Through The Eyes of A Stranger

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chapter 11

Tessa felt restless although she did not move. New flashes of sewing her mothers wedding dress, writing in her journals, and even at some points even Dimitri raced through her head. She awoke in a panic. Emmitt was not at her side as she reached out looking for him. Trying to compose herself and catch her breath. “You know I want to say your images will get better, but I don’t want to lie to you either.” Emmitt said full of sadness as he came out of the hall and darkness to be next to her. She glady accepted his hand over hers. “Anything you want to share?” He asked. “No, just doesn’t make sense yet. It’s more like a backwards nightmare. Part of me doesn’t believe is real, and the other million parts…” She said half heartedly with a laugh. “ Is saying you’re an idiot of course this is your life like why wouldn’t it be. Tessa said in mocking tone starting to shake a little in disbelief. Feeling defeated hanging her head. “Hey it is not going to feel this way for long. It will pass it’s just the process, you have one thing that no othe person who has gone through ever had.” “Which is?” “You have friends here with you people who want you to pull through waiting for you and supporting you people who love you. All these people in the villages hell even the enemy needs you to succeed in this Tessa and are waiting for you to come through. We will get through this.” He said full of hope and determination there was no doubt in his mind. “We”, she giggled at him. “So are we a we now?” She teased. “I am no fool I know the Julian issue, but we started being a we the moment you let your lips meet mine, hell I think you were mine the second I laid eyes on you. Even if it has to stay just between us for now I’d love to know were a we.” Emmitt said flatly with love at the same time. Leaning in cupping her face for kiss with his fingers going through her hair and her neck, as hers cup his neck and his cheek. “I think this past year, I want that more than any memory.” Tessa giggled but was truthful. “We need to go Julian is under your assignment and we still need to get to Piers.” “Right Jules… Ok I can be the big leader I’m suppose to be and keep doing my job and no man will affect that. She said loudly getting herself ready. She looked Emmitt up and down. “Well maybe one man.” Looking at him like she could devour him right than and there how does he always manage to look so incredible. He wiggled his eyebrows and they left the hut.

“Good morning.” Julian said standing next to Shayla. “Good morning Jules,. Shayla are you coming with us?” Tessa said excited and with a smile Shayla was always someone she looked forward to seeing as much as she could. “I’d like to, but ‘m with the other hunters today.” She replied bummed out. “My parents can’s wait to see you though. They’re quite fond of you and look forward to seeing your work first hand.” “I look forward to seeing theirs and just hope I can keep up with such amazing minds.” She spoke honestly. “I was just learning how you met our wonderful Shayla here.” Julian said he also took a liking to the young girl such a bright mind she has such talent for such a young age. “You’re still an amazing woman.” “Besides not knowing the woman I was originally you mean?” Tessa asked coldly. “No, no, no I didn’t mean it that way. I just…no matter what position we got in you were always incredible you could always manage to do things that were impossible. I was trying to give you a compliment very poorly stated with such choice words, and I’m sorry.” Julian said shamefully looking at his feet on the ground. “I got it.” Shayla said putting a hand on Julian arm feeling bad for the guy she really didn’t think he stood a chance getting Tessa back but that’s only because Shayla didn’t want to see her leave, but she still felt bad for him. “Although I completely agree I’m going to walk before it gets uncomfortable.” Shayla said skipping away. “I’m sorry.” Julian said again looking broken. “I’m sorry Jules.” Tessa said not breaking eye contact. “I am , that wasn’t necessary and it was a low blow and there is a line, ya know. I can’t be making this harder than it has to be. SO there will be times when my anger will take over my mouth but I will try better to hold it down.” She promised. “No, you can’t do that. You’re suppose to be mad. After what I did to us, to you; you should be. I know I am, but Tess you never held anything bac. You’re a straight forward person. That is not something you were it’s something you are that’s one thing bout you rather you remember or not that will never change.” Julian said with pride. “I can vouche for that.” Emmitt said behind her.” You two kids ready?” “Yes, I believe we are.” Julian replied back. “After you my love.” HE gestured with his arm out to show him the way. “I just might be drunk by the end of this day.” Tessa said rolling her eyes as she was starring at both of them. They showed Julian some of the wired and certain traps that were unnoticeable by the average village eye. Showing him dangerous plants to be weary of, as he told some childhood stories of Tess, him, and tehri friends growing up together making their own family with their friends. Emmitt revealed