of our world without having to go to war. Never did I think we would gain peace for hundreds of villages. Never did I think I would put so much on one young person to pay for all our sins and crimes to end such evil on her own. It was selfish of us to push all this on you Tessa and for that I am sorry. You will always live with so much on your conscious now forever as you breath.” Tahlia told her fully of sadness yet pride at the same time turning to slightly look at her.

Tessa was looking out in the same view Tahlia was. “It’s ok, it’s not your fault. This was my mess to clean up. Fate will always find it’s way. Amal was right when he said this is what I was made to do. He was just wrong about who should be leading us. Your prophecy for me was that I was to end the creation my parents made that put so much evil and hurt in so many. It never said I was meant to lead and the truth is I am not. I just want my job and that is it. I just want to do what I set out and promised all those people I would. I was never built to lead anyone anywhere.” Tessa said shaking her head slightly turning to look back at Tahlia.

“But you have lead us Tessa you lead us all here. To our true freedom. Who would you follow now? Do you go back and live in the mountain giving them a real second chance back to the life you knew before now. Making your technical advances stretch and grow even better than have before? Do you choose the life you built here on our lands for yourself? Where do you follow now savior?” Tahlia teased. “I am no longer a savior to anyone. It was you and the people who saved us. We saved each other they way it should always be.” Tessa said honestly.

“Honestly I will follow the true leader all these people deserve. The one who will always jump, and lay his life on the line for us. There isn’t anything he hasn’t or wouldn’t do for any of those people. He leads with them, not for them. I will go anywhere Emmitt goes.” Tessa said looking to him helping an old woman up after healing her eye, smiling to Tess with a nod. “Yes I don’t think I could have gotten a better second even if I got to make them myself other than that boy. Your mother was right to put so much into that boy her faith was not misplaced, as it was with Amal.” Tahlia said making Tessa snap her head to her.

“Yes I knew the whole time where your parents snuck off too and what hey were doing Melana came and told me everything it will be something I was going to take to the grave. I knew how mentally unstable the boy was especially when it came to you. I also knew how attached you and Emmitt became I’m not completely blind I was once infatuated with a man to I still am actually. Maybe you two should have paid better attention to take lessons on sneaking around better.” Tahlia chuckled making Tessa blush hard. “I think it is time I retired and passed over the torch so to speak. I have done my promise and now that the enemy is defeated I can finally get to grow in peace. However I did take a page from your book we came out of hiding as well few days ago.” Tahlia said smiling as Malik came walking up to them.

“I am so glad you are safe my heart couldn’t handle burying another child.” He said hugging her one last time. “Come we are traveling back home all of us. It will be a long journey many injured will need help along the way and we will need to get some good distance before dark again it’s two days ride home.” Malik said coming up to kiss Tahlia deeply. “I knew it! TUCA, TUCA pay up!” Tessa yelled to him. “You really couldn’t wait until we got home to tell her. Damn. I will later.” Tuca yelled back guiding the kids down along the way as the rest of them laughed.

It’s been a two full weeks since we’ve been home. The left over people have joined other villages and have spread out evenly. Those still loyal to Amals crown were given to Abriel’s people to be put to death penalty and the cannibals with in them got to reap the spoils of war so to speak. Julian and Rylie were able to get to the surviving children of the ship. They did not seem to be to worried about their parents as the last year they were being forced to train for things and be test on against their will it took me and Rylie four days to be able to reverse everyone on the mountain who took the real second chance to start over. Gabe went back to the mountain to cover as my second on the mountain I have a special place on the circle as the representative for all the villages as I still have to train them in both warriors and medicine. Chloe and Enzo are happy and anxiously awaiting their first born. Jared and Addie have stayed here as part of my training team. Rylon has been welcomed back and spending lots of time with Ira not a surprise there. Tuca is well he is still Tuca. There was a huge celebration when Tahlia passed over her power to Emmitt, the people are please and excited to see what will come of the future finally a future of peace and new beginnings with new opened eyes. It’s hard to believe I began this journey over a full year ago now looking at my life through eyes of a complete stranger to finding myself in ways I never thought possible, and to think this journey is far from over. Emmitt and I had another ceremony kind of like a wedding its when the village welcomes you as a couple joined together just a few days ago. This man really was wasting no time putting claim on us.” Tessa laughed to herself closing her journal book.

Scratching the back of Shadows ears. “I knew you were hiding somewhere.” Emmitt laughed at her. Shadow got up and rubbed against Emmitt and made his way running out of the house. “Well I did my chores and had my check in with Luca like I promised.” “How did that go?” Emmitt asked hanging his stuff up. “Well turns out Chloe’s baby will have a playmate.” Tessa said as Emmitt turned around quickly looking at her slowly a smile growing on his face. “You are sure the little ultrasound showed you this?” Emmitt asked remembering the first time Melana showed it to him. “Yup don’t be too mad because I didn’t know at the time. I am almost a month now along.” Emmitt’s eyes grew wide with fear. “The baby is healthy and strong just his parents.” She teased letting him breath. “What if it’s a girl?” HE teased back. “Well than my love I dare say you will have trouble the rest of your life.” She teased pulling him on to her on the bed. “Only if she’s anything like her mother I will find myself going mad into an early grave.” He said nibbling on her neck. “Hey that’s not nice.” “I’m sorry love. How about I make it up to you.” He said undressing her looking into her eyes deeply. “I love you Tess.” “I love you more.” She told him softly as they finally gave into each other with no enemy to worry about, no past lovers coming through their lives, no hiding. Just them being them who they were always meant to be with where they always belonged.

~The End~

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