Through The Eyes of A Stranger

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Chapter 8

Tess slept for what felt twenty minutes. It’s been almost a year and what a long exhausting year it’s been. Emmitt shook her awake. “Come on, let’s go.” He said kneeling her down beside her. “Where are you going?” “Well the since circle accepted your plan to make peace with other tribes. The other tribes are not to thrilled with to be taking combat skill lessons from a sleep walker, who their concerned will turn into one of them. However they too see no other choice. Things may change completely around here should you decide to leave us.” “You mean when i’m asked to leave the village right?” She asked, he could hear the sadness in her voice. “You need to get ready. We’re meeting up with the others to set traps along the borders were going to get us a shadow and see if we can undo whatever has been done.” “Sounds like good times await.” She responded lacing up her last boot. “I’ll be outside.” She started pulling her hair back into a high ponytail. “You know you will be asked to leave the village. You will be told the way back to your people. It is the way our treaty works. However many choose another path. This place…” Emmitt said his waving around his home. “Is not in the village boundary per se and I will not ask you to leave. You may stay here until your ready for whatever it is you wish to do next . There’s no rush.” Emmitt told her full of emotion and calm. Tessa was starring Emmitt straight in the in shock looking for any sign of lies regret for his offer but she did not find anything but truth making her heart swell the people in this village has been to good to her she thought. ”Just think about it, its just an idea to ease some of the stress on your shoulders. It’s better to think with a clear head.” “Thank you.” She said still in shock and amazed. “You would disobey an order, even though you’re a second in command all for a Skylander who could be a bad person once awoken?” She asked voice sounded more breaking than she wanted. “As a future leader it is my duty to obey orders we both know this, and lead the people by doing the right thing. You staying here breaks no treaty and it’s the right thing not to throw a friend out in the cold with wild animals, hell even wild people. I believe down to my soul you’re a good person I’ve had bout a year to see it with my own eyes. Trust me your more like your mother than you realize. Emmitt said with a chuckle. “We’re friends?? Tessa asked with a teasing smug smile. “I’m assuming we are. Have I mislead myself?” “No sir. It actually feels a million times great just to be called a friend out loud by someone. Let’s go with so much fun ahead of us.” They made their way to the entrance of the home He held it open for her before she walked through it she turned to Emmitt. “You should take care of your offer to me Emmitt with such kindness as yours it’s almost tempting to never leave.” They smiled and left. They spent the earlier part of the day setting traps with others from both villages some from the tribes of the circle and the other tribes. It was almost midday. Emmitt looked at Tessa “come we gotta ride for Abriels you’re to train remember?” She was already tired and sore from the waking up process the day before. “Oh yeah forgot about that. Cato were heading off. “Be careful now, eyes opened rememeber over half all territories and borders are walking mine fields now.” “We’re warned. She replied back in a playful low tone and a silly smile. Tess walked off to go for her jacket and other things. Emmitt was watching her from the corner of his eye as she saddled her horse and readied herself. “She is so much like her mother, yet so entirely different.” Lalo said putting his hand up on Emmitts shoulder starring at Tess with him neither mans eyes leaving her. “I agree, even when they feel trapped their will is wild and stubborn and free mainly stubborn.” “It’s true kinda like a horse even with beauty and grace. It’s a shame though knowing any minute she could wake up and be back in the same upside down spiral she’s in already. She must really worry about her past to be sent here the way she was. Odd isn’t it I think whoever sent her did it quickly I also think they di it because they cared for her.” Emmitt slowly looked at Lalo. “it’s a good theory for her to hold onto. She is still angry for being tossed away.” Emmitt replied sadly. “You know she may have someone coming for her, whether for good or bad reasons. She’s been destined as a savior. It is a huge burden to carry alone.” “That is why we should give her all the support, compassion, and our strength don’t you think my friend?” Emmitt asked Lalo curiously wondering where exactly this conversation was going. ”Absolutely, I am just making sure you are aware of the situation Emmitt we are going to war with a powerful enemy, her people will come I’ve watched you