in them, but even though she smiled, it was akward to hear her life through someone ese words and eyes and memoeires. While she had none she could really hold on to. They finally reached Neo. ”I don’t understand where is it?” Julian asked “Right here.” Emmitt said while lifting the cloth door back and typing in a code in the wall. “Camouflage , incredible.” Julian said. “Welcome. Welcome to the brains of the Declan Circle.” Ira said full of life. “Piers is waiting for you in the outskirts with some others. I will be in my quarters mixing some formulas together for better weapons hopefully to slow down some of the shadows and give us a better advantage couldn’t have done it without your parents and Emmitts findings. Well lot’s of work to be done let’s get to it.” Ira said shooing them in the right direction full of encouragement. “This way.” Emmitt told them taking the lead pulling them through the village. “Wow how many tests do they run to need so much space? “Enough, this way we all remain safe.” Piers answered Julian approaching them. “Ok, so, here’s the fast version time is not our ally. These are the others who will be joining us separately of course in each of the three different hut. This is Bill and Brooke, and these ones you may know Lexi and James.” “Julian these are Shaylas parents.” Tessa told Jules. “Ah, lovely girl and so smart. I can only imagine how proud you must be.” They smiled proudfully at him in gratitude. “It’s such a great pleasure to work wit you.” Tessa said shaking all of their hands Julian doing the same. “We’re happy you’re here was rather close to your mom, she worked us constantly.” Lexi said excitedly. “Ok, so we have three groups in three separate huts each working on either a shadow or Tentoria they are deceased. First thing we are going to do to each one on our own is figure out which one they are. Next we basically are going to dissect them we need to understand what exactly this stuff has done to change the body and see what can be done to reverse or help alter it. We need blood samples tissue samples any and every type of samples we can collet from any and every where on them. Make sure to be properly labeling everything and documenting everything I mean step by step notes are important this is why we are paired up. Whoever is worried or too scared or uncomfortable and needs to back out now is the time to do so. Tentoria have are known to have sensitive chips in and or near the heart which can and are meant to explode or self destruct. And since we found them dead in the water does not mean that if they are a heartless that their chip is deactivated. Well who wants out?” Piers looked around as no body moved. “I’m not leaving my people started this, this has got to end.” Tessa answered. “Let’s get started.” Piers smiled. Everyone to their tent let’s get to work. They divided into equally spaced out huts. “Put these on all of you we’re not sure what we’re getting into. They dosed the aprons gloves and safety googles. That had a special lenses that could flap down and magnify everything infront of them to project whatever object in front of them to look bigger. “Ok, Emmitt go ahead.” Piers said. “Already done.” He said as he finished placing tube filled blood as the blood samples from the subject. “Julian take notes, Tessa evaluate the body before we crack into his chest soon here.” “Pupils are unresponsive, heartbeat is not detected blood samples are discolored. Subjects whole body color is more pale whitish greyish. No cuts, scars, tattoos or any other type of things to show on the body. All teeth are in and counted for. Some blood samples are between red and green colors never to be seen at least by me of course that is. No reflexes or abnormal cysts or tumors visible to the outside of the body. There is an opening in the shoulder small in width and length but it apparently runs rather deep. Silverish green ooze pouring out of it.” Tessa finished orally giving her exam Piers had indeed wrote everything fast writer he is. “ Subject has passed as positive for being a shadow. The color ooze is out. He is in peace as a civilian now. No other marks or bruises we should be safe to crack that chest for a deeper look into the exam for Tentoria no signs proving he is and even if I rather doubt he is should still double check if he were still alive we wouldn’t have to be this invasive President Rodriguez just want you to know that we are not some crazy unhuman scientists cutting people for our obsession we just need to know as much as we can with everything going on.” “I understand fully. “Am I going to fast for you Jules?” Tessa asked out knowing her was taking notes of his own. “No, my dear I got it.” He replied checking them over of her findings. “Ok moment of truth.” Piers said a little nervous taking the scalpel deep into the body and giving it the opening for them to slid in the device that helps crank open the chest. They all held their breath tightly with Julian, Tessa, and Emmitt standing in the far back of the hut as a precaution Julian so wrapped up in what may come next he didn’t pay attention on how Emmitt held Tessa hand as she stood directly behind him nervously while still in front of Julian, while he stood protectively in front of her in front of her. They stood in