The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 12

Taylor and Brandon

Taylor and Brandon age 15

Taylor stood alone Tyler looked at her and smiled. She returned his smile remembering Christmas Day when he made sure they stood under the mistletoe and he leaned forward pressing his lips on hers kissing her with so much passion sparks filled her body which unfortunately didn’t last long due to her pain in the bass brother disturbing them she blushed and ran the her room.

Did he feel anything from that kiss, he hadn’t even attempted to talk to her since then and it made her feel anxious wondering if he just does it in the heat of the moment and it meant nothing more than a christmas kiss, but it felt more than that to her. She thought Tyler they’d been such good friends since they met each other almost ten years ago and she knew he would never hurt her and he’d always be there for her.

His fingers clicked bringing her out of her thoughts she looked a little dazed at the guy in front of her, his dark hair curtained over his face and across his piercing blue eyes. The bad boy of the school, the one every girl was falling over, but her. ‘Brandon.’

‘I’ve been calling you for ten minutes Tay you were totally zoned out.’

‘Oh sorry.’

‘It’s cool.’

‘What do you want anyway you never speak to me?’

‘I was just wondering if I could take you out sometime.’

‘I don’t know Brandon I..’

‘Please Tay. I like you and I’d like to get to know you.’

‘I’ll think about it.’

‘While you do.’ He said getting closer nerving her.

‘What are you doing Brandon?’


He pressed his lips on hers kissing her. She failed to respond so he done what he done best shiver his tongue through her lips into her mouth making sure she responded eventually she gave in returning his kiss. He looped his arm around her waist pulling her towards him kissing her passionately. He moved away breathing heavily smiling. ‘I leave you with that to think about my offer and I’ll see you in class.’ He said taking his arm from around her, winking at her walking away. She stood stomped what the hell had just happened? Why the hell had she let him kiss her? Why the hell had she kissed him back ? He was a bad boy he’d had more girls than hot dinners and she wasn’t prepared to be one of those girls on his list to tick off that he’d got her where he a-wanted her and had sex with her nicfuckign easy was she going to allow that.’

‘Come on Tay we’ll be late for class the bell has already gone.’

She looked over at her brother and he smiled. She huffed walking over to him he dropped his arm over her shoulder and they walked away.; what was that with Brandon?’

‘I honestly don’t know.’

He looked at her.’ Where’s Tyler ?’ She asked. She could’ve swore he was with Toby.

‘He stormed off he was poised at the little show Brandon and you gave.’

‘What show?’

‘His tongue was practically down your neck.’

‘He kissed me.’

‘You didn’t stop him.’

‘I wish I had.’

‘Don’t you like him?’

‘It not that Toby he’s a player; everyone here knows that he couldn’t choose any girl here why me?’

‘I don’t know Sis. But I’d he hurts you in any way he won’t live to see another day. And that’s not just a warning it’s a promise.’

‘I’m interested in him Toby.’

‘Well he’s obviously interested in you.’

‘Oh god please no.’

Toby chuckled, dropping his arm from over her shoulder. ‘Class awaits sis.’

She laughed and they went into their history class Tyler looked up and cut his eyes. What’s his fucking problem? They both sat down Tyler glaring daggers at her. ‘What’s your fucking problem?’

‘Fuck all.’

‘Then stop giving me death stares.’

‘I’m not.’

‘You are.’

‘Are not.’

‘Are so.’

‘That’s enough you two either do your work or you’ll get detention after school.’


They all continued with their work until the bell rang. They put their belongings into their bags leaving class. Tyler grabbed her arm. She looked at him angrily. ‘What!’

‘Please don’t get involved with him.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Brandon don’t get involved with him.’

‘I’m not interested in him.’

‘But he’s interested in you.’

‘So, doesn’t mean I’m going to jump into his arms Tyler.’

‘He always gets what he wants, Tay.’

‘Well he’s not getting me. Can you please lose my arm I have class to get to.’

‘Sure.’ He losed her arm and she walked away.

‘I told you to get her while you had a chance.’

‘I still do.’

‘Don’t count on it Tyler guaranteed by the end of the week maybe next he’ll have her in the palm of his hand and neither of us want that.’