watch her over these months sometimes things we love are not always good for us.” “You think I love her?” Emmitt asked surprised by the words that just came out of Lalos mouth. “You misunderstand I need you to remind Tess of those words. Look at her Emmitt she is not just a Skylander, she is one of us. Her people started the enemy that doesn’t make them honorable. We see what they do, and we’ve seen who she is. Law is different for her here. Wouldn’t you accept her as a second in command even just for Malik or Luca she would do the job well under your rule when you take place for Tahlia.” Lalo begged out with hopeful eyes. Emmitt didn’t even think about asking her to be a successor he looked behind Lalo and looked around at all the people who listening intently in their conversation. “You are not the only one who wants this ae you?” Emmitt looked at all in the eye knowing the answer when every single one broke eye contact to confirm that thought Emmitt smirked. “We will see what fate will have.” Emmitt placed is hand on LAlos shoulders and mounted his horse. “Ready?” Teassa asked fixing her mess of a hair back into a high pony tail. “Ya.” “Lead the way onward. My friend.” Tesss said with a wink Emmitt rolled his eyes. “You’re not going to make me regret using that word are you?” He laughed. “Just lead the way.” She teased. It was incredible how at home she felt, how natural it was being around the villagers all the tribe members. She really thought her parents were smart enough to make a home here. They put so much faith in the man ahead of her, she was so grateful it was not misplaced. Tess would be lost without him she thought. Knowing much of her earlier years was definitely speeding up the process of her memory. Tess was getting more and more flashes of her life, fearing she would be awake soon. With a heavy heart she did not want to leave, she started to feel sad. Even her parents stayed right on the lines of the village boundaries so they could say they did not break a treaty. “You should be warned some of the things you will see here are not pleasant for the eyes or mind. After all they are a cannibal tribe. Their section handles punishments. They don’t always eat on people they eat any and everything. Only ones they’ve ever eaten are those sentenced to death or to lose a limbs for crimes against others.” Emmitt tried to explain. She looked up and saw the gates with skulls on it through spears. Stopping her horse. “The great Tessandra is not scared of wood and bones is she?” Emmitt asked curiously. “I had a dream about this place. This is wrong. We should leave. Tessa whispered to Emmitt. “We need to train here there are some great warriors and people in there who need to be guided properly to win this battle. Hey.” Emmitt whispered grabbing her attention back “What was in your dream?” He asked curiously to wonder what it was that could her back. “A snake.” Tessa hissed out. “An evil twisting snake. He changed colors his heart, his chest was blue just as his eyes but the eyes were so familiar I’ve seen them when they weren’t shining that evil glow.” “We are in the woods there is probably a snake in there somewhere I’m not gonna lie.” “No, there is a nest of snakes in there just like Jediakai.” Tessa snapped back in another whisper. Emmitt understood her now. “Look, we have to do this. Sometimes the best thing to do is to draw they prey out and play dead before you he hunter pounce. So you go in there like the great hunter you are and draw that prey out and I’ll be right next to you the whole time.” She looked at him and nodded. “Funny that sounds so familiar Déjà vu feeling I guess I’ve done this before. Calling out the enemy without actually calling out the enemy.” They rode on through the gate. Eyes were on them most were even friendly, some were looking at her like they couldn’t wait to sink their teeth in her. Welcome to our humble neck of the woods.” Zayn shouted out happily arms spread wide open for her to embrace all that that was around her. “Very homey and humble indeed.” She smiled widely as she dismounted her horse Emmitt following suit behind her. Taking Zayn’s hands still held out for her welcoming her properly. “Thank you for the invitation.” She said still smiling. “Emmitt, I assume we won’t take too much of your time today, we all still have so much to do.” Abriel said walking up behind Zayn. “Let’s hope not. Are your men ready?” “Of course, my lady we are always ready.” Those words felt more like a threat than they probably should. “This way” They made their way through to the training area and ring through the village. Into the huge area where numerous people, all men she noticed, were waiting . “Welcome to the training area.” Jediakai said as he greeted them. Tess and Emmitt nodded. “Good afternoon I’m Tessa or Tess and tody you will be learning how to take down a shadow or Tentoria and still be alive to tell the tale. So let’s