the back behind creates and boxes of emptied tubes where it was already difficult to see around. Piers has now cut around four times and took all he needed from the section he was in. “He was a Tentoria however his chip is fried completely destroyed we’re clear. I wonder if this is how he died or if maybe there was a problem with it and he was able to go about his day as a normal guy.? Piers said sadly and confused. They all exhaled deeply and took a good breath in knowing they were safe. Emmitt starred intensely at Tessa for a moment just before he let go of her hand they heard it, they felt it. One of the other huts exploded and set fire to the second one. They felt the ground shake for a moment as they rushed out to check on the others and the damages around them. Villagers had buckets that looked like hundreds of buckets of water on stand by just in case and were already half way done putting it out. Emmitt and Tessa waisted no time in grabbing thin blankets in the buckets of water and throwing them over themselves to go in the hut to look for the people who were inside. With both of their ears still ringing the found Lexi and James knocked out on the floor but they were still breathing. It appeared glass jars have fallen off the high shelves and hit them in the head. As Tessa dragged Lexi and Emmitt carried James to safety and pulled out a tiny vile with a strong minty scent but very powerful under Lexi and James nose they came to quickly taking a deep breath looking around and thanking them. As Piers and Julian came over to help Ira quickly around us. “Brooke and Bill?” Tessa asked getting up off her knees. Ira looked at Lexi, “I’m sorry they didn’t make it out. They completely half burned throughout their bodies almost as if a half way cremation.” Ira said choked out tears filling her eyes threatening to fall. “Brooke said her subjects chip was a dud, I don’t understand how it could have been there’s looked perfect. Our subjects was a shadow only no chips in the chest. As soon as I left from their hut and got in ours from my second opinion the man exploded and a felt a pain in my side of the head.” James said. “The chip was still intact which means whoever controlling them could override a detonator to tie off loose ends if they aren’t checking in regularly.” Tessa said thinking out loud to her little group “That’s just one theory out of a hundred of theories right now maybe they grew suspicious when he did not check in?” Julian added to her guess. “I got the help I need the most from you guys. Help clean up Lexi James if your able gather what you can retrieve from the huts thats savable get help and join me later for further progress of the samples. As for you guys.” Piers said pointing to the trio of Jules Tess, and Emmitt. “You guys have done more than enough and are free to leave thank you.” Piers said with gratitude and a small ow of the head. AS the three looked deeply around them seeing nothing else they could do they grabbed their things and horses and left. They came upon the stream that flows right down close to the village to Chloe and Tuca sat on the edge when they arrived blackened and covered in some blood by the impact of recent events. “Are you all hurt?” Tuca asked but running u checking over Tessa first than Emmitt. Taking the horse from Tessa since they all dismounted. “No, we are fine. Just need some time to clean up and eat. So glad we made it before nightfall with time to spare.” Tessa said with the other two men just nodding in agreement. The three of them went up to the stream cleaning the best they could with the two girls going to the other side for Tessa to be able to take her off she her clothes in the certain section they use for the bath waters. After they all were cleaned quicky. The men stayed quiet the entire time. “Are you always this exciting to be around?” Julian teased as they both put on their last boot. “Not really, until Tess came around.” They both laughed. “I can hear you.” She yelled back tossing a rock over at them as she puts on her last boot the rock splashing water around them. Chloe’s smiled so wide it was contagious for her smiling back. They all looked around when they were together again looking at one another in peace. “Whose hungry? It will be dark soon.” Chloe said as she clapped her hands together and put them to her chest. With a bunch of ayes, yes, and other forms of agreement they made their way back to the main path to go back to the village. Hey all walked besides the horses it was a short walk back and needed to stretch the legs. Tessa was explain what happened to them earlier. When they saw someone sitting covered with a cloak but the face could be seen not the hair on the side of the path just sitting like they were waiting for something. None of them really thought anything of it as it was another tribe cloak. So it’s like a sick joke or game really for us to give these people hope and not tell them their survival rate pf not turning into a horrible person is like seventy-five to twenty-five percent. Am I right Addie she asked the woman sitting on the ground as they past her. They all shot their head up to Tessa and the woman back to Tessa Julians jaw dropped. Emmitts hanging with his.” Addie” Julian?” Julian asked. Pulling back the cloak