The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 10

Brandon woke still pissed at the court order that he had received yesterday informing him he wasn’t about to go anywhere near Taylor and the kids like he was going to take notice of a court order he needed to fix this. He was going to head to the office we’re she worked unaware that they were staying at Jayden’s to create space between her and Brandon so he couldn’t twist her around his little finger so she’d cave in and give him and other try.

He was so infuriated with her decision. He was going to seek her out and demand a reason why she’d do this to him she knew the kids meant the works to him. Jayden has given her the morning off to meet with her mother to explain everything to her. She was grateful to have a boss like him he was always so understanding. She was having lunch with her mother before heading back off to work. They’d gone around all the shops avoiding talking about Brandon and why se ad picked the twins up with a man they had never seen before.

They sat outside the cafe with a latte and a ham and cheese panini a piece now the questions would start coming Brandon had gone to the office where she worked to find out that she had the morning off to meet with her mother he didn’t care who she was with but what he was about to say to her no doubt she had told her mother what was going on by now and he didn’t care.

’So tell me what’s going on Taylor? This is so unlike you. What’s going on either you and Brandon and who was the man who brought you to pick up the twins explain young lady?

‘Are you sure you want to know you and dad have always been find if Brandon.’

‘Yes I’m sure.’

‘Okay.’ She breathed heavily before telling her mother everything that had happened with Brandon starting with the argument they had got into when she had invited Jayden into their house him storming out to him cheating in her with a girl that used to go to their school the school slut.

To say the least her mother was not amused her lips scrunched together in disgust. She breathed out. ‘So the guy in the car is your boss?’

‘Yes mom he’s put us up for awhile until it all dies down.’

‘Are you sure there’s nothing else?’

‘Like what?.’

‘Taylor Lilly Evans you know exactly what.’

‘Oh god Mom no. He’s my boss gee you sound like Brandon.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t be mom he’s a good man and I appreciate everything he is doing for me, but it’s not like that.’

‘I trust you Tay not many would Brandon has always been the jealous type. I had once hoped you and Tyler would end up together you were always so close.’

‘Me too.’ She admitted. ‘But I guess it wasn’t meant to be I was nothing more than a friend to him.’

‘Never mind dear. He’s a good kid he adores you.’ She said placing her hand in Taylor’s.

‘How dare you!’ His voice bellowed.

They both looked around his face was void of expression he was truly pissed.

‘Why the help are you here Brandon?’

‘You know god damn why.’ He said smashing his hand in he table over the court injunction. ‘How dare yo try and stop me from seeing my kids.’

‘You shouldn’t be here Brandon it states...’

‘I know what it states do you really think I give a damn. I wanted to talk this through there was no need for this Tay.’

‘Yes there was.’

‘You should Calm down Brandon. This is neither the time and place.’

He cut his eyes at Colleen. How dare he. ‘I am her mother and what you done is beyond fixing.’

‘They are my fucking kids.’

‘Calm down.’

‘No she won’t take them away from me.’

‘You chose this Brandon when you chose to sleep with that who’re, so if you excuse us I have to go to work and mom has to go home.’

They both stood up. ‘And never talk to my mom like that ever again got it!’ She said angrily before they both walked away she did not just do that?

‘Shall I give you a lift Tay?’

‘No it’s okay mom I need air time to think.’

‘Okay. You know where I am any time you need to talk.’

’Thanks mom.

‘That’s what I’m here for.’ she chucked.

Taylor smiled before they hugged each other good bye. Her mom got into the car and pulled away Waving as she went. Taylor walked down the street heading for the offices. ‘Tay!’

‘Shit.’ She said under her breath.

He caught up with her. Grabbing her arm unaware they were being watched. She turned suddenly. ‘What!’ She said abruptly.

‘Please Tay we can get through this we’ve got through everything else.’

‘You’ve never cheated in me before Brandon. How could you? I thought we had something good I guess I was wrong.’

‘No you’re not. I was an idiot.’

‘You can say that again you destroyed everything.’

‘Please Tay I can’t loose you or the kids you are my world.’

‘Should’ve thought about that before you did what you did.’

‘I know Tay. I’m sorry please drop the court order so we can sort this out.’

‘To late.’

‘No it’s not.’

‘Let go of me Brandon I’m going to be late.’

‘Not until we talk.’

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