Through The Eyes of A Stranger

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chapter 2

Chapter 2

She stretched her hands and realized she could move on what was made to be a bed she looked to see her wound was completely healed. “Don’t worry, you will not scar. Your mothers salve is flawless and works quite quickly.” Emmitt said cheerfully while cleaning his instruments what looked like surgical tools. “Thank you how long was I out?” Sha asked stretching her still sore body with a dull ache coming in her head. “Few hours. It’s nearly sunrise.” He replied continuing his tasks. “The man that attacked us…?” “Yes.” Emmitt said flatly. It almost felt like he was inside her head knowing what she wants to ask and beating her to it. Turning to look at her. “You saved me, thank you. You didn’t have to help me so I really appreciate it.” “I owe everything to your parents, you are far more important than you even realize.” Emmitt said proudfully walking over to her to take a seat next to her. His brown eyes were beautiful it’s a color unlike she’s ever seen or at least she thinks. They held such beauty but some how looking into them felt spine chillingly wrong. “Shadows have blue eyes and are very skilled in combat and they have speed that can be difficult to keep up with. They are deadly dangerous.” He said expressing his point of the attacker and future attackers. “He said they’ve been waiting for me. What does that even mean?” “I don’t know, they could have seen your vessel come or crash. There was a swarm of vessel that fell all at once; hours after yours hit here. Luca and I went in search of them but our warriors found only one survivor there. Apparently the heartless have other plans for them since they left him behind. Melana told us they launch prisoners from your ship and they get to sent a mountain that has a thing you would call a city. It’s not just prisoner apparently anyone who wants to change their life to start over goes but it’s mainly like a punishment from what I gather. It’s like an army lives there. The prisoners are used as labor until their time for their crimes are up than they are to be pardoned and than can be a citizen. The goal is to make a stable place so the rest of your people could have a second home besides the huge ass ship you guys have up there. The figured after the last world war all those years ago No one would be here. The first of your people were considered invaders to all tribes not just our five but all of them which leads to hundreds so they were banned to a section of land which turned out to be a whole mountain side with some flate are of land around and their own area of a private lake and damn for water. They were given that section to live in peace under certain conditions that never to cross the boundaries. They’ve kept their promise but no one trusts them. They are feared to want to over throw every tribe and take over their lands. Which will always be a fear to all of us tribes it’s been seen to many times by people who never left here and your people are new so more of the fear of the unknown thing.” “Wow that’s quite a of information for one sitting.” Tessa said trying to lighten the mood. “Sadly there is much more knowledge you must obtain before you step foot out there. See your people are not our biggest problem. Even though they created them the shadows. The blue eyed prisoners who if they leave and escape before your people can come collect them from the landing vessels near their limits; they turn into heartless. Heartless or Tentoria we also call them is a huge army like village who taken over a different mountain rumored to go all the way into the water underground. An alliance with the cannibals is something your parents feared your people were trying to do. Fearing another war. The Tentoria do not hold the same respect for humanity as we do let alone life. That’s all we need to go to war over now.” Emmitt said hoping he was making sense of the history of the past last few decades. Reaching for her hand to help her up. “Now I think it’s time for us to work on some food we got a long day ahead of us and the village is still a little ways ahead. Let’s get moving.” “Wait, were not in the village yet? Where are we than?” Tessa asked confused. “My home. It was the safest and quickest place to take you. It is apparent others are looking for you. You’re more than welcome to stay here if you so choose until you awaken I promise no harm will fall upon you here. It may just help ease you into this new world for you without feeling to crowed by all the people.” “You’re wife won’t mind?” “No, I do not have one. There is no one other than me here. Shall we move to the village others eagerly await the daughter of our late friends. You see Tessa we’ve also been waiting for you.” Emmitt said showing her the way out his home. Emmitts home was hidden well with multiple ways in and out and undedected traps all over. Yet the set of eyes that were on her still stayed waiting and unnoticed.

He kept staring at her picture hearing her voice in his head remembering what she said moments before she was sent away. “We don’t have to do this you know. We can cancel the conference for another day. We are leaders now don’t we have a right to take just one day to ourselves. We can go to our spot no one will find us we can just hang out like old days. This doesn’t feel right Jules.” Tessa begged “Hey now how do you think dad and the council would feel if we started changing everything so soon and see us lacking.” Julian replied with a giggle playing with Tessas hands pulling her in for a hug. “Don’t joke about my instincts they’ve never let me down.” “I don’t ever underestimate you my dear, you have been under a lot of pressure lately. You thought about a date yet The people will ask? He said playfully while rubbing the ring on her left hand. “The people will know that were busy.” Tessa said flatly. “Maybe I’m curious.” She pushed him back slightly. “ We’ll work on that late, right now I wish I could convince you to drop out of this conference.” “Julian, Tessa were waiting for you.” “Coming Dad.” Julian called back turning back to Tessa she looks so uneasy and uncomfortable. “It’s going to be alright, everything is going to be fine you’ll see.” She walks by to take her place while pausing “what if you’re wrong?” “Well just cross that bridge when we get to it.” He smiled following behind her up the stirs to the platform over looking their people.