begin.” They trained hard quick and fast as much as they could. It was obvious more training will be needed but they got the important things down o keep practicing while she’s away. “You have obtained a lot of information remember it and keep practicing until I return for more lessons. We will be back another day hopefully not to far from now. Thank you all for your hard work and attention. Our battle is far from over, rest now your’re going to need it.” Emmitt walked to Jediakai “It’s late we will not extend your generous hospitality, were gonna head off before darkness settles.” “Safe trip my friend.” Emmitt walked to Tessa who stood next to the horses a young boy brought her just seconds before. Emmitt quickly got on. Tessa was locked in a starring match with Jediakai it was strange so invasive, like a threat or warning. “Tess, we need to go.” Mounting her horse they left. “Do you know another way home?” Tessa asked quietly “I know many.” “Choose one my friend, the woods have many eyes and weapons tonight and I fear they will soon be upon us. “So you feel something wrong my dear?” He asked sweetly reminded her of Luca, but she liked it better coming form Emmitt. “What gave it away sugar?” Tess teased back. They shared a smile with each other still riding on. They rode fast and hard over half way to there destination, and it was dark. They were both tired and ready for rest. “We nee to stop at the river horses need a drink not to proud to say I need one myself.” Emmitt told her. Tessa nudged her horse to the right. They came upon the stream but she didn’t dismount with Emmitt who was upon the stream letting both horses drink. Filling his canteen in a different part of the stream. “Id don’t think we should be here we should go.” Tess said looking around them. Her stomach was turning in knots, her hair rising on her neck tingles of unease flowing up and down her spine. A sickening sensation going all the wat through her. “We’ll be quick you need to drink to We must take care of ourselfs.” He said splashing water on his face tossing his canteen to her for her to drink. “A few minutes will make no significant difference besides the entire world on ourside is set up. Go on drink, rest, breath a moment and we’ll be on our way.’ Emmitt replied “Don’t mock my instincts they’ve not been wrong yet.” Her heart skipped a beat, and felt like it fell in her stomach. She grew suddenly nervous. “I would never dream of mocking your anything,…” She cut Emmitt off. “Did we have this conversation before? No! it wasn’t with you. The important guy I took the dive for before I came here I said the same thing to him. I got hurt and ended up somewhere new.” Just as she said her last word a heavy object was thrown hard at her knocking her form the high horse. Emmitt grabbed his sword and went to pick her up from the water by than arrows wer eflying by them randomly. Tessa stood trying to see beyond the darkness of the trees. There was just too much going on around her. Men. Men were charging them. “Shadows?” Emmitt yelled “AN arrow went through her right side. Pain hit her it wont do much damage that close to her edge of the waist still under the ribs. Her head was bleeding form the blow hat took her over. A shadow came upon her, she grew angry and charged out of the water. They exchanged blows. Tessa dodged his knife, caught his arm and snapped it all the way back and grabbed the knife she shoved the weapon in his eye through his head and began twisting it deeper and deeper; using his body as a shield for the wave of arrows. She looked at Emmitt who managed to cut off hi oppenets head, he grabbed his bow and let the arrows fly back. A loud scream and thump whoever it was the archer was no shadow or heartless or rather maybe just not activated however he was dead now. The bow he was using was designed to take five shots at once. “Look, there’s only a few of them.’ She told Emmitt three other men charge two attacked Tessa and they were o strong they were exchanging hit after after she managed to get one in the neck with her dagger, and got a hit in the head again she lost consciousness and fell. The shadow who was huge caught her and carried her away and just ran quickly like she weighed nothing. Emmitt managed to get a few feet away when his attacker through a dagger at Emmitt one hit his arm and another through the horses legs the poor beast fell hard. Emmitt flewn hard off the horse and into a tree. The horse fell into one of the traps as the horse touched the net it was shocked and electrocuted, unfortunatly the shock was so powerful and it stopped the hoses heart beat and caught the body on fire. Emmitt looked up the other shadow quickly was making his way towards him, he yanked the knife out and threw it towards the tree and another net fell on the shadow and shocked him unconsious as he hung there from the tree. Emmitt took his horse and made way to get Tessa back.