Tessa stopped walking and talking turning around approaching the woman. Addie yanked Julian in for a hug. Than turned around and looked at Tessa quickly looking over her appearance if she was hurt and had all her limbs where they were suppose to be. “Addie.” Tessa said in a loud whisper and they embraced each other so tightly it was a wonder they could breath. “I remember you!” Tessa said with tears slowly filling her eyes with so much excitement coming out of her. Flashes of their lives rushed through her head so quickly and randomly she couldn’t keep up with it. “Step back now let me get a good look at you, how the hell did you get here? Tessa questions just as rushed out as the flashes in her mind. “I saved a rival village chick and the led me here to this road thanks to some damn peace treaty you got the into, they are just cray for you over by the way I think we have a new summer villa over there named after you. They lead me here and someone will be along shortly. I was edged out from Atheo by Lalani she tricked us. I took the village girl and ran to bring her home.’ Addie stopped to just smile at her best friend so happy to see her after nearly a year. Emmitt looked at Tessa and ran straight to her as the blood slowly started dripping from her nose and her eyes were hazing over. He slide down just in time for her head to fall into his lap on the ground hard her body flopping every which way but her head stayed on Emmitts lap. “What’s happening?” Julian yelled out in panic. “She’s seizing.” Emmitt responded. Chloe the first to ask. “What can we do?” Addie starting to fall apart. “Let her ride it out. Don’t hold her down you risk breaking her bones from the violent force her bodies doing to itself. We let her go through it and hope she wakes up.” Emmitt replied angrily. “It’s because of the treatment isn’t it” Addie said crying. Because I gave her the serum that made her like. This is because of me I did this to her. Everything Luca told me could happen and it did happen. It’s all my fault.” Addie was in full out tears as she knealt down close to Tessa .Emmitt wiping some saliva from her mouth and nose trying his best to keep the air way clear. “When did you talk to Luca?” Tuca sked her. “I came maybe close to two hours ago I was told to wait here and you would be making your way back.” Addie said composing herself. “Please wake up, Tessa. “ Addie said after her body has stopped few minutes ago everyone just watching. “Tess.” Emmitt whispered in her ear. “Tessa.” He said again getting louder. “TESSANDRSA!” Emmitt yelled this time holding her face in his hands as he stares upside down at her with her head still in his lap. “No, need to shout my sweet friend I am awake.” Tessa said lowly but loud enough for them to hear. They all felt there chest relaxed and sighed out happily. Julian tears still falling with his eyes closed in happiness. Addie still grabbing on her waist hugging down on her and quickly letting do to stand up. Chloes head inside Tucas chest as he hugs her in comfort still looking down at felt as if he was suffocating until that moment ad exhaled so hard he nearly dropped her head from his lap. She got up slowly with Emmitts help. Julian pulled her tightly to him “Don’t ever do that to me again. This is the second time you have ripped my heart straight from my chest. I can’t breathe in a world If you’re not in it.” He released her after talking in her ear. Her eyes glossy and red felt a tug at her heart over his choice of words. It was almost heartbreaking to look him in the eyes as if his whole world had a stopped and started, the pain the panic it was weird. She never meant to hurt anyone in such a way. “Ya, I’ll try my best to control my random seizures.” She teased. “Let’s get you fed believe it or not it does help.” Chloe said giving her a small hug making sure she is in fact ok. They started to turn and make their way back to the village. Julian stopped to look at Emmitt who seemed to still be shooken up. “You ok? I mean should I be more worried?” “No.” Emmitt said shaking his slowly. “No, nothing to worry about. We see it all the time with the others alot about over half of the percentage don’t make it. Let alone make his far after the random seizures. It’s just so much on the body, and it’s a lot harder if you personally know the person as a friend. Tess is very important to us, to me. “Emmitt said as he started walking with Julian to the rest of them. Julian shook his head knowing how close he was to her parents and how close they’ve come over the year he was just grateful she wasn’t alone and had help. “Thank you for everything you’ve done. I’d be so lost without her, and you’ve gone above and beyond. It’s just I can’t ever repay you for this.” Julian said reaching out to shake Emmitts hand. Emmitt took it in his. “I hope we can keep this peace, this friendship going.” Julian said honestly. “I hope to keep the peace as well.” Emmitt answered honestly. They all made it back to the village Tessa, Addie, and Julian in their own little world everyone wanted to give them time for themselves eating around a small little fire. Laughing the entire time at the old memories that were slowly coming back to her as they were being told. “In all seriousnees you have to get ahold of Riley. And get