The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 11

‘Let go of me Brandon I’m going to be late.’

‘Not until we talk.’

‘We have I have nothing left to say.’

He moved forward. ‘I still love you Tay I won’t give up.’ He moved closer his lips touching hers kissing her as he got pulled way the cuffs going onto his wrists. He looked at Taylor. ‘This ain’t over Taylor.’

‘Yes it is.’

‘I’ll see you in court. You’re not taking my kids away.’

‘Come on sir.’

‘Take them off me.’

‘You’re under arrest sir.’

‘What for? For talking to my girl?’

‘For going against your court order sir. Please get in the car.’

He looked at Taylor. ‘This isn’t over.’ They pushed him into the car, tears fell off her face. The sat drove away after the officer told her she’d need to make a statement.

She nodded turning towards the offices walking up to them. Jayden stood at the doors. She looked at him. ’You done this didn’t you?’

‘He overstepped the mark Taylor you had a court order against him and he overstepped the law.’

‘Thank you.’

He smiled and nodded.

‘I need to make a statement.’

‘I’ll take you.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes then we’ll pick the twins up.’

‘I’m sorry for all of this Jayden.’

‘Don’t be he was in the wrong not you. Come on let’s get this over and done with.’

She nodded and they went to the office car park and got into his car driving away. He took her to the police station to give her statement and picked up the twins from school.

They ran up to their rooms to play. ‘I am really sorry Jayden you have lost a lot of money and clients today.’

‘It’s fine Taylor they’ve al been rescheduled so it’s fine stop worrying.’

She smiled.

After supper the twins went to bed, Taylor and Jayden got comfy he gave her a glass of wine. ‘I shouldn’t we have work tomorrow.’

‘One won’t hurt Taylor besides I’m having one too.’


He smiled passing her a glass of wine their fingers brushing against one another’s. She moved away quickly he smiled shaking his head. ‘Oh there’s an office party end of the month at one of my brothers club’s how you fancy a night out.’

‘I don’t know Jayden the twins.’

‘I’ll get a baby sitter, your moms done more than her fare share.’

‘I don’t know Jayden. I’ve never left them with anyone else but her.’

‘It’s fine she’s well qualified all you’ve got to do is trust her and trust me.’

‘I do trust you I don’t know her.’

‘Her name is Raine and she’s my sister, she has kids of her own I could ask her to bring them with her so Ryan can have a break they’ll love the twins. So what do you say?’


‘Please.’ He said puppy dog eyed.

‘Okay .’ She sighed

He smiled. ‘Great I’ll let her know. You won’t regret this Tay.’ He said pecking her on the lips their eyes connected. He cleared his throat. ‘Well we best go to bed we have an early start.’

She smiled what the hell was going on? what just happened? He placed the glasses down taking her hand, pulling them both up off the sofa leading her out of the lounge up stairs. ‘Well night Taylor.’

‘Night Jayden.’

He pecked her cheek . She went into her room closing the door pondering what had just happened. She smiled shaking her head before changing freshening up before getting into bed. Jayden went to his room he really liked this girl she wasn’t like the girls he knew they were all too straight forward. She was sweet and innocent and so perfect. He had to control himself around her she was still torn after her break up with Brandon these next six months were going to be tough on her and he was going to be there for her every step of the way. He freshened up undressing down to his boxers slipping under the covers he’d have to try and keep his distance and feelings away from her it was going to be hard she was his PA and she was living under his roof god what had he done to deserve this it was going to be torture and he wasn’t even sure what was going to happen after the office party he couldn’t think about that right now.

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