Tessa was coming to, both hands were tighten by a rope over her head her legs were bound together. She was stretched out, pain rushed through her. Yup, she thought to herself, I ignored my instincts for a guy and I get stabbed, and shot yet again woke up trapped somewhere new. I don’t know seems about right. She thought trying not to laugh at her own self mockery. ”So the great Alderman awakes? An unfamiliar voice asks her. Tessa starred blankly at the man infront of her was a tall man a little lighter skinned than Emmitt yet still a golden brown color as I tanned by the sun with a chiesled chin and dark hair. “We’ve been looking for you. You’re a hard woman to get ahold of.” HE smirked his voice was odd and instantly chilling. “Well if you knew me as well as you think you so it should have been easier. Maybe you’re not as smart as you think you are?” She replied sarcastically. “Maybe you should watch that tongue my dear. Maybe your traitor. How would your people feel about you training those savages to take down their very own project and people?” teased. “I dare say they might even watch you hang down here.” “those blue eyed demons are not our people . Their corrupted and used as puppets by your master I’m assuming since he sent down his bitch to retrieve me.” He back handed her across the face on her last comment. “What did you call me?” He roared angerly. “Well f it whines like a bitch, and hits like a bitch odds are you’re a bitch.” She spat out to him. He back handed her again, than taking part of the arrow that was still in her side and twisting it. Tessa twinged. “Where is the box Tessandra?” “Probably the last place you put it genious.” “Don’t play with me chief where is it?” He smacked her again.” When I get out of here and believe you me it will be soon. I’m killing you first bitch.” She spat on him again. “Call me Dimtri, and well see about that won’t we . Tell me where the box is.” “Go to hell.” “Sir.” Another man entered.” Word from Atheo, Lalani has reported back she has reason to believe that Tessa is under amnesia.” “What is the reason?” He snapped . “Couple of them actually sir, for starters when she landed she landed in the wrong spot. Let’s not forget she’s the chief she would never abandoned her people this long she’s far too proud. Lastly why else would the savages keep her this long its been almost a year she’s been missing, and hey would not break their treaty with Atheo. Plus an insider from one of the villages has confirmed that she does not know anything she’s still waking up as they call it” “Fine, maybe a little more time with me and I can spark a memory.” “No, we need to know what she knows and only way to do that is keep her blood clean, and her alive.” “Just because you’ve always disgusted her Dimtri, is no reason to tare her apart. Let the past go.” Fine she will remain in here captive and untouched.” Dimtri walked back in. “Seems the odds are in your favor my love. Seems your not completely in there. Pity really I was rather enjoying our little time together. However, it is not worth the fun if you were can not remember who I am.” She looked at him as she wished he would combust into flames. “Alas you still look at me the same. We knew each other as kids your cousin Eric is my best friend we fought all the time. You were promised to another. When we were teens, I came to ask you to be mine and you said and I quote ‘ not if the ship was filled with piss and I had the last escape pod’ I’d rather die first. That was your exact response. You ripped y heart out, soon I’ll be able to recipicate the feeling.” He came walking around her smelling her hair and walking back infront of her. “Seems I’m still a good judge of character. Traitor to your own people. You are clean no chips, no serums. You choose to do this to your own kind how could you do this to people?” “It’s called survival my love. The winning team. The war is coming and all opposed will be enslaved or put to death. I will be living life under new management. Compared to the new leader trust me I’m a saint.” Dimtri teased. “What if your wrong? What if you fall in battle? You my dear,” she spat out “are doing a dangerous thing underestimating me.” “Well you were always the one to gamble against the house . I’m afraid this time you will go down.” “I doubt that. Do you think I don’t know that there is only this tent and four of you. You are far from help, and you are in enemy territory. You are with only one blue eyed monster who will not protect you. “Protect me from what.” “Them.” She whispered. That’s when they heard the scream and came running in the tent with arrows through his