Jack and Lalani locked up.” Addie said angrily “We will in time. I really need to finish work here. We need this alliance if any of us actually want to live in peace.” Julian told her flatly. “Tess um… I have something for you, but given your reaction to just seeing Addie’s wonderful surprise visit I think its best to divide the things I brought. So pick a pocket.” Jules said. “Uh ok I’ll go with left because we all know I’m always right.” They all had a giggle. Julian took out the contents of his left pocket and handed it over to her. Holding the small box in her unleashed a whole new set of flash memories. Emmitt sitting in the small circle fire behind them had a clear view of her. He already knew what the box contained in it. Watching her with them he was seeing a little bit of different person. No not different just growing. HE loved seeing her so relaxed and happy. However looking at the box wiped that look completely off. Tessa opened the box and starred at her grandparents, and even her parents wedding rings. Suddenly she was sucked in to a memory. Her and Jared opening and everyone yelling surprise leaving her breathless. Looking around at everyone and there in the middle of the room was Julian there smiling at her taking her hand. “Happy Birthday my love. “ HE said as he got down on one knee. Tessa shook her head and was brought back to reality. She looked up to Julian and Addie. “Wow very emotionally dramatic week.” She laughed out t both of them who did nothing but nod in agreement. “Look Addie, Chloe has invited you to stay with her. And she is ready for you now if you are tired?” “Yes, don’t have to offer me a bed twice I’ll catch up with yall in the morning.” Addie eft Tessa with a wink. “I can’t believe you have this right now?” Tessa said flatly closing the box up putting it inside her jacket pocket sealing it up. “I couldn’t leave it there. My other gift will wait for another time. It has been a very eventful day. Look Tess everyday until this enemy is taken down which let’s face it may take awhile is going to be dangerous. Today was hard thing to watch. I could have lost you twice in less than a year. I need you to understand I respect you needing space, but everyday I’m going to keep trying to get you’re love and trust back. I still need you Tess. I want our future back.” Julian said with so much emotion pouring out of him. “I remember. When you handed me this. The night of my birthday of you kneeling down. Jules I did remember apart of us.” HE smiled so wide. “Really.” He said so hopeful in happy surprised vice. “Ya, look Jules I get it I understand; but let’s face it I’m broken. I don’t know if I can ever go back to all that the way were, or who that girl was. “ Tessa said brokenly. Julian took her hands in his caught her by cupping her face and pulled her into a kiss catching her off guard. Tessa pulled back instantly the second it happened. He pulled away from her seeing tears roll down her face. “Julian I’ve been with someone else.” Tessa rushed out looking him square in the eye. ”What?” Julian asked softly confused. “Yes, I’ve been abandoned down here for almost a year and the people here have been great to me I’ve grown close to many people here and one person especially, and one night it just happened. It happened and I’m not sorry that it did. I am sorry for any pain that it brings you though. It’s not y intention to hurt you in any way especially that way; but you need you know the truth. Before you start thinking of trust or trusting me again.” She said with single tears slowly making their way down her cheeks. “Tess, hey, look at me It’s ok. I know how hard that had to be to say to me. Am I hurt yes but not just because of that but because of me. This is all my fault. I know what a perfect woman you are to other men. I was not naïve enough to think I would get here and not have any competition. I was ready for this. I’m honestly ok with it. I still want a future with us together. Can the other guy say that? Does he love you the way I love you? I just hope he’s ready because I will fight everyday to get you back. I’m not giving up on us. You had no idea that I even existed, I don’t blame you or anything close to that. Just tell me two things.” She got up ready to leave. Turning back “Ok.” “Is there hope for us?” I don’t know nothing will ever be the way it was trust may always be an issue. I don’t see it right now.” “That’s not a no though.” Julian said smiling always looking to the positive side. “Please. Just please say it wasn’t Tuca.” They both busted out in a fit of laughter. “No, no, no it wasn’t. oh geez.” Tessa squeezed her eyes shut just at the thought. “I guess we both got a long ways to g o trust don’t we?” She said looking down to him. “No, I trust you with everything I have.” Julian smiled Knowing he meant those words she turned to leave. “Goodnight.” “Goodnight.” Making her way to Emmitts home. “How did I get here?” She asked herself out loud. ”Didn’t figure you would get lost being this close.” Emmitt said behind her coming up to her side. “You shouldn’t have left without me, it’s not safe to travel around alone.” “I’m sorry I just really needed to get home, or your home.” She tried to correct herself so she didn’t seem to taking over. “Our home, for as long as