The Lady In Waiting

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His a prince who always fulfill his duties to the king and his kingdom,set to marry the princess and merge their kingdoms. She's the beautiful princess who has been betrothed to the handsome prince since the day she was born. And she's.... just a lady In waiting. Difficult choices have to be made. What will he do? Who will he choose? The beautiful princess that was betrothed to him since childhood? Or...her simple beautiful lady in waiting?

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Chapter 1

Note: This is my first ever story,so don't expect perfection....and it's unedited.


"Jalia " a voice called,followed by a hand slightly shaking me. "Jalia!" The voice called louder. Stirring in my sleep, I slowly open one eye to find out who disturbs me. My eye lands on a beautiful candle lit oval face with thin lips, beautiful blue eyes and blond hair that seems to shimer in the candle light.
"Princess?" I open both my eyes and immediately sit up. "Is something wrong? " I look at my window and realise it's still dark out.
"Why do you think something is wrong?" She asks with a shimmer in her eyes,a big smile on her face.She looks incredibly happy. I simply shake my head as a reply. She sits on my tiny bed and grabs both my hands. I wonder what's gotten her so happy. She's usually so peaceful and graceful in everything she does that she rarely shows her giddy side. I've only ever seen her like this on few other occasions, usually when it concerns...
"Ah is it the prince?" She usually gets like this when she sees him or hears from him, even though it's only on a few occasions.
A wide grin appears on her face, before frantically nodding her hear that I fear it might fall off. "We are getting married in 3 months time."
And queue the girlish squills...
After squilling for what felt like a century and my head starts throbbing. I dive to embrace her. "Oh princess congratulations,am so happy for you. You are finally getting your prince charming. Literally." We both giggle letting go each other.
"I know,am so happy Jalia. I just had to tell you, I couldn't wait till morning to share this with you. Daddy told me that the prince suggested that I move to their palace next week instead of a few days before the wedding because he wants us to get to know each other a bit more. It's not according to tradition but am more than happy to do it."
I feel my face dropping. "Oh you are going so soon." I am happy for her but I didn't expect she would leave so soon. I can not help but wonder what will happen to me once she leaves. But anyway what more did I expect,she is a princess and I am just her lady in waiting,her maid. Nothing more. Am sure once she goes she will be given a well experienced lady in waiting. Not an amateur like me. I will probably be moved to help out in the kitchen since the king and queen like my cooking. I must admit that I will greatly miss the princess. She is so kind and gentle. She does not treat me like her maid,she is very good to me.
"Jalia!" Her voice disturbs my stream of thoughts. "Stop it this instance,why on Earth are you crying?"
"Huh?" I touch my face and indeed it's wet,I didn't even realize I was crying. " Am sorry princess." I say wiping my face "It is only that, I will greatly miss you."
Thee princess shakes her head disapprovingly. " Ooh Jalia,why are you so emotional? And who said anything about leaving you behind." Upon hearing that,I look at her with hopeful eyes.
"You are going with me. I am not leaving you,I can not leave you,you silly girl. You know I am hopeless without you. I had daddy inform the prince that I am going with you and I do not need anyone else. I haven't even finished telling you the whole story and already you are bawling your eyes out. Silly girl." I bite my lip and sheepishly look at her. "We should start our preparations,we will be on our way five days from now." She gets up from the bed and extends her hand. "Now come on,you are sleeping in my room tonight." I smile and grab hold of her hand,she pulls me out of bed and we start going to her bedroom.
I am so blessed to have such a kind person in my life.
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