The bad boy’s broken promise

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Chapter 13


Taylor was not looking forward to this day at all; she’d dreaded in fact knowing that she had to deal with Brandon and the retro bates he chose to call his friends after school for a half hour detention with their science teacher.

Taylor, Toby and Tyler had walked into school chatting. Brandon looked up and smiled. What the fuck was he smiling at?

‘Good morning sexy.’

‘Brandon.’ She said, almost hissing his name out of her mouth.

‘No need to be like that princess.’

‘Like what? You got me fucking detention.’

‘Ruining your perfect record princess?’

‘Don’t call me that!’ She interjected.

‘Hey guys.’ He said, looking at Toby and Tyler.


‘So you coming to the game Friday?’

‘Wouldn’t miss it.’

‘Cool. Will you be there Tay?’’

‘Football isn’t my thing.’

‘Come on, just to cheer us on.’

‘No thanks.’

‘Can’t win them all. Well I’ll see you in detention princess.’

‘Don’t call me that.’

He smirked.

The bell rang and they went Into the highschool going to registration before their first lesson.

Today was a good day so far at least she had no lesson with Brandon. She met Toby and Tyler for break and lunch . She stepped into the final two lessons of the day sitting down; they all slid into her chairs next to her caging her in. Fucking great this all she needed the degenerates sitting either sides of her through this two hour lesson. ‘Hey Tay.’


‘How’s life?’


‘Really why?’

‘Cause you’re in it.’

‘Ooh Tay’s grown balls.’ Jordi chuckled.

‘Shall we check?’ Morrison said.

‘Funk off.’

’Mr. Myles please leave miss. Golding alone or you’ll have detention after school.

already have Miss.’

‘Tomorrow if it carries on.’

‘Sure miss.’ He said winking at Taylor could this day get any fucking worse?’

The bell finally rang and Brandon’s friends had managed to acquire yet another detention. ‘Pity you won’t be in detention with us tomorrow Tay.’

She threw saggers at them.

‘Guess we have this one to make up for it aye Tay?’ He said winking, grinning and chuckling.

God these fuck boy can’t just crawl nder a rock and die or something?

They all walked into the room Brandon looked up and winked at her. She dismissed it sitting down.

His friends sat around them.

He leaned over to her. ‘How about we do something after we get out of this hellhole?’

‘Hows about we don’t!’

His friends laughed out loud in stitches. He cut his eyes at them. ‘Wow the great Brandon Hickman got rejected, that’s a first.’

‘Fuck you mason.’

‘You need to learn how to talk to a girl.’

‘And you know how to?’

‘Better than you.’

‘Go ahead see if you can do any better.’

Jordi turned to Taylor.’ Batting his eyelids and using his puppy dog eyes. ’Taylor would you please do me the honour of going on a date with me after detention.; he said, still batting his eyes.


His face fell and his mouth dropped. They all gawked in surprise then burst out laughing .

‘Why not?’ He whined.

‘I don’t date fuck boys.’

They stopped laughing and looked astonished at her. ‘Well I never.’

‘Sorry to burst your bubble but I have no interest in being another girl on your list of conquests.’

‘SILENCE!’ The teacher roared. ‘This is detention, you sit quietly and finish the work you never did yesterday.’


They all sat silently working hard for the half hour which almost turned onto two hours.

‘Right kids as much as I’d like to spend my time here torturing you I really have to go home And the banister needs to lock up.’

They all passed away leaving. Brandon met her pace. ‘You didn’t mean that in there did you know about not dating any of us?’

‘I did.’

‘Give me one chance just one to prove I’m not that guy.’

‘I know you’re that guy Brandon we’ve known each other for five years and the last two years you’ve been with at least twenty girls to what I can remember.’

‘I can change.’

‘Leopards never change their spots.’

‘Let me prove you wrong.’

‘Sorry I can’t..’

‘Please Tay .’

‘Why are you so interested in me? There’s other girls.’

‘They’re not you.’

‘How refreshing.’

‘I won’t stop until you give in and say yes.’

‘I’ll think about it now will you please and stop hassling me.’

‘For now.’ He grinned, as they walked out of the school doors .

He stood by his bike.Taylor.’

She smiled. ‘Cody.’

They hugged. ‘How’s my princess.’

‘I’m not a princess.’

‘You’ll always be one to me.’

‘I’m not five anymore Cody.’

‘I can see that. Hop on.’

She smiled. As he got on to the bike m he held his hand out she took it and he pulled her onto the bike holding onto his jacket before he piled away.

‘Wowhwho the fuck was that?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You reckon she’s got a boyfriend?’

He shrugged feeling defeated. Harrison tapped his shoulder.

‘Come on bro let’s get out of here.’

He nodded and they walked away from the highschool.

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