you want it, remember, unless you’ve changed your mind?” HE asked curiously. “No, honestly it’s the only place I wan to be. There. With you.” Smiling at him he knew how much she meant that. “Come on let’s go inside.” He said allowing her to enter first.”What a day for you right?” Emmitt asked as he exhaled helping her remover he jacket. Than his own. “I cant even tell anymore if I’ve ever had worse.” She said with a smile sad laugh. “Emmitt I remembered a lot of things today. Even when Julian well half of when Julian purposed to me. He kissed me tonight, and I saw it and I pushed him away.” “I know.” He said. “You know?” “ I sat at the fire pit aside of you guys kinda hard to miss.” He said sadly. “I’m sorry you had to see it. But I told him Emmitt everything well almost everything I told him I was with someone else.” “Tessa calm down, I know I heard everything. Are you ok?”He asked with concern. “I don’t know just remembering our old life together I felt like that was a different person, but also that I had to tell him the truth and I couldn’t lie to him. Are you ok with that I told him ,should I have asked you first?” “No Tess look I’m not mad, you and Julian agreed to be friends and you still have jobs you have to work together on I expect you to be nothing but up front and honest. You are right he deserves to know; but how and when is not my place to say. Time will come when Julian and I will hash this out, but that’s a later problem.” “Ok. I was actually more nervous to talk to you about this than I was talking to Julian. Actually I wasn’t nervous at all to talk to him just you.” She laughed at herself. Emmitt took his hand and lifter her chin to look at him in the eye. “Don’t ever be afraid to come to me about anything.” He said sweetly pulling a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “Actually I was kinda nervous to talk to you too if were going to be completely honest tonight.” She grew confused. “OK.” She said as she sat down on his bed.”Tess when you seized out on us today. You scared the hell out of me. Most sleep walkers don’t get through this process this quickly and normally the faster pace ones don’t make it past this point. I thought for one second what I would trade to trade places with you to breathe.” He said nervously. “Look Julian brought up a couple of questions tonight, that you deserve to know the answer to. Especially after all we’ve been through in our short time together. Tessa the way I feel about you, what I realized awhile ago actually. I feel that id you die, I die. We are strong together so in sync. I couldn’t have done any of this without you. I am so in love with you it hurts a little.” He laughed out he was kneeling in front of her eyes never breaking contact. “I know there’s something here stronger than either of us thought possible; because when Julian kissed you, you didn’t kiss back or make any type of comforting touch other than to push him away there was nothing I your eyes. Not like this. You could have but you didn’t. “ She took her hand caressing his jawline and neck and kissed hm passionaltey. “There is something here, strength, trust, and so much more in between. Love is a scary thing I mean the last time I said that he threw me away and abandoned me for a year. Emmitt, people people who love me die or get hurt, or lose everything. Can you risk that?” Tessa asked trying not cry being unsuccessful. “As long as I can be with you, just you I’ll have everything I’ll ever need.” “You wanna know the truth the real difference between you and Julian. The real difference is Julian and I were fixed up together as kids this was all prearranged by our parents. I grew to love him. I grew into the person everyone wanted and needed me to be. Never doubting that that was who I was meant to be because that’s what everyone needed from me what was expected perfection nothing less. I grew accustomed to it all. But you I choose you myself, all on my own my heart saw you and that was it it was gone. It was so liberating to know or well realized that you were my choice. I didn’t grow to love you the way I had before. I just grew more every day I wasn’t becoming or being a person every one needed I was being me I laughed and smiled more here with all of you guys than I can remember with my own people well those I don’t hold as family.” Their eyes locked on each other so much emotions flowing through each other. “I love you Emmitt. Or at least I believe I do. I’ve never felt this deep or happy or in need of anyone person before memory or not I can feel it.” Emmitt quick to pick her up and place her in his lap. Lost in the moment. She lifted his shirt and threw it across the room. He did the same. The feel of his hands were soft and smooth, and gentle and made her skin tingle everywhere he traced on her skin to behind her neck, to running his fingers through her hair still locked n kiss. He as seduced by her and everything about her through her smell, her taste to getting drunk off her kisses. She was starting to get dizzy when he turned her onto the bed as she stretched out upon it. Shse traced his chisled chest and it sent life right through him every nerve of his body. He stared at her as if she were the only thing in this world visible to the eye. He longedto just be next to