“Jules, starring at that picture isn’t gonna bring her back any faster.” Riley said as if he just appeared out of thin air. “It won’t hurt any less.” “I’m fine Riley.” “GO lie to somebody else, but I know you and even if I didn’t you lost your best friend whose also just so happens to be your fiancé and love of your life. Yes I noticed; and your father. You might say you loss half of your immediate family in less than a half a day.” “Point, Riley, make your point.” Julian snapped bitterly. “You lost half of your family Jules the other half are right here on this ship hell even right infront of you. TO tell you you’re not fine Jules. It’s ok not to be ok even if it’s just for a few minutes wee here for you.” Riley barked back. “You don’t have to pretend with us. “ Connor said coming out of the dark corner is everyone just hidden in this room Julian thought to himself. “So, sir what’s going on in that ever going brain of yours?: Connor mocked. “She knew in her gut something was wrong, and I mocked her it. She knew something was off about my dad, and never even told me. I’m wondering what other little secrets my bride to be hid from me, or my own father for that matter. Do you think maybe she was reluctant to pic ka wedding date because she thought that maybe I was into whatever my dad was into?” Julian asked defeated. “No, I don’t think she believed that at all. I think she wanted to spare your feelings about something she didn’t have all the facts on.”Riley answered back trying to inspire hope into his broken friend. “Look I found this on his body just hours after the attack.” Julian handed the evidence to Connor as Riley looked over it. “This is… this was planned? He knew the Rebels didn’t do this? Wow, Tess was right Rebels were never the problem.” “What did you just say?” Julian asked shocked starring at them in disbelief. “Oh get off it. You know she was a fair chief she never saw the Rebels as a threat, maybe she envied their freedoms, but she said a week after being chief that the Rebels may not be our enemy. They made being used like a distraction to throw us off of a bigger problem that we not even know exists. She pulled a small team together she said she and I quote ‘Trusted’. She was going have used as a special team to grab our real enemy when the time was right.” Connor said starring him straight in the face surprised Julian wasn’t aware of the information he was being told. “Yeah that’s true but some of them wouldn’t have been called circle of trust friends after that meeting I asked her what now boss? She said no we wait. It’s like she made this big ol deal out of this special mission. She made a big ol rally for one specific person in that room to hear it to go tell the others that she’s not them to start picking the herd of traitors off. Like finding a trail to whatever theory she had going.” Riley and Julian looked at him shocked at the last part of the story. Than they all just looked up at stare at each other. “That’s it, she caught on, but to what? Julian asked confused pacing the room.. “At least we know where to start.” “Where the hell would that be.” Riley threw up his arms in defeat. “Connor go get the Prisoner Alderman ready it’s time the President asked why he decided to blow the bomb at the conference.” Connor smiled wickedly.

George Cooper please be scarce for a few minutes this is a high profile questioning.” Julian commanded the guard on duty. “I will holler if I need you.” HE finished as the guard went outside the sound proof rooms door. “Now let’s see here Mr. Eric Alderman 23 years of age high pay grade guardsmen of transportation. Well Mr. Alderman this file says a lot of informative things what it does not intel is to why. Care to explain?” “What do you want me to say President Rodriguez?” Let’s start with the truth. Why?” “Ok, lets. Why don’t we play a little game, we were almost family I’ll ask you a question and you ask a question oh it’ll be a hoot and half. I know let’s start by asking where my cousin is? What did you do with Tess?” “You worry about her now? After getting her blowing her up? What a great cousin.” “Oh how you wound me Julian.” He said sarcastically as if he was hurt. “It’s like I already told everyone else I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was called to be apart of a special unit to take down our real enemy there’s a bunch of fellas from the guard apparently. I had questions I just wanted to talk to Tess. I looked to the side noticed something off went to check it out turns out it was a bomb I got close the timer clicks in other guards come we all go boom.” “YA, that’s what the camera shows on the corridor; however I have a different theory. Knowing the cameras timers I think you know who planted the bomb and why. Questions or not you should have never left your post, and you knowing how Tessa’s mind works, would have known how she would have been. Family or not you would have sought out punishment. Growing up, if memory serves Eric, Tessa would have brought you to tears on more than occasion fr the punishments on which you deserved especially when you angered her. You were somewhat fearful of her wrath. So why would you risk angering your boss by leaving your post, which you know is a punishable offense, for questions that could have easily awaited until after your shift?’ ‘Well, this little group your woman had rallied was very hush hush apparently and I didn’t want to approach her infront of your beloved council members about her secret projects and have other unneeded questions of their own.” “How very big of you Eric.” He said replied with attitude. “Now can you tell me who was it who relieved you from your post when you left, while you were away.” “I can’t remember I hit my head pretty hard as you can see. Kylie did a lovely job on my sutures.” His stitches were many and clearly visible. “SO your having trouble with your memory than?’ “Just after the boom.” “DO you know what happened fourty-five minutes after the second bomb blew?” Eric shook his head no looking at Julian. “Someone from your post illegally and prematurely launched all the prisoner’s of the East wing.” “ Well that is very unfortunate, I apologize for not being at my station Did they get to Callie?” Eric asked almost as if he was actually concerned or maybe he’s just getting that much better than acting. “Were not sure Riley is due back to leave soon back to Atheo. Do you know your actions have you on conspiracy charges? Let me tell you what I think. I believe you set up a launch time with coordinates not to Atheo, ut elsewhere sent those prisoners and others involved, left your post so your caught on camera trying to be shown as a victim, cause you knew where the bomb would be. That Tessa was a target so no fear of facing her wrath if she won’t be around to do it, and your little friends helping you blame the Rebels because the council is already battling them s owe would judge them first. Now that’s just what I think.” Julian said flatly almost as if it was a fact he was already bored with. “Wow, that’s quite a detailed theory there Jules. How long did all that take you to think up?” Eric humored him. “I realized it the second I saw you face. If you’ll excuse me we need to start cleaning up your mess. It’s a shame though it really is the only family she had left was you, she fought for your job always kept you out of jail and gave you a place in society. She gave you life and your always so quick to rip hers away. Another time, and another place you will be dealt with by me. I’m her family and I will handle you and any others who try and mess with mine.” Julian turns leaving Eric with a sinister smile.