stomach that had him lit on fire and throughout the rest of his body screaming lighting the rest of the tent and everything he touch on fire as well. Still screaming. Another scream was heard outside the the shadow fell lifelessly inside the tent. “Huh, I was wrong there was only three of you.” She said amused. Dimtri quickly unhooked her chains leaving her still bound by feet but now mobile hands still bound together she hit him with the metal cuff, trying to strangle him with her rope as his bent over, he flipped her and drug her out of the way before part of the tent collapsed. A knife ripped straight down the tent and Emmitt came in swinging on Dimtri. Luca and Tuca pulled Tess out of the burning tent breaking her wrists and ankles free. Emmitt dragging a very unwilling guest with him out of the tent whose flame has been put out by the other warriors by now. Tuca was quick to bound the man who kidnapped their Tessa Tessa pulled out the dagger and charged for Dimtri. Emmitt stood infront of her catching her. “No.” Malik said flatly. “Stand down.” “You don’t know who he really is, what he’s done.” “We need him. He needs to go back and tell the others, we’ve got too much riding on this Tess.” Emmitt said and she looked up at him defeated because she was. She knew he was right. “Ok.” Tessa said trying not to cry. “Go, you sniveling coward tell your master how you failed. I’ll be waiting.” Emmitt told Dimtri with so much force it even made Malik a little nervous with his sword to Dimtri’s neck nicking as he got up to run. “Let’s go.” Malik called out to all the other warriors who came to help. They walked back into the woods Emmitt holding onto Tessa who was having trouble moving around with the arrow still in her side. “I’ll examine you at home, if your ok with that? I can also take you to Chloe’s.” “I trust you will do the fine job at home. I fear it may be difficult job for Chloe.” “You mean a lot of crying?” Tuca chimed in and teased. “Enough the horses are ahead.” “Emmitt Tess will rise with you, Chloe your with me.” Malik shouted. No one protested. They all got upon their horses before they rode out. “Wait!” Tessa called out to everyone who stopped and stared and her. “You came to collect me and you didn’t have to. Thank you for risking all you did just for me I don’t even know how to thank you.” “You are the key to the victory of this war. Its a bad play to just give the it away to the enemy. “Lalo answered back with a smile. “You maybe a person who fell from that ship” Malik said pointing up. “But you are apart of the Declan circle warriors as well. You are our people. You are more than a key or war stragidy. Malik added on starring her down to make sure she understood what his words meant. ”Thank you.” “You will be debriefed by Tahlia soon and the rest of the Circle. Hopefully you’ll be standing well.” Luca spoke out. “I’ll be there with bells on. You’re amazing Chloe.” Tessa yelled as they all made their separate ways to end this night. “It maybe a drafty night, maybe you would need a nice Tuca blanket to keep you warm?” Tuca asked in a teasing voice and a seductive wink. “Oh, what a generous offer , but I’m afraid I won’t be able to give such a blanket it’s proper justice this evening.” She replied sweetly showing her still bleeding side. “Step off it Tuca and go get some rest.” Emmitt laughed as kicked his horse to separate ways with Tuca to go home. Lalo reached over to smacked Tuca in the back of his head. “We’re trying to get her to stay . You’re going to scare her off.” Lalo added. Tuca rubbing his head as they rode off. Tess was slowly getting some strength back. They reached their destination and dismounted the horse and Emmitt slapped the horse in the butt to go off in the woods to his spot to rest. He ook her arm and put it over him as he grabbed around her wasist. “I think I can manage.” “Let me help you. Receiving help is not weakness.” She took a deep breath. “Ok.” Emmitt got Tess in and sat her down. Washing off her face he put a salve on her wound on her face where the rock had hit her knocking her off from the stream earlier. You will bruise bt it’ll heal quick your just going to be sore. Now let’s get this out.” She nooded lifting uip her shirt high enough to show under her ribs. “Stretch this way for me.” Emmitt said already trying to clean off the wound. She did as she was asked. Emmitt broke the rest of the arrow off on both sides and pulled it out. “Just seal it please.” Tessa stuttered. He nodded and went for the hotrod that was now ready. “Bite this down. “ It was one of his clean shirt, she couldn’t help but noticed how great it