‘Come on let’s get to class before we have detention.’

Taylor walked into her next class Brandon looked up and smiled. She swallowed hard, smiling as he called her over tappin the seat next to him. This really wasn’t her fucking day. She made her way over to the table where he sat and pulled out the chair. ‘Where’s Harrison?’

‘Wagging.’ He smiled looking at her. ‘Sit.’

She sat down. ‘Surprised you not.’

‘I would but I’ve got someone to occupy my time with in this shit class.’

‘Really who?’

He smirked.

‘What about when Harrison comes back?’

‘We’ll make room.’ He said stretching his arm over the back of her seat making her nervous. He chuckled. ‘Relax Tay I’m not going to jump on you.’ He leaned forward, whispering in her ear. ‘Unless you want me to that is.’

A shiver went down her spine and he chuckled.

She couldn’t wait to get out of class and as far away from him as possibly she sighed heavily when the bell rang. She packed her stuff away quickly and went out of the class. ‘Hey wait Tay.’


He jogged up to her. ‘What’s the rush?!’

To get away from you dumb head.

‘I have to meet my brother.’

‘How about we do lunch?’

‘I’m sorry I can’t.’


‘I’m meeting Toby and Tyler.’

‘I can join you.’

‘No no you go and have lunch with your friends.’

‘But I want to have lunch with you.’

‘Maybe another time.’

He smiled. ‘I’ll hold you to that. Later Tay.’

‘Yeah later.’

He kissed her cheek and jogged away.

Thank fuck for that.

She met Toby and Tyler. ‘What’s with your face?’

‘Have the whole hour with an Ass hole then tell me.’

‘Oh shit. I forgot you were in the same class as Brandon, how’d it go?’

‘Horrible. He made me sit next to him.’

‘Where’s Harrison?’


‘Figures, surprised he didn’t join him.’

‘God I wished he had.’


‘He almost got us detention cause he couldn’t keep his fowl comments to himslef.’


They day didn’t get much better after that Brandon stared at her all the way through lunch and science, nerving her they’d got detention tomorrow al0ng with his friends for throwing paper,balls and spitting paper bullets pit of straws. The messages in the paper balls were the last straw for their poor science teacher who they’d all distracted during the lesson. She walked angrily to her last lesson, storming onto her last lesson. ‘Who shot the cow?!’

‘Fuck you!’

‘Chill Sis, why are you so angry?’


‘Who are ass holes?’ Gem asked .

Brandon and those dim witted friends of his.’

‘So...I see he hasn’t given up yet?’

‘You told her?’

‘Chill Tay everyone knows you’re his new target.’

‘Fucking great.’

Thank fuck for the final bell they all packed up Tyler met them outside the gates and they walked away from the school. ‘What’s with the face babe?’

‘I have fucking detention after school.’

‘You what ? Excuse me, you what? Miss 100% attendance, does her homework on time never in trouble has detention?’ He laughed.

‘It’s not funny Tyler.’

Toby gave him that look to say stop or you’ll be in deep shit look.

‘Fucking Brandon and his fucking jerk off friends.’ She continued, fuming. ‘Fucking ass holes disturbing the class and spitting paper balls around the class and to top it off throwing paper balls with fucking shameful words in them. Err.’

‘Take deeps breaths Sis.’

‘And take a chill pill while you’re at it.’

‘Can’t wait time see you in detention babe!’ He grinned.

She shot a death glare at Brandon charging for him. Toby and Tyler held her back.

‘Mmh kinky can’t wait to get you under my sheets, and in between your legs to let off your feisty side.’

‘Fuck you!’

‘Any time sweetheart.’ He grinned.

‘Go Brandon or we won’t hold her back.’

‘Let the vixen go she’s turning me on.’

‘Fuck off Brandon! you’ve done enough damage for one day.’

‘Fine I’ll go. See you tomorrow, Tay. I’ll look forward to it.’ He said, still grinning, chuckling as he walked away.

‘Why did you stop me?’

‘You don’t need to be excluded because of him, just ignore him.’

‘Easier said than done.’

‘Come on let’s go.’


‘You calm now?’

‘Yeah you can let me go.’

They losed her and walked away.

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