“Well Julian I’m off to the ground our prisoners count is in half. Half made it half are missing. Atheo has has been quiet no one has shown or been found but vessels have been discovered no bodies so they assumed to be alive.” Julian took a good breath of relief. She’s alive whispering to himself greatly with a smile. “Don’t eb to excited my friend. The vessels are on the restricted lands, the same day the had a war battle between some of the other tribes our satellites shown a girl help out of the vessel or more like running off of said vessel running in time away from the scouts of the losing tribe. There’s great hope they’ll keep her until her memory comes to, and they banish her like they do the rest of our stray aways. So what’s your plan to save our family Mr. President?” “You do whatever you have to do to get Adelyn and remind Addie to bring our girl home inform her of everything going on here Jared also. I’ll be making a trip down to Atheo myself soon as I can clean up this mess enough to leave it’s looking like weeks if not months let’s hope that isn’t really the case. I’m looking forward to my surprise inspection to Earth and finding my woman. Good journey my friend safe travels.” “Julian If I find her and she remembers is there any message you from the commander and chief?” Riley asked curiously. “Just that I’ll be with her soon, remind her I love her, and we’ll figure this out soon together.” “Will do boss. See ya soon.” Riley walked down the hall to his ship. Julian still felt heavy but knowing that Tessa was alive at that moment felt like it was ten pounds lighter. HE knew how much work he had ahead of him in the next couple weeks. Time was the enemy at the moment. Julian knew the next step before people started to look for him. He looked around and quickly made his way down the corridor.

“Come on you have got to know something you were the last one to see her. What do you remember?” “Look I told you everything I know. I honestly swear on my entire life I don’t know where she is. I saw her briefly she was injured in the abdomen, she was off to be seen in the medic-unit, and she sent me off to offer help to the other victims. That is our job remember upholding law, helping the helpless.” “Yes, that’s what we do. Ok, Adelyn we believe you. Riley will be here soon to sign off on your case and you are a free woman trial went in your favor. You will be sent to a room and will be represented with a guards uniform. You have to serve time here for a couple weeks we sure could use some more help down here for awhile. Maybe you can convince Jared to stay as well?” “I’m sure he’d be honored t serve duty here for awhile. Always good for the soul for a change every now and than.” Another guard came into the room and unchained Addie from her cuffs and chains from the table. Jared armed waited to escort her to her new changing room. Jared was tall and very handsome and hopelessly devoted to Adelyn since the first day he saw her as kids. She was still unsure why. Addie smiled when his eyes met hers. “Did you hear the good news?” “Ya, congrads you’re a free woman.” “No, we’ve been requested to stay here on the ground since they’re so short handed. Think they don’t trust me. What say you my friend will you stay and serve with a newly freed woman?” She asked playfully. “As long as you still my woman I serve where you serve planet or ship don’t matter to me” He said with a wink as he opened her door. She smiled seductively as the door shut behind her. Jared at the door waiting. Addie changed into the new clothes. As she was lacing up her boots the door opens with Riley and Jared coming in. “Do I have a mission for you my dear.” Riley smiles his hands behind his back rocking on his feet playfully. Handing over pictures in an envelope Addie opened it. “look familiar?” Riley teased. She looked back at him with a smile from ear to ear. “You sneaky little bastard.” Addie squealed as the door shut behind them Jared sealing them in the room away from eyes and ears. Jared shut the door behind them sealing them away from other eyes and ears.

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