smelled and bit down. Pain rushed through her as he pushed the rod in her wound on both sides of her. He put the salve on, thankful for her mother inventing it at the moment especially with the numbing solution. “Ok.” She said as she took a breath and started to relax and sat up. “You turn.” She went for her needle and prepared him for sutures. “Sit” she told Emmitt. Emmitt did as he was requested. “This looks horrible, you barely only packed it?” Tessa questioned him. “I did not have much time. ”Emmitt said softly. “So thank yo for everything. Not just tonight but literally everything. I do appreciate all you have done. That man you set free tonight his name is Dimitri. Apparently we’ve been battling since we were little. I broke his heart I guess, or so he says, because he’s an ass and I didn’t want him even than. He did say I was a great leader before I even got here.” Tessa told Emmitt while continuing her task sewing his wounds back. He listened carefully to every word while his body facing the other way away from her to give her better access. “SO from one leader to another thinking of the good of the tribes people. Why didn’t you just let them kill me?” Emmitt’s head snapped to look at her in the face like she’s lost her damned mind did he really just her those words leave her mouth? “What? How can you ask me that?” He asked a little nervously. “They want me. My brain is the key. I don’t have the memory they seek. Even if I did I would take it to my grave. My people are the reason yours is even in this mess of a war. I’m not your responsibility you do not owe me or my parents anything. It’s a logical move.” Tess stated heart brokenly. “You have not been no more than twenty steps away from me since I have been here. I think we both know it’s safe to say I will harm no one here. I don’t want to be the future leaders burden.” Tessa finished her task, Emmitt caught her wrist starring at her growing angry not putting any pressure to hurt her wrist but not letting it go loosely either. “From one leader to another, there is no way in hell you would ever even consider doing that to someone. You are right you are not my responisbilty, you are my friend whose getting back on her feet. I don’t owe you anything, really? The reason I am twenty steps away from Tessa is you’re one of the smartest people I have ever met. You are single handely training all five tribes here not to mention dozens of other villages that are now at peace after years. You did that, and you alone. You have taught us somuch in such a short time. You are a great asset and valuable friend in our world. This is meant to be your home with us.I will never leave one your own behind, so don’t you ever ask me that again! YOU ARE OUR PEOPLE! Don’t ask me to be something I’m not you should know me better by now. Don’t you ever say I don’t owe your parents anything, I owe them EVERYTHING! Not because saved hundred to thousands of lives of our people here. Not because of all the sweat, blood and tears they poured into all these villages. Not because of teaching us about the Tentoria and of those at Atheo. Not because they saved me and gave me a great and honorable place here, but because they gave me YOU!” Tessa got caught off guard starring at Emmitt intently. “You are smart, crazy, stubborn skilled, incredibly talented, amazingly beautiful and brave. You have a heart of gold, no doubt you gained from both your parents. I am a better man for knowing you, and just being around you, and if you can’t see all that than the only blind irresponsible person here is who doesn’t deserve you… is you.” Emmitt finished his rant. Tess looked at him somehow not knowing when she stood up lost in awe. “Forgive me.” He said as he quickly turned around with one arm around her waist tenderly and one hand envolved between her neck and jawline his lips pressed her sensually in passion so deep yet so careful. His taste was as sweet and soft. As surprised as she was she did not fight him, but gave into just as soon as their lips met. Feeling as if he knees were going to buckle. Emmitt pulled back gently. “I had to do that, at least just once.” “Is that why you asked me to stay here with you.?” She asked him starring into his eyes. “No,I asked you to stay because I want you, this is where you belong Tess. Anything else that may come would just be a hopeful bonus.” He smirked. “Oh.” She waid getting closer to him again. “Maybe you should have started with bonus talk first.” Tessa wrapped her arms around Emmitts neck kissing him a little more aggressively this time. Emmitt was so strong, so gentle. Putting her hands to the hem of his shirt