her breathing her in. “You’re so beautiful Tess.” He said laying on top of her. His mouth softly yet quickly upon hers. Both again not remembering how the rest of their clothes left their bodies. Feeling everyinch of each other the skin to skin contact drove them cray, yet on fire. He leaned onto her spreading her thighs with his own knees holding each of her hands above her head pinning her down eyes still locked on each other her whole body felt like it shook when he finally entered inside of her. Trusting slowly at first never breaking away from the eye contact watching every delicious moment in between their face, until he sput his mouth back upon hers not being able to go on any more without a taste from her. Everything felt as if it were in slow motion around her. Blending together, their head spinning from the feeling that has taking over them. This was not the same lust filled passion session as like before this was more this was so much deeper. They both felt everything change in this moment. “Can you feel it?” He asked as he got deeper within her. “Like the world changed?” She moaned out back. “No, like the world just started.” He moaned back. “At least mine.” HE said kissing along her neck going faster taking his finger and rubbing her clit as he laid on top of her thrusting deeply into her. Pushing her over the edge calling out his name she finally let go at the same time he did. Bodies still shaking as they tried to catch their breathe. “You’re amazing you know that, right?” She asked him with a giggle of appreciation. “If so, it’s because you make me so.” He played back. “Come here.” HE said Pulling her over to him wrapping her tightly to rest on his chest. They let their guard down. The world around them cease to exist and they finally gave in to the rest they deserved.

Jullian was on his knees in front of her. “Tess, you’re my best friend. You make me a better man. Every good memory or moment in my life is because you were in it. You’re such incredible person, and I can not wait to see what the years will bring us next, if you would give me the honor of being my wife.” He asked full of confidence, love pouring out of him like a fountain. She knew the whole damn ship was watching them surrounding her. Taken off guard from her previous thoughts her personal mission. She starred intently looking into his eyes . “Yes.” She smiled down and whispered to him. Grabbing around his neck as he got up swirling her around. “Woooo we getting married!!” Julian yelled so loud everyone from Atheo probably heard him. The whole room in a uproar of laughter at the happy couple. “Chief Rodriguez, got a nice ring to it.” Julian said playfully as he kissed her tenderly. The tap upon his shoulders caught his attention. “Dad.” “Congradualtions.” HE said pulling both of them into a big hug. “My old friends would be over the moon right now.” “Thank you Mr. Rodriguez. “ “After all these years and even now you can call me dad if it pleases you it would do me honor, you’ve always been my daughter.” “Thank you,… dad.” She said trying it out. “Julian our girl looks flushed, too may people right I understand. Go get our girl a drink son.” “Sounds good, I’ll be right back.” “Big day. Finally the last of your group to be a full blown citizen among the world. How does it feel?” He asked proudly for her. “Like were still ten years old pretending to be adults.” They laughed at her own joke. “You earned chief, youngest in history as well as top doctor I am so proud of you. In a few months Julian will take my place and you both will rule us all by storm.” He joked. “I’m actually looking forward to it.” “Tess now that you’re of age you’re allowed your parents property, Should I be so bold as to ask if you find anything special, you would share it with me? I miss them dearly. Sometimes it does ones soul good for even just a moment to feel close to them again,” He requested with such sorrow and sadness. “Of course, besides it would be nice to have someone there to tell me about most of it. I don’t remember them much.” She answered. “It’s a date than.” He said with a smirk. She couldn’t put her finger on it, but she felt like she just walked into a trap. She looked around the room to the window. She wondered if she were there how different would she be? She knew now her life was set, and it would be a good one. For a brief moment she thought about how it would have felt to be able to say no. She felt sad but refused to show it. Thinking about her mission, she knew she had to find another way around.

She woke up in a panic panting sweating. “Are you ok?” Emmitt asked flinging up with her. I’m ok.” She repeated. He grabbed a cloth quickly and held it to her eye. It was dripping like a tear but it was blood.”This happened don’t worry you’re fine.” He assured her. “Ok.” She touched his hand and held it to her cheek. “We need to talk to Circle.” She said in a tone that made him nervous. “Ok, I’ll call for them now with the hawks.” “Today.” She said flatly. He held her cheek looking in her eyes. “Today.” Rubbing his hand on her cheek looking deeply into each still. “I love you Tessandra..” “I love you Emmitt.” The moment didn’t last long as he went for the parchment to start their day.

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