looking at him quietly asking for permission. He nodded to her as she pulled his shirt over his head. Taking in his body, his stomach like a wash board. His chest chiseled. All the years of training had done his body justice. She took in every wonderful inch of him as his beautiful brown skin glowed in the light of all the candles they normally had going. “You are not fully awake. I’ll accept no look of regret on you later. Are you sure about this?” Emmitt said into her ear as he nibbled on it looking back into her eyes to be sure this is the path she wanted to take. “I’m a grown woman Emmitt. I make my own decisions and have no regrets.” She said with confidence she wasn’t even aware she had, as she took her shirt off and threw it across the room grabbing him back down to kiss him again. Tess was melting as his mouth and tongue invaded her. Just when she thinks her knees are about to give out on her he stretches his hands down her body to where her butt and thighs meet and lifts her up letting her legs wrap around his waist. Carrying her to their shared room like she weighed the same as air to the bed. One swift move of his hand and her bra was clear across the room. Emmitt laid her gently on the bed as he admired her body. Her flat waist with scars over her randomly all over her stomach and pelvic area even some underneath her breast. “Does it hurt?” He asked as wounded as they looked knowing how much she’s really been through. “Not when you’re here.” She answered honestly. HE came ontop of her meeting her lips again getting drunk off her kisses. Slowly becoming addicted to the taste as if she was slowly becoming his fix. Tess wasn’t sure when their pants have been taken off both their bodies but they were gone leaving her to feel every inch of his body his skin on hers. “Can I taste you?” All she could do was nod not knowing what that meant exactly she can’t remember ever doing anything like this with anyone, or feeling the way he made her feel all through out her body. Emmitt kissed her one last time, than his lips making his way down her neck licking , kissing and teasing all the way down to her breast where her took one in his mouth while his other hand kneading the other tenderly make her feel a pleasure she was unsure of. Making his way down he belly with his tongue and kisses he came down to her woman hood. His eyes darkened as he used his hands to part her legs and bring his face to her center his tongue entered her core taking her to a whole new level of pleasure she was unaware even existed. His tongue going up and down her slit, to her clit and sucking and nibbling he core. Just when she think the feeling could’t get any better he brought his finger and was alternating his finger and tongue until she felt knots in her stomache unaware of what was happening. He knew she was close as she was beginning to tighten on to him ”Emmitt!” She cried out not knowing what was really happening to her. “It’s ok Tessa let go, give it to me baby I’m here to catch you.” Tessa felt like she had exploded from the inside out crying out his name as she let herself go. Emmitt quick to lap up every single drop of her juices, wipes his mouth and makes his way up to her. “Are you sure about this Tessa? If you let this happens you will be mine there’s no going back.” Emmitt said starring her in the eyes so she could understand this wasn’t some one time thing. “I think you were mine the moment I laid eyes on you. I want this, I want you.” That was all that he needed to hear as he quickly slide straight into her entrance penetrating through her and her trembling body. Pain rushed through her as she cried out feeling as if she just broke in half, he was huge she was shocked at how he even got it all the way in. As he waited for her to give him the sign he needed to start moving slowly letting her adjust to him. Emmitt looked down the sight of him entering her in and out was making him harder than her already was until he noticed it. Blood. This did nothing for slowing him down to know he is the first person to ever have her made his heart sore. Tessa wrapped her legs around his waist and flipped them over so she could straddle him riding him on top. Grinding her body against him setting them both feelings of euphoria hitting so much deeper. Emmitt sitting up him still inside of her he managed to get her to be turned around facing away from his body both on their knees as he works her body from behind feeling them melt together when he felt himself getting close he took his hand and reach around her to take his finger and rubbed it around and on and in her clit pushing them both over the edge at the same time coming together. Their bodies drenched in sweat, leaning his head resting behind hers. He laid he down and walked away from the room to where a basin and a jug of water he brought in back grabbing a clean rag he looked at tessa who looked like she was glowing and content feeling exhausted. “We did learn something tonight Tess you have bled. This means you have never been with another man. I am very thankful you gave me this incredible gift. It is comforting to know that the first time either of us has laid with another for the first time it was with each other.” Emmitt said as he cleaned her up with rag. Her heart felt so full so much happiness flowing threw her. “You have never been with anyone? How can that be have you seen yourself?” She asked confused on how this was possible were the women in these villages crazy? “ I made myself a very busy man and your parents told me that if you wait for someone special than it’ll be an incredible experience and it’ll be all you need when you’re with the right person. I can proudly say they were right. Also no one has ever caught my attention that way. Not the way you have. In the last year we ’ve grown closer and I don’t want to stay away from you emotionally anymore Tess.” “Than don’t Emmitt.” She whispered as he kissed her. He crawled on the bed spooning her body holding her tightly her back to his chest. “That was amazing.” She whispered tiredly. “Not half as amazing as you.” He said kissing her neck. “So if I stay here even after being awoken, will there be more times like this? I’m not trying to sound clingy I’m just tryingto weigh the pros and cons of the situation.” She laughed out. “Without risking sounding needy or like a regular man we can have as many times like this as you want my dear. I want you to be all mine in every way possible.” Emmitt growled playfully back. “Did that make the pro or con list?” He asked to her curiously. “Definitly a pro. Emmitt?” he hummed back at her while kissing her shoulder. “Can we not tell anyone about this?” He froze at hearing those words he could swear his heart skipped a beat. “ I told you I will not accept any form of regret.” He started starring down at her. “No, no. I have no regret. Whoever planned and took me tonight has no idea how connected I really am here. They believe I will be tossed out straight on my ass the second I’m awake just like the others. I need them to believe that as well. We all worked so hard on this plan we have all trained so hard.” “You don’t want to show vulnerability. I get it I understand what you mean. Might be better for the people, not to know than. Can I hope to come home to you in more than a friendly mannerNot just fooling around I mean I dare say I enjoy the closeness we’ve had and are currently having. I would be proud to be worthy enough to just have you to me even if it’s just us who’ll know. For now it will have to be enough for just us to know. What if you change your mind when your memory comes to? Would you want me than?” “My instincts tell me I’m going to want you until I stop breathing.” She answered honestly. They finally gave into exhaustion and gave into sleep tangled up in each other.

Tessa felt as I she were in a nightmare. So many flashes racing through her min. Feeling heartbroken, nervous, and confused all at once with each one. She saw a dark brown box, inside it were filled with so many different viles all of which were different. She watched as her parents sealed the boxes. Than her mother saw her in the corner. Her father turned to her with a smile. “Hey kiddo, what are you doing up? Let’s get you back to bed; huh?” “Daddy what is that?” Young Tessa asked point to the box. “That is the future. It will be our legacy. Hopefully with the right hands, hearts, and minds we will change the world.” She awoke in a panic and huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. “Hey you’re up.” Emmitt said happily. “Hey calm down, breath. What happened?” “Memories. Starting to wonder if I’ll ever them that don’t always leave me with more questions than answers.” She mocked herself. “Here drink this.” He laughed giving her the cup. “Get ready. We’ll grab some food and get to Circle.” He gave her a kiss on the forehead and waited by the door. “This is going to be a long day.”[i] She groaned, while getting ready avoiding fighting the urge not to leave and keep Emimitt in bed with her all day. Sharing her thought he gave her smile. “As great as that sounds, we still have much to do, come on lazy bones.” He said winking at her leaving her blushing.

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